Building Your Own Application without Writing Codes

For those who have knowledge in digital world or technology, it will be easier for them to build a new application that suits their need. Having your own application is surely great since you can create it as you like. You can make it simple or complicated depends on your need. Besides, you can also create a game that you want to play. All of those things can be done as long as you know how. It will be a little bit different if you do not have any knowledge in building application at all. Well, you should not be worry since there is a way out for you.

Nowadays, you can easily see that there are many types of blockchain in which people can easily share their data without need to wait the other person to receive it. Besides, the data can be edited or accessed anytime you need. Districts is surely what you need if you have no knowledge in building an application and you need a blokchain platform to publish it. At this point, you just need to join Districts platform so you will be able to do what you need to do. It is easy to build an application even though you are a newbie.

The first of all, you should make sure that you check the template of application provided in Districts platform. The type of application you want to build is not a problem at all since there are already many kinds of template for application. You just need to pick the template that suits your preference and build your application, which will be known as Dapp. One thing that you need to do is there is no need to write any code if you use Districts platform to create your application. This platform is surely suitable for those who have no knowledge in creating such application.
Districts-Coin Specification
  • Name: Districts Coin
  • Ticker: DST
  • Algorithm: Proof of work( LTHash ) Loyalty-Hash
  • Average Block Time: 120 second
  • Block Size: Scalable up to 8mb
  • TX Fee: 0.0001 DST (paid to Loyalty System)
  • Districts 1: 0 to 999 Block – 50 Token
  • Districts 2: 1000 to 2100 Block – 50 Token
  • Total Coin Supply: 50,000,000 DST
  • Initial Coin Supply: 5,000,000 DST
    - 500,000 DST: bounties participation incentives
    - 4,500,000 DST: for offer through Initial Coin Offering
The last but not least, you can directly publish and manage the application you just created by using the Directs blockchain. By a single click, the world will be able to see the cool application you just made. Besides, you can also use the District library to store every asset you have without having difficulties. Any cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, monera, or dash can be used in this platform. Therefore, it is easier for you to have transactions for the application if it is needed. From now on, you are no longer a newbie.

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