Introduction to Demeter

In this modern world, we can make sure that technology becomes very crucial part for many people’s life. The tempting technology makes many people want to make it as their passion and as their life. There are more and more professionals who have skills in technology. Of course the career options are getting wider and wider with the support of technology. However, it seems like the career which is associated to traditional work does not become popular choice any longer. Agriculture for many people is not their thing because they think that it is too traditional or even old school. In fact, agriculture cannot be separated from people’s life.

There is kind of great worry that in the future, young people do not want to get involved in agriculture business. Many of them are more interested in the field which is close to technology and communication. It is something which is more fancy and trendy after all. This can be the reason why people who are involved in agriculture field are decreasing in various parts of the world. Many young people think that agriculture is not promising for their career. Nevertheless, we can make sure that with the support of technology, there is much opportunity which can be found from the agriculture world. Demeter can be a great platform which can help people to build better awareness to agriculture. Agriculture revolution can be found with this.

Features of Demeter
Demeter comes to give people opportunity to join the revolution in agriculture. Demeter is decentralized platform worldwide that offers an entire ecosystem for farmers and consumers. There are some features which can be found from Demeter after all.

  • Platform
    Many people have great interest in agriculture especially about foods they eat. Recently, people do not really know where their foods come from. They do not know about the origin of the ingredient so they cannot control its health. Since many people have bigger awareness about their health, they want to make sure that they know exactly the foods they eat. To overcome this problem, Demeter can be the central hub not only for renting but also farming the micro fields which are located anywhere in the world. There will be no middlemen involved in the process. It means that there is no complexity as well. They will not find the big organization overhead as well. From the farm, the agriculture products can go straight to the table.
  • Community
    Demeter is not only about technology because it can also be a community that helps people to create as well as define the rules about organic farming. Of course there will also be certification for this kind of farming. There will be long process which must be taken before people can claim the organic farming after all. Nevertheless, Demeter comes with the dynamic process which is useful to ensure the quality in every step taken to produce the organic agricultural products.
  • Token
    Demeter is a platform which runs with unique method. Custom ethereum based token will be used for running the platform. It is called DMT. There are some great supports which can be offered by the token after all. Security trust will be provided by the token. It will also be crucial power which can be used for making as well as keeping the community alive.
  • Growfunding
    There are many farmers in the world that cannot grow quality food production because of the lack of capital. Demeter especially the fourth revolution will be solution for this problem. Growfunding becomes something possible to do with this platform. This platform offers the opportunity of micro investment for the farmland. It will be great for encouraging the production of quality food because better technology and knowledge can be applied for the farm. It means that there will be more quality foods to choose. At the same time, it will also be useful for helping the farmers grow the agriculture business.

Work with Demeter
People maybe have a great question about the way this system works. Completed control will be given by Demeter. They will be connected directly to the local farmers in many places all around the world. They only need to choose the size of their micro farm. They can also choose the practice as well as produce. They even can shop from the food supplies from the local farm. The fresh foods will be delivered to their address. This way, there will no longer premium price, unknown practices of farming, and weeks shipping.

Demeter Team
  • Marco Mettimano - CEO & Co-Founder
  • Nando Dessena - Blockchain Developer
  • Arianna Vulpiani - Business development Italy
  • Lorenzo Liberatore - Full Stack Developer
  • Simon Choin - Legal Advisor
  • Luigi Tonti - Platform Advisor
  • Cahill Puil - Marketing specialist
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Demeter Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #DMT team!


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