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SocialChains : The Trusted Choice of Decentralized Social Media Platform for Cryptocurrency

SocialChains : The Trusted Choice of Decentralized Social Media Platform for Cryptocurrency

Do you want to take a deal with cryptocurrency easily? You can take a main choice of cryptocurrency platform. There are some kinds of the platforms available in the market. One of the platforms is Socialchains.io. What makes you choose this platform than the other ones? Of course, it needs to know the following reasons.

Decentralized Social Media Platform
When you hear socialchains, of course you will know that it is a trusted platform. SocialChains is a decentralized and also social media ecosystem verified and trusted users. This platform is finally ending the existed fake in all networks of social media. This platform is really useful to everyone. It regards and appreciates on the membership and participation by offering points, tokens, and parts of profits of company based on the levels of users’ activity.

Of course, it sounds to be promising to use it. You can get benefits of the token and coins use from this platform for some purposes. Token and point exchange is used to change for cryptocurrency or fiat. The verification is possibly used for users to participate in forum and public feed. It is contributing for postings, adding contacts, and finally buy and seel goods and services in this platform.

Being a Great Online Community Platform
Socialchains is a greatly recommended online community platform. It is effectively being an online global community safely for token and cryptocurrency choice. The verification enables the users to participate in a forum and public feed. It is also being a safe online global community. This community will have 60 percent of issued token giving the users points in the platform.

You may learn it more to know about socialchains. The SocialChains is a social platform moved and operated by the users focusing more on the provider of safely digital environment for society. This platform cares to the security and privacy of the users. The platform will distribute the social wealth to community. In addition, the users get an access to the application of contact relationship to send and track the contact spot with their contacts in the platform.

The access to application will pass through a website application and smartphone with the ability to insert user’s email accounts such as Gmail, Office 365, and many more. By using this CRM inbuilt system business, it is directly promoting products and services. It also approaches the clients’ to be to verify the platform.

Promising Profits
Using Socialchains is much working well. It is able to grow the social wealth distribution. The profit of using this platform is divided to be members. The sharing of profits will increase from 33 % to be 50% due to the growth and development of this platform. Socialchains will verify all users outside of special verification process with social environment where all users believe that they can interact to people and business in a real world. As a reward, users can get tokens, points, and profits when they participate in this social wealth distribution in the platform.

SocialChains Team
  • Srini Katta, Founder, Chairman & CEO
  • Hubert Vaz-Nayak, COO
  • Zane Edwards, CMO
  • Issac Jayaraj, VP HR
  • Sandeep Tyagi, Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Official website or Join Telegram to communicate with #SOCT team!


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  Official Websitehttps://socialchains.io
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Make The Food Affordable and Accessible Through eHarvestHub

Make The Food Affordable and Accessible Through eHarvestHub

eHarvestHub is a new innovation that can help the customer in buying all the product without using virtual money. So, the customer not only can use EHH token to pay in every transaction. It gives opportunity to the clients using EHH token, so they will more familiar with this new methods of transaction.

The company has made good cooperation with some banks and other institutions related to this new system transaction. And several rules are given to this new system. There will be more discounts when we use these methods.
Comparison Using and Without Blockchain Technology
Blockchain to make the food more affordable and accessible
  1. Blockchain date and location
    It helps to share the right location. So, the ledger will be easy in monitoring the food labeling. The data can be access everywhere because it is available in the network.
  2. Blockchain shared economy
    It means that they can do the direct transaction between, the farmer, the distributor, and the market place. The decentralization system in this company help to low the distribution costs.
  3. Smart contracts
    The smart contract is made between the farmer, distributor, and the seller. It helps the payment, so all of them get the transparent financial. All of them have to obey the contracts to make sure everything can run well.

Without Blockchain to make the food more affordable and accessible
  1. Farm Data
    The non-technical and technical information can be recorded. It is used to verify the production of the food, the amount, and the quality.
  2. Traceability and transparency
    It helps to make chain and identify the middlemen.
  3. Unenforceable contracts
    It is important because of the inefficient payment process and price extortion. The increasing costs also can happen during the transaction, so we need the unenforceable contacts in this business.
  4. Food Waste
    The cost make the transaction need more time. So, it can affect the quality of the products and also the spoilage. The food labeling can help to identify, monitor, and produce the sources.

The Solutions offered by eHarvestHub
The product is related expensive, so it is hard to attract the customer. The expensive price is caused by the zigzag process from the farmer up to the grocery. So, it needs more cost for the distribution process. However, the farmers and the distributor only get small profit.

The eHarvestHub provides the fresh food that affordable and accessible to connect the farmers, the grocery, and the distributor. So, the consumer can pay with cheaper price. It can increase the transaction of the products.

The market has spread out all over the world. So, all of the people in the world can buy the token to help the in the transaction of the product. This company also supported by the great team that can help to improve the company.

To join the ICO, we can directly register in the website. It is accessible for everyone. Just write down your name and prepare your email address. And then, you can follow the registration process.

eHarvestHub Team
  • Alvaro Ramirez, Founder & CFO
  • Francisco Rojas, COO
  • Quency Phillips, CMO
  • Diego Galeano, Lead Engineer & Full Stack Developer
  • Julio García, Mobile Engineer
  • Moisés Aburto, Full Stack & Blockchain Engineer
  • Danny Narváez, Mobile & Full Stack Engineer
  • Sergio Velazquez, Full Stack & Blockchain Engineer
  • Stephen Mc Namara, Co-founder Bitnet Technologies, Head of Blockchain R&D at Huawei Technologies
  • Mark Dowds, Chief Strategy Officer TROV Inc.
  • Maria Latuskhin, SVP Engineering Omaha Health
  • Garret Patricio, COO & General Counsel Westside Produce
  • Suzy L. Monford, President Food Quality Center
  • Louie Villarreal, Director of Produce Mi Pueblo Food Center
  • Heather Richman, Independent Consultant GreenLight Strategies LLC
  • Robert Stone, Crypto Investor and ICO Advisor
  • Shaf Zaman, Crypto Investo and ICO Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: eHarvestHub Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #EHH team!


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Subaj : Creative Solutions for Global Transaction Problems

Subaj : Creative Solutions for Global Transaction Problems

Buying or selling is not a strange activity in our daily life. Technically, it must be done based on the deal of two sides so that both can just find the benefits they need. Unfortunately, it is not happened in some cases. There is often one side which is being disadvantageous whether the price is too cheap or too expensive.

The presence of e-commerce in this digital era is very helpful for this matter. Both the customers and merchants have the same rights to get what they want. But if you think it is not enough, Subaj can just be a good solution for all. So, what is Subaj anyway? it is a kind of platforms that develop to solve problems commonly experienced in term of transactions. It creates a healthier environment for both merchants and customers for their own benefits. Besides, there are still some other advantages given including accessible facilities and even bonus and rewards.

How Subaj Works
Subaj is basically functioned as the marketplace in the digital world. Then, it provides stalls for companies, merchants, retailers, and others for free whatever the business they have. Then, the customers can just access them by searching. This way, the customers can just simply find the products they want to buy more easily. Meanwhile, the sellers also have more chances to sell their products without being afraid if the customers just want to do something bad like fraud or scam.

When you participate in Subaj, there is not only easiness in transaction you can just find. It is even more than that; you can also gain more profits by buying the SBJ tokens. Tokens are basically the Cryptocurrencies provided by the platform. Then, you can sell it anytime you want particularly when the value is increased. You can simply gain the profits anyway. Interestingly, the way Subaj works is not only about the profits. Some of the fund found in every transaction is kept for charity. Of course, it means all the participants also take a role for this. So, if you want to have more benefits and help people at once, this platform is definitely a great solution.

More Benefits Using Subaj Global Network
Money is not the only thing you find in Subaj. As it has been mentioned above, this transaction platform also provides some solutions for problems commonly occurred in our society. What are they? Subaj enables to provide instant access to any kinds of business or merchants. For customers, it is just great since anything you want is available just by tapping the icon of Subaj. Next, the provider applies a kind or system which is really transparent and flexible. Some features are added to ease the way sellers and customers communicate. Sure, if it is supported by good local connection, clear and real-time communication can just be conducted.

Subaj also implements some modern technologies, again, to gain both sellers and customers. Some examples are Geo Drop Technology and global active supports for the engagement. If you are interested in Subaj and thinking about joining, be sure to visit https://www.subaj.com.

  • Adebayo Surakatu, Founder & CEO
  • Knut Jacobi, Board Member & Advisor
  • Igor Pobirajko, ICO Project Manager
  • Dr.Mohamed Karim, Chief Financial Advisor
  • Antony Kozlov, Corporate Legal
  • Kateryna Pozd, Marketing & Social Media
  • Sergey Iaremenko, Automation and Computer-integrated technologies
  • Radchuk Mykhailo, UX/UI Developer & Analyst
  • Aliona Balatsanova, Project Manager
  • Rudenko Svitlana, IT Network & System Manager
  • Yevheniia Hlushchenko, SMM & Customer Care specialist
  • Abhimanyu Kumar, Project Manager
  • Rishabh Anand, Growth Hacker
  • Saurabh Singla, Business Developer
  • Kashif Syed, Merchant Community Manager
  • Ankush Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Prof. Dr. Mauro Andriotto, Chief Financial Officer & ICO Advisor
  • Shabaz Ahmed, ICO Advisor, Fintech Europe/MENA Region
  • Apporv Gupta, ICO Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Subaj Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #SBJ team!


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  Official Websitehttps://www.subaj.com
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Welcome To The New Banking World in Kryptobits

Welcome To The New Banking World in Kryptobits

There are many people who use banking products but they are not satisfied with the services of the bank. The world of banks cannot adapt to modern times. Banks cannot run efficiently. You live in a digital world so you have to choose another type of banking that is better than a conventional bank.

About Kryptobits
This is a new financial service using blockchain technology. This is a simple, honest, and fast banking service. Kryptobits is a novel, comprehensive blockchain ecosystem for banking and financial services that integrates crypto and fiat together in a unique platform. You can get a service that is easier, cheaper, and faster than the services of the bank you use today. You need to know the latest issues about the banking world as digital transactions are growing exponentially and this is why you need a fast-paced banking system to keep pace with the growth of digital transactions.

You can manage your money in a simple and fast way. You don't need to worry because you can apply for credit. You can move easily because of a safe investment. This is a transparent bank service because everyone can access this service.

You don't need any rules and no minimum investment. You can use this service traditionally or digitally. You can access your funds in various places and send the funds to anyone. You also get access to buy cryptocurrency, make financing, and withdraw funds using credit. You will gain full control to access your money because it is called instant money. You can withdraw money from various places without paying commissions.

  • Solutions for Banking Problems
    Kryptobits can solve the problems faced by traditional banks. You do not need an intermediary because you can get in touch with other people to do business and manage your money in a faster way. This platform became a leader of the new banking world. Blockchain banking is in front of your eyes.

    This platform is built in Europe because this continent is the center of the economy with the highest currency value compared to other continents. You must know the benefits to be gained after you purchase this token. There is a major reason to invest in this platform.
  • The Main Reasons
    The holders of the KBE tokens will get a discount automatically for exchange fees and this depends on the number of tokens purchased from the project. You will get a free cardboard to access all the features provided by this service such as Airdrop, FIAT transfer, loan, and so forth. This is the main currency to access all these benefits.

    Developers are very confident about this project so the team can convince you to invest in this project and buying the token. You can decide to sell or re-invest after 12 months. This is a new ecosystem for you that is proven to be safe. This is a unique platform and can answer the challenges in the banking world.
  • The Main Challenge
    The banking world also has many challenges because the crypto exchange is not practical with complicated procedures to integrate with conventional banks. This platform requires high technical expertise to run the system. This is because the platform has certain business requirements so it requires a high cost with a fairly complicated application.

Kryptobits Team
  • DANIEL PALOMA, Co-Founder & Executive Director
  • IGNACIO GERBERG, Director of Product Development
  • ALAIN AGUIRRE, Technical Management
  • PABLO ALONSO, Project Management
  • ARIEL YABO, Security Coordinator
  • CARLOS CALLEJO, Blockchain Analyst
  • ARTHUR WEISSMAN, Brand Ambassador & Financial Advisor
  • SEBASTIÁN WAIN, Security Advisor
  • JOSEF AJRAM, Trading Advisor
  • PABLO YABO, Blockchain Development Advisor
  • ISRA GARCIA, Marketing Management & ICO Advisor
  • VICTOR RONCO, Marketing Advisor
  • JEFF BULLAS, Digital Business Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Kryptobits Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #KBE team!


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ALLUXE For Secure and Confidential Transactions

ALLUXE For Secure and Confidential Transactions

About Alluxe Platform
If you like luxury, then you should try this platform, you should read this review before joining this amazing project. ALLUXE is a blockchain-based luxury platform intended for convenient and transparent interaction of companies and customers in the luxe segment through crypto currencies and modern technologies. This technology aims to provide transparent and easy interaction for customers and companies located in the luxe segment using modern technology and cryptocurrency. You would not suspect that this is a smart solution for elite and wealthy people because these people need confidentiality, high-quality service, and comfort levels.

This platform can help you to rent luxury real estate, buy a yacht, and rent a premium car, and do a vacation or business trip. All the luxuries can be obtained from this platform. You will be amazed to see how easy it is to use this technology.

You can buy motorcycles that come from premium brands. You can also buy jewelry through this platform. Fancy watches can also be yours by making transactions through this currency. You can rent helicopters, private jets, and yachts. You can stay in luxury hotels or buy expensive homes for your family.

The main feature of Alluxe platform is blockchain technology that can make the system safe, open, and transparent. This technology can reduce transaction costs because it can simplify the rental and purchase system. Developers use smart contracts to conduct bureaucratic processes with a secure system. This is a new standard that can benefit all users.

Benefits of Using Alluxe Platform
You will get a better offer when you become a member of Alluxe platform. Crypto wallet will provide comfort and security guarantee transaction. This wallet can convert the currency into fiat currency so you can use your profits easily. LXC can be transferred to other currencies such as Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). Coins have limited inventory and will increase according to the number of requests from buyers and sellers.
  • Standard Member
    You can download this application and register as a member. Maybe you do not want to register but you can still use this platform in the limited mode so there is some information that is not provided by the developer. You also canot perform the transaction without becoming a member. You can use referral and loyalty programs. This program aims to stimulate the activities undertaken by the user.
  • VIP Member
    If you become a VIP member, then you will be a member with the most active status. You should know that the slot for this member is limited. The developer assigns a slot to increase the value on that status. This member will get all the standard services. You will get invitations for luxury brands.

    You can enjoy the service for 24 hours a week. You will become a private club member so you can get acquainted with other members who can open up business possibilities for you. You will get offers for all categories.

The platform accepts only currencies consisting of Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and fiat currencies valued at $ and €. This system is compatible with the token. If you want to transact safely, then you should provide additional information and create a wallet. This is an important part of this process. Information about your identity will not be given to third parties.

Alluxe Team
  • Dimitri Lebed, CEO
  • Mikhail Makeev, CTO
  • Olzhas Dyusembayev, Art Director
  • Sabrina Serrano, Social & Content Manager
  • Julia Derbysheva, BizDev Manager
  • Alexander Nedorezov, iOS developer
  • Alexander Tretyak, Web-Frontend developer
  • Valentina Mashchenko, Copy-writer
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Alluxe Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #LXC team!


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CINDX Platform : The Best Answer For Investors

CINDX Platform : The Best Answer For Investors

Cryptocurrency markets have become popular in many countries. This market also has problems, there are some uncharted territories. There are some investors who have a lot of knowledge to estimate the profits of this market. The investor can use CINDX to invest in this market. You do not need any special skills or knowledge to make a profit in this market. This app has developed a secure system so you can choose the right manager. You can swap crypto safely to pay the cost of the manager's success. You will get a reasonable amount for that fee.

You can appoint managers who can produce a transparent process so you can choose a business strategy that is in line with market conditions. The statistics consist of the type of cryptocurrency traded, the risk level, work history, and so forth. Investors can find the most appropriate answer to manage the asset.

The Right Answer for Investors
If you are not sure about joining this project then you should see how this platform addresses your concerns about value. CINDX Platform can shift the wrong assumption about the relationship between managers and investors. The relationship becomes a fair cooperation because this platform can provide statistical data about the failure and success of the manager. This is a fair and transparent system.

This platform does not hide anything from your eyes. The industry will advise you to select managers based on trading results so that the platform provides the accurate value. You can also see creative accounting in the blockchain.

Ecosystems of CINDX Platform
Usually, this trading requires a lot of services. You need a third party for trading and analytics tools. This platform will provide all the services for you like a social network on a single ecosystem and crypto asset management. This platform organizes smart contracts with a transparent system so you can trade easily. You can view a unique ranking system that provides a list of world-class managers for users. You can see statistics, performance history, and so on.

Investors definitely need this information to get the right manager and manage the asset. Accounts from these managers will be synced through APIs with investor accounts. This feature is the same as other platforms.

Project Benefits
Managers will earn commissions paid each month. The manager will earn a commission for success and this fee will be paid upon approval by the investor. Sales of additional products also generate profits. The project also provides commissions for affiliates.

Smart Contract

The relationship between managers and investors will be governed by smart contracts. The first step is the manager will give you an offer. The manager will show the number of commissions for a successful trading transaction. Investors will determine the amount of investment. An agreement will occur when the investor accepts the offer. Investors should freeze 2% of the total investment to provide payments to managers.

The smart contract will provide information on the success of the trade. If the amount of funds that have been frozen is exhausted, then investors who subscribe to the manager will be terminated by the smart contract. This contract can be renewed automatically. If the manager does not do the job effectively, then the funds that have been frozen by the investor will return to the investor when the contract is over.

  • Yury Avdeev, Chief Executive Officer
  • Jason King, Chief Commercial Officer
  • Val Jerdes, Product Director
  • Mofassair Hossain, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Artur Shamalov, Investment Director
  • Debis Eskenazi, Product Marketing Director
  • Stefano Frumson, Compliance Officer
  • Ibraghim Haniev, Tech Lead
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Website or Join Telegram to communicate with #CINX team!


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Virtual Universe : Virtual Game in Reality Sensation

Virtual Universe : Virtual Game in Reality Sensation

Games are fun activities to do, most games are in form two dimension with less real sensation. As technology developed, gamers now can feel real sensation to be in the game. This game could give a real life experience as f you are in other virtual universe. Virtual Universe is a company that provides and develops a real life experience games four dimension. Go check www.vutoken.io.

Virtual Universe consists of epic game alike the holodeck. You could get to the artificial world with exciting and limitless storylines. you could experience and explore the new world. It feels as if you live in two universes. In the virtual world, you create and even share with other players. The setting seems so real with nature detail surrounding. The VU will definitely change the gaming era from two dimensions to four dimensions.

In order to play the game and feel the real sensation, you need to buy some token. The token only accepts ETH with ERC20 compatibility. Once you generate VU token it will apply for a lifetime game with one billion total. The pre sale for token is already opened once it is closed the unsold ones will be eradicated and burned. Token’ security is assured and already audited by chain security.

The token you buy will be distributed to user growth, token sale, bounty, VU team, partners, and pre-sale. Since this game is still developing and improving, the money you give for the token will help the creators to improve and to advance the VU game. Further about pricing details is provided in the website on crowdsale and token session. Token is only provided for six hundred million. In April 2018, the token Pre-Sale is opened. Go get the token so that you could enjoy the VU game later.

Firstly found 2013, now VU keeps developing. In September 2018, the private BETA will be launched. While it will become public launch in 2019. Do not forget to buy the token or you will regret it next year when the game is publicly launched. A sneak peek of the game also has been published through its website and its Youtube channel. You can watch and see how exciting the game will be.

As the game is created designed, and developed by many experts, VU can assure you the enjoy and excitement once you play the game. With more than thirty people, the team are working their best to make VU game perfect. Most of team are talented and the experts of game developing. Majority of team, they have creating game background.

The game quality is undoubted since the company is featured by some credible and famous university and graphic company such as University of California Irvine, Octans, Evo Nexus. ACMSIGGAPH, VRLA, and many others. To update further information or to contact them, VU could be reached through the website, facebook, telegram, github, instagram, linkedin, twitter, redit, discor, and medium. The game is highly predicted to be booming once it is launched.

VU Team
  • Ciaran Foley, Co-Founder
  • Jeroen Van Den Bosch, Co-Founder
  • Robert Curtis, Co-Founder
  • Jort Van Welbergen, Concept Artist
  • Charlie Hodara, AI Programmer
  • Brian Leleux, Lighting Texture and Shading Artist
  • Tom Plunket, Tools Programmer
  • Sean Runnels, Environmental Artist
  • Zachary Burke, Gameplay Mechanics Programmer
  • Hugo Beyer, Procedural Material Artist
  • Jacob Burke, 3D Modeler and Animator
  • Janet Ung, Concept Artist
  • Stephane Nepton, Real-Time FX Artist
  • Alex Moro, Quality Assurance Testing
  • Mitchell Lucas, Audio Engineering and Design
  • Mitchell Price, Advisors & Partners
  • Kevin McDonald, Advisors & Partners
  • John Ghadimi, Advisors & Partners
  • Ev Stanton, Advisors & Partners
  • Scott Brovsky, Advisors & Partners
  • David McNeil, Advisors & Partners
  • Rob Behnke, Advisors & Partners
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Virtual Universe Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #VU team!


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