Investing in IT Technology with Hypercube Ventures

There are so many blockchain based fundraising platform nowadays. However, since the platform is available for any kind of projects, it can be difficult for investors who want to fund projects in a specific field, like technology for example.

Speaking of technology, it is safe to say that technology project is the most difficult type of project to fund. It is not because the project is not promising, but simply because most of the times it requires huge amount of money so it is very risky for the investors. As a result, many startups find it hard to find investors even if they have advertised their projects in various crowdfunding platforms.

But this situation will change soon because Hypercube Ventures is come to the rescue. Hypercube Ventures is a platform that will make it easier for investors to find technology based projects to fund. This platform will help many great technological innovations to come to realization since it offers so many benefits for the startups and investors.

Benefits for Startups
Finding an investor is never an easy job. When the startups post their project to other crowdfunding platforms, they need to fight for top position with other projects in other fields. However, since Hypercube Ventures is dedicated for technology innovation, it will be easier for the startups to find an investor since the investors are coming to the platform with a specific goal that is finding a technology based startup to fund.

Furthermore, the startups can also get more money for their company by inviting investors to the platform. If the startups have found an investor for their projects, they can send invitation to their investors to register to the platform. If the startups manage to invite investors to join the platform, they will get financial reward.

Benefits for Investors
When it comes to investing, the faster the investors join the project, the higher the capital will increase. Hypercube Ventures can offer that benefit since it allows investors to join a project from its early stage. Furthermore, since every project posted in this platform is presented transparently, the investors can freely choose which projects can get them the highest returns.

The technology project posted in this platform is exit-speed projects with implementation period around 1 to 3 years. It can reduce the risks the investors have to bear since they don’t have to wait long to see the results of the project. Furthermore, Hypercube Ventures also provide legal help for investors just in case they have problems with the startups they invest their fund in.

Ventureon Team
  • Vitalii Serbulenko, Managing Partner, Marketing Expert
  • Anton Sobor, Managing Partner
  • Vladimir Malakchi, Public Relations
  • Dietmar Gutgarts, Attorney at law
  • Dmitrii Zakharov, Chief developer
  • Irina Veretennikova, Key Account Manager
  • Alex Karelov, Graphic & UI/UX design
  • Simon Cocking, Senior Editor Irish Tech News | Fintech specialist
  • Toni Lane, Artrepreneur in the Digital Currency and Blockchain Industry
  • Desmond Marshall, Investor+Advisor: ICO full process, IPO biz model/plans packaging, blockchain
  • Paul Francis, Blockchain, ICO, Digital and Crypto Currency Enthusiast
  • Kristian T. Sørensen, Fintech Advisor / Investor
  • Li XiangJun, Blockchain/Fintech Evangelist
  • Vivek aka Vivekomon, Influencer\Startup Ninja\Bitcoin-er
  • Alex Manoylo, Blockchain enthusiast, Business Development
  • Steven Krohn, Website Traffic Generation - Social Media Influencer - Sales Expert - Online Marketing Consultant
  • Dmitrii Plakhov, Coordinator of St.Petersburg Blockchain Developers Community
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Ventureon Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #VNN team!


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