How KICKICO Solves Common ICO and Crowdfunding Problems

ICO and crowdfunding have become very popular ways to source a project nowadays. Due to the benefits of joining a project, there are many investors actively searching for great and potential projects to fund. Unfortunately, ICO and crowdfunding still face many challenges which make investors reluctant to pour their money into the project.

Let alone funding the project, the investors actually find it hard to find the project they can invest in. Thankfully, KICKICO is now present to solve those problems. Before finding out how this platform can solve ICO and crowdfunding problems, let’s find out first the difficulties that usually surround these projects.

Major ICO and Crowdfunding Problems
The biggest problem regarding ICO is there is no regulation for this so it is actually very easy for the project starters to run with the investors’ money once the ICO is successful. Furthermore, just like what has been mentioned above, there is no platform and community that can unite the project starters and investors. As a result, even if the investors are actively searching for a project they can support, the possibility to miss an interesting project is still huge.

Just like ICO, crowdfunding also faces so many problems. One of the biggest problems in a crowdfunding is the fact that the investors are unprotected. Most of the time, the backers have nothing but the promises from the project starters. Once the fund is collected, there are many cases where the project starters disappear without a trace. To prevent this from happening, most crowdfunding platform compels the project starters to live in the same country with the location of the project. It limits the reach of the project which make the project less attractive for the investors.

How KICKICO Solves Those Problems
KICKICO has various solutions for those problems. First of all, it provides a community that unites project starters and backers. As a result, the backers know where to look for a project and they will not miss an opportunity to invest in an interesting project.

Furthermore, it is based on Ethereum smart contract so every transaction is recorded and safe. The project starters will not have any chance to run with the investors’ money. In addition, this platform also has tokens called Kick Coins. The backers will receive this digital coin once they have invested their money on the project. The coins will provide more safety sense for the backers since they have something valuable to hold on to the project instead of just some sweet promises.

KICKICO Team and Member
  • Anti A. Danilevski, Founder and CEO
  • Alexander Petrov, co-founder and CFOounder and CEO
  • Andrew Perepelitsa, co-founder, CTO and Platform lead developer
  • Petr Yakimchuk, Backend developer
  • Dmitry Raskladka, Business Development
  • Verdandi Cao, Lead designer
  • Mikhail Sergeev, Head of community management
  • Nikolay Syusko, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Yury Parsamov, Strategic partnership manager
  • Pacatum, Solidity Developers
  • Kelley Weaver, Founder of Melrose PR, a communications and marketing agency for blockchain companies
  • Nikki Brown, Culture and technology writer and public relations executive
  • Jesse Lucas, Director of Operations at Melrose PR, Jesse oversees campaigns and works directly with clients
  • Conor O'Higgins, Digital nomad and professional cyberpunk
  • Zhang Sunrui, Translator for Russian and Chinese government, took part at Sino-Russian natural gas cooperatio
  • Anton Gerasimov, An architect of the new blockchain-related microprocessor
  • Vladimir Ostapenko, disrupting the way we use cars with help of one of the world's largest ridesharing companies named Fasten
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: KICKICO Team or submit your email to get invited Slack channel to communicate with KICKICO team!


  1. Crowdsourcing market global analysis

  2. - Project architecture development
    - Prototyping
    - Seed funding received
    - Platform development
    - Blockchain first vision

  3. - KICKICO Alpha-version
    - Credit line approved
    - Blockchain risk analysis successfully finished

  4. - Platform integration with blockchain
    - Blockchain beta-version released

  5. - Whitepaper public announcement
    - Smart contract launch
    - Public audit
    - First creators add theirs project
    - pre-ICO

  6. ICO

  7. - KICKICO public launch
    - Infrastructure development
    - Project creators attraction
    - Community development
    - First projects as part of KICKONOMY
    - Support program launch

  8. - Cryptocrowdfunding chat-bot ver 1.0
    - Salesforce CRM integration

  9. Crowdfunders community launch

  10. - KICKICO best cases on TEDx
    - Sharing widgets

  11. - Reward system launch
    - Smart contract visual kit
    - Marketplace
    - UX survey
    - Gamification mechanics loyalty program
    - Localization
    - Crowdfunding community offline events
    - Cryptocrowdfunding academy launch
    - Mobile app development for Android & iOS
    - Integration with additional platforms from Ethereum ecosystem
    - Crowdfunding blockchain fund launched

  12. - KICKOIN payment system API for every easy integration into independent platforms or apps
    - Staock exchange release
    - Local creators & investors communities developement
    - Platfrom toolkit development: consulting, marketing,legal support
    - Mobile app public release

  13. - API for standalone crowdfunding campaigns
    - Business account for all marketing & advertising projects insights

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- Aug 07, 2017 : pre-ICO KICKICO has successfully reached goal and cap of 5000ETH in 8 days



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