Opakeco : Ensuring Ethical Humanitarian Efforts

Technology does not only help us do our day-to-day routines, it also makes our charitable efforts ten times easier. Many of us grew up with a habit of giving back; we do this not only to help those who are less fortunate, but also with the hope that our good deed will also help us one day if we ever find difficulties. What goes around, comes around; and what you reap is exactly what you sow – those are two things that we never forget up to this day. With the help we get from technology, it has become increasingly easier for us to find a myriad of good causes to support. We may not have all the riches in the world, but when we can share what we have – no matter how small, it will help those who are in need either way.

However, this also comes with a drawback. There are always some people who take an advantage of technology. Perhaps they hack the system to get the donation, perhaps they make a good charity cause that turns out to be a false story. It is easy to fabricate a story when you are sitting behind a computer screen after all. A lot of people have been a victim, if not of the former, it must be the latter. With our willingness to keep on giving, we refuse to stop supporting good charity causes we find – but what if we want to make sure the charity we are going to support is truly intended for those who are less fortunate? Is there a way to minimize the risk?

The answer is yes – with Opakeco, this is not only possible, it is the norm. Started from their theory that it should be possible for backers to get a complete oversight of each of the good causes out there, the startup quickly works on developing a system that ensures transparency. Yes, transparency is indeed the key to avoid false claims and fraudulent causes. With the invention of Blockchain technology, digital transparency is no longer an impossible feat. Built on the astounding Ethereum smart contracts, Opakeco ensures the ethical aspect and moral chain of many humanitarian causes. Equipped with highly intuitive platform that is incredibly easy to see, Opakeco significantly reduces technical issues for majority of token holders who have limited knowledge on how the technology works. On top of that, Opakeco also adds internal communication features in which the logs consisting the expenses and income are made available every 24-hours.

Opakeco Team
  • Akash Parmesar, CEO
  • Jackie Xu, CTO
  • René Ammerlaan, CIO
  • Akis Karamanlis, CMO
  • Iskander Mos, CCO
  • Koen Basten, Computer scientist with an interest in the world's food supplies and its distribution
  • Finn Boonman, Online marketeer and enterpreneur helping charities to spread their message
  • Bart den Hertog, Philanthropic visionary with passion for innovative business developments
  • Niko van Meurs, UX architect and enterpreneur with love for disruptive innovation
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Website or submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with Opakeco team!

Quick Links
-   Official Website: https://www.opakeco.org
-   Blog: https://medium.com/@opakeco_27326
-   Twitter: https://twitter.com/opakeco
-   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/opakeco
-   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/18156574
-   YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJS5YtmXY1u_Q7lEWGOF1Ug
-   GitHub: http://www.github.com/opakeco
-   Whitepaper: Read Now!
-   Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2045977.0



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