About EIP Platform Token and Its Features

People can see that there is huge development of eSports popularity which can be found especially among millenials as well as gaming enthusiasts. Online gaming industry grows very rapidly with so many audiences which can be found all around the world. The eSports industry can find structural reshape with better block chain technology advance which can be found recently. The players of the eSports nowadays will be able to use the block chain technology when they are playing their favorite games. They will also be able to link up with other players and even sponsors. EIP platform can be one option which can be found in the eSports block chain technology.

What is EIP?
Online gaming becomes crucial part of modern life after all so if there is better offer which players can find in the online gaming world, it must be great for them including the offer from EIP platform. EIP (Esports Interactive Platform) is developing a global marketing platform that will enable direct interaction between brands and people in the esports sector. People might have very great question about the EIP. It is basically a platform which is based on the block chain. The purpose of this platform is for linking every party in the eSports world directly on a single platform. With the link on a single platform, there might be various benefits which can be found for all.

The blockchain power will be leveraged by EIP so the participants will be able to enjoy not only playing the games but also watching the live streams of gaming and even promoting the products or services in the gaming world. There is no doubt that this platform can be combination of enthusiast, gaming brands, gamers, as well as companies in one marketplace.

Features of EIP platform
The opportunity which can be offered by EIP platform sounds very interesting for sure but people really need to find out further about the features offered by this platform. In fact, the approach needs the application, website, as well as API. The very first feature which can be found is called Ethereum Smart contacts. With this feature, the EIP platform will give the customers transaction convenience with the token. Token is used as the primary currency in this digital marketplace after all.

There is also Whisper portal feature which allows the interaction happens between the audience and also the brands. Whisper will be the portal where the interaction occurs after all. It is kind of communication platform in real team which run over the network of Ethereum. There is also another feature called IPFS network. The gaming as well as interaction activity when playing game online accumulate the data. The file storage which is decentralized is provided by EIP without any dependence on the central authority or failure point.

Another feature which can be found in LIBP2P protocol which is kind of modular stacks of networking. The node of the eSports market will run under this protocol after all. React Native platform is also available for allowing the participants building native apps with great convenience. Last but not least, there is also Electron feature which play the role as library based on open source.

EIP platform Team
  • Sergey Nevodnichiy, CEO & Founder
  • Yury Mertsalov, Founder
  • Andrey Rost, Founder
  • Mikhail Barashkov, Founder
  • Nana Kulikova, Advisor
  • Vlad Dobrov, ICO Advisor
  • Leo Petersen, ICO Advisor
  • Ksenjia Kraewska, Advisor
  • Sergei Savin, Advisor
  • Yuliya Tarasova, Legal Advisor
  • Olga Kovanova, CMO
  • Dr.Sead Muftic, CTO
  • Anna Shalmanova, Development Director
  • Andrew Spencer, SMM
  • Will Lyall, Official representative(Asia and Oceania)
  • Kirill Khayrullin, Head of Media
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: EIP Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #EMI team!


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