Liberdy To Revolutionize Data Management Industry

The size of spending of the global digital market has reached more than 228-billion dollars last year. Compared to the recorded total spending of the market 2016, the number represents as much as 19-percent growth. This growth in 2017 was impressive, to say the least. But it won’t stop there as the growth is predicted to reach at least 16.5-percent this year. We are looking at roughly 266-billion dollar increase this year, and if that is not impressive enough, we don’t know what is.

Booming Growth That Calls For Proper Management
Over the past two years, we have clearly seen the rapid growth in data generation. With the number of total data creation available data having reached 90-percent, numerous experts predicted a mesmerizing trend. This undoubtedly calls for a brief inspection of the structure. Is it solid enough to optimize the growth? Does everyone involved in the ecosystem benefit from it?

Data holds the key to success of any marketing operation. Yet only a handful number of big companies like Facebook and Google control the data. These two big players alone have accounted for over three quarters of the total available market. But what do we, as the owners of data held by these two giants, have in return? Nothing. Despite the fact that we and our personal data play such tremendous role in Google’s and Facebook’s business assets, we get nothing.

This issue stems from the fact that the industry itself does not see our personal data as commodity. However, we cannot seem to fix it on our own, knowing there is no platform to support the movement. Enter Liberdy, the latest platform to be built on Blockchain. Understanding the injustice, the development team aims to revolutionize the industry so everyone can beenfit from this incredible market growh. But how does Liberdy plan to do that? Read on to find out.

Incredible Platform To Support Data Management
The development team of Liberdy has long been aware of the fact that data owners are at a disadvantage. This becomes their primary driving force to revolutionize the way the industry sees data ownership. For that reason, Liberdy’s development team comes up with the following management tool to help control data ownership.

  • Liberdy Data Platform
    The platform is responsible for managing interactions between the users and the second party during process of data import. Not only focusing on the data import process, it is also responsible for interactions during data management. During this phas taxonomy is created while data is segmented. and stored in Data Management Platform ( DMP). Once it has been stored, advertisers may start buying the said segments through DMP.
  • Liberdy App
    This state-of-the-art application is built specifically to manage interactions of all users with the Liberdy data platfrom. It’s responsible for the process of extracting and, most importantly verifying, before uploading them to user personal data section. This application is said to also serve as a secure wallet that manages balance, tokens, and rewards. Visit to get more information on its token sale and how to participate.



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