SocialMedia.Market as a Solution to Social Media Marketing

As the number of people having access to internet increase and as the amount of time used to access the internet by each individual steadily follow the same trend, many industries are found adjusting to the new world ahead of them. This can be seen from the gradual change from traditional concept to a more digitalized concept. One industry that follows the dynamic of this digital era that we have now is without a doubt the marketing industry.

Back in the day, traditional approach to marketing was considered sufficient. Traditional marketing tools used to spread the advertisers’ campaign and service or product such as printed advertisement, tv commercials, jingles, and many more were enough. But with the involvement of internet and the ever increasing digital consumption, a new approach to attract the intention of their prospective customers is needed. The best way to do it is, undoubtedly, by incorporating internet to their marketing effort.

The rapid growth of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube created a myriad of marketing opportunities to showcase a product. Statistics show that there are more than 3.5 billion people accessing their social media accounts every day. The impressive number shows a potential for a business to gain brand visibility and convert traffic into sales. As more than a half of the audience is using ad blockers, the rise of social media provides an unmatched opportunity to gain visibility and brand exposure - influencer marketing.

In 2016-2017 the strategy made a huge entrance, with brands noticing the potential of working with influencers on various social media channels. At the beginning of 2017 more than 82% of brands planned to execute at least one influencer marketing campaign. Nevertheless, the strategy is not without its downsides. Companies are often faced with fraud, uncertain pricing, and complicated transactions. The partnerships with influencers are usually quite complex, consuming a huge amount time and resources.

That is where blockchain tech and smart contracts come to save the day. The technology is able to offer control and organize the chaos of influencer relations. SocialMedia.Market has announced a blockchain-based ecosystem that will ensure security and transparency in the industry. The marketplace will be available for established and growing influencers, as well as brands with various budgets. The platform will enable creating, planning, launching, and executing influencer marketing campaigns in a most convenient way.

All operations on the platform will be performed with the SocialMedia.Market token - SMT. The token will offer the following advantages:
  • 100% safe escrow transactions based on Blockchain technology
  • Simplified and fast global payments
  • Donations method for bloggers and streamers
  • Agent commission within the platform
  • Low-cost transactions with less operation fees
  • Rewards earned by participating in Decentralized dispute solution system
  • Utility tool for acquiring outstanding marketing services, premium analytics and development instruments

By delivering a direct and incredibly reliable interaction between the business owners and publishers or influencers, SocialMedia.Market protects both parties from possible risks and fraud. The project will run a Token Sale on November 16. It will last until November 20, 2017. The presale of the SMT token has already started: one can apply for the presale at

SocialMediaMarket Team
  • Dmitry Shyshov, CEO, Founder
  • Aleksandra Morozova, Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Maksym Churkin, Tech Lead
  • Viktor Perekhod, Business Development Manager
  • Alex Yastremskiy, General counsel at Bitfury Group Ltd , Fintech counsel Bingham McCutchen LLP
  • Slavik Nenaydokh, Head of M&A Emerging Markets, Exigen Capital Principal, Delphi Software International
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: LinkedIn or Join Telegram to communicate with #SMT team!


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