Snapup : A Platform Where You Can Get Premium Products

Online shop offers more conveniences, it saves your time and energy. Unfortunately, not everyone have excellent online shopping experience. Some of them must pay more for the products they bought. This unpleasant experience, of course, causes them to think twice before purchasing products via online. The team that created Snapup understands this matter very well. That’s why they create Snapup.

What is Snapup?
Snapup is a platform that allows you to shop for premium product online in more affordable cost. People who join this community will be able to save about 80% up to 90% on the market price of the premium products they want to buy. It is thanks to the mechanism of the Snapup.

In order to get this advantage, online shoppers must join this platform first. Creating an account and a wallet at this platform is very easy. Once you are registered, you will get updates on when you can buy the coins. During the Crowdsale, you can purchase Snapup coins as much as you can. This platform provides 100,000,000 coins on its first ICO. The starting price of these coins is 0.33 Euro.1

How does it work?
Snapup has not officially launched yet. However, the creator of this platform has provided the demo version. Those who are interested in this platform can download this version.

Once the demo version is downloaded, participants will be asked to register. Moreover, they will be asked to fill in credit card details. Participants don’t need to worry about the security of the credit card details. This platform has secured system. Once they fill in all the requirements, they will be asked to top up his wallet. Since it is only a demo, your purchase will not be credited to your credit card.

After you have the coins, you can join the campaigns. It is almost similar to auction. Snapup will offer several premium products to bid. Participants can bid any amounts of Snapcoin for the products. When the products have got enough coins, the campaign will be closed. After that, the coins will be sold to investors and customers. Snapup will then announce the winner of this campaign and the winner can get the products they want. And he only needs to pay for it based on the amount of his bid.

Snapup is scheduled for official release in 2nd quarter of 2018. At first, this platform will be available only in Europe. It is expected that this platform is available in Asia in 2020.


Snapup Team
  • Alessio Cozzolino, Co-founder & CEO
  • Carmine Cozzolino, Co-founder & COO
  • Patrick Jusic, Software Engineer
  • Loris Rossi, Software Engineer
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Snapup team and submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with Snapup team!

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