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In this modern era, there are more choices of cryptocurencies that you can use to perform transactions. Now, you are not only capable of using Bitcoin for trading. These days, you can also use Ether for this purpose. This particular cryptocurrency is very popular in Asia. And it is predicted that it will be booming in other continents. For you who need Ether, you can borrow it so that you can start trading using this crypto.

Some of you may think that borrowing Ether is difficult. However, it is not impossible to do it. You can borrow this cryptocurrency at Ethlend. This particular platform is pretty new. However, it is totally reliable. Years before, you will not be able to borrow Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Lenders are unwilling to lend this type of currency because there is no guaranty that borrowers will pay back the amount of the cryptocurency they borrow. But, Ethlend has set up a new technology to provide secured lending.

How To Borrow Ether at ETHLend?
It is easy to borrow this particular cryptocurrency at Ethlend. Before you can apply for the loan, you must create an account first. After you have an account, you can send the loan request. When you send this request, it will automatically create a Smart Contract on Ethereum Blockchain. After the contract is created, you must input your data on it. The data is related to the amount of Ether you borrow, loan period, and interest.

In order to get the loan, you need to have collateral. It is in the form of Digital Token. You must insert the address of your Digital Token and Digital Token amount. The Smart Contract then will transfer your Tokens to the lender. You will need to repay your loan on time in order to get your Digital Tokens back.

What If Borrowers Cannot Repay The Loan?
There is a possibility that a borrower cannot repay the Ether they borrowed on time. When it happens, the Digital Tokens will be sent to the lender’s address by the Smart Contract. The lender can sell the tokens to get his fund back. He can also hold the Digital Tokens for his advantages.

Some of you may be worried about the security of your Digital Tokens if you use them as collateral. However, it is not something you need to worry about as long as you pay the loan on time. The data about your Digital Tokens are stored at the Ethereum Blockchain. Therefore, Ethlend cannot do anything about it.

EthLend Team
  • Stani Kulechov, Founder of ETHLend & Development
  • Jordan Lazaro Gustave, Head of Management
  • Martin Wichmann, Head of Token Sale
  • Adnan Javed, Legal Advisor
  • Sergej Stein, Financial Advisor & Blog
  • Kersten Schütze, Head of Corporate Strategy
  • Scott Malsbury, Head of Communications
  • Jin Park, Head of Marketing
  • Rowan Van Ginkel, Graphics & Visualization
  • Edmund To, Lead Junior Developer
  • Anastasija Plotnikova, Advisor & Translations
  • Nolvia Serrano, Media Correspondent
  • Kelly Pope, Social Media
  • Andreas Haraldsvik, Slack Wizard
  • Opinder Preet Singh, Local Advisor on Indian Subcontinent
  • Stephen You, Head of Korean Desk
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Bitcointalk or submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with ETHLend team!

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