Make The Food Affordable and Accessible Through eHarvestHub

eHarvestHub is a new innovation that can help the customer in buying all the product without using virtual money. So, the customer not only can use EHH token to pay in every transaction. It gives opportunity to the clients using EHH token, so they will more familiar with this new methods of transaction.

The company has made good cooperation with some banks and other institutions related to this new system transaction. And several rules are given to this new system. There will be more discounts when we use these methods.
Comparison Using and Without Blockchain Technology
Blockchain to make the food more affordable and accessible
  1. Blockchain date and location
    It helps to share the right location. So, the ledger will be easy in monitoring the food labeling. The data can be access everywhere because it is available in the network.
  2. Blockchain shared economy
    It means that they can do the direct transaction between, the farmer, the distributor, and the market place. The decentralization system in this company help to low the distribution costs.
  3. Smart contracts
    The smart contract is made between the farmer, distributor, and the seller. It helps the payment, so all of them get the transparent financial. All of them have to obey the contracts to make sure everything can run well.

Without Blockchain to make the food more affordable and accessible
  1. Farm Data
    The non-technical and technical information can be recorded. It is used to verify the production of the food, the amount, and the quality.
  2. Traceability and transparency
    It helps to make chain and identify the middlemen.
  3. Unenforceable contracts
    It is important because of the inefficient payment process and price extortion. The increasing costs also can happen during the transaction, so we need the unenforceable contacts in this business.
  4. Food Waste
    The cost make the transaction need more time. So, it can affect the quality of the products and also the spoilage. The food labeling can help to identify, monitor, and produce the sources.

The Solutions offered by eHarvestHub
The product is related expensive, so it is hard to attract the customer. The expensive price is caused by the zigzag process from the farmer up to the grocery. So, it needs more cost for the distribution process. However, the farmers and the distributor only get small profit.

The eHarvestHub provides the fresh food that affordable and accessible to connect the farmers, the grocery, and the distributor. So, the consumer can pay with cheaper price. It can increase the transaction of the products.

The market has spread out all over the world. So, all of the people in the world can buy the token to help the in the transaction of the product. This company also supported by the great team that can help to improve the company.

To join the ICO, we can directly register in the website. It is accessible for everyone. Just write down your name and prepare your email address. And then, you can follow the registration process.

eHarvestHub Team
  • Alvaro Ramirez, Founder & CFO
  • Francisco Rojas, COO
  • Quency Phillips, CMO
  • Diego Galeano, Lead Engineer & Full Stack Developer
  • Julio García, Mobile Engineer
  • Moisés Aburto, Full Stack & Blockchain Engineer
  • Danny Narváez, Mobile & Full Stack Engineer
  • Sergio Velazquez, Full Stack & Blockchain Engineer
  • Stephen Mc Namara, Co-founder Bitnet Technologies, Head of Blockchain R&D at Huawei Technologies
  • Mark Dowds, Chief Strategy Officer TROV Inc.
  • Maria Latuskhin, SVP Engineering Omaha Health
  • Garret Patricio, COO & General Counsel Westside Produce
  • Suzy L. Monford, President Food Quality Center
  • Louie Villarreal, Director of Produce Mi Pueblo Food Center
  • Heather Richman, Independent Consultant GreenLight Strategies LLC
  • Robert Stone, Crypto Investor and ICO Advisor
  • Shaf Zaman, Crypto Investo and ICO Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: eHarvestHub Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #EHH team!


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