Justmake Ecosystem - The Economy Of The Future

Have you ever heard about Justmake ecosystem? For people who have business or have a plan to build business, join Justmake will make you get many benefits. Nowadays, you can find so many sites that offer many benefits for your business. But, Justmake is much recommended. Why? The Justmake Ecosystem will be a collection of platforms, products, services, and markets that creates a secure and stable environment for the future. Find the answer by reading some information below.

Justmake Core
In Justmake, you will be introduced with Justmake Core. What is Justmake Core? Justmake Core consists of Justmake Personal Accounts, Justmake Wallet and Business Accounts. All parties who have joined Justmake ecosystem can collaborate with each other via Justmake ERC20 Token. It will allow you to collaborate with other person in Justmake ecosystem, with business, and business with business.

Actually, Justmake is the best choice to revolutionize the way people and business integrates each other. Not only that, it creates meaningful experience between all people in JM ecosystem. With blockchain technology and expertise of Justmake, you can develop your business today and in the future.

Justmake Product and Service
Now, let’s we review every product and service of Justmake. Because it is recommended site to make your business more develop, it has so many useful products and services, such as below:
  1. Justmake Software
    Actually, Justmake has team that consists of some experts, and finally Justmake offers sophisticated software to develop your business. Justmake has been working for past few years to create useful software to help you and your business develop more. The software will make your business develop in the future.
  2. Justmake Social
    Justmake also allows you to use Justmake Social. What is Justmake Social? Justmake Social is a distributed social platform of Justmake that will allow you as user to share your information and also engage with other users on this platform. In other word, this platform will make you get opportunity to earn JM without doing difficult steps. You can earn JM easily by participating on this platform. Not only that, this platform will also allow you to collaborate with other user for developing your business.
  3. Justmake Marketplace
    It is other service of Justmake. With this service, you will be allowed to purchase items from other user and business created stores.
  4. Justmake Developer Tools
    Not only the product and service mentioned above, there is also Justmake Developer Tools. It is also useful to build publicly accessible APIs for developers. We can conclude that Justmake is recommended site for making your business develop more.

Justmake Team
  • Joe McGinnis, Founder
  • Brad Vanderford, Head of Business Development
  • Jordan Orberg, Head of Marketing
  • Wes Godwin, Lead Developer
  • Paul Ivnitskiy, Head of Social Media
  • Gracin Watson, Public Relations
  • Ed Zynda, Smart Contract Developer
  • Michael Lewellen, Crypto Consultant
  • Ralph Jones, U.S. & International Tax Council
  • Meshari AlNemr, International Business Advisor
  • Larry Gregg, U.S. Legal Council
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Justmake Team or Join Telegram to communicate with Justmake team!

Quick Links
-   Official Website: https://www.justmake.org
-   Crowdsale: https://www.justmake.org/token-sale
-   Blog: https://justmake.newswire.com
-   Twitter: https://twitter.com/JustmakeToken
-   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JustmakeFoundation
-   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/justmake-inc-
-   Slack: https://justmaketoken.slack.com
-   Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/justmaketoken
-   GitHub: https://github.com/justmake
-   Whitepaper: Download Now!



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