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Digital marketing has successfully increased the total value more than TV marketing last year. This is the proof that digital marketing will hold an important role in the future. Moreover, if you look at how digital marketing work, you can see why this system has many benefits. It reaches a wider range of market, it’s cheaper, and it’s effective. The Winnest project has interesting offers you can try. Let’s take a look at what this project can give to you.

About Winnest Project
Firstly, you must understand what Winnest project really is. Winnest is the social marketplace for shared economy and advertising. In simple term, this project is a project that creates an ecosystem, where the company that wants to digitally market their product can get what they need. The team uses the latest system and social media integration, which makes the digital marketing process, can be done much better and more effective.

We like how the team uses Blockchain technology to build the ecosystem where the advertiser and marketer meet. This technology allows everything run faster and fairer. The transaction or marketing process can be done in a matter of seconds.

The fairer part can be seen from the position of the user of the system. They are all equal. There are no parties that monopoly the service. Moreover, the user has more rights to decide and build this ecosystem. So, if the user can do better, the ecosystem will grow bigger as well. It will bring benefits to companies and user that do the marketing process.

The Benefits of Winnest Project
We have mentioned some of the benefits, regarding Blockchain technology, above. However, the other thing that we also see as one of the best things about this project is the equality. In the current business world, the SME will have little to no chance to face the big player out there. However, this project makes every user has a similar position and chances to get the best from their digital marketing campaign.

The smaller scale business has a chance to choose the best marketer or “influencer” in this project ecosystem. If they can do that, they will get more benefits from how the influencer will act to promote the product digitally.

The other good thing is you don’t need to pay an expensive price for this digital marketing service. The Blockchain technology allows you to do everything without any mediator. It’s all users to the user experience. That means you don’t need to pay extra for finding the right people to promote your product.

The beta version of this product has been running. You also can start to buy their tokens to start to invest in this project. And, from what we see, it seems promising. The user has many benefits and an easy way to operate the system for their needs. Moreover, this revolutions system in digital marketing can become a great start for the new business system in the future. So, it’s not a bad idea to join this project from the beginning.

Winnest Team
  • Thibault Miglior, Chief Digital Officer
  • Clément Houde, Chief Technical Officer
  • Thomas Kautzsch, Chief Executive Officer
  • Angelo Galuppi, Financial Architect, Financial & Administrative Director
  • David Aragones, Chief Analytics Officer
  • Thomas Gedon, Chief Strategies Officer
  • Nicolas Brun Sourit, Scrum Master
  • Tidiane Coulibaly, Chief marketing officer
  • Anthony Fabri, Chief Product Officer
  • Fabio Galli, Chief Financial Officer
  • Lucas Buffard, Chief Development Officer
  • Anthony Ruffo, Chief Information Officer
  • Melody Abdelnour, Chief Design Officer
  • Vanille Abdelnour, Digital Project Lead
  • Mathieu Robin, Managing Editor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Winnest Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #WNC team!


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