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Running your own business can be a good solution for your financial problems currently. However, there is also a risk behind it particularly if you don’t know how to manage it well. Even in the beginning, there are actually many things to consider regarding the places where you should borrow your money. In this capitalization area, the interests are often very high. Therefore, once you cannot bring it back, it is just your debts that are getting accumulated continuously.

Although it seems so risky and scary, it should not be a reason to step back. As a creative entrepreneur, you should think a hundred time to find the solutions regarding your problem including those problems related to the finance. It is no longer a big deal actually. There is URIS, a unique digital platform that provides you money to borrow in the form of Cryptocurrency.

In this digital area, it is reasonable if Cryptocurrencies are very important particularly for online shopping and trading. This way, this digital currency should also be used for other activities that are also advantageous like the capital of your business. Unfortunately, not all providers or even banks can give you this facility. Well, URIS is maybe one of the few platforms that come with such easiness.

It is said that URIS provides the financial help for the entrepreneurship in the fields of startups and VC but it is actually available for any business you want to run. You should not worry about the interests you must pay while paying the debts. URIS is a platform that is based on Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology, so far, is considered the most beneficial financial system for all the parties involved. Rather than making you feel puzzled with all the bills you need to pay later, this one even gives you more benefits.

How can it be? It is because Blockchain or the decentralized system technology doesn’t require any intermediary or the third party to involve. It adapts the traditional transaction system in which the so-called transaction is only between the buyers and sellers. Therefore, if there are any benefits in the transactions, all of them are for those two parties.

Interestingly, this system also makes sure that the data is always secured and under control. You don’t need to worry about the data being leaked since they are saved in the places connected well in one network. At the same time, it makes anything transparent and credible.

The URIS team has plans to start the ICO to collect the funds on Oct 18,2018 until Jan 31, 2019 and before the Main ICO began the team had made the phase of ICO pre-sale.
* Pre-ICO: 8th Oct 2018 - 1st Nov 2018
* Main ICO: 1st Nov 2018 - 31st Jan 2019

With the following early bird bonuses structure:
- 1st  phases (Nov/1 - Nov/14) : 30% bonus
- 2nd phases (Nov/15 - Dec/8): 20% bonus
- 3rd  phases (Dec/9 - Jan/1): 15% bonus
- 4th  phases (Jan/2 - Jan/17): 10% bonus
- 5th  phases (Jan/18 - Jan/31): no bonusess

So, what you should do to borrow the money from URIS? Besides, it is possible to do activities like trading and investment through this platform? The answer is yes, all of them are impossible in URIS. Make sure to learn about the following structures of URIS.

  • Token Name: URIS Token
  • Token Ticker: URI
  • Token Protocol: Ethereum ERC-20
  • Token Price: $0.20
  • Payment Accepted: BTC, ETH, and LTC
  • Total Token Supply: 105,000,000 URI
  • Soft Cap: 20,000 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 40,000 ETH
* All tokens unsold will be destroyed.
* ICO big buyer (Anyone who buys over 10 ETH) will receive 5% tokens more.

Okay, it is really promising, isn’t it? If you are interested to join, make sure to find more information in https://ico.uris.io.



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