TASKIE:The First Anonymous Microjobs Platform

Have you heard about microjobs?
Microjobs is a great way to work as a freelancer you can accomplish in a short time. Usually about 5 minutes to 10 minutes depending on the difficulty job level. The easiest job can be like, for example: survey, signup on a website, following someone, like fanspage, etc.
We will be get higher rewards if the level is more difficult to work, such as writing articles.

In a microjobs are important components the Employers, Workers and Payment system.
The microjobs website you can take a role between the two parties, ie workers ( those who work) or the employers (the person who gave the task ).

At the beginning of 2017 is a microjobs platform of Ohio, United States announced it's launching named TASKIE.
TASKIE is the first anonymous microjobs platform and anonymous devidens paying Ethereum Based token.
TASKIE will start with a supply of 30.000.000 TSK, the details are as follows:
- 24.000.000 TSK will be distributed to investors during the Crowdsale/Initial Coin Offering(ICO)
- 1.500.000 TSK will be reserve for taskie microjobs website
- 1.500.000 TSK will be distributed to taskie forum
- 1.500.000 TSK will be distributed to Bounties and marketing
- 1.000.000 TSK will be reserve Taskie Team
- 500.000 TSK will be distributed for Advisors/Contributors.

TASKIE has unique features that aren't found in other microjobs platform. In taskie there are three important channels that will provide financial freedom:
1. Taskie Forum
At the forum we can communicate with other users about whatever, related to bitcoin, etherum, taskie and others.
In the forum deliberation we can resolve all the problems, find solutions together in a problem.
2. Taskie Microjobs
Here we can earn income by doing some small jobs offered by employers
3. Taskiefunds
A well organized business that love the capacity to pay the investors a monthly dividens based on thier taskie contribution to the network, this is needed in order to create scarcity, taskiefunds is future devide into 2 channels ( Taskie Bitcoin Farm and Project Sponsoring ).
  • Taskie Bitcoin Farm
    After the ICO completed half of the funds collected will be realized for Bitcoin Farm. People can becomes an investor and get a dividend every month.
    The mining operations will be carried out transparently and real time on Taskiefund website, so investors will be more easily calculate their dividends.
  • Project Sponsoring
    For those of you who have creative ideas (a product, creating websites, or anything) this feature is perfect for you because Taskie will be sponsored/refinancing of your project.

Pre-ICO sale will be start from 10th January until on the 30th January, 2017 with 50% bonus.
TASKIE pre-ICO structure is fully transparent and is now using a trusted escrow provide by ( yahoo62278, Lauda and minerjones )
The escrow fee is 2% of the total investment of pre-ICO.

Step By Step Investment Guide
  1. Create an TASKIE account, go to the site http://taskie.us/signup.php and create your account.
  2. Verify your account by clicking on the link in the email confirmation.
  3. Send your desired amount to invest to: 3LpLioYMADzSzq799izH2aVa55DNy4HamL
  4. Sign message with the the following message:
  5. My taskie username: example
    My bitcointalk username: FruitsBasket
    Transaction id: e54b8f8b77ef2ec0a72d2378a3bf93d85dd3f724d9bfdffe5b1a13b3fbb3e757
    My taskie username is "example". My bitcointalk username is "FruitsBasket". Of course when u sign a message, replace the two values with your own account names. Also replace the tx id with your own tx id.
  6. Fill in the form at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfgE4pvUIt_wrzfmdyf3Yy7L5n6XDqYIx_Kk6V1tw5mdQfZdw/viewform

Escrow Agreement:
  • You must send bitcoin from your own wallet, from which u can sign a message.
  • Don't send bitcoin from an exchange or gambling website or any other online service that is not meant to be a bitcoin wallet.
  • You must have an Taskie.us account before participating in the PRE-ICO.
  • There will be a public spreadsheet which stores all the data of the investements and the signed messages.
  • Signed messages will be checked manually and will get the status "Approved" if they are valid.
So don't missed to be part of TASKIE project.
More detail about taskie pre-ICO, please check and subscribed on Bitcointalk Forum.

Other Links
- Official website: http://taskie.us
- Official forum : http://taskieprojects.us
- Twitter : https://twitter.com/TASKIEPROJECTS
- Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TaskieProject
- Slack channel : https://taskie.signup.team
- Annoucements : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1738600.0
- Whitepapper : Coming soon

In an effort to build community, taskie will allot 5% of the total supply ( 1.500.000 TSK ) to everyone who has registers at Taskie microjobs.
And you can also get more tokens than Offical taskie forum, about 1.500.000 TSK will be distributed to the member forum.
To get it's very simply, we will get paid every post we make. Enjoy and Make Money Everyday!

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