LOVR, When Blockchain Technology Meets Adult Industry

In these past several years, it is no longer a surprise to see blockchain and cryptocurrency used in plenty of other industries other than banking, finance or investing. Due to the benefits it offers, such as anonymity, lower cost and decentralization, blockchain is now found in so many aspects of life from gaming, real estate, and now adult entertainment industry.

Adult entertainment is one of the biggest industries in the world. Now that it has touched the online realm, it is actually just a matter of time until we see blockchain technology is incorporated in it. Actually, it is about time to see blockchain technology meets adult industry. This is because some of the most common problems in this industry, such as privacy, lack of trust between clients, service providers and agencies, high fees and insecurity in financial transaction, can only be solved by blockchain features. LOVR is the platform that brings the best of blockchain to adult industry. Now, let’s find out more about this platform and what it is able to do to fix the flaws in adult entertainment business.

About LOVR Network
LOVR is a decentralized payment system and marketplace for adult services. Besides providing a safer way to do transactions for adult services, this platform also allows clients to browse for services and services providers more easily.

This platform can be accessed globally, and since cryptocurrency is used in this platform, payment system will not be a problem. LOVR will make adult service business more convenient for everyone since it will reduce the possibility of fraud and every party involve will be able to get what they are looking for.

What Problems Will LOVR Solved?
By replacing traditional payment methods with a more reliable system that is blockchain technology, LOVR is able to eliminate many issues surrounding adult industry. Furthermore, this platform is not only developed for the clients. Service providers and agencies also will get similar advantages.

For clients, LOVR is a one stop station to search any services related to adult entertainment industry. This platform allows clients to filter their search according their preference, prices and also locations. Clients don’t have to run around with plenty of cash in hand, which is unsafe, because they pay using LOVR tokens.

Service providers also will find this platform helpful. They will not meet any fake bookings because the smart contract will lock a small amount of the client’s token when the clients book for a service. Furthermore, LOVR also provides some management tools which allows independent service providers to organize their business easily and find clients safely without the help of any agency.

Blockchain has been proven as the best technology that makes financial transaction more convenient. Since adult industry involves plenty of financial transaction, it is about time this technology is incorporated in this industry. LOVR indeed offers something promising and if it is able to market its service to the right target, it is not impossible to see this platform brings the necessary change in the adult entertainment industry.

  • Robin C. Attig, CEO/CTO
  • Hannah Smith, Head of Design
  • Kai Lüdecke, Head of Marketing
  • Johannes Schönborn, IT Security
  • Artur Stöber, Backend Developer
  • Zeus Stavrou, UX/UI Designer
  • Dimitri Werner, Partner at foundersons, huge network in the adult entertainment industry.
  • Chris Grey, Devotion Agency - Adult Entertainment Industry Business Owner, Networker and Social Media Influencer.
  • Davit Svanidze, CEO at APP3null, the leading app and backend development company in Germany.
  • Marco Wolff, V & P Event and Service
  • Dominik Strzoda, CEO of ZODA MEDIA, the leading marketing agency for engagement marketing, web development and content creation.
  • Menderez R. Opielka, CEO of Opielka blockchain consulting in Cologne, Germany.
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Lovr Network Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #LOVR team!


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