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Choose to Use NEAR Platform for Building an Open Web

Choose to Use NEAR Platform for Building an Open Web

What is the NEAR Platform?
Before you choose to use this NEAR Platform, it is good for us to know the detailed information about it. This platform is a computerized platform that can be used to secure and manage your high-value assets such as your money and also identity. You can put all things on the Open Web and control all things in a very easy way. Why do so many people choose to use this platform?

NEAR platform is an open-source smart contract platform built to host high-throughput decentralized applications (dApps). You can find so many platforms in this world but you must be careful in choosing one of the best platforms so you can get more profits. For all of you who are beginners in this business, you better search information about this platform first. You better know the features of this platform so you can decide whether you need this platform or you need to choose another platform.

Reasons of Choosing NEAR Platform
Some people tell you why you need to use this platform more than another platform.

  • A Great Blockchain Development Tool
    Many people recommend you use this platform because it offers the best development tool and you can connect to all websites in the world in fast time.
  • Supported with OSS Stack
    All things are supported with the best OSS Stack and you can use it in an easy way even if you are new in this business and this world.
  • Maximum Security
    This platform offers you progressive security systems that help you to sign up easily by using your email address. You can create your password to connect with your account quickly. The security system will be upgraded so your account will be protected in a maximum way.
  • Easy to Access in All Places
    For all of you who are often going from one place to another place, you don’t need to install other applications or buy tokens. You just need to use this decentralized app for free. You can do all transactions without the need to buy tokens. You don’t need to use your credit card too. What you need to do is just use this app or platform for all things that you want.

Becoming an Entrepreneur
For all of you who are not interested in being a developer of Open Web, you can also take other opportunities. You can try to become an entrepreneur. You can join some discussions and then talk about some cases and partnerships. You can also join the community to participate in all things. You can become part of the development of a better future.

Some people finally use this platform because it costs effectively for them too. You can register yourself when you are interested in using this app too. It is time for you to build the Open Web. What you need to do is just accessing NEAR site and then follow the simple steps to get your account and platform. It is time for you to get profit with the NEAR platform.

The NEAR Team
  • Alexander Skidanov, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Illia Polosukhin, CTO & Co-Founder
  • Erik Trautman, Head of Operation
  • Evgeny Kuzyakov, Senior Software Engineer
  • Damon Sicore, Vice President Of Engineering
  • Mikhail Kever, Software Engineer
  • Vlad Grichina, Software Engineer
  • Marcelo Fornet, Software Engineer
  • Dr. Maksym Zavershynskyi, Engineer
  • Bo Yao, Network Software Engineer
  • Peter DePaulo, Head of Developer Experience
  • Prateek Gupta, Head of Developer Content
  • Kendall Cole, Product Manager
  • Jake Stutzman, Design
  • Alexandra Breines, Marketing

For detailed about NEAR Protocol Team Members descriptions please check out: NEAR Protocol Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #NEAR team!

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 BitcoinBlink - The Best Place to Exchange of Bitcoin

BitcoinBlink - The Best Place to Exchange of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has several differences with traditional currencies that we know and use today such as Dollar, Euro, Pound sterling and some other currencies. Cryptocurrency can be used by all people in the world and can be used for buying certain things too. It's not directly controlled by central banking authorities in certain countries or national government but it is controlled by a decentralized network of some users and it is supported with high speed computerized systems.

When we talk about exchange of bitcoin, we need to know where the place to exchange your bitcoin in a safe way. You should be careful in choosing the right place since you should not take risk to get the wrong place to exchange your bitcoin. When you are looking for the best place to exchange your bitcoin, you better know about BitcoinBlink.

It's the best place for all bitcoin users to exchange their bitcoin because they help you to give more protection against some problems, errors and also threats. BitcoinBlink offer you fast service and they make you simple to exchange your bitcoin. There are some benefits that you will get when you exchange your bitcoin in this place. You need to know some benefits that you will get first before you choose this place to help you.

Key Advantages of BitcoinBlink Platform
As it is said above, there are some benefits of advantages that you will get when you choose this place as the best place to exchange your bitcoin. Here are some benefits that you should know:
  • Secure Storage
    You don’t need to worry because they store more digital assets in very safe and secure offline storage. They know how to keep your data and identity so you don’t need to worry when you send data to them. They guarantee that your data is in the right place.
  • Insurance
    You don’t need to worry because their cryptocurrency stored on all servers will be covered and protected with insurance. Before you do all things in this place, you should read information related to insurance policy first.
  • Best Practice for Industry
    It is good for all industries because it supports various digital currencies. You get information about bitcoin only in one place.

You can also ask about all things related with bitcoin or check the other currencies value in this place too. What you need to do is just make an account and you can get all the facilities and features that are offered by this place. You still can find some other benefits such as reduced fee up to 50% when you choose to exchange or do so many things in this place. For all of you who have questions, you just need to contact them. They offer you online chat to answer all things related with bitcoin and how to exchange it in their place.

The BitcoinBlink Tokens
BitcoinBlink use Ethereum platform based ERC-20 to create their tokens, Blink Stock Token (BSTK). You can get this token from their ICO (Initial Coin Offering) event and Bounty program. During the ICO phase, users and investors will be able to deposit cryptocurrencies and purchase BSTK tokens directly from the platform (in fiat or crypto). BitcoinBlink is a promising project, you can join to invest in this project and you can help them to grow faster. Then, their goal to spread the easiness in using cryptocurrency to all over the world will be able to become reality faster as well.

BitcoinBlink will a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 BSTK, of which 600,000,000 will be distributed to investors during the Token Sale, 200,000,000 will be distributed for Founding Team, 100,000,000 will be distributed for Marketing, and remaining 100,000,000 will be reserved for BitcoinBlink.

Token Information
  • Token Name: Blink Stock Token
  • Token Ticker: BSTK
  • Token Protocol: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 BSTK
  • Token Available for Sales: 600,000,000 BSTK
  • Token Price: $0.02

* The BitcoinBlink ICO begins on 31/10/2019 and will last over six months.
* The ICO over six months with the initial price of $0.02 per BSTK token. With every passing month, the price will increase by $0.01. In the ICO’s sixth and final month, each BSTK token will sell at $0.07.

You should not waste your time again. You need to have bitcoin as the best cryptocurrency in this modern era and then exchange your bitcoin to other currencies or assets only at Bitcoinblink now.

$BSTK : 0x995c6b3510cd3bf6b31d01ff27a33ab2dd15475b
Build Your Own Bank with The NavCoin Network

Build Your Own Bank with The NavCoin Network

Money is an important thing in our life. We need money to buy all things. In this modern era, we know that there is not only cash that can be used to buy all things or do transactions. We can also use virtual or digital money or it can be called cryptocurrencies. Some transactions can be paid by using cryptocurrencies. For all of you who need a reliable wallet to save your cryptocurrency, you better know about it. We need to know the definition of NavCoin and then join it when you get benefits from it.

What is NavCoin?
It is a blockchain for cryptocurrency that is designed for the public. The NavCoin network is a solution for all people who want to manage their own money easily. It's a solution for all of you who want to become a bank for yourself. You can control all things by yourself and all people can easily use this platform. There are some benefits that you will get when you use this NavCoin.

First, you can become your bank. You can imagine when you don’t need to go to the bank or leave your home to do the transaction. You can own your bank when you use this NavCoin.

No one needs to deposit and all payments will be handled peer to peer. You get your freedom to manage your wallet. You are easy to control your money and run with this network. All people can easily do all things so you don’t need to worry to find difficulties when you use this network.

The Reason Why People Using NavCoin
  • You Get Your Privacy
    The other thing that you will get when you use it is privacy. People need something reliable and safe especially when it is related to money. This blockchain will allow all people to view each transaction that you do. This blockchain offers you privacy so you can get information and the information is sent only for you. You don't need to worry that other people will know about your privacy too. Security and protection are important and become a priority. That is why some features are offered to you to ensure protection and the safest transaction.
  • Offer You Carbon Neutral Network
    You don’t need to worry because it is a carbon-neutral network too. It offers you an energy-efficient system and it is called a carbon neutral cryptocurrency for all people in the world.
  • Easy Personalize Your Wallet
    The next reason why people finally choose to use the The NavCoin network is because it is easy to personalize your wallet. It is offered with a human-readable address for you so you can create an email-style address for your NAV. You can convert domain names into the cryptocurrency address in an easy way. It helps you to send or easily do all transactions. You can compare it with some other networks and you will find the answer.
  • Offer Frictionless Payments
    In this modern era, people need a fast solution to send payment and money. You don’t need to worry when you use NavCoin. You will be able to do all transactions in a fast, and easy way. You can also do transactions in a cheap process. NavCoin will send you a fraction of a cent that can be confirmed in 30 seconds. You can choose your wallet too to save your cryptocurrency.

Some Uses of NavCoin
For all of you who are interested in using this network to create your own money and bank, you must know too how it can be used in some aspects. You can use your cryptocurrency for some transactions such as.

  1. Buying Goods and Services
    You can use your money on your wallet to buy goods and services. There will be some benefits that you will get when you pay by using cryptocurrencies because it will be cheaper than when you use cash or other payment methods.
  2. Digital tip jar
    all of you who want to do transactions and you need to scan QR code to pay all things, you don’t need to worry. You can pay all things as far as the place to accept NAV. It is a very easy and effortless method for you. You can do it all times and in all places. You never need to worry to take your money first and then pay it.
  3. Transparent Funding
    You who want to spend or save your money in the safest place, you can choose to join this network. There is no other person that will control your money because you are the only one that can control all things. It helps you to get more transparent transactions and report.
  4. Borderless Payments
    You who are using this network, you will be able to do low-cost money transactions. You can transfer money to other people in an easy way too. You can do international business and transfer money to your business partner from all countries in the world with a lower fee. It means you can save more money and get more profit too because of this network. It is a real solution for borderless payment in the modern era.
  5. Offer You Multi-Person Wallet
    It can also create a shared account for all friends and your family members. There will be some security options that you can choose so you still can protect and control all transactions although you share your account with friends and your family members.
  6. Offer Store of Wealth
    This network doesn’t require a central authority to start and run. It means you can easily control all of your money too.

For all of you who are interested in using this network and have your bank, you can also connect one to another because this network offers you Community Fund. This community will allow contributors to be paid. You don’t need to wait for a long time again. You should not save your money in other places. What you need to do now, is joining The NavCoin network.

Official Link

$NAV: NbYrU4Xyw2zA7APag83aYPAis5KY3vGypy
The Kuailian Ecosystem, Bringing Blockchain Technology to the World

The Kuailian Ecosystem, Bringing Blockchain Technology to the World

10 years have passed since the birth of Bitcoin and the first use of Blockchain, a technology that has not stopped evolving, and it is no wonder. Blockchain has opened a huge world of opportunities for both large companies and individual users, not only for the development of new applications or improvements to computer systems but for the possibility of obtaining rewards through cryptocurrency mining, thus creating a market which is more competitive every day. In this sense, we see that individual users have gradually been left out of the “traditional” cryptocurrency mining market, and that is why today we want to introduce you to the Kuailian ecosystem.

What is Kuailian?
Kuailian is a decentralized ecosystem that offers us tools to access the world of cryptocurrencies in a simple way (buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies at its crypto bank).

Registered in Estonia, one of the most advanced countries in the world as far as the blockchain is concerned, Kuailian brings market resources based on blockchain technology to all its users, taking over the management of all systems, thus allowing access to the different services without having to have great knowledge and large amounts of cryptocurrencies.

Main Attributes of Kuailian
Certainly, it is very difficult to choose a single characteristic that can define an ecosystem like that of Kuailian, however, the honesty and transparency with which the company operates must be highlighted and indeed in an exceeding way, since thanks to blockchain technology itself, it allows us to consult the operations and movements of the company in real-time. By dedicating as much time as necessary, you can track all movements and operations and make sure that cryptocurrencies are working and generating results (remember that blockchain records are public and immutable).

Additionally, you can consult the legal records of the company in Estonia and the two licenses issued by the financial regulator of that country.

Operation of Its Smart Pool and Proof of Stake technology
With the appearance of Bitcoin, Proof of Work or proof of work mining began, where it is necessary to have powerful computer equipment that becomes obsolete in a short time and, also, entail enormous energy expenditure by having them work tirelessly day after day. But not all cryptocurrencies use this validation system, in other cases the mining called Proof of Stake or proof of participation is used, where to validate operations you have to be in possession of a predetermined amount of cryptocurrency that works with this system. Under this premise, Kuailian helps us by creating large cryptocurrency exchanges that allow validating operations and generating rewards for it.

But technological evolution does not stop (and neither does Kuailian's evolution). The most modern and powerful networks use new consensus protocols. Many people already know that Kuailian works with Master Nodes, which in summary are validators of high-performance operations and one of the main products they work with, but today in Kuailian different consensus technologies are supported such as: PROOF OF STAKE, DELEGATED PROOF OF STAKE, THRESHOLDED PROOF OF STAKE, MASTERNODES, PROFIT SHARE, PROOF OF AGREEMENT, PROOF OF HISTORY, PROOF OF AUTHORITY, TENDERMIT, HIGHWAY, BYZANTINE FAULT TOLERANCE (BFT), NON-BFT, SHOW, MULTI-BFT BFT, ASYNCHRONOUS BFT - FUTURE CASPER AND OUROBOROS.

This is where Kuailian's ability emerges to make accessible to ordinary people something that would otherwise be… impossible. Both for the amount of cryptocurrencies necessary and for the knowledge required to deploy it. Thus, Kuailian uses a 1000-day long-term staking strategy and simple way staking (Stake / Unstake), which will be incorporated shortly.

Automations in Kuailian
Kuailian has grouped and divided the Master Nodes, so that they are accessible to all, thus allowing access to part of the rewards generated by their Smart Pool.

Next, we explain how the -simple- entry process to Kuailian is.
  1. Create a Kuailian account.
  2. Complete the KYC (since we are talking about a company legally registered in the European Union) and pay the registration fee ($ 50.95 paid in Ether).
  3. Buy the Kuais we want, at the price of $ 100 each (paid in Ether). A Kuai is not a token and it is not a cryptocurrency, it is the unit of measurement of the staking capacity of a license to operate the software, for 1,000 days. The more licenses, the higher returns.
  4. Indicate the Ethereum wallet where we want to collect the daily distribution of benefits.

The usability of the Kuais should be noted. On the one hand, it is accessible to everyone due to its low cost, and, on the other hand, it manages to channel users' cryptocurrencies to the Smart Pool, that is, the system that Kuailian has developed for automated management of user cryptocurrencies and Master Nodes. Thus, it is achieved that each week new Master Nodes can be deployed through the new licenses acquired by both new and existing users.

All contributions are managed by a Machine Learning system, whose function is not only to assemble Master Nodes automatically but also analyzes the cryptocurrency market to determine that Master Nodes are the most profitable and with sufficient liquidity to be able to extract without problems the rewards generated and at the same time that the Master Nodes themselves can be liquidated, thus passing both the rewards and the Master Nodes to Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Last but not least, it should be noted that the benefits generated by user contributions are distributed daily and automatically directly to the user's wallet. A great advantage since we usually have to deal with interfaces that require a minimum amount of withdrawal, delays when making payments manually or even depend on authorization to, in the end, have your own money. Kuailian in its clear commitment to transparency, offers an automated dispersion system developed on the Ethereum network or commonly called the Dispersion Smart Contract, whose function is to distribute daily and without the possibility of cheating or errors, the benefits among users and most importantly, everything visible through the Ethereum blockchain.

Extra: Both the Smart Pool and Kuailian Bank and the rest of the services have an affiliation system, by which each referral who becomes a user of Kuailian, will generate profits for the one who was its host.

Kuailian Bank and the Next innovations
In its quest to create a complete ecosystem, Kuailian can provide financial services given its licenses and its collaboration with different partners in the sector. It currently has a cryptocurrency exchange service with “FIAT” currencies, but they are planning to add their own wallet, debit card, digital payment terminals, among other financial services.

Additionally, the Smart Pool does not stop evolving and new options are being developed, such as high-frequency trading (HFT) or arbitration systems; all managed by the same Machine Learning system that governs the ecosystem.

A Growing Ecosystem
Kuailian is not just a financial ecosystem, it goes much further, just like blockchain technology does. Kuailian's main objective is to bring existing market resources based on blockchain technology closer together, to make them more efficient, more transparent and with a user experience never seen before, thanks to the blockchain technology. Very soon it will be incorporated into the Kuailian Travel system, a service outside the “financial” sector but that will undoubtedly mark a before and after in the travel market, making Kuailian a benchmark in the blockchain world.

If you are looking for a company that makes your entry into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies more accessible and close ... Kuailian is your best ally.

Official links
  1. Web: https://kuailiandp.com
  2. Instagram Official: https://www.instagram.com/kuailiandpofficial
  3. Formal member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance: https://entethalliance.org/members/#k
BlockMesh Provides Cost Effective Solution to End Disparity in Communication

BlockMesh Provides Cost Effective Solution to End Disparity in Communication

What Is The BlockMesh Platform?
Internet has brought positive changes on how the world communicates. It makes communication faster, more cost efficient, and people can easily choose the most efficient means of communication that suit their needs. However, it still cannot hide the fact that internet has not relinquished the real problems of global communication that is disparity.

It is a fact that the cost of internet data plan can be very expensive and not everyone can afford it. There are 7.8 billions people in the planet but only 40% have access to the internet. Furthermore, while the developed countries are currently developing 5G technology, citizens in poor countries are still struggled to even get 3G connection, which certainly can affect the way they communicate.

Those are the problems that BlockMesh wants to solve. BlockMesh is a cryptocurrency based peer to peer communication platform which allows the users to send messages for free. It can solve the problems of expensive data plan and inadequate internet connection in poor and developing countries.

An Effective Mesh Network Route
BlockMesh works on a mesh network route. Mesh network is a group of devices that can relay messages to each other until the messages are arrived at the intended recipient’s device. It means, when person 1 wants to send a message to person 2, the message will be passed first to person 3, 4 and 5 before it finally arrives in person 2’s device.

This system might raise some questions at first. Firstly, won’t it be a breach or privacy if the messages are passed to other devices first? Secondly, doesn’t it mean that there is a chance that the messages will not be received if the network breaks?

Well, BlockMesh also has a solution for those issues. When the messages are passed to other devices, it is actually just the connection of those devices that is borrowed. The content of the message itself will not be revealed and can only be read by the intended recipient. As a reward for the users that allow the system to borrow their connection to pass the messages, the users will receive Mesh Token (BMH).

Furthermore, BlockMesh has a very reliable network because it uses Shortest Path Bridging. It is an algorithm that will ensure continuous connection so the messages definitely will be delivered to the recipients.

User Friendly Application
BlockMesh provides a user friendly application for its users. The users will receive a wallet where they can store the BMH Token they earned for supporting the network. Speaking of the token, it also later can be used to purchase other BlockMesh services. Furthermore, BlockMesh also will list its token in various cryptocurrency exchanges so it can be used for trading.

BlockMesh network uses Bluetooth instead of mobile data plan to send messages without cost. However, the users also can choose to use data if they want. The application will let the users decide which one will be their primary and secondary connection and automatically adapt according to that preference. Overall, BlockMesh really can be a solution for modern communication problems and make it more accessible for everyone.

BlockMesh Team
The Core Team
  • Bjorn Dingemans, Co-founder & CTO
  • Matthew Schulz, Managing Director
  • Wesley Billet, Marketing Director
  • Christopher Underwood, Digital Analyst
  • Neil Malherbe, Head of Investment
  • Josie Eveleigh, Head of Public Relations
Advisory Board
  • Mike Weetman, Advisor (Former CFO of Yahoo and DreamWorks USA)
  • Jim Brinksma, Strategic Advisor
  • Philanthropic Advisor, (Founder/ CEO of AngelWish, Karma Geek)
  • Jason Griessel, Co-founder and Business Development Advisor
  • Charlie Shrem, Equity Partner and Growth Advisor
For detailed BMH Team Members descriptions please check out: BlockMesh Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #BMH team!


  1. The BlockMesh CEO and founder – Bjorn Dingemans – is a serial entrepreneur. Coming from South Africa, he’s seen first-hand what poverty, inequality and a lack of communication and basic internet can do to a population. With 4 years experience in the mesh networking industry, he’s well equipped to ensure his vision to change the way that the world communicates, and banks, will come to fruition. Bjorn is focused on solving both of these problems with one solution, a cost-free communications app that pays its users to use it. Meet BlockMesh.

  2. After months of research Bjorn decided to apply Mesh networking technology as a possible business venture. His aim was to provide internet solutions at cost-effective prices within areas that could support the network. This would be mutually beneficial for both users and service providers.

  3. A pilot programme was launched at Stellenbosch University in South Africa for the local residents and visiting students. Over 30 000 potential users put the network to the test.

  4. Bjorn then partnered with Bytes (bytes.co.za) to manage the infrastructure implementation. The pilot programme provided Bjorn with valuable practical experience.

  5. Bjorn continued to look at ways for Mesh Networking to become a viable product and turned his attention to networking in Bluetooth devices.

  6. Bjorn began working with the concept of rewarding users with cryptocurrency as an incentive to grow the network with users.

  7. Bjorn researched a hybrid version of his mesh network project by introducing blockchain technology. BlockMesh was formed with Co-founder Jason Griessel and a team of enthusiasts and external partners were approached.

  8. BlockMesh realized that a cryptocurrency was only valuable if accepted in the real world and to accomplish this a team of enthusiasts and professionals would need to be assembled. The development, marketing, legal, business development, operations and advisory roles were scouted and brought on board.

  9. The team finalised the concept, launch strategy and ICO date in order to future-proof the project. Large retailers and corporates have been approached to take on our technology, thus enabling instant adoption and growth of the network. BlockMesh’s primary focus is on those that struggle with high cellular and data costs as well as the unbanked in Africa.

  10. The alpha version of the app is being developed and tested. The app will launch on Android for initial A/B testing before being rolled out into iOS before the full launch in 2018.

  11. Our ICO took place on the 28th of February and lasted until 31 March 2018. The BlockMesh alpha Chat and Wallet apps launched on the Google Play Store for Android devices as well at this time. The BlockMesh revolution begins.

  12. MeshEx Boosters patent secured and prototypes developed. BlockMesh team is invited to RISE 2018 Tech Conference in Hong Kong as a Beta Start-up and have a day to present to the thousands of attendee’s.

  13. Launch the BMH token on N.Exchange, IDEX and continue trading on HitBTC. Begin the process of investigating hardware development partners and software partners to bring our beta version of the app into app stores.

  14. Focus on growing our community, token volume and awareness as well as continuing to investigate the best partners for our hardware and software. We also aim to bring on significant partners to enable better, sustainable growth in Africa, Europe, the US and Asia.

  15. Work with our retail integration partner to assist them with this process so that we can soon reach our goal of having BMH accepted as a reward/form of payment which can be used to redeem products, goods and services.

Official Link
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Reasons to Consider Buy and Sell Your Bitcoin by Using BitcoinBlink

Reasons to Consider Buy and Sell Your Bitcoin by Using BitcoinBlink

Bitcoin is popular and being chosen by so many people in the world today. Bitcoin is popular in the modern era. Today people try to use virtual currency or it is often called cryptocurrency. For all of you who are interested in having this cryptocurrency too, you better understand some information about bitcoin, exchange of bitcoin, we need to know where the place to exchange your bitcoin in a safe way. You should be careful in choosing the right place since you should not take risk to get the wrong place to exchange your bitcoin. When you are looking for the best place to exchange your bitcoin, you better know about Bitcoinblink.

What is BitcoinBlink?
BitcoinBlink is one of the best solutions to exchange your bitcoin. BitcoinBlink is steadfast in developing a distinguished cryptocurrency exchange that is optimized for speed, protected against external threats, and simplified for user-friendliness. It is a fast world and all people try to find something that is really valuable. They try to think about assets and they need to save more money for their future. Some people choose to be forex traders and the other people like to buy bitcoin or become a bitcoin miner.

You must know what bitcoin is. It is one of cryptocurrency and it is now being very popular because it can be exchanged to the other currencies and at the same time it can also be used to buy other assets. For all of you who have bitcoin too and you don’t know where to exchange or sell or buy bitcoin, you don’t need to worry. You just need to choose this place as the best place. There are some benefits that you will get when you choose to exchange your bitcoin in Bitcoinblink rather than in other places. You can get some benefits that you will get here.

Reasons of Choosing BitcoinBlink
Why do you need to choose BitcoinBlink for exchanging your bitcoin rather than other places? You can get some features such as:
  • Secure Storage
    For all of you who are looking for the best place to store and to exchange your bitcoin, you better choose this place because it offers you high safety. You don’t need to worry because they help you to protect all funds from users and also they protect user’s data. They use a good platform that supports a safe environment too.
  • Protection of DDOS
    You don’t need to worry because they offer you DDOS protection. They are the best company in this industry so you don’t need to worry with your fund and also your data. You can do all transactions in a very simple and safe way.
  • Very Easy to Use
    For all of you who aren't familiar with bitcoin and you don’t know how to exchange your bitcoin, you don’t need to worry. You can use an application that is easy to use, this app will make you enjoy doing all things that you want related to your bitcoin.
  • Supported with Expert Team
    For all of you who want to exchange your bitcoin or do so many things in this company, you don’t need to worry because you will be supported by an expert team too. Their expert will help you in monitoring all activities and they help you too to assist you when you really need their support. They help you to upgrade all securities systems so all users will be happy in doing all things in this company or by using their application.
  • Trading Devices
    As it is said above you can choose whether you like to trade or exchange your bitcoin in their website or you can also use the mobile app version to do all things related with your bitcoin. All things will be easy to use and you don’t need to worry because they protect your data too.
  • No Money Laundering
    You don’t need to worry because they are supported with laws and this company has a valid license too to operate all things related to bitcoin transactions. They ensure you that there is no money laundering too that will be done in this company or in the mobile app.

Use Simple Mobile App
For all of you who want to trade your bitcoin from some places and anytime you want, you can choose to install BitcoinBlink Mobile App. You can get two versions of app. You can use iOS and then install your BitcoinBlink application in your iPhone or you can also use Android smartphone because this company also offers application for android’s users. For all of you who don’t want to use a mobile app, you still can use websites to do all things related to your bitcoin. So how to get this app for you? You can get this app in very easy way. What you need to do is just access the app store in your Iphone or Android Phone. You can choose the application and start to download. After you download the application then you can start to install this application in your smartphone. What you must do next then?

You need to register yourself first when you like to do all things in this company by using this app. How to register yourself?
  1. Create an account
  2. Link your bank account
  3. Start buying and selling by using your bitcoin

You just need to simply follow the instructions and when you have already made an account, you can start to buy and sell what you want. You don’t need to worry because all transactions will be protected by insurance. BitcoinBlink Exchange is one of best companies for this bitcoin world so you can get the safest place to sell and buy your bitcoin and at the same time you can get high profit too because you choose this place to exchange your bitcoin.

You are free to consult with their expert too. They offer you various languages options such as English, French, Turkish, Spanish, Deutsch and some other languages. You can choose one that is suitable with your own language. It is time for you to change your investment, you can use bitcoin for the best choice and you can choose to exchange your bitcoin from your home only or from other places anytime you want by only using the BitcoinBlink mobile app.

  • Iseki Solari, CEO and Founder
  • Dimitar Kolchakov, CCO


  1. - BitcoinBlink Web development starts
    - Bitcoinblink.com Domain Acquired (auto renew 2025)
    - Server Hosting & Security established (Cloudflare & Digital Ocean)
    - Mobile Apps (iOS & Android start
    - Creation of the BSTK Token ERC-20 (Verified contract)
    - KYC Integration (Mati) on BitcoinBlink
    - Cold wallets ready!

  2. - Integration of all BSTK functions (utilities) on the platform BitcoinBlink
    - BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP & BCH integration
    - E-Residency acquired
    - Company (BBlinkio OU) Created and Registered in Estonia
    - Crypto licenses obtained after meeting with FIU
    - Experienced Compliance Officer hired!
    - Legal documents created for compliance & regulations

  3. - EUIPO registration start
    - Accounting company specialized in Blockchain hired!
    - Registration with various institutions to be compliant wordwide
    - Whitepaper & One Pager creation + Design
    - McAfee SECURE Certified + TrustedSite
    - Support Center customized (Articles, guides, chatbot, widget, eamil)

  4. - Credit card Purchase integrated via SIMPLEX on BitcoinBlink
    - Integration alternative login methods
    - Translate the Whitepaper
    - ICO launch + Whitepaper & One Pager release + Platform BitcoinBlink.com
    - Marketing!
    - International Compliance
    - EUIPO registration Completed
    - Challenge Started
    - UI/UX improvement
    - Monitoring of the platform and bug correction

  5. - Partnership with Cointraffic.io (advertisement campaign)
    - Bounty Campaign Start
    - Mobile app (iOS & Android) released
    - XLM & ATOM implementation
    - Language Integration on BitcoinBlink & Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)
    - Development of a Crypto to Crypto trading platform start
    - Development of a Crypto to Crypto Mobile trading app (iOS & Android) start

  6. - ICO end
    - Unsold token = Burn
    - Challenge ends
    - Listing of Coins & Tokens on the BitcoinBlink platform starts (after the ICO ends)
    - WIPO registration start

  7. - Creation of our blockchain network (PoS, smart contract, low fees) starts
    - Crypto to Crypto Trading Platform Launch
    - Crypto to Crypto Trading mobile apps (iOS & Android) Launch
    - Language integration (12) on the crypto to crypto platform & crypto to crypto mobile apps (iOS & Android)
    - Listing of Coins & Tokens on both platforms. (Previous coins & Token listed on BitcoinBlink automatically go on other platforms & mobile apps)

  8. - Development of a crypto-friendly payment gateway start with Credit Cards start
    - Development of the crypto-friendly payment gateway on mobile (iOS & Android) start
    - Open multi currencies bank account for BitcoinBlink.com
    - Credit Card Withdrawal
    - Fiat Withdrawal (SEPA Bank transfer)
    - Fiat Withdrawal (International Bank Transfer SWIFT)

  9. Integration of Product & Services payable with Cryptocurrencies & BSTK

  10. Creation of Stable Coin (fiat & other assets) with Quarterly Audit - Using our blockchain

  11. Features & Margin trading on the Crypto to Crypto platform

  12. Creation of the Crypto lending olatform

  13. Adaptation of the project

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Corona Virus Pandemic Impacts on Economy

Corona Virus Pandemic Impacts on Economy

The pandemic we are experiencing now that is caused by a Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) has devastated many people. However, we still are limited in acquiring the information about many sides and effects that this virus caused to our life, society and even our planet. Finding that kind of information requires some of the expertise as well as the knowledge that understands every factor related to the subject.

David Utley, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, said:
The subject of corona is very serious and that is not going to change anytime soon, however the environmental impact is a positive one. This reaction to such a serious issue, such as regional lockdowns and limited consumer movement, has done more for the environment than years of environmental campaigning. There is a serious question here. Will we as consumers change as a result of this truly awful crisis?

He said that many countries are applying the lockdowns method to limit the spread of the virus. However, this move also brings a more positive effect on the environment, which is more than the years of effort to campaign for saving our environment. However, he also doubts that the consumer will truly change in the future after this crisis is over.

GlobalData also provides information about this change in the UK region. It said that 45% of consumers start to buy products that don’t cause any harm to the environment. And, among that number, 41% of it stated that they are interested to do this environmentally friendlier buying activity. It means that there is a chance they will change.

Even though it starts to show a good sign, Utley also said that there is a chance it will go back like before. After the crisis is gone, he predicted that consumers will start to “compensate” for what they lost during the crisis. So, the bad habit of this past will happen again. Moreover, the company will start to overproduce the product to fulfill the demands of the consumer. This situation also brings another damage to the environment, which makes the positive effect that happens during the crisis, mostly will disappear.