MIN – Time Based Cryptocurrency

MIN is a native token protocol with a decentralized system. It's a tokenized means of payment by which professionals, consultants and experts of all varieties can charge for their time in a flexible, transparent and fair system. Those enable the professional to get a fair yet accurate charge for their time. It also ensures that the consistent rate has been applied so it will prevent the clients from getting overcharged.

MIN can be used in a very wide case. It encompasses the industries in many ways such as marketing, mentorship, mobile apps, programming, language tuitions, and translation. Other than the professionals, the website owners and SMEs can take advantage of the framework provided by MIN that is counted by the minute basis. They assume that there are so many wasted moments in life and it actually can be monetized.

Reasons To Choose MIN
There are, of course, various good reasons that will make you choose this platform. But the first thing you need to know is that this platform using a standardized pricing method. This method will make both parties (professional and client) get their best option. Since time is one of the most valuable things in a mankind world, you need to have a platform that can regulate that for you.

MIN will utilize the global standard to make the fair yet accurate payment by letting the members set the cost of their service on a minute basis. This also helps everyone to communicate much clearly one to another. They value the time so you need to measure, count, and then sell it.

MIN also offers sharing benefits. Many parties confident that all the time they have spent on a social platform has turned into a wasting time activity. But this platform will not do that to you. They have a rewarding system that provides an adequate social platform so every time spent in MIN will turn into a productive work. Professionals and clients will stay connected and active. Wasting time on this social platform will be something rewarding and worth it.

The Programs
There is an app named Thirtymin and this is designed to stay connect and interact with each other without wasting your times. You can check the advantages and benefits of using the social platform for your work. And you will be amazed at how a bill charged per minute basis is something you really need until today. If you buy this social platform now, you can get an interesting discounted price.

The app above was established back then in 2015. In November 2018, the crowdsale for the token will be ended. The development will be started and MIN will be on the list of a Stellar Exchange with a decentralized system. Once the development is done and successfully released, they will develop the business partnership along with social platform integration.

So, MIN is designed for both professional and client who want to value the time and money. If all developments are done, everyone will get the best solution for what is needed from a social platform. The client will not get overcharged and the professional will not waste their time. It is really important to check out the MIN.

MIN Team
  • Ali Magzoub, CEO
  • Marko Prljic, UX DESIGNER
  • Yahya O’Noor, Community manager
  • Vilim Duganic, Developer
  • Vedran Vidakovic, Developer
  • Nebojsa Stojanovic, Developer
  • Fatmah Mustapha, Developer
  • Michael Angelo D. Magat, Developer
  • Roldan Unne Torralba, Developer
  • Abed Alzain, Stellar Developer
  • Mharco Cayabyab, Developer
  • Joshuwa Roomsburg, Strategic Advisor
  • Robert D. Knight, Marketing Advisor
  • Hisham Alem, Operation and Scheduling Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: inMIN Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #MIN team!


Quick Link
  Official Websitehttps://inmin.it
  WhitepaperRead Now!

ETH Address: 0x0123a524a2d5A69d9E934750951a519dcB552E59



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