Buzzex - The Cheap Cryptocurrency Trading Platform with Many Rewards

Cryptocurrency investment is considered the easiest and the fastest way to gain money. Is it true? Well, although you cannot say that it is something wrong, how people can be successful through Cryptocurrency depends on many factors. Despite you must know the strategy well, it is important to be really careful in choosing the platform.

There are many cases out there where the investors have deposited much amount of money and they end up being the victims of fraud. Sure, you must not be one of them. So, starting from now, make sure to choose the right platform if you want your investment thing going completely well.

Buzzex is one of the trusted platforms you can try. Buzzex has been built from the ground up for over a year and is ready to take the cryptocurrency world by storm. Well, rather than being confused while selecting the Crypto platforms available on the internet, it is better to keep one in mind that is known to be trusted isn’t it? More than that, Buzzex indeed gives you many more benefits in which other platforms may never. What are they? Check them out.
  • Innovative Decentralized Organizations
    It is known that most of the Cryptocurrency platforms have applied the decentralized systems or organizations. Undeniably, this system tends to be safer, more secure, and more profitable for all the parties involved. However, more than just it is a common decentralized organization; the one owned by Buzzex is more innovative.

    Common Blockchain still remains problems including the double spending and the replay attacks. Although they may not be big problems for some people, for some others, those things are a little bit annoying. Well, with the innovative decentralized organizations brought out by Buzzex, those matters are no longer experienced.
  • More Bonus and Rewards
    Who don’t want bonus and rewards? Well, it seems that anybody just loves it anyway. Unfortunately, not all Cryptocurrency platforms must provide this one for the investors. It is different if you join Buzzex. To appreciate your efforts in trading and investing your money in this environment, Buzzex offers you some bonus coins and rewards with terms and conditions.

    First, there are the daily bonus coins if you have gained up to 80% of the trading fees. Then, there is something like cash back mainly if you have held BZX of 20 K or more. Make sure that the coins are kept well in your wallet. Second, there are also rewards. The rewards are even divided into two categories. They are Staking and Masternode rewards.
  • Fast Transaction
    The innovative Blockchain mentioned above also gives you some other benefits. One of them is that the transaction is getting faster. The confirmation of every transaction you conduct takes tome less than a minute. Practically, you don’t even need to wait for more than 30 seconds to see the transactions are done well.

Uniquely, each transaction also doesn’t require you to spend more on the fees. Averagely, the fee for BZX transaction costs less than $0.01. If you have done many transactions here, it is possible for the fees to get less and less and it is almost zero. Well, for further information about Buzzex along with its system and environment, you should visit this page at

Buzzex Team
  • Jens Steyaert, Founder
  • Darwin Jayme, Sr. Web Developer, Systems and Architecture
  • Jeryl Timbobolan, Sr. Web Developer, Operations and Management
  • Ivan Clint Pabelona, Sr. Web Developer, Server Administration
  • Laurence Lerit, Web Developer, Frontend-Backend
  • Kirby Capangpangan, Web Developer, Frontend-Backend
  • Mcrupert Onrejas, Web Developer, Frontend-Backend
  • Cris Lainez, Web/Mobile App Developer
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Official Website or Join Telegram to communicate with #BZX team!


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