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Enjoy Life is a company established on June 1, 2017, in Ukraine. There are various systems performed by this company. The system consists of discount loyalty programs, trading platforms, payment systems, and multicurrency purses. The system will interact with markets, modern business management colleges, client partners, and businesses. The mission of this company is to provide solutions that can meet the needs of business partners. The solution can create value for crypto community users. The company has collaborated with international companies, customer partners, and the business community. The multicurrency wallet and loyalty program has been launched by this company. This platform can already be enjoyed in four countries. Poland, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine are the countries that can enjoy this service.

Company Goal
The goal of Enjoy Life is to create an ecosystem for universal payments that can unite the world of cryptocurrency and the real sector of the economy in the world. Both of these fields can interact, calculate, and exchange. The company wants to achieve that goal by offering a favorable offer to users. The offer consists of giving a discount to the user. Users can make payments with just one click. The application can be used easily to access various services provided by this company.

The company already has more than 150 business partners spread all over the world. The ease of using this platform is the key to the success of this company. This company can grow rapidly because the system can be used easily and quickly. The system created by this company can integrate with all areas of trade. You can access the database by using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This system can make you do all the business. You can monitor all orders and transactions related to the company. You can download the CRM system in AppStore or Google Play. Customers can combine offers, discounts, and other bonuses.

The Main Function
If you use Enjoy Life app, then you do not need to carry a pile of discount cards or other payments. You will receive a discount by making a purchase from this app. You just need to use QR code to get the offer. You can enjoy the cashier application used to record all transactions on your business. This app was created for business partners. The cashier application will give you transparent transactions.

You can register for free. You will also get offers to all discounts. This is the right business partner for the user. This is a payment system with a simple QR code. The multicurrency wallet allows you to receive payments from users. This app provides secure payment to everyone. The app also offers a reasonable exchange guarantee for users. If you invite your friends to use this application, then you will get additional income. You can get acquainted with new friends while using this app. Internal Chat is a feature found in this app. Business partners must register and perform account activation to enjoy this app. Buyers and sellers will be incorporated into one platform. You can promote your products with ads that suit your liking. The company will provide advertising support online and offline for business partners.

Enjoy Life Team
  • Andrey Makarchev, CEO and Founder
  • Evgeny Balagura, Marketing Director
  • Maxim Kupchenko, Sales Manager
  • Nataliya Shliakhova, CFO
  • Andrey Olefirenko, Managing partner, Lawyer, Escrow
  • Alexandr Buzaev, Strategic Manager
  • Alexandr Ryzhikov, Project Manager
  • Vladimir Bukovskyi, IT Department Manager
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: EnjoyLife Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #ENJL team!


Quick Links
  Official Websitehttps://ico.enjoy-life.world

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