Changing The Real Estate Market For The Better

Just a few years ago, I made a calculated assumption that there would be a time where businesses would finally turn to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. At the time, cryptocurrency that is pioneered by Bitcoin were still in their infancy. I understandably sounded like a mad man considering this type of peer-to-peer digital payment system was nowhere near acceptable by the public. Many naysayers used to make an assumption that this madness will stop in a few weeks, or months if they were being generous.

Fast forward 9 years later, its skyrocketing value from a mere cent in it was first released to the public, to an impressive 5,600-dollar per coin in 2017. This dramatic jump makes those who believed in it the first time around a millionaire, and so it begins. More and more people start to flock and try their luck, and more and more businesses now try to find a way to get a piece of that wealth.

This change of tune definitely brings a light on the advantages cryptocurrency has and ultimately, the fundamental purpose of its invention. More and more merchants and businesses finally starts seeing the value of cryptocurrency and the worth of the online ledger that backs the peer-to-peer digital currency. The latest industry to embrace the winds of change is, surprisingly, the real estate industry.

What was once a highly conventional industry, a few key players in the real estate industry have turned to blockchain and cryptocurrency to get the business going. Yes, many of these companies finally add the cryptocurrency as its payment method to further solidify its validity. But that does not come close to The developer quickly becomes the most prominent key players in the industry and is one step ahead of the race – all thanks to its unique portal and incredibly secure platform.

Changing The Real Estate Market For The Better
The laborious and extremely tedious nature of real estate transaction seems like a widely accepted law in the industry. Most of these issues stem from the lack of technological and digital solutions. The real estate industry is still carrying out the conventional advertising and selling method it first adopted some 50-years ago. This means that the advertising and transaction services used are still done conventionally. And, not to mention, its incessant reliance on third parties such as real estate agents.
While the practice is still as fruitful as ever, the fact that we are living in a modern world where everything is digitized shows that there are some things we can do to make the whole process more efficient and beneficial for both parties. The conventional structure in which transactions involving buyers transferring the money to the sellers. Those who have ever done this type of transaction would know that this conventional method is extremely troublesome.

Not only is this conventional method done through financial institutions such as banks complicated in nature, it is also one of the most expensive methods available. For example, financial institutions in Australia as well as the United States typically would charge upwards 4,000 dollars for every transaction of 100,000 dollars. With the average price of a property at 300,000 dollars nowadays, customers must expect to pay more than 24,000 dollars in transaction fee. noticed these challenges and inefficiencies and quickly went to create an incredible solution to benefit both customers and the companies as well as the real estate agents involved. With its blockchain-based artificial intelligent technology referred to as Blockchain Real Estate Market (here henceforth will be referred to its abbreviated term, BREM), provides both buyers and sellers with impeccable security measures and mind-blowing service without traditional barriers.

Specifically designed to make every single data accessible for both parties in order to promote transparency, the platform is capable of being an intellectual service portal and a real estate aggregator. And this is what gets me drawn to the investment project, the fact the platform itself created a portal that allows sellers to register their real estate property and the buyers to make a transaction on the property of their choice, without having to deal with extensive bureaucratic labor and unnecessary commissions.

All of this is made possible with the algorithms and neural networks. While the final decision on whether or not the real estate property is worth buying remains on the prospective customer, the platform can definitely optimize the processing. This does not only significantly cut down the need for bureaucratic staff and unnecessary process, while at the same time minimizing the risk of human errors at every stage of the business dealing and transaction.

Some Benefits of BREM Investment Project
Accuracy in document handling, streamlined and transparent processing, and the large scale information related to the listings and transactions prove to us that is one of the most reliable platform in this day and age. See the following for benefits for each party:

Benefits For Developers
  • Increasing volume of sales without having to increase the initial investment, all due to its ability to gain attraction from clients from all parts of the world;
  • Increasing identification index both internationally and regionally due to the popularity of this new portal;
  • Having an official representation of their business on the portal;
  • Ability to work with an impeccable network of real estate agencies and private brokers through a professional operator;
Benefits For Real Estate Agents and Brokers
  • Having a unified database containing informations on each of their listings in one place, eliminating the need to use multiple sources and services;
  • Ability to comfortably reserve the property in an instant no matter in which part of the world the property is located;
  • Ability to get an adequate bargain support and professional consultations from the experts;
  • Not needing to sign an unnecessary cooperation agreements with the developers.
Benefits For Customers
  • Having a unified database containing informations on each of their listings in one place, eliminating the need to use multiple sources and services;
  • Having full online support from the professionals such as notary, legal experts, mortgage loans and many more;
  • Friendly user interface.

In order to be a part of this incredible investment project, you must own the currency used for valid payment methods in this portal. To get yours for a fraction at the cost, visit it's BREM ICO. The early sale will begin on November 1st and end on November 30th, 2017.

Author: CryptoSmile
ETH Address: 0x434E3209c1e7915E0becDe6d58411D05D8ff4dA8



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