MaxData Will Make Your Life Easier

Efficient way to do many different activities maybe is what most people want today. With the lack of time they have to spend for doing those activities, they will need the right method to do their activities. Fortunately, today’s technology can become the big help for them. One of the proofs that can show it is MaxData.

What is MaxData?
MaxData is automated system that uses the effectiveness of Blockchain technology, to provide help to find best service and information for its users. The automated concept here is actually one of the most innovative features. This means, you don’t need to spend too much time to choose what you need. This system has ability to recognize what you want, and provide the best result that you need.

What Max Data Features You Can Get?
The main features of MaxData are service finder. You can get any services that you need, from insurance, broadband, shopping and other service. And, MaxData will help you to find the service with best price. Basically, you can save more money and time to get the most accurate result.

MaxData Benefits
MaxData is beneficial for two parties, company and its customer. For company, MaxData will be able to connect their service and product to customer that really needs it. Company also can easily do research market, by using the data from this project. With that, they will be able to know what customer want; use it to evaluate their product and service, which in the end, they will be able to create better product and service. And, this will give them higher ROI. Plus, they also can save more money for doing these research and marketing.

For customer, MaxData will give more benefits. With the accurate result from MaxData, customer will be freed from spam promotion and marketing. Customer also doesn’t need too much time and money to find what they need. Basically, with MaxData, the purchase power is in the hand of customer. Customer can avoid the exploitation and scam from company in this system. Customer also can give review to the service that they receive, which will give more protection from this kind of crime.

MaxData has token, which is called MXD. On its ICO, there is 50 million MXD you can get. By buying this token, once you open an account in MaxData system, you will have deposit that you can use. More than that, if you miss the ICO, there is still bounty program that release 2 million MXD that you can get. The fund that MaxData team get from token sale will be used for R&D needs, as well as marketing and other purpose. So, when it’s released next year, it will become perfect system.

MaxData is indeed good project. You can try to invest in this system. This system also has innovative way to help people life with technology. So, it’s worth to try.

MaxData Team
  • Assi Zichlinski, CEO
  • Jaron Seijffers, CMO
  • Gil Tal, CFO
  • Shimon Ben Harosh, CTO
  • Sergei Kobs, R&D Team Leader
  • Shlomi Zeltsinger, BlockChain Developer
  • Alon Kushnir, Business Development
  • Brian Pagán, User Experience Lead
  • Dror Markus, Marketing Content
  • Noam Wild, Community Manager
  • Yair Vinder, User Interface Lead
  • Barak Sidi, Creative Design
  • Kirill Golikov, Business Development
  • Lazareva Evgenia, Bounty Manager
  • Imri Tov, Former Director in Bank Hapoalim
  • Dror Shaked, SVP Business Development at (NASDAQ:WIX)
  • Moddi Keret, A Director in Bezeq, the largest telecommunication company in Israel
  • Dr. Hanan Gazit, Ph.D., Founder of juloot interactive | Gamification Specialist
  • Ofer Druker, Former Founder & CEO of Matomy Media Group
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: MaxData Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #MXD team!

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