CopiCo Attempt to Rehabilitate Failed Altcoins

The moment you hear about what CopiCo is and what it has to offer, you will perhaps be interested in the concept. However, upon closer inspection, you cannot help but wonder about they mystery surrounding the startup. Does it have a great idea? Absolutely. Does the startup dish out how they’re going to achieve their grand idea? Unfortunately, no. The minimum information on this aspect is a bit odd to say the least. Not to mention the air of mystery surrounding the whole team behind the project.

Here’s the thing, all of us have had our fair brush with startups and we have also heard about how they handle certain things. But sadly the same thing cannot be expected here. Let’s start with the simplest one: the team behind this project. The average startup would list every single person involved with the name, their achievement if any, education background and many more. However with CopiCo, the only thing that we could have was a short name with unprofessional looking images of them.

As the CEO of this group, the man that goes by VSK Chaitanya, referred to Copico as the mastermode coin that so happens to a privacy centric one at that as well. A concept of which does not make sense, or at the very least, used incorrectly. If you’re like me you would also question the secrecy and the lack of comprehensible nature of its plan. Despite the odd characteristic of this project and the driving force behind it, I am willing to put that aside and only focus on the startup’s features.

The Product Offered
The mastermode coin may not be a term that’s used appropriately by the founders. While I am going to chalk it up to the possibility of having a language barrier, the concept of the product offered also makes a little sense. In Layman’s term, CopiCo has a plan to recognize the failed Altcoins in the past a new chance to reemerge and they’re planning on purchasing all of the failed coins in high volumes and then attempt to rehabilitate the coins so they can be used once again.

It’s still a mystery how CopiCo is going to achieve the goal since it has yet to mention the white plan, let alone giving a timeline on when and how to realize the plan. However, if there’s one thing that we can be absolutely sure of, it’s the fact that CopiCo plans to bulk-purchase the failed coins using the money it’s generated from the Initial Coin Offering event. So what’s the use of CopiCoin?

Opportunity Offered to Investors
There’s no clear explanation as to what the company has to offer in terms of perks and opportunity, all it has stated is how much CopiCoin we can get if we purchase it in a period of time. The earlier you purchase them during the ICO period, the more you can pocket in the end. However, when asked about the opportunity and the use of CopiCoin itself, I have to reread the explanation on the publicized page. Again, I found nothing other than the fact that it can be used to purchase the company’s appcoin management service.

  • VSK Chaitanya, CEO & Founder
  • Avinash, CTO
  • Vinodh, Blockchain Developer
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Website or Join Telegram to communicate with #XCPO team!


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