The Use of Uris for Startups and Entrepreneurs to Improve Their Business

As an entrepreneur, you have to follow the latest technology to gain more customers. The latest technology can also help you to boost the development of your business as well as the income. The problem is that sometimes you don’t have enough money to improve the technology. Uris can be a platform which can solve your problem so you can develop your business larger than today.

The Purpose of Uris
Uris is a platform for everyone, especially for entrepreneurs and startups. Uris is developed as a platform which will help entrepreneurs to get a fund to develop their business. The fund is in the form of cryptocurrencies or it is called the crypto funding program. The main purpose of this platform is to facilitate startups or new entrepreneurs to gain more funds. Moreover, this is also the place for them to get trusted investors based on their business. As the result, they can develop the business better and in a better cash-flow to gain better returns.

In specific, this platform is trying to find unique and innovative businesses which also give long-term potential in the future. Then, those startups have to share their ideas, technologies, innovations to the others including the investors. They have to impress the investors so, in the end, the investors will give their cryptocurrency as a fund. As the result, the startup will get additional capital to improve their business.

The Benefits of Using Uris
There are some issues which became the background why Uris is developed. First, 90% of new businesses or startups are bankrupt within the first year because they don’t have enough capital. The worse is that they don’t know where to find the capital they need. Second, as a startup, you have to promote your business to the public and it needs the high fee. At the same time, startups often lack demand. Even it is difficult for them to find investors to give them a fund. It seems that they lack access or the investors are doubt with the business. Uris is introduced to the public, especially to the entrepreneurs and startups as a platform which solves those kinds of problems. This platform connects startups to what they need to develop and improve their business.

Benefits for Startups
Startup founders will receive help from raising funds through the Uris platform rather than any other crowdfunding site or offline alternative by:
  • Post their projects on the platform.
  • Raise funds internationally in URI from independent investors, professional managers, or supporters/donors by signing smart contracts (see types of contracts below).
  • Gain access to service providers such as law firms, accounting firms, tax experts, among others. Registered on the platform and earn discounts and promotions when paying in URI.
  • Cash out their URI for fiat money to pay for goods and services.
  • Accept URI as a currency in their own everyday business (needed to participate in the platform) and offer promotions and deals to customers paying in URI.
  • Sell/Buy startups assets (patents, logos, domains, among others.

Benefits for Investment Managers
Registered professional Investment Managers, who after an evaluation and certification by the Uris Exchange team, can:
  • Launch their own URI-denominated VC funds in the platform.
  • Raise funds internationally, and cost-effectively in URI from investors registered in the platform.
  • Invest in projects posted on the platform (see types of contracts below).
  • Gain access to service providers such as law firms, accounting firms, tax experts, and others, registered on the platform.
  • Keep track of their investments and publish their returns in the platform to attract new investors and launch new funds.
  • Buy other startups assets (patents, logos, domains, among others).

Benefits for Freelancers
Service providers such as law firms, accounting firms, tax advisory, and freelancers can register and offer their services via the platform to entrepreneurs and VC funds that run in the platform.
The venture ecosystem includes not only startups and investors, but also an array of firms and freelancers that support the ecosystem by giving services such as:
  • Legal, tax, financial accounting advice.
  • Hosting, Computing, and cloud services.
  • Software development services.
  • Designers / developers.
  • The platform will enable these service providers to register and offer their services to all the participating startups, investors, and Investment Managers.
  • All transactions with these parties will be denominated in URI.

Benefits for Token Holders
Coin holders will have sources of income. Primarily, coin holders will generate profits from the venture investments they make through the platform.
Token-holders can:
  • Invest, Co-invest, Donate or Support projects posted on the platform, no matter their location.
  • Invest in diversified VC banquets participating in Uris Exchange platform to diversify their investments.
  • Gain access to promotions and discounts from companies registered in the platform when paying in URI.
  • Pay for startups services with the URI token.
  • Buy other startups assets (patents, logos, domains, among others).

The URIS platform is easy to use and it covers the needs of entrepreneurs and startups. For example, the platform provides the users with access to fund, tools, and assistance. It hopes by using those features, the businesses can grow larger and even becoming a world-class company in the future. Moreover, there will be transparent and efficient markets so the entrepreneurs and startups can get more capital to develop their business significantly at a low cost. Indeed, the main achievement is to help people to grow their business so they don’t need to get confused anymore about where to find capital along with fair and clear rules.

To use the platform, the users need to buy tokens. It is also a good investment because they can hold the token and then sell it. Moreover, as an investor, you can also invest the token to the most interesting startup. If it is not, you can also invest it in Uris fund or just use the token to buy some services offered by the platform.

  • Jorge Serrano, Co-Founder/Business & Product
  • Esteban Peñaloza, Co-Founder/Economics
  • Carlos Ayalde, Co-Founder/Funds & Operations
  • Bob Iaccino, Co-Founder/Ecosystem
  • Luis Patt, Co-Founder/Technology
  • Carlos Guayara, Co-Founder/Trading
  • Nicolás Cáceres, Co-Founder/Engineering lead
  • Nicolás Mendoza, Front-end developer
  • Isabela Cedeño, Head of design
  • Volodymyr Biloshytskyi, Co-Founder/Engineering lead
  • Oleh Nykoliak, Developer
  • Rob Rukstalis, Media

  • Kaitlin Meyer, Client Development & Derivatives Sales - CME Group
  • Greg Figueroa, CEO of Figueroa Brothers, Inc., iChill Beverages, LLC, Melinda's Original Habanero Pepper Sauce and GOLD3PL.
  • Liz Le Sbertoli, Vice President of Client Services at Blue Flame Thinking, an integrated marketing agency.
  • Julius Givens, Founded The Explorer Program
  • Dan O'Brien, 15+ years in editing and publishing​ ​Author of Bitten
  • Erik Forbes Johnson, Fintech Business Development Executive
  • Aaron Golshani, Vice President at Leatherup
  • Phil Mccarty, Founder at Amachete & PPC Prophet
  • Andy Fuhr, Creative Studio Consultant at Nu Geometry


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