Organicco - The Ultimate Token Sales for Keeping Our Environment

Pollution and unhealthy environment is already a big issue recently. Many people may expect the earth is still green and refreshing like in the past. Unfortunately, it seems impossible by remembering that industry, manufacturers, vehicles with fuel engines, and others are the parts of our life. Of course, the government and society are not like not doing any effort. Many solutions are tried to be done but it is known that the results are still not optimal. Well, we should not judge anyone for this. it is much better that keeping our earth and environment good and healthy should be started from ourselves.

What is Organicco?
Organicco is a company that is focused on the development of green technology. It accommodates other companies to use any organic and environmentally friendly products in their industries and manufacturers. There are some subsidiary companies working under Organicco that take roles as the creators of natural capitals. Some examples of natural capitals are the biomass fuel, renewable fuels, organic fertilizers, and many more.

There is basically only one main purpose why Organicco is established. By providing such products, it is expected that environmental products like pollutions and other damages can just be diminished. Other programs like forestation can just be optimized. This is surely a dream for all people to give a good and healthy earth for our children later.

Interestingly, there are now so many companies whether they are small, medium, or big that are interested in the programs offered by Organicco. If you see what is happened to the waste management market recently, it is really profitable even in more than USD 1,000 billion. In other words, this business is really profitable not only in term of keeping healthy environment but also regarding the money. Of course, it needs a good management to make this Organicco Company run well. One of them is by preparing a Blockchain platform in which anybody can just join to gain the benefits as well as keeping our environment.

Benefits of Organicco
So, what is Blockchain platform implemented in Organicco? Blockchain is a transaction system that enables all the people involve to do the transactions peer-to-peer without the third party. To ease your understanding about it, you can refer it to the traditional transactions in the old times when people commonly do barter. Yes, it is basically something like that but just in modern ways using digital networking. This system is considered as safer and more secured but also transparent. This platform is popular for Crypto trading and investment that is run by many people currently.

If you are interested to gain profits here as well as do some efforts to keep our environment good and healthy, the first step to do is buying the Organicco tokens, known as ORC. Safety and security are the main benefits here. Meanwhile, you can also obtain many bonuses by doing activities in Organicco environment. To find more information regarding the ORC sales, you can go to its official website at:

Organicco Team
  • Jon Ure, Managing Director
  • Vipul Patel, Financial Director
  • Paul Herrbach, Canadian Partner
  • Gopal Jeyasundra, Chief Technical Director
  • Parwana Ahamadi, Finance Assistant
  • Bing Hu, Senior Blockchain Developer
  • Pirasath Indrakumar, IT Engineer
  • Jesson Escat, Fabrication Engineer
  • Rasheed Bello, ICO/ Blockchain Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Official website or Join Telegram to communicate with #ORC team!


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