SocialChains : The Trusted Choice of Decentralized Social Media Platform for Cryptocurrency

Do you want to take a deal with cryptocurrency easily? You can take a main choice of cryptocurrency platform. There are some kinds of the platforms available in the market. One of the platforms is What makes you choose this platform than the other ones? Of course, it needs to know the following reasons.

Decentralized Social Media Platform
When you hear socialchains, of course you will know that it is a trusted platform. SocialChains is a decentralized and also social media ecosystem verified and trusted users. This platform is finally ending the existed fake in all networks of social media. This platform is really useful to everyone. It regards and appreciates on the membership and participation by offering points, tokens, and parts of profits of company based on the levels of users’ activity.

Of course, it sounds to be promising to use it. You can get benefits of the token and coins use from this platform for some purposes. Token and point exchange is used to change for cryptocurrency or fiat. The verification is possibly used for users to participate in forum and public feed. It is contributing for postings, adding contacts, and finally buy and seel goods and services in this platform.

Being a Great Online Community Platform
Socialchains is a greatly recommended online community platform. It is effectively being an online global community safely for token and cryptocurrency choice. The verification enables the users to participate in a forum and public feed. It is also being a safe online global community. This community will have 60 percent of issued token giving the users points in the platform.

You may learn it more to know about socialchains. The SocialChains is a social platform moved and operated by the users focusing more on the provider of safely digital environment for society. This platform cares to the security and privacy of the users. The platform will distribute the social wealth to community. In addition, the users get an access to the application of contact relationship to send and track the contact spot with their contacts in the platform.

The access to application will pass through a website application and smartphone with the ability to insert user’s email accounts such as Gmail, Office 365, and many more. By using this CRM inbuilt system business, it is directly promoting products and services. It also approaches the clients’ to be to verify the platform.

Promising Profits
Using Socialchains is much working well. It is able to grow the social wealth distribution. The profit of using this platform is divided to be members. The sharing of profits will increase from 33 % to be 50% due to the growth and development of this platform. Socialchains will verify all users outside of special verification process with social environment where all users believe that they can interact to people and business in a real world. As a reward, users can get tokens, points, and profits when they participate in this social wealth distribution in the platform.

SocialChains Team
  • Srini Katta, Founder, Chairman & CEO
  • Hubert Vaz-Nayak, COO
  • Zane Edwards, CMO
  • Issac Jayaraj, VP HR
  • Sandeep Tyagi, Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Official website or Join Telegram to communicate with #SOCT team!


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