FundCoin - The Original Private Equity Token

Nowadays, digital media can be used for getting much money. Have you ever heard about crypto currency? It is a choice for many people who want to invest and also get much money through digital media. By join crypto currency, you don’t have to do difficult steps for investing your money. Every transaction can be done easily and safe. As we know that crypto currency is chosen by many people because it is safe and can’t be intervened by other people who have bad intention.

What is FundCoin ?
Talking about crypto currency, there will be so many sites that offer place for investing your money. Your money will be Bitcoin. Bitcoin can be sold and also bought whenever you want. If you have known the strategy in crypto currency, you will be able to get much money from crypto currency.

If you feel so confuse to join crypto currency but have a plan to join it as soon as possible, you can choose FundCoin. What is FundCoin? FundCoin is a secure digital token that is guaranteed by buybacks from investments. The investments are in a private equity fund that is focused on the blockchain industry. With FundCoin, you will feel so easy to do business in crypto currency field.

Why I Need to Choose FundCoin ?
Some of you may be doubt to join FundCoin because you don’t know about the advantages of  FundCoin. Actually, FundCoin has so many advantages, such as giving you unique and exclusive opportunity because the ICO provides a high performance. Not only that, it also allows you to access blockchain private equity fund.

FundCoin also offers investment liquidity. By listing FundCoin at multiple crypto exchange, it will help you bring additional liquidity that is not available for traditional private equity funds. Actually, there are still many advantages of FundCoin. FundCoin also created by talented people, so FundCoin is trusted site that will help you to develop your business in crypto currency field.

Well, those are some information for you about FundCoin. We can call FundCoin as a good choice for developing crypto currency business. Remember that from a little money, you will get much money if you choose the best platform for developing your crypto currencies business. So, what are you waiting for? You can choose FundCoin to get many benefits. FundCoin can be the choice because it will help you investing in high growth bloc chain industry, not in specific blockchain currencies or companies.

FundCoin Team
  • Jan pieter van Oudvorst, CFO and CIO
  • Hans van der Holst, Senior Staff
  • Arjan van der Heidien, Chief Compliance Officer
  • Dr.Barnard R.Bot, NESB
  • Cliff Go, Executive Adviser
  • Dr.Jaakko P.Karki, Executive Adviser
  • Webko Wuite, Portfolio Manager
  • Jan Welkzijn, Investor Relationships
  • Catarina Esmedia, Hedge Fund Analyst
  • Marlies Sconneveld, Client Services
  • Martijn Neuzerling, Assistant Controller
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: FundCoin Team or Join Telegram to communicate with FND team!
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