The Way UnikName Works to Protect Identity of Your Online Customers

Running an online business is more than just selling products or services. Business owners should also protect the identity of their customers for various issues such as identity thief or phishing. A company such as UnikName offers a system and technology that protects the identity and personal data better than traditional protection systems. Let’s take a look at the way UnikName helps to protect the identity or personal data while using the internet.

The Way to Use UnikName
You only have to register by creating a business account. Then, you have to choose your @unikname pro. Once you have a new UnikName username, secure the name by linking it to your domain name. The integration process is easy and fast due to the use of SDK and API technology.

This technology supports the integration process on apps or websites. That’s it! You can let customers sign up and log in on your online store whether from the app or website securely and privately. You don’t need to worry because UnikName doesn’t gather any data during the process.

The system is only for protecting identity or personal data anytime people sign up or log in to a registered app or website.

UnikName Connect make no compromise on simplicity. The next-generation authentication solution only requires the user @unikname and a simple pin code or fingerprint to log in.

  1. The user clicks on the Unikname login button integrated on your website and type his @unikname identifier.
  2. Your customers will receive a notification pop up on their smartphones. Your customers only need to type their PIN codes or use their fingerprints to validate the connection.
  3. Now, the system will connect your customers to your app or website normally. They can do anything they want, including buying your products and services. The best part is that UnikName protects their identity and personal data.

The Benefits of Using UnikName
The UnikName gives a lot of benefits not only for the business owners but also for their customers. Let's say, as a business owner, you can control your online business independently. You can increase trust by giving better protection to your customers. They are sure to sign up and give their identity to your online business. The opportunity for customers to buy products and services from your online store is bigger. Customers don’t have to worry about the safety of their identity or personal data and focus on shopping or doing an online activity on your website or app.

UnikName also avoids the chance of phishing hack issues. The system protects websites or apps by using a sophisticated authentication token for your domain name and UnikName username. This authentication token system makes your website or app hard to hack.

The Steps to Consult with UnikName
You can consult and ask anything before using Unik Name. You only have to visit its official website and click the Get Started button. Then, you have to fill the online form there. Just write down your name, a website you want to integrate with the UnikName Connect, an active email address, phone number, and job title. You also have to enter your preferred language and your expectations on UnikName Connect. The last thing to do is by writing down your questions or anything you want to know about UnikName. Click the Submit button and wait for the approval and reply from the team.

The point is that you can increase the performance of your online business with various methods. One of them is by increasing the protection system. The UnikName is a system that will protect the identity or personal data of your customers anytime they sign up or log in on your website or app. Indeed, it makes your customers more comfortable to explore your online store or app.

  • Laurent Lourenço, CEO
  • Damien Lecan, CTO
  • Marine Pasquet, CMO
  • Guillaume Nicolas, Full-Stack DEV
  • Pierre Seznec, Full-Stack DEV
  • Fabien Tréguer, Full-Stack DEV
  • Teddy Leclerc, UX/UI Designer
  • Sébastien Poncelet, Communication Advisor
For detailed about UnikName Team Members descriptions please check this out: About UnikName Connect!

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