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Find The Best Insurance Information and Plan Fast by Using Kuverit

Find The Best Insurance Information and Plan Fast by Using Kuverit

More and more people understand the importance of insurance to protect their future. The problem is that it is tricky to find the best insurance. Even, the insurers have to face fraud or flawed insurance product which makes them unable to feel the benefits. Kuverit is an insurance platform which helps insurers to get a maximal result from the insurance plan they take.

Key Features of Kuverit

Use Smart Technology
What makes Kuverit different than any platform is that it is powered by blockchain technology. This technology support people who want to know more about insurance as well as to buy the best insurance product. It facilitates people, especially insurance users to use smart technology such as a smartphone to get any important information about insurance.

Easy to Access
Because insurers are able to use their smartphone, Kuverit can be accessed by using a specific application namely Kuverit smart insurance application. The users are able to use the platform for an instant payment and claim system. The best part of using this blockchain based platform is that the users get more options with a few problems.

Secure and Safe Insurance Platform
The platform cares about the security and safety of the users. Kuverit is also supported by some features which help the users to check the reputation of a stranger or new person before making a deal with them. By using this platform, users can reduce the risk of financial loss. The chance to get the best insurance company and insurance plan will be bigger. This is also a good protection system to prevent scammer by using the latest security technology.

Easy Transaction with KUV Token
Just like any blockchain based platform, Kuverit uses cryptocurrency and token to support any activities. The token makes any insurance transactions from the platform simple, easy, and fast. The users need to use KUV token. For those who don’t have the token yet, they can buy the token froam Token Sale by using any cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP, and many more. The price of the token is $0.99 per token. The token will be transferred to your e-wallet and you can use it for any activities while using Kuverit.

Limit Fraud and Flawed Insurance
The platform is developed for the users who want to find more information and safe insurance program. This platform is trying to defend against the common issue, especially fraud and flawed insurance. At the same time, the developer is offering a revolutionary way to get the best insurance in the most comfortable, easiest, and safest way. The most important thing is that you can feel the benefits of the insurance plan maximally. The platform helps to manage your insurance plan and the latest update well.

The explanation above shows that finding the best insurance program is easy to do. Kuverit knows what to do and the platform is developed based on the needs of the users toward valuable insurance plan. As the result, people are sure to use insurance without anything to worry about. Anytime they want to know the latest information about insurance, they can just use the platform and check it via smartphone. Then, they can use cryptocurrencies to do some transactions.

Kuverit Team
  • Daniel Drury, Founder - CEO Ireland Ltd
  • Daniel McManus, Co- Founder Finance Director
  • James Packham, CEO - Kuverit UK - Malta
  • Pavel Martynov, Lead Developer
  • Guido S Krummacher, Advisor - Contributor Committee NED
  • Paul Wordley, Advisor & Compliance
  • David Baumholzer, Advisor
  • Tony Banks, Advisor
  • Amar Shah, Advisor
  • Ben Terry, Advisor - Marketing
  • Paul Baker, Advisor & Tax Planning
  • Nat & Chanida, Advisors - Sales
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Kuverit Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #KUV team!


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  Official Websitehttps://www.kuverit.io
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Key Advantages of BitValve Platform

Key Advantages of BitValve Platform

When you hear about the term of decentralized, then you might think about P2P exchange. However, you might be too naive to find out how the P2P network worked. Shortly, users do not need the central server in order to manage this file sharing. Instead, this is completely decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing program. Just after the Bitcoins hit the market, the ideas of the P2P network and decentralization becomes clear for many people. The basic characteristic of a decentralized system is they are operated by people instead of government, bank or central authority. So, it would be pretty different.

Why You Use BitValve?
Firstly, BitValve might aim to disturb the current P2P exchange by introducing very unique and complete features for all people around the world. They offer you an idea that many people in this world can access, purchasing and selling their favorite cryptocurrencies by using any payment method available. Although you might have witnessed the growth of the buying and selling cryptocurrencies industry, this industry still in the growth process and still give you the key advantages as well.

Besides that, the existing peer to peer exchange usually offers you a higher price which supporting cryptocurrency in limited number and does not allow crypto-to-crypto trading. Plus, there are many exchanges offer users with very basic and complex to understand and sometimes lack support for Android or Apple apps as well as have weak information security. Sometimes it relies on the stiff and slow process, including of the limited payment methods and the limited availability. Because there are two main P2P exchanges in this market, the professional users and traders do not have alternative options to get better peer-to-peer trading experience.

The Comparision Features
Escrow Fee1%1%0.5%
Crypto to fiat trading
Crypto to crypto tradingxx
Easy to use Interfacexx
Mobile Appsxx
KYC optionalx
Security levelMediumMediumHigh
Encrypted TradesUnknownUnknownx
Dispute ResolutionExpensiveExpensiveAffordable
24/7 Supportxx

But, in BitValve, then they will make P2P exchange platform along with main advantages which change the way people trade peer-to-peer by combining all of the benefits of the current exchanges and addressing these downsides which make market does not get their full potentials. This platform will not only targeting the professional traders but also normal users who want to exchange their coins for other cryptos in a more efficient, fast and effective way.

How P2P Exchange Works?
In order to eliminate the brokers and third-party, then it will leave all of the work on the node which been participated in that trade. Traditionally, after you generate the sell or purchasing order, then you will forget them and the automatic trading engine will match your order automatically with those optimized buyers. However, this peer-to-peer model sometimes leaves the users with the manual work. Instead of matching the orders, then this exchange will suit for anyone. Sell or purchase in the network will not take by a system. The buyer should click the link and tell the seller that he interesting in buying the sale order and as the result, the seller should check whether any buyer shy on any interest to buy that released sale order.

Although this software is very suitable for seller and buyer without any third-party, it might lose the vitality when it spends all of the necessary resources all the time. The Bitcoin permission might take around 5 minutes to hours. Because there is no third-party or middleman, then the transaction rate sometimes becomes too slow. Now, this creates complete procedure become the boring job until you will find BitValve exchange platform.

They Are Key Advantages of Using P2P Exchange
The buzz around this decentralized system is real and here some reasons:
  • An Affordable Cost of Operation
    Once again, the influence of people in regular exchange will mean that you get extra spending, in other hands, P2P exchange will run by software. This software does not charge you with the transaction fee or brokerage fees. You should know that transactional fee is very optional in digital or trading cryptocurrencies. So, it is very optional when users want their transactions were validated by the miner immediately.
  • The Censorship or Transaction
    You should know that a decentralized system might allow anyone to access the same copy of ledgers. They will be more prone to be hacked or even manipulated. The authority control can disturb or intervene the ledger. This P2P system does not have a central authority to control and almost no chances for tampering. Even, if the system was hacked, those people should heck 59 percent of nodes to change the ledger of that nodes. It sounds impossible anyway.
  • The Private Sustenance
    The central exchange system will ask every minute details related to the enroller. The government had established the KYC regulations, means that they have all of the details, in P2P case, the government cannot apply the brute force in the process of KYC. Thus, all of the transactions can be done anonymously.
  • Of course, it is Secure Channel
    The P2P exchange is completely secure because it does not save cryptocurrencies for users. It only makes seller and buyer meet and minimizes the risk as well.

These Tips Guide You To Get The Bbest Exchange?
Always Get More Information About Exchange
You should look for more basic information such as the location, the market that they focused on and the founder as the first step to choose your best exchange. As we know that Bitcoin still becomes the unregulated currency in many states, however, many things were changing. During some years, the situation looks better than today. This is also very important to know the exchange location and find out more about the exchange founders.

Trading Fees
The trading costs money – of course, this is a reason why exchange to stay in this business. Usually, the exchange will charge a small percentage of the amount that you traded. Usually, there is the sale scale which reduces the fee percentage when the monthly trading volume rising. This is the way of exchange generates money.

Ease of Use
Having simple interface which is so easy to use along with fast loading is something that anyone loves. However, the support for the cellular device even more important. But, the support for the cellular device is more important. The users who plan to trade should get a double check.

To get early access to the platform and learn more about the BitValve as P2P Crypto Exchange, check this out: https://www.bitvalve.com
Mitoshi: A Blockchain Based Gaming Platform for A Fair, Secure, and Transparent

Mitoshi: A Blockchain Based Gaming Platform for A Fair, Secure, and Transparent

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are applicable for most industries including the gaming industry. It can be seen from a specific gaming platform such as Mitoshi. Let’s learn more about Mitoshi and the way blockchain and cryptocurrencies support this gaming platform.

About Mitoshi
Mitoshi is an online gaming and lottery platform. The difference between this gaming platform and the other platforms is that the platform is supported by blockchain technology. Because of that, the gamers who also a cryptocurrencies holder are able to join the game. They can join the crypto lotteries game along with some benefits given by the platform. Using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology it doesn’t mean that the gamers can’t use fiat money. The gamers are able to buy the Mitoshi token or known as Mitoshi Crypolotto tokens by using fiat money or cryptocurrencies. This platform is designed for Asian, North America, and Europe lottery gamers.

Solution of Mitoshi
Mitoshi is not only designed to accommodate online lottery gamers with a gaming platform but they also have some missions in promoting this platform. The developer is trying to create a comfortable online lottery platform in which the users get fair, secure, and transparent process. This is also because the developer wants to create a leading online lottery gaming platform with blockchain and cryptocurrencies technology. It seems that this platform is designed as a solution for those who often worry to play a lottery game due to the lack of fairness transparency. At the same time, the platform also solves the lack of innovation program by giving a revolutionary way in playing the lottery.

There are several features prepared by the developer to accommodate people who want to use Mitoshi in the most comfortable way. For example, people can download and install the mobile application so they can access this platform easily only from their beloved smartphone. The application provides the users with any information related to the lottery gaming. The application is also used to the users who want to buy lotto tickets. To support the activities, the users are supported by an e-wallet. This is the place to put the cryptocurrencies deposit or transfer the cryptocurrencies before playing the online lottery from the platform.

One of the important elements in a blockchain based platform is a token. Mitoshi also provides the users with a specific token known as Mitoshi Crypolotto token or MTSH. The token is a useful item because it will be used to play the lottery games or any activities while using the platform. The users can buy Mitoshi Crypolotto token by using different types of cryptocurrencies such as ETH and BTC. The users can also buy the token by using FIAT money such as buying it by using USD currency.

The point is that Mitoshi is trying to offer a new lottery gaming experience, especially for those who love to play the lottery and use cryptocurrencies. By playing the lottery from this platform, the users can feel the great experience and get more benefits. The users can also feel how blockchain technology works to support the gaming industry including an online lottery gaming. The main achievement is that the users can play the lottery in the most comfortable and secure platform and get fair experience.

Mitoshi will start with a supply of 1,000,000,000 MTSH, of which 680,000,000 will be distributed to investors during the Token Sale, 150,000,000 will be distributed for Team, 100,000,000 will be reserved for Advisors and Partners, and remaining 70,000,000 will be reserved for Bounties and Airdrops.

Token Information
  • Token Name: Mitoshi
  • Token Ticker: MTSH
  • Token Protocol: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 MTSH
  • Token Available for Sales: 680,000,000 MTSH
  • Token Price: US$0.20
  • Soft Cap: US$10 Million
  • Hard Cap: US$100 Million
  • Minimum investment: 2 ETH or $500
  • Payment Accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC and USD

So don't missed to be part of Mitoshi CryptoLotto ICO! More detail about #MTSH Token sale, please check Official website and subscribed on Bitcointalk announcements.

Mitoshi Team
  • TC Picardo, CEO & Founder
  • Norman Velasco, COO & Co-Founder
  • Nikita Melnikov, Blockchain & Smart Contract Advisor
  • Kim Zafra, Technical Game Advisor / Game Mathematecian
  • Natthavong Jumchai, Business Development Director
  • Charles Greenwood, Business Development, UK & Europe
  • Jocelyn Peralta, Finance & Accounting
  • Sergey Provalinski, Front-end Developer
  • Alexander Podrezov, Back-end Developer
  • Kalinouski Konstantin, Protocol Architect
  • Julia Drobnitsa, UX / IU Designer
  • Jerick Alcancia, Motion Graphic Artist
  • Rowena Ma. Clara Cos, Copywriter
  • Kashif Syed, Social Media Management
  • Raizalyn Razo, Community Management
  • Celeste Paras, Community Management (English)
  • Chen Chee Fah, Community Management (Mandarin)
  • Awele Kimberly Ajiduah, Content Management
  • Philip Smart Kolawole, Community Management
  • Hazel Olivar, Community Management
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Mitoshi Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #MTSH team!


Quick Link
  Official Websitehttps://www.mitoshi.io
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ETH Address: 0x0123a524a2d5A69d9E934750951a519dcB552E59
Get Affordable and Easy Solution with BitValve

Get Affordable and Easy Solution with BitValve

The sharing or exchange of data, information or assets among parties without any connection with the central authority, P2P or known as the peer-to-peer will take the decentralized approach to interact between persons and groups. This approach had used in a computer and networking as well as the currency trading. So, you might think that P2P exchange is your best solution.

How is P2P Decentralized Exchange Work Actually?
The Peer-to-peer decentralized exchange will work completely individual depending on the software that supports it. All of the exchange aspects will be operated and maintained throughout this platform and there is no additional requirement for the third party to support this trade or build up the trusts. All of the transactions which operate in a decentralized way was verified by cryptography, therefore, eliminating the need of third-party.

The cryptocurrency exchange is the market where seller and buyer can do the transaction, For example, someone who wants to sell Bitcoin can use the exchange address to deposit their balance to sell their bitcoins or even other cryptocurrencies. Someone who wants to buy something on the exchange will deposit their own money to the exchange and they will use it to buy coins from seller. By this way, the relationship between centralized bank and government authority to facilitate each process means that the significant reducing. You should know that the lack of third-party need also means that the processing time is lower and for some reasons, the decentralized process is more popular as well as the more people and organizations exploring this new and very interesting process.

So, what is BitValve?
With BitValve, they will offer you with P2P exchange platform and the direct platform of Paxful and Local Bitcoin along with the main advantages which change how the way people get peer to peer trading. BitValve is the platform aims to utilize the benefits of decentralized exchanges, while, at the same time, eliminate the drawbacks of the current decentralized exchanges. Combining all of the benefits of current exchanges and handle the downsides which make market from achieving its full potency.

This platform will not only target professional traders, however, the normal users who only want to exchange their coins for bitcoin, fiat or even other cryptos in an affordable, fast and more efficient way. There are many benefits that you can by using BitValve. For more detailed information, then you are able to go to its official site.

Here Some Advantages of Using BitValve
This platform targets the benefits of the decentralized exchange, at the same, removing the downsides of this decentralized exchange. There are some advantages as follow:
  • Up to 50% less fees
  • Multi Cryptocurrency Support
  • Crypto to Crypto Trading
  • Unique UX and UI designs
  • Official Mobile Apps
  • Enhanced Security and Availability
  • 24/7 Support and Dispute Resolution

If we talk about P2P technically, then each transaction is P2P (peer-to-peer) transfer. Whether you using credit cards, cash or ACH payments. Although in recent years, the definition of P2P had developed to describe a new way of money exchanges, services, and goods - which does not rely on the traditional mediator such as credit card companies or banks. In many options, this newer P2P option very close with the bartering or cash, expecting that all of the transfers can happen in the wider distance without two “peers” ever meet. However, in many ways, P2P transfer does not like barter or cash. But, when it comes to the P2P transfer, what are main advantages and downsides, especially when talking about the ease of use and security. This is very difficult to generalize because so many different approaches, however, Bitcoin is the perfect example of P2P concept which is taken to the extreme.

Here The Pros of P2P
The most appealing advantage of P2P transfer is the cost. All transactions will be processed electronically with the automatic system matches the buyer and seller without any mediator. As the result, Bitcoin and P2P system were designed with very low transaction fees to come from 0 to 1 percent. There are many users also enjoy this transparent price which been offered by P2P. The currency conversion was publicly listed and the precise rate was decided by supply and demand– not come from a bank or government. The P2P networks are safer in many ways. For example Bitcoin, there is the real-time ledger that visible by any people. This thing also makes this exchange is almost impossible for fraud or scam. Also, because it only needs very little personal information for any transaction, then the users do not have to feel worried about the data breaches. So, if you think that this is something that you’ve been looking for, then BitValve can be your best choice as well. P2P network also offers you with anonymity making these currencies such as Bitcoin for those who do not want to be inspected by regulators.

The Cons of P2P Exchange
Although this exchange has incredible benefits as mentioned earlier, it still has some downsides as well.
  • The unpredictability. You should know that currencies like Bitcoin can be converted to the dollars, yen or euro in an easier way, but there is no guarantee that you will get the original value of any transaction that you get with the P2P currency.
  • The refunds were nonexistent or may very hard to get. Without any middleman, then it would be so difficult to dispute the charge. Finally, the seller will decide whether to ask refund or nit.
  • The things above also make the accounting getting harder. Whether you want to input the original value of a transaction, the basic value of product sold or the new value as well.
  • It can be said that the biggest downside is the speculation. However, BitValve offers you unique features and great solutions to address those downsides. For more information, then you have to check its official site. By using this BitValve exchange, then they will give you key advantages while addressing the drawbacks.

Bitvalve Team
  • Konstantinos Berios, Founder & Backend Engineer
  • Julien Gionis, Branding
  • Nikiforos Kollaros, UI/UX Designe
  • John Markostamos, Full Stack Engineer
  • Ben Kaufman, Blockchain Developer
  • Dr. Daniel Dimov, Legal Advisor
  • Simon Zenios, Corporate Law & ICO Expert
  • Anthony Manfre, ICO Advisor
  • Mehdi Jelloul, ICO Strategist
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: BitValve Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #BTV team!


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  Official Websitehttps://www.bitvalve.com
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Bluenote Project Will Change the World in The Future

Bluenote Project Will Change the World in The Future

The building is one of the main factors that cause a global warming effect. The reason is today’s building hasn’t been able to use the energy optimally. The building we can find today still waste more energy than it should be. This increases the usage of energy significantly. So, if we want to reduce the global warming effect, we need to deal with the building first. This is what the Bluenote project offered.

What is Bluenote Project?
The Bluenote project creates an environment where all information about energy efficiency and how to apply it to the building can be shared easily. Currently, this kind of information is held by a certain party, which if you want to access it, it is really difficult. You may need to spend more money and time just to access this information.

The truth is, if the information about building energy efficiency and usage can be published and shared, it will improve the development of the energy usage on all buildings. Thus, it will speed up the effort to reduce the global warming effect by eliminating the main source of this problem. All buildings will have better energy efficiency. This is the goal that Bluenote has.

Bluenote will facilitate the need of this information. This is an innovative service that can help the effort to reduce the negative effect of global warming fruits a real result.

The Benefits of Bluenote Service
There are two parties that get the benefits from the Bluenote service. The first one is the building owner. They will be able to get information that they can use to make their building has better energy usage system. This will change the building into a more environmental friendlier building. It doesn’t only help to deal with global warming. But, it also can save the building operational cost, so it gives more benefits to the owner.

The other party that gets benefits from Bluenote is the expert in the energy industry or those who have skill in this field. The Bluenote platform will make them easily find those who need their expertise, such as those building owners. It will help the building owner to get help to check their building and help them to develop the good energy system for their building. And, the expert can get income from this service.

The Bluenote Tokens
Bluenote uses Ethereum - ERC20 token, the BNOW. The token and reward system that Bluenote provide is one of the best features we can find in this project. You can get this token from their IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)  event and Bounty program. The user can use it for many things inside, such as using the special feature, buy and get the service, and many more. The reward system also will become a great incentive that can boost the speed to reach the goal that we explained above.

Bluenote offers the best solution for the global warming problem that we have today. It focuses on the root of the problem. Moreover, for its user, they will have the best platform with a lot of benefits. So, if you are interested, investing in this project is a good decision. Who knows, maybe you will become part of an important change in the future.

Bluenote will start with a supply of 12,500,000,000 BNOW, of which 6,250,000,000 will be distributed to investors during the Token Sale, 2,500,000,000 will be reserved for Reward Pool, 1,250,000,000 will be reserved for Early Investors, 1,250,000,000 will be reserved for Founders, and remaining 1,250,000,000 will be reserved for Bluenote World AG.

Token Information
  • Token Name: Bluenote
  • Token Ticker: BNOW
  • Token Protocol: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 12,500,000,000 BNOW
  • Token Available for Sales: 6,250,000,000 BNOW
  • Token Price: CHF 0.01
  • Private Sale: June 2018 - November 2018
  • Public Sale: December 20, 2018 - TBA
  • Soft Cap: CHF 2,500,000 (CHF 10 million has been raised as of December 2018 in the Private Sale)
  • Hard Cap: CHF 20,000,000
  • Minimum investment: CHF 100
  • Payment Accepted: BTC
* CHF = Swiss Francs (Swiss national currency)
* Unsold tokens will be allocated to Bluenote World AG, which will not sell more than CHF 10 million per year in tokens, not before 2020.

With the following early bird bonuses structure:
  • 1st  200M BNOW : 25% bonus
  • 2nd 200M BNOW : 15% bonus
  • 3rd  200M BNOW : 10% bonus
  • 4th  200M BNOW : 5% bonus
  • 5th  200M BNOW : no bonusess
So don't missed to be part of Bluenote! More detail about #BNOW Public Sale, please check Bluenote Public Sale and subscribed on Bitcointalk announcements.

Author: CryptoSmile
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Cryptocurrency Tips and Tricks : How to Make Money with DINNGO

Cryptocurrency Tips and Tricks : How to Make Money with DINNGO

DINNGO is one of many digital currencies you may find nowadays. It offers you various features and benefits by purchasing and using this currency for transactions. DINNGO is managed by a team with individuals who master what their fields after all.

Nowadays, it seems very common to know the latest cryptocurrency craze since anything will be using the digital currency. Litecoin and Bitcoin become two names with the highest exchange. DINNGO with DGO as its currency will help you to make money and we are going to learn the steps in this article.

Buy and Trade a Cryptocurrency
The first thing you must do before making money with cryptocurrency is buying one of them. In this case, we are using DGO for the transaction. The price is still reasonable and it will get higher and higher in the future.

Other than that, DINNGO offers a friendly yet super-clean user interface. It will be the best way to start your money making process. Once you have created your account and purchase the coin with the market rate, you will need to hold until the selling time is on. Just wait until the price gets higher.

Since this is an investment, you still need to be careful with anything and any possibility. The prices of cryptocurrency fluctuate without you know it sometimes. Also, you must ensure that you are on the reputable exchange in the first place. Later, you can focus on to sell your DGO once the price ups.

Transactions with Cryptocurrency
If you buy DGO for investment, you will need to make transactions like purchasing and accepting payment with DGO as well. A digital wallet would be needed in order to fulfill this process. If you are selling goods or services then you may ask your clients to pay by using DGO instead.

DGO might not be widely used right now so you may ask your clients to pay by using Bitcoin or Litecoin. Later, you can exchange it with DGO. It works similar to the first point we have explained in this article. Once you have the cryptocurrency in your digital wallet, all you need to do is the way until the price ups. Later, you just need to sell it and grab the profit.

Mine The Cryptocurrency Coins
It is very possible to mine your DINNGO coins. However, it is not the day when you can just mine your coins by using the home computer. You will need rigs and the obstacles might be a lot when you want to make money through mining the coins.

The first thing you need to do is investing in a good brand of graphics cards with the best setup. It has something to do with the computer setting so make sure that you hire a professional who can build a strong computer. The main point is that the price might be ups and downs. You need to wait until the price is good enough so you can sell your DGO to get profit.

  • HSUAN-TING CHU, Chief Executive Officer
  • BLAKE HO, Chief Operating Officer
  • BEN HUANG, Chief Blockchain Officer
  • HSING FAN, Compliance Lead
  • ALICE WU, Designer
  • ALBERT LIN, Senior Software Engineer
  • YK CHU, Managing Director of WI Harper Group
  • JOSEPH FAN, Venture Partner with WI Harper, Vice Chairman & CEO of Kbro Company Ltd.
  • TIM HSU, Founder of Hacks In Taiwan Conference (HITCON)
  • ANTHONY STATEN, Financial Services Executive and ex-PwC and Accenture Consulting Manager
  • SCOFIELD YEH, CTO and cofounder of MagV
  • RONALD YU, CEO of Autopass, serial entrepreneur in Fintech industry
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: DINNGO Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #DGO team!


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  Official Websitehttps://dinngo.co
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ALCEDO Will Make Cryptocurrency Easy to Use in The Future

ALCEDO Will Make Cryptocurrency Easy to Use in The Future

Cryptocurrency is said to be the currency of the future. We will use it for transaction and payment in all aspect of our life. However, if we look at today’s currency system, we don’t see any sign that that statement becomes a reality. It is still far from what we imagined when the cryptocurrency was first created until we found the ALCEDO project. It seems a promising solution for that problem.

What is ALCEDO Project?
In simplest words, ALCEDO is a project that wants to make the dream of cryptocurrency that can be used for everyday payment, come true. We can see that the team behind this project was really serious to make that happen. It can be seen from what they’ve been doing for these past 2 years, or since 2016 when they started this project.

What ALCEDO Do and Offers?
There are several great things that you can get from ALCEDO. First of all is the ALCEDO Platform. Using the latest Blockchain technology, the team provides an environment or system where cryptocurrency can be easily exchanged. Basically, you don’t need to go through a long and complicated process to buy, sell, or use cryptocurrency. It’s all simplified through this platform.

There are also ALCEDO-Points. This is like a place where you can do the transaction directly. The transaction here means you can buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrency. Currently, the ALCEDO teams have started this service in several places in Germany since September 1st, 2018. So, if you live in Germany, you can easily use their service.

ALCEDO project also plans to provide the cryptocurrency ATM for their service. Currently, they still focus on the Germany area. But, who knows, in the future, maybe they can provide more ATM to access the cryptocurrency (buy, sell, or exchange) in other countries.

The cryptocurrency ATM itself will help you to do the transaction much easier. You also don’t need to go to the ALCEDO Points to do that. This will help you to save more time.

And, just like other Blockchain-based projects, ALCEDO also offers the token for their user. It’s called ALCEDO-Coin (ALCE). They use the ERC-20 platform as the base for creating this token. So, you won’t have any problem to use this well-known platform.

The token itself is used for many purposes. But, mostly, we can use it to get discount or free of charge when we do the transaction using the ALCEDO Platform. Without coin, we still can do the transaction, but we must pay the transaction fee. And, you can get the token from the ICO event held by ALCEDO team.


ALCEDO Platform is indeed a great and promising project for implementing cryptocurrency into our everyday’s life and activities. It provides many useful features that will help you to do everything much easier using cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, most of their services are only available for Germany area. It will be difficult if you live in other countries, so you may need to consider before investing in this project.

  • Dipl. Ing. Hermann Sanktjohanser, Co-Founder and CEO
  • Ingo Hofbauer, CFO
  • Maximilian Sanktjohanser, Co-Founder and Director
  • Radoslav Manev, CTO / Head of our Development-Team
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: ALCEDO Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #ALCE team!


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