Greenbit for Global Agro-Allied Market

Blockchain Technology has been one of the world’s greatest revolutionized solutions. Now it’s been scaled and used in various sectors including the agriculture sector, a few years after it was first created and proposed. In particular, Greenbit is the startup company which focuses on the use of blockchain technology in agriculture sector targeting the main clients that include grocery stores, farmers, merchants, consumers and agro-allied industries.

For farmers in particular, the Greenbit existence represents great news as they have more chances to scale their business to next level and use new and revolutionized way to get and grow profit from any transactions they make. The same thing also applies to the consumers who enjoy a new and easier way to purchase products from global farmers. In other words, the Greenbit offers a win-win solution for those involved in Agro-Allied market that is now said to be the most traded market in the world.

The use of Blockchain Technology simply means that all the parties involved in the transaction within Greenbit community use the cryptocurrency as method of payment. With the increasing price of cryptocurrency, all parties can enjoy the extra revenue. Transaction will no longer be as usual transaction but also more of an investment. For years to come, the revenue will keep growing.

Central Farm Network Platform
Within the Greenbit, the particular feature that Greenbit is proud of the most is the Central Farm Network Platform. It is a particular platform with farmers as the main clients. This unique platform works like no other farm network platform that tends to be traditional and conservative. It unites all farmers across the world to join the network and participate in a blockchain-based way.

Instead of using the common currency, the farmers use the cryptocurrency in the transactions. What cryptocurrency represents is not only a method of payment but also a method of investment considering the increasing value of cryptocurrency. In other words, farmers will not only receive profit from selling their products but also extra revenue from their cryptocurrency investment. This definitely is wonderful news for farmers to hear and enjoy.

To contribute within the Greenbit and become a participant whether as farmer, consumer, merchant or other, simply complete the registration process, purchase token and start the transaction.

ICO Phase Has Started
Today, the ICO phase for Greennbit Token has already been going. In this phase, Greenbit offers tokens with value of each token of 0.30USD. This token price is the lowest because it will increase very soon during the ICO phase. Therefore, Greenbit invites everyone especially the targeted clients to contribute and purchase the tokens in Pre-ICO phase that will end 10 days from now.

To get the token, the process is very easy. Simply register yourself in Greenbit, make a deposit and purchase the token. Use the available secured Greenbit wallet to store in your tokens. Following the end of token distribution, you can start using the token to purchase the farm goods and services offered in the Agro-allied market.

GreenBit Team
  • Dale Klonis, Founder
  • Igor Bonderenko, Co-Founder
  • Ele Morgan, Cybernetic Economics
  • Catherine Morgan, CPO
  • Neha Rana, CIO
  • Jason Coles, CIO
  • Sheetal Barman, CPO
  • Liborio Bobby Barone, Partner
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: GreenBit Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #GBIT team!

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