Wireline - Good Startup For Investor and IT Developer

Have you ever heard about Wireline? Nowadays, there are so many startups that bring so many benefits. As investor, choosing best startup is really important. Investor always needs good startup to invest their money. By choosing right startup, investment process can be done well, and then finally it will give investor so much money or income. How about Wireline? Is it good startup for investor? Let’s we talk about it below.

What is Wireline?
Nowadays, technology has developed so much. There are so many platforms used by many people. Have you ever though that platform developer get so much money from their platform. Yes, developers always get money when their platform used by many people. You may be familiar with cloud platform. Have you ever thought to invest your money for cloud developer? If you have ever thought about it, it is time for you to know about Wireline.
Wireline is a startup based in New York, it has been established by software experts who get support from popular advisor, such as Google advisor, IBM advisor, Amazon Advisor, and many more. You can imagine about this startup. This startup is really reliable and can be your choice to invest your money. Wireline developed using today technology that has been used by business around the world.

Reasons to Choose Wireline
Nowadays, there are so many startups or platforms for investing your money. But, not every paltform will offer the best service. Different from other platform, Wireline comes with sophisticated technology, even covers the latest technology used by busied around the world. It means that Wireline is reliable startup for investing your money. Actually, there are so many reasons of why you have to choose Wireline.
First, Wireline offers low cost. You don’t have to spend much money to join Wireline.

Some of you may be still curious about what can be done by Wireline. Actually, Wireline is so revolutionary. This startup is the best startup for investor. The purpose of Wireline is collecting fund to be invested for developer of the next generation of cloud platform. As mentioned before, cloud is so popular. There are so many people who always use various purposes of cloud. We can imagine if we invest our money for developer of the next generation of cloud, it means we invest our money for big project. When the next generation of cloud has been released, it means we will also get income. The more people who use it, the more money we can get.
How to use Wireline? Actually, Wireline doesn’t require difficult steps because it is revolutionary and also offers sophisticated technology. It means, you can invest your money by using crypto currency. For investor, crypto currency is so familiar. It will make you easier to invest your money. Crypto currency is also safe, so you don’t have to worry about anything. For you who are investor, join Wireline is a good choice to get so much income.

Wireline Team
  • Lucas Geiger, CEO & founder
  • Rich Burdon, CTO & founder
  • Massimo Di Pierro Phd.
  • Shehab Hamad
  • Andy Madsen
  • Jeremy Dillworth
  • Nathan Morris
  • Kieran Bellew
  • Paulo Kaiser, COO of Bluewolf
  • Bruno Orsini, Sr. Business Development Manager, Android, Chrome & VR
  • William Harris, Product Manager Yahoo Media
  • Shehriyar Antia, Chief Market Strategist of Macro Insight Group
  • Ron Quaranta, Chairman
  • Marc Herson, Former VP Sony Music
  • Saul Hudson, General Manager Americas of Reuters News
  • Nicole Miller, Global head of New Ventures - Thomson Reuters
  • Stephen Duvignau, Partner of FAMA Hedge Fund
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Official webiste or Join Telegram to communicate with #WRL team!


Quick Links
-   Official Website: https://www.wireline.io
-   Blog: https://medium.com/@wireline
-   Token Sale: https://www.wireline.io/#/token-launch
-   Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/wirelineio
-   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wirelineio
-   Slack: https://www.wireline.io/#/slack
-   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wirelineio
-   Whitepaper: Download Now!
-   Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2075983.0



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