Proprofi, The Integrated Technology of Leadium

In recent day, internet has become important thing in part of life. There are many aspects in real life that connected with internet. Such as Propofi, this is project that connects the real sector of economy with cryptocurrencies by using leadium or LDM. The connectivity is gain through the technology from Blockchain Technology and use for construction project. With this technology, the construction services now are becomes simple and confidence. This is a trusted partnership that reliable with Contractors database that have been checked and actualized by moderator in regular check. There is no one else in USA that use this services in construction. With dedication and ultimate goal for creating happy customer, Propofi ready to serve their clients and best to recommend to other friends, relative and the colleagues.

If you curious and interested to involve to the construction project with propofi, then read further about the process of the project. First, the customer adds the project they belong, and then the first 5 constractor that bought the project access will leave their offers to customer include condition and terms and the price required. The competition among the contractors make customer able to reduce the expense for the service offered. In the same time, there limited contractor that will increase their offers in order to get the project. If there is private professional, they will compete in equal basis with the construction companies and still have same chance for reach big contracts if they are licensed and available. After all, the customer are available to compares and explore entire contractors profile such as ranking, reviews and project that they have been handled. The next step from the process is choosing the right contactor and signing a contract.

There are several benefit that customer can get when they use this service. The first benefit is saving in time and cost. The customer that fined the trusted contractor from propofi is saving time and cost till 30% into 50% from the entire cost. Now, how do you know that the company is trusted and reliable? First thing that you need to know is, the Propofi is not selling the orders from the customer to professionals. There are some customers that call the desired professionals by checking the catalog instead leave their order in website. This is the new change in construction project that meet the demand for customer and contractor in simplicity and confidence.

Roadmap of Proprofi Project

Proprofi Team
  • Taras, Founder and Marketer
  • Artem, Co-founder and Developer
  • Yaroslav, Sales Manager
  • Valentine, Designer
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out:
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