KayoCredits - Online Solution For The Gaming Ecosystem

Are you really fond of playing online game and want to earn money from your hobby? KayoCredits can be the right place where you can make gamer as your profession to make money.

About Kayo Credits
KayoCredits is a decentralized ecosystem especially designed for talented gamers out there to earn money through their great ability in playing online game. The digital company provides smart platform that will be very beneficial for gamers by creating shops for its services. Not only that, the platform will also serve as a trade validator of in – game assets by applying powerful system of escrow. It is aimed to provide fast and fair transactions so that the gamers will enjoy profit from this company’s ecosystem. The powerful escrow system will also serve as platform of on/off game Wagering by using tokens.

All of the contributions done by the participants will be rewarded and monitized by the digital company’s a currency that is supported with great toolsets and features. The idea behinds the establishment of this digital company is the fact that current gaming community faces various problems include slow transaction time in Cryptocurrency, lack of escrow service to make sure fair trades, and fraudulent gaming transactions. KayoCredits comes with a great solution by creating platform that especially designed for gamers, developers, fans, and sponsors. The toolsets created will allow the participants to conduct better communication as well as provide fair and trusted platform based on a ranking ecosystem.

How the Digital Company Will Be Beneficial for the Participants?
The KayoCredits offers various benefits for gamers, developer/ content creators, and communities.

1. For the Gamers
There are a lot of benefits that gamers can enjoy from the digital company include:
  • Gamers can challenge other participants who use the company’s smart wallet in a game both on and off the platform.
  • The gamers can purchase or sell their game items using the company’s platform with risk or being afraid of the fraud.
  • It will be possible for the gamers to receive the legit profiles through gaming platform’s third party such as Origin, Steam, and Ubisoft.
  • The users of the platform will be allowed to ask for a higher – level gamer for challenge.
  • The escrow ecosystem which is fast and fair will help the gamers to win the challenge.

2. For Developer/ Content Creators
The benefits can be enjoyed by developer/ content creators include:
  • Cancellations or zero cash backs charged by the parties.
  • Enjoy fair and transparent transactions by using the escrow system.
  • The developer and content creators will be able to create in – game assets on the company’s platform which can be used in games in turn.
  • Create subscription or time – limited which is based goods on the platform.

3. For the Communities
The benefits of the company’s platform for the communities include:
  • The communities will be able to support your favorite games and gamers on the company’s platform.
  • Each of the community can earn money from the company by contributing in referrals.
  • The company is able to gamify the participants’ community and website by using the features of the company’s platform.

KayoCredits Team
  • Barak Ben Arye, CEO
  • Igor Livshitz, CFO
  • Matan Edri, COO
  • Vitalii Smirnov, CTO
  • Shimon Ben Arye, CMO
  • Nataliia Vavrentovych, PR manager
  • Olga Davygora, Community manager EU
  • Anna Podolyanska, Community manager Asia
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: KayoCredits Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #KYO team!


Quick Link
  Official Websitehttps://kayocredits.io



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