Autoria - A New Paradigm in Cryptocurrency

Have you ever heard of Autoria? Well, it is one of the cryptocurrency dedicated company selling its own tokens as assets to the public. Also known as the ERC20 token, this is a very unique token providing aquifer for the collectors. Once the collectors have obtained the token, they will have “well” to manage that allows them to draw it repeatedly throughout a single year. They will also provide increase liquidity and also new tokens are rewards. In other words, there are simply more than enough reasons for the Autoria to handle your investment and build up your money empire.

Among the named features is called as Initial Distribution. In this feature, the collectors will receive the distributed token aquifers during the registration period of Mining Well. And, the collectors will be registered permanently as AUT generating mining wells. Furthermore, it is also possible for the collectors to immediately withdraw the AUT while experiencing the Automatic Mining firsthand.

Liquidity, the second feature explains that it is Autoria’s responsibility to ensure the liquidity. It is performed through automatic mining that rapidly occurs during the growth’s first phase. 1% of AUT distribution will be resulted from 10.000 app downloads and the collectors will be the one receiving the AUT distribution.
Sooner, Autoria will release the Autoria Casino Gams and Autoria Prediction Market on the platform. The prediction market will be a very useful app allowing the users to bet according to the direction of the so called binary news events. Meanwhile, the users will get so much fun playing the various fair casino games like dice, Russian roulette and lottery. And, once winning the games, the users will be able to win the AUT wherever and whenever they are. Shortly said, users will get to have fun while earning some assets to collect. What a great way to be busy, right?

It is predicted that there will be around 7$ trillion worth payment industry and merchant services that are disrupted by the core services offered by Autoria. Well, it is not the Autoria’s fault because these services and merchants have been pushed by the market due to burdensome processing technology and low margins. So, when Autoria comes offering the Point of Sale solution based on technology, it will immediately increase the efficiencies and lower barriers for all parties. Of course, Autoria also ensures sustained growth for long term strategic development so the users can keep their potential assets as long as they want.

Autoria Team
  • Stuart Farmer, Technical Architect
  • Boris Chan, Business Development
  • Mario Hernandez, Econometrics
  • Nick Huber, Finance & Business Development
  • James Munsch, Merchant Service Developer
  • Christian Perry, Public Communications
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Autoria Team or submit your email to get invited Slack channel to communicate with Autoria team!

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