Multiple Benefits of Cryptocurrency Investment in PAXCoin

Since many decades ago, investment is always considered one of the most successful ways to gain so much money. But sure, the efforts to do are not as easy as it seems. You can take a look the businessmen and investors around you. There must be the times where their business is falling down or even bankrupt. One thing that is never changed; it is that they never give up.

So, since there is now a new method of investment that is claimed as simple and easy, it is not bad if you join also. It is the Cryptocurrency investment. It should not be something strange nowadays. Along with the development of digital information and technology, even money also has its digital version. Well, Cryptocurrency is the other name of the digital currency that can only be used in the digital world also. Of course, you can exchange them into the official currency of your country if you want.

So, how can you find and invest the Cryptocurrency. It is not so much difficult actually. Make sure only that you find the right platform that enables the digital currency to be developed. The platform must be valid, credible, and able to survive in any conditions. Well, if you are quite confused about where to find such a platform, PAXCoin is the best answer. PAXCoin is based on the most stable platform, Bitcoin, and has better performance than Litecoin (LTC) or Vertcoin (VTC) etc.

Being established by the experts behind, it is clear enough that PAXCoin has excellence that any other platforms may not. It provides a good and healthy environment that enables you to do all the transactions more comfortably. Meanwhile, there are also many features given to make sure that you can be profitable in any transaction dealt. So, make sure to use all the features provided by this platform wisely.

PAXCoin also has been using the latest version of Cryptocoin; it is Cryptocoin 2.0. In this version, the money available is possible to be used in real life with a requirement when it has been encrypted before. Meanwhile, it features the decentralized or Blockchain system to make the transactions and investments more reliable and time-saving. Sure, there are still many other benefits of applying this system. It assures that the data are more transparent but also secures at once. The system is also more time and cost saving.

When joining PAXCoin, the process is also not really complicated. It features a simpler method in which you don’t need to exchange between individuals or even countries every time you want to buy or sell the currency. It is for the system that has been established for years.

So, how are the details of PAXCoin? The total coins volume to publish is around 8.0 billion with the total mining period of 110 years after the release of the source code; which is great. Then, the volume of Pre-Mined is approximately 2.2 billion. Additionally, the main platform used is Bitcoin. You must know it so well that Bitcoin is the most popular one among all Cryptocurrencies. For more information, find it at

PAXCoin Team
The Team
  • Jeon Yeongbin, President & CEO
  • Yun Heeang, Director / Strategic Planning
  • Song Yangsub, Director / R&D
  • Lee Chanyoung, Director / R&D
  • Ph. D. Guel Yoo, Standing adviser​
  • Joo Tae Cho, Standing adviser
  • Bong Kyoo Park, Chairman of PAX Foundation​
  • Ph. D. In Seok Han, Standing adviser
  • Shamil Kumara, Director
  • Sudath Kumara, Director / R&D
  • Lahiru Rangana, R&D Senior Engineer
  • Ricardo Baptista, CEO
  • Song Tae Hun, CMO
  • Paul Michael, Legal consultant
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: PAXCoin Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #PAX team!


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