Tokenza : Tokenized Crowdfunding and Freelancing Platform

A token based crowdfunding platform is not a strange thing anymore in this era. But a token based platform that combines crowdfunding and freelancing service, Tokenza is certainly the pioneer. Tokenza is a new hybrid fundraising and freelancing platform that is aimed to help people find investors for their project as well as give more opportunity for freelancers to find someone who will need their service. Contributors help project owners by giving money, or by offering services in exchange for tokens and bounties. It's like having Kickstarter and Fiverr in the same place, and running on the Ethereum blockchain.

How Does It Work?
Tokenza can be used by project starters or entrepreneurs who need funding to start their project, freelancers who want to offer their services, as well as investors who want to find amazing ideas and projects to invest in.
Tokenza is based on Ethereum blockchain and every transaction in this platform will require Tokenza (TKZ) or Ethereum (ETH) tokens. If investors want to contribute to a certain project, they can fund the project using ETH or TKZ. Speaking of the Tokenza token, the pre-sale will start on November 8th and there are 5,400,000 tokens available to buy.
Tokenza’s community consists of project owners, backers and bounty hunters:
  • Backers use TKZ tokens (or ETH) to contribute to promising projects
  • Bounty Hunters work and offer services to project owners, and get paid in TKZ (or ETH)
  • Backers get new tokens issued by projects in which they contributed

The same goes for freelancing service. Tokenza will provide an easy to use platform where the freelancers can advertise their job without any hassles. The jobs and services will be divided into different categories, for example Graphics and Design, Marketing, Writing and Translation and many more. This way, the public can easily find the best freelancer they want to hire according to the type of the job. Freelancers will be paid in TKZ after they have completed their services.

What is the Benefit of Tokenza?
The idea of combining crowdfunding and freelancing service is really great and helpful. If you have a hard time figuring out what kind of platform Tokenza is, simply imagine the lovechild between Kickstarters and Fiverr. This platform will really help making a lot of great ideas come true. This is because project starters sometimes need help from freelancers to do certain task. Tokenza makes it possible for project starters and freelancers to meet in one platform, so finishing a project definitely will be easier.

The benefits of Tokenza is not only limited to the project starters, entrepreneurs and freelancers, but also for the backers and investors. As a token based crowdfunding marketplace, investors can easily find innovative projects from all over the world. Since Tokenza is blockchain based, the investors don’t have to be afraid that the project starters will be run with their money. The investors and backers will also have a chance to participate in the project from the initial development until the project is finalized.

Tokenza Team
  • Vincent Fontaine, Founder
  • Jerome Renard, Founder
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Tokenza Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #TKZ team!

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