Creating Better Working Conditions for Sexual Workers with Hussy

Though sex work industry has been around since ancient time, but most of the workers are still experiencing bad working environment till now. Hussy utilizes blockchain technology to offer solutions mostly faced by the sex workers.

What Hussy Can Do for the Sex Workers?
Hussy is created based on idea that sex work industry now is broken. Hussy is a decentralized due diligence and escorting infrastructure in sexual activity in exchange for payment by utilizing the Blockchain technology. There are three fundamental problems that make those who work in this sexual service industry cannot enjoy what they actually deserve to get upon their hard work. The first fundamental fact is the presence of challenging problems. There are some issues often associated with this industry include the difficulty to screen the client and the absence of trust between parties. Another issue often comes with this first fundamental problem is the worries about privacy. This is because those who join in this industry often receive awful social stigma from the society.

The second fundamental fact that you should know is the presence of harmful regulations that are disadvantageous for the sex workers. There is a fact that all people should know that despite the large size of sex market, the regulations made by government to protect the workers are not efficient. The rules made is not effective to conduct safe execution of this job. Another fundamental problem that often comes with this profession is the lack of innovation. Though this is one of the oldest professions in the world but not all of people can accept it well. The nature of this industry is less beneficial for the influx of venture capital. Not only that, the nature of this profession also avoids digital innovations to find place to make it possible for the utilization of new applications. Hussy comes with revolutionary solution to increase the safety, trust, and privacy in this oldest profession by using blockchain technology.

What Differentiate Hussy with Conventional Prostitution System
In traditional prostitution system, there are a lot of weaknesses found that lead the sex workers to unfortunate conditions. The blockchain technology applied by Hussy will eliminate the problems and make the industry becomes more beneficial for the workers.

  1. Anonymous and Trusted Participants
    Those participants join in Hussy are anonymous and trusted ones. In this digital company, both the prostitutes and their clients will be acknowledged based on the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy of a listing platform. The due diligence and listing platform authorities of the company is separated in order to guarantee the anonymous and trust of the participants.
  2. Reducing the Spreading of STDs
    Sexually transmitted infection is one of the major problems often comes with prostitution industry. With the blockchain technology applies, all of the participants in this company will be able to anonymously conduct medical examinations regularly provided by certified health providers.
  3. Protect Service Providers and Clients
    The blockchain technology applied by Hussy will make it possible for the company to protect the service providers and clients that involve in this industry. It is aimed to provide mutual respect from both sides and they can write a review after the job is done.

Hussy Team
  • Peter Tulala, Founder & Software Engineer
  • Mina Vucinic, Marketing Manager
  • Antonio Campos, Full Stack Engineer
  • Natasha Ivanovic, Content Writer
  • Thomas Bolleyer, Community manager - DACH
  • Lenzie Santillan, Bounty program manager
  • Jonathan Dunsmoor, US Securities Attorney
  • John Allen, Blockchain Consultant
  • James Kupka, Business Growth Expert
  • Jan Dudek, Adult Industry Expert
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Website or Join Telegram to communicate with #HUS team!


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