The Best Experiences of Trading with Your Block

The term of blockchain must be familiar for us. Yes, it is although not all people may have known how it works and what it is for. So, if you still know exactly what Blockchain is. Here is the explanation. You can define Blockchain as the big book of transactions where any transaction is recorded. Despite being kept in a certain case and only some parties who can access it, it is opened for everyone. The transparency can even make this system is safer and more secured. Sure, nobody wants to hack it since all people have known the details of transaction. So, it is not something exaggerated that Blockchain is considered as the most secured system nowadays.

Your Block as the Blockchain Provider
Blockchain is not only for being enjoyed by few people nowadays. Yes, it is for the facts that many funding and trading company now have used this system. It is including YourBlock. YourBlock is aiming to be the fi rst Blockchain based comparison and incentivised Personal Data storage platform. But if the principles are basically the same, what does it make different from other providers. The services are ultimate and trusted. It works based a new method namely Digital Cabinet. This method enables the customers to store, control, and manage their data more safely and securely. The privacy is guaranteed for sure. Although Blockchain system is publicly opened, the users’ identity is anynomous.

Meanwhile, you also have a right to control the data as well as the products and services. You, as the customers, have this access anytime and anywhere as you want. The third benefit of joining Your Block is that the very personal and sensitive data is store in a private Blockchain. It means that anybody else cannot access it except the owners. This is different from other Blockchain providers in which all the data are accessible no matter it is sensitive or not. Lastly, it is automatically compliant to the EU’s new complex GDPR. What is GDPR? It stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. Again, it is for the regulation of privacy.

The Benefits for Providers
If the benefits above are for the customers, there are certainly still some other benefits for the service provider. First of all, the provider has a higher chance to improve the data quality of customers. Second, it is more economical as the provider is able to save the cost as well as improve the customers’ experiences in many terms including the claims, modifications, cancellations, and more. Third, have you ever heard that even the insurance can do something terrible like fraud? If yes, this matter can just be prevented by using the services by YourBlock. Thanks for the smart contracts followed for giving such a benefit. Sure, it is only few from many other benefits. It is not something exaggerated that you need to join this Blockchain platform from now.

It is so fascinating since Your Block is available and able to be accessed from where you are now. The steps for joining are quite easy without too many puzzling requirements. So, what are you waiting for? For greater Blockchain experience, you can just go to

Your Block Team
  • Daniel Antcliff, CEO & Founder
  • Ben Antcliff, CMO
  • David Antcliff, CFO
  • Matthew Brazier, Senior Data Analyst
  • Richard Stringer, Business Development Manager
  • Richard Earl, Marketing Strategist
  • Robert Mazik, COM
  • Simon Hewlett, CTO
  • Jamie Greenwood, CIO
  • Matthew Waters, CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)
  • Peter Young, Legal Counsel
  • Daniel Goldberg, Gigster - Senior Product Manager
  • Andrew Wolfe, Lead Developer and Architect
  • George Higginson, Insurance & Compliance Expert
  • Andy Hague, Cyber Security & Storage Expert
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Your Block Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #YBK team!


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