The Blockchain Contributions Graphs from SanCoin

Dealing with such a project of a business may be a bit frustrating sometimes especially if it is related to such the great idea in dealing with success. Of course, anyone wants to reach the success and dealing with a business can be one of the common things to do. That is the reason why it is something great to know about how to deal with the great way in such the project of the business in order to improve the better opportunity regarding to the business. There are so many ideas of the projects which may come to you and of course lots of things have to be completely thought properly including dealing with the right choice in dealing with the best performance for a project. The contributor of projects will affect much to the future of the project so that getting to know much more about the contributor is completely important. It is including the reputation of the project contributors which are really important.

The SanCoin may also offer such the great solution as well. They have the aim in building the contribution graph which is universal. It is about the register which is immutable verified, and distributed and including who are the contributors. That will be completely helpful in dealing with such the success related to the business projects which you will also deal with. They offer such the great yet helpful platform with the technology of blockchain which are great in offering such the properties which are really interesting. The core characteristics which are also required by them are totally that great since they are really needed for such the successful projects. What are they then? Sure, any of us want to know much more about those characteristics, including the decentralisation, immutability, and of course about the transparency. They are what any projects are needed for such the success and will be really needed and required.

The site of Sancoin provides the blockchain contributions graphs which will be really helpful and really needed for such the success. There, you may also find such the information which may be really needed and helpful for you in dealing with such the success of a project. It can be something good as well for us in dealing with the success related to the projects. To get the proper further information related to the site, we can simply go to visit their official site,

SanCoin Team
  • Francis Dierick, Founder / Development / Blockchain
  • Vidar Andersen, Advisor / Europe & USA
  • Puja Abbassi, Advisor / China / Blockchain
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Website or if any question about Sancoin project, please contact !

SanCoin Token Sale
SanCoin team has plans to start the ICO to collect the funds, those interested in participating in the crowdsale can buy SanCoin tokens (S8N) with a wallet that supports usage of smart contracts like: Parity, Mist, MyEtherWallet, etc.
SanCoin will start with a supply of 2,000,000 S8N, of which 800,000 will be distributed to investors during the ICO, and remaining 1,200,000 tokens will be reserved for Team.

And before the ICO began the team had made the phase of ICO pre-sale
*Pre-Sale : 17 July 2017
*Public ICO : 7 August 2017 - 21 August 2017.
*Crowdfund Timeline: 14 Days
*Total token supply: 2,000,000 S8N
*Total ICO Supply: 800,000 S8N
*Crowdfund Objective: $10,000,000 USD (minimum $1,000,000 USD)

- Make sure you set a reasonable transaction fee to avoid slow or unconfirmed transactions.
- Currently 280 satoshis / byte is recommended. More info at
- Unconfirmed transactions will NEVER receive an IOU certificate.
- Make absolutely 100% certain the ETH address on your IOU Certificate is correct & belongs to a wallet that supports contracts & custom tokens.
- DO NOT USE EXCHANGE WALLETS such as Coinbase. You will not be able to receive your SanCoin & we won’t be able to help you or refund you.
- A good wallet for Western customers is
- For Chinese customers we recommend the stan-dard Ethereum wallet available at

Quick Links
-   Official Website:
-   Twitter:
-   Facebook:
-   Vimeo:
-   GitHub:
-   Whitepaper: Download Now!
-   Announcement:



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