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There is a popular way to fund several cryptocurrency projects nowadays and that is Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). It is known widely as an event that works by exchanging the sold part of cryptocurrency tokens for money. As the company which handles this kind of event is growing fast, there is one team which works at its best. It only chooses best of the best promising projects to collect a lot of money. Cofound is that one team that gives the best offer. The team gives their best to make the ecosystem of ICO more attractive and structured to investors; so many investors will come voluntarily with no doubt.

Get to Know Cofound Better
This team has a mission which is providing notable expertise in ICO and becoming a trusted VC-like ICO consultancy. Solving problems of ICO stages of an organization is also what they want. The team also has a target to provide and standardize the best promising projects which has the highest opportunity to collect much money during the crowdsale. For this team, meeting all of the project’s team and evaluating them thoroughly is an important thing before deciding to help them.

They have ever chosen only three projects of forty. This team is also known for using their experience, which is many, to help projects achieving its crowdfunding objectives. To make things happen, the team consists of line-up people who has experience on their field. Moreover, most of them are software developers and ex-employees of ICONOMI project. Cofound also gives the best advisory service by providing experts only. Talking about services that they can give to the selected projects, they provide marketing and SEO, legal frameworks, funding specifications, and a good community communication. They surely prepare the best of them to help the chosen projects.

Testimonials from People
As Cofound is a well known team, people has already stated things to help any startup be assured to work with this team. Since Cofound has a relation to ICONOMI, it is a good thing to hear. As we know, ICONOMI has 10% CFI tokens that will benefit anyone who relates to the project. In addition, the team surely knows how to have a clear idea of an exact target market and how to execute it. In market dominance, the team knows the precise time frames to achieve landmarks. Overall, people agree that Cofound has the very experienced team in ICO field. The advisory team is also a great one.

The Comparison Cofound with Other Companies
Venture CapitalCoFound.itCurrent Token Crowdsale
FocusFormalities and pitchingEntrepreneurship and visionVision and entrepreneurship
Growth speedStill slowVery fastUpredictable
Investor protection(Too) HighHighNone
Early adoptersLowHighHigh
Investment liquidityLowHighHigh
Project evaluationYesYesNo
Business trainingYesYesNo
Team evaluation and scam protectionHighHighLow

CoFound Team
  • Jan Isakovic, Co-founder, CEO
  • Daniel Zakrisson, Co-founder, Head of evaluations and mentoring
  • David Sabo, Head of global
  • Erika Pogorelc, CTO
  • Zenel Batagelj, Team strategy
  • Alja Isakovic, Platform product manager
  • Miha Martinjak, Head of design
  • Matija Pipan, Head of support
  • Matjaž Slak, Projects manager
  • Neza Rejc, Head of project communications
  • William Mougayar, Token economy theory
  • Evan Van Ness, Ethereum ecosystem
  • Vincent Eli, Blockchain apps and incentive design
  • David Prais, Accelerator and VC advice
  • Paul Veradittakit, Company strategy, fundraising and expansion
  • Tim Zagar, Strategic advice
  • Lan Filipic, Business advice
  • Nejc Novak, Legal advice
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Cofound Team or Join telegram to communicate with Cofound team!

Quick links
-   Official Website: https://cofound.it
-   Blog: https://blog.cofound.it
-   Twitter: https://twitter.com/cofound_it
-   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CofounditEcosystem
-   Slack: https://cofoundit.herokuapp.com
-   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cofound.it
-   YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3wviMjUeX1FZrprk-Ql4Og
-   Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/cofoundit
-   GitHub: https://github.com/cofoundit
-   Whitepaper: Read Now!
-   Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1849911.0



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