Betex as a Revolutionary Binary Trading Platform

Binary trading investment sector has been around for such a long time. Yet despite its popularity, many of the binary system offered to investors end up on a negative note. Oftentimes, Investors are ripped off their investment by their own brokers. Due to this issue, many investment opportunities have also been lost and investors have backed out. They would rather opt for more profitable investment opportunities

What is Betex?
If there is one thing that the typical binary trading investment system lacks in, it’s transparency. This lack of transparency gives ways for dishonest brokers to rip off investors. The combination of lack of transparency and brokers’ refusal to closely follow confidentiality agreements truly put a strain. Fortunately, the new investment sector referred to as Betex has recently changed the game.

With its features and system, Betex has the ability to dial people’s interest back in. Investment practice, especially the binary system, is now back in highlights thanks to its unique system. Aiming to completely remove the source of problem, Betex offering an open system trading. Such transparency will undoubtedly help reducing risks of rip off that has been becoming a detriment of what could have been a good investment alternative.

Experts have always considered binary trading as a more of a gambling game. Likened to sports betting, the trading system involves a whole lot of forecasting. However, investors were particularly interested in the investment due to its low entry barrier. Most binary trading offers start with as low as 20-dollars which is one of the lowest investment opportunities available nowadays.

With this low entry fee, investors who decided to trade in binary investment system always assume possible future asset value through forecasting. With the hope of market in their favors, they expect to rack up enough profit and Return of Invesment of as much as 85-percent. However, this is not the case most of the time. Oftentimes, investors end up losing both of their capital and possibility of getting ROI.

Betex, as the first peer-to-peer trading platform to be equipped with Ethereum smart contract, ensures the removal of corruption in investment practices. At the same time, the platform also guarantees security and stability of the system in order to minimize security breach and other threats.Promoting transparency, the platform gives traders the ability to trade without the need of brokers.

Features and Advantages Offered by Betex
In order to ensure total fairness and transparency, Betex stays away from trading. Without their involvement in trading, they will act more as a platform than a broker. The fact that Betex will not be involved in trading ensure transparency due to their inability to manipulate trading or the outcome itself. Not only that, the platform also promise Minimal Viable Products network.

This MVP network will offer three trading pairs with 6 structure trading intervals. This unique network will be launched commercially right after the token pre-sale has taken place. Payment will be released instantly by its Ethereum smart contracts directly to users’ ether wallet. This payment will be able to be withdrawed by investors right away.

To find out about their token pre-sale schedule and condition, please visit

Betex Team
  • Oleg Torkhov, Co-founder & CEO
  • Mykhailo Tiutin, Co-founder & CTO
  • Mykhailo Savchuk, Blockchain & Back-end Developer
  • Oleksii Koshlatyi, DevOPs & Infrastructure
  • Oleksandr Babichev, Front-end Dev
  • Iana Gyzhytska, Content Strategist & Writer
  • Evgeny Zhytnyuk, Community Manager
  • Anatolii Kucheruk, Smart Contract Developer
  • Kostiantyn Kliuiev, PM/PO at BETEX
  • Scott Douglas, Business Strategy Advisor
  • Kos Chekanov, Design Advisor
  • Alexandr Kerya, Marketing Advisor
  • Alexandru Radulescu, Trading Advisor
  • Matyas Zaborszky, Strategic Advisor
  • Steve Good,Business Strategy and Digital Marketing Advisor
  • Vladimir Nikitin, ICO Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Betex Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #BETEX team!


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