PLUTUS - Tap & Pay with Zero Conversion Fees and Instant Confirmations

In the Plutus app, Plutons is prioritized within the platform and might be accustomed pay money for product and services within the same means as bitcoins. this implies you'll be able to instantly convert them to faucet & pay at any NFC terminal of your selection.

From a technical perspective, Plutons is digital tokens issued to users on the Ethereum blockchain. they'll be distantly compared with money back points or frequent flier miles. As a user, you'll mechanically be rewarded with a rebate in Plutons for each Bitcoin deposit you create towards a sale. when you search, you earn Plutons.

By combining the available infrastructure together, Plutus has developed a technology that can convert bitcoin into contactless NFC payments without a centralized exchange to do so.

Plutus DEX Platform
Plutus operates by connecting to a decentralized exchange platform, that uses sensible contracts to handle digital currency commerce. this implies that counterparty risk and therefore the have to be compelled to plug into a 3rd party exchange is tactfully avoided.

Traders register on the platform and verify their account. Once verified, they transfer decree currency to a Plutus written agreement (bank) account. Before the merchant will place a order, they have to register their bitcoin payout address. they're going to then be able to produce a obtain order by setting their best worth and stop limits.

Users send bitcoin to their Plutus account, that square measure then mechanically transferred to traders on the DEX network. sensible contracts verify the group action before the ensuing decree (USD, EUR, etc.) from the trader’s funds in written agreement is transferred to the user’s virtual open-end credit, which might then be spent at any merchandiser that accepts NFC payments.

Only 850,000 Plutons (PLU) will be available for sale, which represents 4.25% of the total supply of 20,000,000 PLU. Issuance for the remaining 95.75% will be limited and locked in rebate smart contract pool and NOT owned by, which means there will be a very low circulation and inflation rate for several hundred years from the initial distribution of 4.25%.

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