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Conventional banking has been considered the most modern way to manage the financial issues for many years. However, it seems that this still remains some problems mainly in term of the global transaction. In fact, every country may have its own currency that somehow limits the freedom to do things like shopping and investment.

Then, due to the rapid development of information and technology, the digital currency or Cryptocurrency is started to be recognized and utilized by people. As you know, its appearance makes anything much easier. When it is no longer big deal for you to communicate and interact with people from other countries and areas, the transactions and even investment should be simpler as well. Some types of Cryptocurrency now can be simply found in the market. The most popular one with many users is Bitcoin.

Many platforms are also available out there where you can just invest your money in the form of Bitcoin and any other Cryptocurrencies. Maybe, you are one of those people who are interested in it. However, it seems you need to be very careful in choosing one of those platforms. Sure, there is no one who wants to be the victim of cyber crimes like fraud and scam, isn’t there. Therefore, ensure yourself that you choose the right platform before starting to play with the Cryptocurrency.

Here is for you anyway. It is Bitcoin Air, a new model of Cryptocurrency platform that is able to give more benefits to the users. Bitcoin Air is a bilateral dual-chain blockchain developed to deliver a means of indirect carbon emission reductions through decentralized, trust-less merchant/consumer interactions. The reason why Bitcoin Air was established is actually quite simple. It is to introduce Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies to the people more. When people prefer using Cryptocurrencies more, it is actually much better for our environment. At least, the use of paper and the chemical substances is reduced, the number of trees logged is lessened, and you can save the earth from further damage.

Okay, for the investors or traders who join this platform, there are surely more benefits offered. The first and the main benefit is surely about the profit to be gained later. Sure, everyone who joins the investment must mainly expect the profit. Interestingly, with Bitcoin Air, anyone can just join it no matter you have any experience or not. This platform is even a good starting point for the beginner since here; you can just learn more things.

Second, it applies the new wave of Blockchain, known as the dual chain Blockchain. Principally, it is just very similar to the usual Blockchain that allows you to do direct transactions. But more than that, it also provides you Swap and Spend fees for the more initiative programs and technologies.

Despite Bitcoin, there is also another Cryptocurrency namely Peercoin in this platform. If you become the holders of both PPC and BTC or only one of them, you will receive a feature known as Bitcoin Air (XAP) post-fork date. It is not the only thing you can enjoy during your time being the member of Bitcoin Air. Many more benefits are just in front of you. So, if you are interested in it, visit

Bitcoin Air Team
  • Anthony C, Lead of Finance and Development
  • Jamal Aezaz, Lead of Marketing and Promotion
  • Simo Mcunu, Lead of Communications and Media
  • Alex Gemcut, Lead of Graphics and Design
  • Mister Kruger, Community Management/Marketing
  • Morty Smith, Community Management/Marketing
  • CryptoDelvin, Community Management/Marketing
  • Ezaz Ahmed, Marketing and Promotion
  • Deeba Javed, Marketing and Data Analysis
  • Shams Ladhani, Marketing and Content Creation
  • Asim Butt, Blockchain Developer
  • Adil Aziz, Blockchain Developer
  • Ahmad Saeed, Blockchain Developer
  • Abdul Karim, Blockchain Developer
  • Ahmad Ashfaq, Blockchain Developer
  • Burak Mert Gonultas, Application Developer
  • Alexandru Caranfil, Development Operations
  • Amit Verma, Back End Web Developer
  • Serban Nicusor, Server Administratio
  • Harry Yu
  • Simo Mcunu
  • Kamal Mustafa
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: BitcoinAir Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #XAP team!


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