RCI, A New Blockchain Based Realty Investment Platform

Blockchain and cryptocurrency is used for variety of purposes nowadays. One of them is for realty investment. Blockchain really can give a valuable improvement to traditional property investment. Property business is very profitable. Unfortunately, since the price of property nowadays can be very expensive, not everyone can jump into this business and make significant profit.

That is why RCI is developed. Realty Crypto Investment (RCI) is a property investment platform that is powered by blockchain technology. The security, reliability and transparency of blockchain technology make it possible for RCI to create a community-centric platform, where people can cooperate to invest in property and make profit together.

RCI aims to make a difference in property business and give chance to more people to invest in this lucrative industry. Blockchain will make sure every purchase, transaction and profit distribution is transparent and fair, even though the business model involves distribution of profit to a lot of people. With RCI, investing in realty industry will be easier than ever.

RCI Benefits
RCI is a very promising platform because it has plenty of benefits. Firstly, investors will be able to know how their money is used and where the property they purchase is located. This is because it is the investors that will decide which property to buy. The team is only providing some options then the investors are allowed to vote on the property they like.

Furthermore, the type of property that can be invested in will depend on the amount of the investment. If the investment reached 5 million dollar, the money will be used to purchase small hotels or apartments in Europe. $25 million dollar investment will be invested in hotels. Meanwhile, if the investment reached over 45 million dollar, the money will be used for constructions of new hotels. Since the team reveals how the investment is used, investors can rest assured that their money is in a good hand.

The profit distribution is also very clear. 40% of the profit will go to the developer, which means, investors will get the bigger portion of the profit that is 60%. To encourage participants to invest more, RCI launches a very attractive bonus program. Top 20 token holders are allowed to use the hotels and apartments for leisure.

Token Details
Realty Crypto Investment will launch its own token that is called RCI. The token runs on standard ERC-20 platform. The ICO is held from February 22 2018 to May 20, 2018 or until the closest cap is reached. A total of 100,000,000 RCI tokens are available and 90% of them can be purchased in the ICO. The price of 1 RCI is only USD 0.50 and people can participate in this project with a minimum contribution of $100 USD.

RCI brings something refreshing to the world of realty investment. By taking advantage of blockchain technology, the common problems of property investment can be eliminated. People can find a more affordable way to participate in property business without having to spend too much money from the get go. Furthermore, blockchain also makes the investment more secure and transparent.

RCI Team
  • Anton Smetani, CEO
  • Mikhail Meshyarekov, Chief Assets Manager
  • Afrail Aliev, Developer
  • Moskvina Natalia, Realtor
  • Moskvin Andrei, Realtor
  • Anna Waldner, Realtor
  • Manuela Silva, Realtor
  • Artur Shatverov, Realtor
  • Alena Gavrilenko, Realtor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: RCI Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #RCI team!

Quick Link
  Official Websitehttps://www.rcicompany.com



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