Chain of Points to Make Easy Loyalty Programs

Chain of Points is a blockchain platform that can transform the loyalty into the rewards. It is the creators of revolutionary platform based on the blockchain that make loyalty programs. The aim is to reinvigorate loyalty interest as well as gift card industries via the new cryptocurrency named Points. The points are applicable to transfer and redeem the rewards of loyalty between customers and merchants.

The technology of blockchain makes every transfer and redemption secured and can be tracked. Whereas the points will allow the liquid marketplace among the customer and merchant, customer and another customer, and also the merchant to another merchant.

Chain of Points is a great solution for small business owners that don’t have enough money and time to make loyalty programs. It will let the small business to create valuable loyalty program by using easy technology. The robust API in this platform makes it well-matched to the more classy workflows, so it is also advantageous for the businesses from medium to large scale.

Additionally, this platform is also specially designed to support business owners in making high end loyalty programs with digital generation by using consensus algorithm. It is not like the first generation of cryptocurrencies that need electricity. The consensus algorithm will let for scalable and global amount for miners without spending any sum of money.

The Chain of Points will also make the customers to reclaim the incentives of their rewards quickly and also in easy ways that can be used by all customers. However, the rewards shouldn’t always be made into cashes. The value of loyalty still can be gotten by the customers even though they don’t want to make cash the points. Besides, compensation for the merchants will also still be given. That is why it is called as win-win solution.

There are many features in Chain of Points, such as:
  1. Interactive merchant wallet that is based on the web, user friendly, and also adaptable.
  2. The blockchain of Chain of Points that is fast, universal and secure.
  3. The next generation of rewards that is more dynamic, flexible and also personalized.
  4. Superior interoperability with open architecture, ease of integration as well as powerful APIs.
Therefore, if you are a small, medium or even large business that needs new platform to make loyalty programs for your customers, you can choose Chain of Points. It will make the reward program easier for all users and quick to access.

Team Chain of Points
  • Irene Katzela, Ph.D, CEO
  • Stefan Crnojević, Chief Blockchain Architect
  • Vladimir Vasilic, Business Development
  • Steven Dryall, Director of Products
  • Mikko Ohtama, Advisor
  • Ransu Salovaara, Advisor
  • Daniel Cawrey, Advisor

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- Feb 26, 2017 : Crowdsale Chain of Points has started!
- 01 Apr, 2017 : Chain of Points Crowdsale is Over!



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