Cobalt - The Metal of the Future Announces The Launch Of Upcoming ICO

Bitcoin these days has been promoted to be a virtual currency that will be used in the future. While many companies competes each other to provide their own coins, cobalt coin raises the only option for blockchain cobalt in the world. When it comes to coin, the majority will use gold to make it. However, cobalt coin now becomes so popular. The cobalt material itself is used to make the coin since it is considered as high-tech metal. Around 42 percent cobalt production in the world is used to make the battery while the remaining is involved in the military and other industries. Cobalt is indispensable so it is used to make various kinds of devices including smartphones, computers, electric vehicles, as well as solar system.

There is a great reason why cobalt is used to make the coins. The fast development of the markets of electronics, electric vehicles, and technologies automatically also raise the great amount demand of their parts and components. These days, the cobalt supply is even not adequate to fulfil the entire needs of the global market. In the future, the fast consumption of this material is also predicted to raise which also can make the price of the cobalt higher.

The needs of cobalt raise significantly and it can be seen from the high demand to this high-tech metal. The demand of cobalt material is increasing every day. The prediction of the world deficit is around 885 tons in 2018 and two years to come the deficit might achieve 5340 tons. It is also influenced by the development in technologies. Cobalt is used in each electric vehicle, mobile device, computer, and many other things in other industries so that the demand for this material is quite comparative to the development of production markets for those kinds of products. The liquidity of cobalt itself is pretty good since within six months in this year its price on commodity exchanges raises up to one hundred percent so it changes from $30.000 to $60.000 for every ton.

The supply of this high-tech metal already turns into deficit even when the great amount of it occurs. The amount of deficit is forecasted to achieve 500 percent later in 2020. The cobalt itself is taken from a place called Kuruozek which is situated in Kosh-Agach region belongs to Altai Republic. The ore layer can be found in 300 metre depth beneath the surface. This ore comprises about one percent of cobalt and tungsten while the other materials include copper, nickel, bismuth , gold, and silver. This location is known to have extra supply of about 33.000 tons of cobalt.

Upcoming CobaltCoin ICO
Cobalt team has plans to start the ICO to collect the funds on Oct 1, 2017 until Oct 31th, 2017.
This is where it gets interesting, just a few days ago the Cobalt project announced its ICO which will be run for 1 Month. And before the ICO began the team had made the phase of ICO pre-sale
* pre-ICO: Thursday, August 31st, 2017
* New ICO: Sunday, Oct 1 - Oct 31th, 2017

Cobalt will start with a supply of 180,000,000 CobaltCoin (CBC), of which 1,000,000 will be distributed to investors during the pre-ICO, 143,000,000 will be reserved for ICO, 27,000,000 will be reserved for Team Development, and remaining 9,000,000 tokens will be distributed for Campaign Bounties.

Are you always interested in buying CobaltCoin? There is no way for you to regret this decision. It is especially based on the reason that there will be 1 millions of CobaltCoin sold during the upcoming pre-ICO. This will definitely be your chance to share profits from this leading exchange.
By choosing this exchange, you and any other token holders will have chance to participate in the so called copy trading. This is a great trading platform that is safe and profitable for both new and experienced investors.

CobaltCoin Team
The CobaltCoin team has more than 10 years of experience in the design, development, and exploitation of mining deposits throughout the Russian Federation with the creation of enterprises from scratch with a full cycle of minerals processing. Those in the group of companies are successfully working in the markets of investment and innovative technologies of the Russian Federation and the world's leading countries. They are a reliable business partner for more than 100 companies in Russia and abroad.
  • Evgeny Onischenko, Founder
  • Pavel Kotovshchikov, Founder
  • Daniel Poklonov, Founder
  • Mikhail Borisov, Chief Geologist
  • Alexander Perunov, Director
  • Andrei Sobolev, Chief Project Engineer
  • Vitaly Ermakov, Head of the commercial direction
  • Sergey Getman, Technical specialist in the field of coal preparation
  • Anton Rozhansky, Blocking specialist
  • Sofia Mironova, Brand manager and community specialist
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: CBC Team or submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with CobaltCoin team!

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