NODVIX - The World's First 24-hour Video Broadcasting Platform Built On The Ethereum Blockchain

In the internet era, people can watch anything they want to a specific video platform. As the result, there are a lot of video or content creators who want to share their idea with the people. It will be interesting if those video creators earn something from the video which uploaded. Nodvix is a video sharing platform which developed with the latest technology, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. Let’s talk a little bit about the difference between Nodvix and any other video platforms.

Categorize the Videos with the Help of the Torrent-Nodes
Nodvix is using a specific technology known as the Torrent-Nodes. This technology helps to categorize the content uploaded by the video creators. The system will also review the videos to make sure that those videos free from something which breaking the rules such as illegal or plagiarism content. It works by the time the video creators upload their video to Nodvix. If there is something wrong with the video which breaking the rule of this platform, the Torrent-Nodes will block the file.

Give Earnings in the Form of Cryptocurrency
Nodvix gives an opportunity for the video creators to get some money. The money is in the form cryptocurrency. This is also the reason why the file is supported by an e-wallet to send the profit from the videos. When the videos pass through the Torrent-Nodes, those videos will be sent to the advertisers. The advertisers select the videos they want to sponsor. Moreover, the advertisers are also managed by the Torrent-Nodes. The system helps to review, give rate, authorize, and place the advertisements.

Facilitate the Users with A Lot of Networks
This video sharing platform also has a lot of networks. The networks help to share the videos. Interestingly, the content creators don’t have to do it by themselves. The process will be done by the Torrent-Nodes. Later, the viewers are able to watch the video from one of the channels which connected to Nodvix platform. The viewers can also watch the videos based on the interests. They don’t need to worry about the advertisement because it is managed well and appeared in a comfortable way based on the channel. At the same time, the viewers are able to watch the videos they like anytime they want 24/7.

Use Cryptocurrency Token for Easy and Fast Transaction
Due to the use of blockchain technology, Nodvix is using a specific cryptocurrency namely NDVX token. The token is used for any activities while using Nodvix such as paying the video creators, advertisers who want to put their ads, and the Torrent-Nodes. There will be around 75% of NDVX tokens which distribute to the users.

Distribute the Profit Fairly
This platform is using profit which will be distributed to the users who involve in the development of Nodvix. The profit is distributed to video creators, Torrent-Nodes, marketing, unsupported Torrent-Nodes, and Nodvix platform development. The platform is developed for anyone who loves to share something to videos without limitation on the geographic location and even governmental censorship.

The point is that Nodvix is giving a new way to share something online through video. The platform helps everyone who involves to manage the information as well as give more benefits including more income for them. The use of cryptocurrency and blockchain makes the platform is easy and also secure enough to use.

Author: CryptoSmile
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