NODVIX For Better Online Video Service without Restriction In The Future

There are still many countries that regionally blocked the video that come from their area. That means the internet users from other countries can’t access or watch those video, even though these internet users have an interest in that video content. The funny thing is in the internet era, where it said that people can get more freedom online than the real world, this restriction is simply nonsense. Moreover, it also can limit the route for the advertiser to promote their product to potential market from other areas. So, how can we solve it?

The NODVIX Project
We’ve found one promising solution for the video restriction problem that we explained above. It’s called NODVIX project. NODVIX is an ecosystem for the distribution of media content between all its participants, based on Peer-to-Peer Internet Network (P2P) technology. There is almost no limitation to post any video in this platform. We still use the “almost” word, because of course, there is some video content that can’t be published freely, for example, the video that only invites people to do bad things, such as terrorism propaganda and such.

NODVIX team use Blockchain as the base platform for this project. And, you must know that the Blockchain platform offers the limitless possibility, which is perfect for the vision of this project. We can see this project as one of the most promising projects that will change how information will be shared in the future. So, we expect a lot from this project.

The NODVIX Features
One of our favorite features in NODVIX is the P2P rating and evaluation feature. This feature allows the user to give a rating and categorize the video posted in this platform before it is published. Moreover, they also can decide the type of that video, such as music, sports, game and such.

The good thing about the P2P rating and category feature is the video will be published in the correct place. It will be recommended to the correct viewer. You must understand when you watch YouTube video, sometimes you find not only one, but many videos you don’t like, pop up in your recommendation list. It’s annoying and only wasting the chance to find the video that you really like.

NODVIX will deal with that problem. So, you will find a video that you like. It maximizes your experience in watching streaming video. But, that’s not all. From the advertiser point of view, NODVIX also gives them a lot of benefits.

The advertisers can choose to place their ads in the video that perfectly fit with their product or service. That will increase the chance to send the message in the ads more effectively, as well as to get a customer for their product or service.

Overall, we think that NODVIX is the best solution you can get. You must understand and agree with it if you love to watch online streaming video. Now, we need to wait until this project is really fully implemented in the system. At that time, we believe that we, as the internet users and online video viewer, will get the best experiences that you won’t be able to get today. So, it’s worth to wait.

  • ARTEM DENGIN, Founder / CEO
  • RYAN REDMOND, Community Manager / Marketing
  • MAXIM PROKASHEV, Software Engineer
  • VALERIYA OKUNEVA, Content Manager / SMM
  • VITALINA DENGINA, Financial Analyst
  • DENIS SALANGIN, Business Adviser (Founder of PAYFAIR.IO)
For detailed about Team Members descriptions please check out: NODVIX Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #NDVX team!


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