Liberdy Platform - Fair Solution to Data Ownership

Although relatively new in the industry, Liberdy has managed to take up the stage by storm. Its ability to create a new digital advertising economy, and one that promotes fairness to everyone involved, is spectacular to say the least. By developing a robust and efficient trading platform for data management, the company aims to reward users for their personal data information.

The Biggest Hurdle In The Industry
As we are all aware of, the advertising industry has shifted to digital concept. The change in direction and infrastructure has happened gradually over the years. Within the past two years, statistics show the rapid growth of data generation. The available total number of data creation has touched an all time high of 90-percent mark. If that already blows your mind, keep in mind that similar growth will still happen over the next few years.

We are all aware of the fact that nothing holds such crucial role in the success of marketing operation. While many business entities are able to keep up and benefit of the changes, the figure is nothing compares to Google and Facebook. Two of these giant tech companies have long been dominated the industry. Not only dominating the data management industry, it has been controlling the market as well.

Yet, what do we have in return? As a data creator, our contribution seem to not be seen as an integral part of the equation, leaving us at disadvantage. While they continue to rise and make profit with business assets generated from us, we get nothing out of it.

The Solution Offered by Liberdy
The source of this issue is that none of the key players in the industry see our data as commodity. To counteract this issue, the company has built a brilliant solution. Liberdy has developed a decentralized advertising powered by the latest technology, Blockchain. Using Ethereum smart contract and ERC20-compliant tokens to support the entire process, this solution offers more than meet the eye.

Liberdy’s platform is made of specifically built to change how the industry see data in the equation. The company also aims to give users the opportunity to be compensated for their data contribution. The platform, using the convenience of application to operate, is specifically designed to tackle the following main challenges:
  • Inaccurate Data
    While this may not seem a big deal to users in general, inaccuracy does hurt advertisers. Liberdy offers a plaform that does not only provide numerous data at a cost, but also guarantees its accuracy. Every collected data is not only stored in the system, but it will also undergo series of verification process. The result is none other than a reliable data which credibility and accuracy is second to none.
  • Data as Commodity
    Data owners are at disadvantage for one reason. Personal data that they generate has never been considered as a commodity. Thus, users cannot be considered as a part of this industry’s ecosystem. Liberdy and its platform changes that. By being seen as commodity, users are now able to benefit from their data ownership. Take back control of your data, and visit for more information.

Liberdy Team
  • Kobi Ram, CEO
  • Itsu Tamam, CTO
  • Gali Rosen, CMO
  • Anton Suslonov, Economist
  • Dr Anna Becker, Chief Scientist
  • Ido Ottolenghi, Community Manager
  • Nir Shimoni, Community Manager
  • Maria Timonina, Community Manager
  • Sami Awad, Community Manager
  • Tal Gokhberg, Software Develope
  • Snir Hassin, Chairman
  • Iri Zohar, Advisor
  • Ram Avissar, Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Website or Join Telegram to communicate with #LIB team!

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