MIT Provide New Hope for Digital Currency Investor

Mainstreet LP has become the first company that provides the security service for Blockchain asset. This company provides their service for all investor from all over the world. What they do is providing the area where investor can invest their money on the stable market in American companies, by using the Ethereum Blockchain. Mainstreet Investment LP ( MLP ) is located in Cayman Island and offered limited partnership. This company is founded to be able to provide information and share for the investor in quarterly basis. With this, Intellisys, the management of MLP, try to give new standard for digital securities in this information era.

Mainstreet LP also has two important things that they want to achieve. First is their goal by providing the service. Their goal is to provide the first Initial Token Offering ( ITO ). By providing this service, they hope to be able to gain more trust and support from investor and other party that has interest in this industry. In the end, it will affect the raise of electronic currency and Blockchain market. The other one is their vision. Mainstreet LP has ambition to make the Mainstreet Investment Token ( MIT ) to be the first asset-backed digital security for private equity and venture capital investment fund. That way the investor will be able to invest safely and comfortably, which will support this industry even more.

Specifications Mainstreet
  • Token Name: Mainstreet Investment Token
  • Public Symbol: MIT
  • Token cap: 50,000,000
  • Decimal Places: 8
  • Raise cap: $25M US
  • Holdback Allocation: Created at the beginning of the sale and will be used for additional investment and working capital needs for existing investments

Mainstreet LP has provided many different digital currencies that can be used in their program. These digital currencies will be converted and invested into sector that investor wants, and this will become the investment asset and portfolio of those investors. Mainstreet LP also provides their financial management service with always using transparency concept for their client. Therefore, client will know what happen on their fund that has been managed by Mainstreet LP. And, it’s not only financial management.

MLP also use the same concept on investment performance and business practices. All the assets and entity that owned by investor will be maintained with honest concept and ethical business standard, by following the existing law, rule and regulation. More than that, client will also get routine and detail report, quarterly and annually for their investment to make sure that everything will be done with the acknowledgement of client and in transparency concept. Mainstreet LP will issue the toke for those who are eligible to achieve it. This way the successful chance for private securities transaction will be able to achieve.

Team of Mainstreet
Intellisys Capital, LLC
Managing Entity & Co-owner of The Fund
Intellisys Capital, LLC is the managing member and co-owner of the fund. Intellisys is responsible for all management duties, financing and debt obligations as the fiduciary on behalf of MIT investors.
  • Jason Granger, Founder & CEO
    Mr. Granger has successfully built large teams in banking, real estate, construction, and private equity.
  • Charlie Shrem, Founder & CTO
    Shrem is a Bitcoin Pioneer, founder of the Bitcoin Foundation (Vice-Chairman 2012- 2014) and former CEO of BitInstant.
  • Jeremy Lehman, Fintech investor and operating advisor
  • Paul Puey, CEO and Co-Founder of Airbitz
  • Jered Kenna, Founder and CEO of Tradehill, the first US Bitcoin Exchange
  • Thomas Holzinger, Asset Manager at JetLevel and General Manager for NEFT Vodka
  • Lisa Cheng, Founder of The Vanbex Group
  • Daniel Winters, International and Bitcoin Tax Compliance - Global Tax Accountants, LLC
  • L. Mazzola, Project planning, and documentation

Crowdsale of Mainstreet LP
MLP team has plans to launch Crowdsale / Initial Token Offering ( ITO ) on February 27, 2017 until April 28, 2017!
Crowdfund Timeline: 60 Days
Total token supply: 50,000,000 MIT
Total ICO Supply: 4,000,000 RES
Retained for Growth: 1,000,000 RES
Crowdfund Objective: 2000 BTC (minimum 100 BTC)

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