DitCoin: The Recommended Business of CryptoCurrency Based On the Building of Asset and Community

Everyone may understand better about bitcoin, a virtual money. Bitcoin is to be a popular virtual exchange and money for any transactions in internet. But, what do you know about DitCoin? When it refers its name, it sounds to have a close relation to Bitcoin. What is it? What are the differences of DitCoin? It sounds unfamiliar to several people. Regardless Bitcoin, DitCoin is a multifunctional virtual coin for any purposes. It can be seen from the usability and functions of this amazing coin.

What Is DitCoin?
DitCoin is the first business of crypto currency based on the asset and community building for the businessmen. It’s not a coin in a cryptocurrency part but it can be sold and traded globally for gaining the profits. It surely takes the crypto currency for your needs and a real application in a daily life. It is a payment that traded and used globally. Ditcoin is a coin able to ensure and guarantee 100% untraceable transactions. It is also great for privacy but it offers low cost for P2P and B2B transactions. It brings crypto currency closer to your needs and a real usage for daily life. That is why this coin is very useful for your assets and community building.

Why Do You Choose Ditcoin?
After you have understood about ditcoin, surely you really want to know reasons why people and you should choose ditcoin. There are several reasons making you take a choice of this amazing coin.
  • Offering Promising Projects
    As a trusted coin for crypto currency, ditcoin tries to attract people with availably promising projects. There are some methods making available projects very promising. The first one is about a unique approach. DitCoin took a different approach in a certain project. It is caused that there are many altcoins in outside. To be different, ditcoin tries to be promising and outstanding. Business driven is applied to ditcoin projects. It is used for working in any online and offline shops spending cryptocurrencies to this business. Untraceable coin is another method in running ditcoin projects. It is a decentralization and privacy being a backbone of crypto currencies. But, the used altcoins are not tracked like ditcoin.
  • Serving DitCoin Modules
    Another reason is serving ditcoin modules. The offered modules deserve to consider because it is available several amazing parts of the modules. The first one is ditpay module. It becomes the first e – commerce and payment processor of crypto currencies in the world. All have been connected to offer the expansion of the best crypto currencies in globally e – commerce scale. It has a e – commerce feature. Ditcoin provides platform empowering the working ways of e – commerce and crypto currencies. It enables you to keep a smooth transaction process with the higher privacy level.

The module will be beneficial for the buyers and sellers. Then, it has a payment processor. To ease an integration process of ditcoin to e – commerce platform, cyrpto currency ways are used. DitPay will be such a bridge between crypto currencies integration and ditcoin usability. Of course, this module will increase and enhance the values of ditcoin in the market. Those are some features that can be enjoyed in ditcoin modules. You cna enjoy and take it all when you rent or buy ditcoin for being a multifunctional coin.

DitCoin Team
  • Vicky Durel, Co-founder / CTO
  • Jamille Boado, Co-Founder / CEO
  • Emeka Tony, Co-founder / PRM
  • Md Faruq Hossain, Project Manager / Advisor
  • Arsel Tindo, Frontend/Backend Developer
  • Chris Ani, CEO Crypto Hub
  • Dolly Chhabra, India Representative
  • Enoch Cloud, Project Advisor
For detailed about Team Members descriptions please check out: Ditcoin Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #DTC team!


Quick Links
  Official Websitehttps://www.ditcoin.io

Author: CryptoSmile
ETH address: 0x0123a524a2d5A69d9E934750951a519dcB552E59



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    1. As a trusted coin for crypto currency, ditcoin tries to attract people with availably promising projects. There are some methods making available projects very promising. The first one is about a unique approach.

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