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Protect Your Digital Data and Documents with Lynked.World

Protect Your Digital Data and Documents with Lynked.World

As we are now living in the digital world as well, it is important to keep our data safe. Do you ever wonder if the data, documents, and your own identity that you shared are protected? Are you sure there is no one else out there that can hack and open your private data? Now is the time to get all of those things secured with Lynked.World in the digital world.

What is the Lynked.World?
You can make a secure peer-to-peer network and manage it on your own or autonomously. Lynked.World is a platform built upon Blockchain Technology to verify digital identity, education and professional experience. Basically, this is a secure platform which is a blockchain based. You can use this service to control and share trusted documents, data, and identities digitally. The needs of this kind of sharing are usually both for institutions and individuals.
By using this service, you can no longer need to see the Trust and Authenticity in any different use cases of data, the selected data will be automatically scanned as a whole. You will also be able to have fewer expenses since you will have fewer intermediaries among the processes compared to the situation when you have not this Lynked.World applied. And most of all, you will not need to worry anymore to share documents and identities among your selected groups as you will be secured.

Who Can Use This Service?
Actually, anyone can use this recommended service. Since this service can connect, validate, and collaborate with everyone with more trust built between one entity to another entity. If you want to verify identities and validate experiences in your corporates or governmental section, this Lynked.World service is going to be very useful for you. The use will be similar to the human resource department as well. Banks are also recommended to utilize this in order to monitor the payments and remittance of all of the customers so that the banks can be even more secure and trusted.

To validate degrees and certificates, the education departments such as universities, colleges, schools, or training institutes also need this service. This kind of security is also mandatory for individuals such as students, freelancers, and job seekers apart from those groups mentioned.

The Features You Can Get
Since this digital security system is needed to safeguard and support in many aspects, of course, you will be able to enjoy several different features one you have applied Lynked.World in your circle. You can own digital wallet that is free from danger. Not like other digital wallets, in this one, you can also keep your identity safely to replace your identity card. This can be very useful when you forget to bring your actual wallet.

The next feature is configurable forms. For many necessities, the corporates or companies will need forms to get the job done easier and faster. This configurable forms would totally make your job smoother. Furthermore, you can also request a configurable QR Code both for individuals needs and groups ones. This feature is very useful when you want to share identity and documents with many other people. Instead of sending everyone email with the attached documents, you are only needed to show the QR Code and they can scan it themselves with their smartphones. If you are interested to know more, you can go to https://tokensale.lynked.world and use this obligatory service soon.

Lynked.World Team
  • Arun Kumar, Founder & CEO
  • Debashish Biswas, Global Strategy Advisor
  • Rishi, Chief Technology Officer
  • Alexander Mamasidikov, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Satya Prakash, Chief Cloud Architect
  • Meenakshi Mehra, Client Relationship
  • Saravana Kumar Malaichami, Blockchain Architect
  • Sunil Kumar, Business Development
  • Anil Boricha, Technical Team Lead
  • Jaydev Vaghela, Sr. Software Engineer

  • Shailendra Bhushan, Rtd. IAS, India
  • Ian Scarffe, Blockchain - ICO Advisor
  • Jason Hung, GFOB cofounder, ICOBench Top Advisor
  • Sydney Ifergan, Crypto & ICO Community Expert, ICO Advisor
  • Igor Karavaev, ICO Advisor
  • Anders Larsson, Founder allcoinWiki
  • Joakim Holmer, Founder allcoinWiki
  • Naviin Kapoor, Blockchain Expert
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Lynked.World Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #LYNK team!


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Author: CryptoSmile
Review.Network - The Solution for Feedback Problem

Review.Network - The Solution for Feedback Problem

One of the important things to do in the first stage of business planning is the market research. It will give you a clear image of the target market you are going to aim. From this data, you can create a strategy that matches with the condition in the field to maximize the profit you will get from your business. The problem is getting the accurate data can cost you a lot. However, we found an interesting project that provides the solution to this problem. It’s called Review.Network.

What is Review.Network?
Just like its name, this project creates a network for reviewing purpose. So, a product owner or a company can use this service to launch the beta version of their product to the user. Review.Network is an consumer-generated online review and primary market research platform employing blockchain technology and advanced data science tools. From that action, they will get feedback from the user, and this will become the data they can use as the early evaluation of their product.

The Benefits of Review.Network
First of all, this project uses the Blockchain platform to build their system. That means everything that happens inside the environment created by this project, is fair. Therefore, the first benefits a company can get from this project are an honest and high-quality feedback. There won’t be any exaggeration or forced positive review. The reviewer will tell how they feel after they try and use the product from the company. The result is high-quality data.

The other benefits are the cost. Compared to the current method to get feedback or market research data, you pay less within Review.Network. This project use Blockchain, therefore you don’t need to use any mediator or an extra way to get the data that you like. You can get everything directly and much faster because Blockchain technology has an ability to do that. With this concept, you can save, not only money but also time and energy. You can focus on other important parts related to your business.

What we see as the best feature this project has is their AI system. Using a specific algorithm, their system will help you to find the right reviewer. Right reviewers are important because they understand and know more about the field where you run your business. For example, if you sell games software, you will get the reviewer that understands and has a lot of experiences in that field. They will be able to give correct review and measurement. It will help you to know the real condition of your product on the market.

Some business has a hard time in the beginning because they have to spend more just to get the data from the market. We see this project could become the best solution to that problem. And, if we take a look at the bigger picture, we can see that this project also has a chance to affect the business world. With the high-quality data from this project, every business and company will be forced to create a better product. This will increase the competitive value in the future business world healthily.

Review.Network Team
  • Vuk Popovic, Managing Partner and Co-Founder
  • Filip Karaicic, CEO and Co-Founder
  • Reinhard Fellmann, CFO & Partner
  • Matt Yanofsky, CMO
  • Petar Slovic, COO and Co-Founder
  • Ivan Ciric, CTO and Co-Founder
  • Christian Friborg, Board Member & Partner
  • Eleni Stylianou, Board Member
  • Yiannos Ashiotis, Board Member
  • Andreas M. Koumenides, JD, Legal Partner
  • Jayson Lee, Business Developer Asia
  • Maja Rodic, Data Analyst, PhD
  • Olivera Sazos, Data Analyst
  • Lazar Travica, Blockchain Engineer
  • Alan Alickovic, Full-Stack Software Engineer
  • Dusan Perisic, Full-Stack Software Engineer
  • Milovan Marjanovic, Software Engineer
  • Mihailo Konatarevic, UX Lead Designer
  • Nemanja Joksic, UX / UI Designer
  • Bratislav Lazovic, Graphic Designer
  • Nadja Obradovic, Head of Community & Social Media
  • Kristina Ristanovic, Community & Social Media Manager
  • Nenad Trailov, Community Manager
  • Mihajlo Djordjevic, Community Manager


For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: ReviewNetwork Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #REW team!


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  Official Websitehttps://review.network
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INTEGRITY - Platform Based on the Blockchain Technology to Empower Small Business to Success

INTEGRITY - Platform Based on the Blockchain Technology to Empower Small Business to Success

Small businesses are often hard to grow due to some reasons. Integrity, a digital company which is based on blockchain technology is established to help the small business to gain success.

The Company’s Description
Integrity is a platform specially built to empower small businesses so they can grow and win. The company’s mission is to establish a self-sustaining crypto ecosystem for small business. The blockchain technology applied is aimed to make sure that the owners of the small business will get the support and help needed to grow. In this way, they will understand what to do with all of the potency and sources they have to reach their business goals.

Solutions Offered by the INTEGRITY
The founders of the Integrity realize that there are many problems faced by small businesses. Here are the solutions provided by Integrity.
  • Help to Focus on Products and Their Strengths
    The business owners often find that it is very hard to grow a business and successfully operating. Instead of focusing on their products and what best to do for them, the business owners often spend a lot of money and time to find out the best ways to grow. As the results, half of them will fail just within 5 years. Integrity with the platform based on blockchain technology, empowers the business owners to focus on their products and strengths by putting concern on the operations and growth. In this way, they can grow their business in more effective ways and the marketing target can be achieved.
  • Integrity’s Trust Protocol
    The business owners also often have no idea of what to do and who to trust to help them grow. Their own growth strategy often becomes useless since they can’t get the proper backup. The business owners often select the wrong people to handle their business and conduct improper production process. The Integrity comes with Trust Protocol which consists of proof of wisdom for experts, proof of reputation for freelancers, and proof of results for technology. The protocol is aimed to make sure that only the best products and players that will be allowed to contribute to the company’s ecosystem.
  • Help Business Owners to Connect Dots
    Most of the business ecosystem now is filled by inefficiencies which cause business failure. Integrity’s platform helps the business owners to connects the dots between freelancers and experts. In this way, the business owners will be able to avoid the overlap often occurs in technology. By connecting the dots, payments can be given based on performance to make sure the best result and efficient performance.
  • Blockchain Protects the Knowledge Rights
    There are a lot of experts which are valued because of their wisdom. However, not all of them have the willingness to share their knowledge due to the worried that their ideas will be modified, absorbed, and commoditized without their permit and sharing profit. Integrity really values the wisdom owned by experts and secure it. The digital company will utilize the experts’ knowledge for online training. The experts will get payments of what they have shared. In this way, they will get some passive income that can be considered as royalty.

  • Thomas Le Maguer, Co-founder, CEO
  • Nikola Leger, Co-founder, President/COO
  • Dmitry Sergeev, Head of Technology
  • Jose Luis Moliner, Head of Growth

  • Rob Provenzano, Head of Information Systems
  • Ross Walker, Head of Automation
  • Camilla Caban, Team Lead – Fulfillment
  • Bryan Kramer, Subject Matter Expert Business and marketing
  • Trevor Turnbull, Subject Matter Expert - Lead Generation
  • Nick Longo, Head of Client Success
  • Mark, Subject Matter Expert Sales training
  • Victor, Growth Engineer
  • Edgar, Back End Maestro
  • Asif, Creative Lead
  • Daryl, Video Buff
  • Ashlyn, Video Queen
  • Jenn, Client Success Manager
  • Christine, Community Manager

  • Peter Colegate, Data Privacy, Technology and Innovation
  • Edmund L., ICO Founder
  • Samuel Banks, Security Token
  • Robert Sestito, Blockchain and Machine Learning
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Integrity Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #ITX team!


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  Official Websitehttps://integrity.one
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FairEco To Provide The World’s First Fair and Safe Crowdfunding Based on Blockchain Technology

FairEco To Provide The World’s First Fair and Safe Crowdfunding Based on Blockchain Technology

Today, there are a lot of digital companies developed but not all of them are the safe and fair ones. FairEco comes with a crowdfunding platform which is built on blockchain technology to ensure the safety and fairness. Get to know more about the digital company in this following article.

About FairEco
FairEco is a crowdfunding platform based on blockchain technology to make sure that it is safe and fair everyone who get involved in the industry. The idea behinds the establishment of the digital company is due to the fact that the crowdfunding platform is currently facing challenges. The platform is not able to give protection to the money invested in a digital company as promised before. There are two main reasons that cause the problems and FairEco comes with smart solutions that will benefit everyone uses the platform.

The first reason is that there is no control toward the project execution. It has been known for long that a crowdfunding is created to provide an opportunity for advancing the services and products as well as bring them to the higher level. But, when the fund is successfully to raise, there is no proper control given to the projects. This is common to happen since the Makers are those who have full authority to the project and the users have no chance to share the control. In this way, most investors do not have an opportunity to control the money they have invested before.

Why Choosing FairEco
The platform provided by FairEco offers solutions to the challenges faced by the crowdfunding now. There are three main points in the company’s platform to ensure that it is not only the Makers who will get the profit but the Backers too.
  • Fair Contract
    There is a fair contract offered for the Maker and Backer only without any interference of the intermediary. The platform is aimed to avoid central wallet so that there will be more chances available for the Backers to give control over the company’s projects. The platform is specially designed for people who put trust in crowdfunding and wish to get profit from it.
  • Project Payment
    There will be a project payment policy added to the platform of FairEco. This is aimed to provide regulation over the mechanism of the project execution. In this way, all of the backers will be given more chances to approve as well as decline payment whenever they think it is necessary. The benefit of this project payment policy is that to make sure that the execution of the project remains under control. The platform by FairEco will help to secure the funds invested by the Backers and also minimizes any risk of the financial and project execution to the safe level.
  • Veto to Vote
    By having control over project payment, backers now have authority to stop any project that they think doesn’t run well. They can also postpone the delivery until the good execution is successful to conduct. This is how the platform of the FairEco will be fair enough and safe for the users.

FairEco Team
  • Thanawat Vanakul, Chief Executive Officer & Founder
  • Thananchai Tharasirivat, Chief Blockchain Officer & Co-Founder
  • Joe Limwiwatkul, Chief Experience Officer
  • Anan Sukumpanumet, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Akkradach Watcharapupong, Chief Digital Information Officer
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: FairEco Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #FECO team!


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  Official Websitehttps://faireco.io
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Winnest For Better Digital Marketing

Winnest For Better Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has successfully increased the total value more than TV marketing last year. This is the proof that digital marketing will hold an important role in the future. Moreover, if you look at how digital marketing work, you can see why this system has many benefits. It reaches a wider range of market, it’s cheaper, and it’s effective. The Winnest project has interesting offers you can try. Let’s take a look at what this project can give to you.

About Winnest Project
Firstly, you must understand what Winnest project really is. Winnest is the social marketplace for shared economy and advertising. In simple term, this project is a project that creates an ecosystem, where the company that wants to digitally market their product can get what they need. The team uses the latest system and social media integration, which makes the digital marketing process, can be done much better and more effective.

We like how the team uses Blockchain technology to build the ecosystem where the advertiser and marketer meet. This technology allows everything run faster and fairer. The transaction or marketing process can be done in a matter of seconds.

The fairer part can be seen from the position of the user of the system. They are all equal. There are no parties that monopoly the service. Moreover, the user has more rights to decide and build this ecosystem. So, if the user can do better, the ecosystem will grow bigger as well. It will bring benefits to companies and user that do the marketing process.

The Benefits of Winnest Project
We have mentioned some of the benefits, regarding Blockchain technology, above. However, the other thing that we also see as one of the best things about this project is the equality. In the current business world, the SME will have little to no chance to face the big player out there. However, this project makes every user has a similar position and chances to get the best from their digital marketing campaign.

The smaller scale business has a chance to choose the best marketer or “influencer” in this project ecosystem. If they can do that, they will get more benefits from how the influencer will act to promote the product digitally.

The other good thing is you don’t need to pay an expensive price for this digital marketing service. The Blockchain technology allows you to do everything without any mediator. It’s all users to the user experience. That means you don’t need to pay extra for finding the right people to promote your product.

The beta version of this product has been running. You also can start to buy their tokens to start to invest in this project. And, from what we see, it seems promising. The user has many benefits and an easy way to operate the system for their needs. Moreover, this revolutions system in digital marketing can become a great start for the new business system in the future. So, it’s not a bad idea to join this project from the beginning.

Winnest Team
  • Thibault Miglior, Chief Digital Officer
  • Clément Houde, Chief Technical Officer
  • Thomas Kautzsch, Chief Executive Officer
  • Angelo Galuppi, Financial Architect, Financial & Administrative Director
  • David Aragones, Chief Analytics Officer
  • Thomas Gedon, Chief Strategies Officer
  • Nicolas Brun Sourit, Scrum Master
  • Tidiane Coulibaly, Chief marketing officer
  • Anthony Fabri, Chief Product Officer
  • Fabio Galli, Chief Financial Officer
  • Lucas Buffard, Chief Development Officer
  • Anthony Ruffo, Chief Information Officer
  • Melody Abdelnour, Chief Design Officer
  • Vanille Abdelnour, Digital Project Lead
  • Mathieu Robin, Managing Editor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Winnest Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #WNC team!


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  Official Websitehttp://winnest.io
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EMMARES Will Perfect The Email Marketing System

EMMARES Will Perfect The Email Marketing System

Everyone uses email, from a business perspective, this is a good opportunity. Using email for marketing tool will give a bigger effect on the promotion campaign. However, almost all people see the email marketing like this as something annoying. The common reason is they got email or information they don’t need. EMMARES try to change this condition.

Using Blockchain technology to create an environment, where the email marketer and the email receiver can connect to each other, this project tries to make something new. There will be a reward system that will give tokens as a reward to the user of this system.

We see it as one of the best Blockchain-based projects you can find today. We have to admit that email marketing sometimes only becomes spam email in our inbox. With this system, especially the reward system, the email marketing content will have better quality, which gives benefits for both parties, the email marketer and customer that receive it.

The Reward System
This is the best feature we can find in this project. The reward system allows the receiver to give review or evaluation to the email marketing content as well as the email marketer. Based on the point that the customer has given, the marketer will have a bigger chance to promote their product to a wider market. On the other hand, the email receiver/customer will get the tokens. With the tokens, they can use it to pay or buy many different services and feature in the EMMARES environment.

The reward system will create a healthy competition between companies. Therefore, it will force them to create high-quality content, which will be useful for both parties. The email marketer will have a better way to reach the right target and customer. This will increase the chance to get a potential customer. In the end, their profit will also increase.

For customer or email recipient, the right content will give them useful information. Who knows, the customer might found the solution to their problem from this email marketing. Therefore, email marketing will change its status, from annoying email to something that customer wait for.

All of this system is applicable because of the Blockchain technology. This is the community-based technology. Therefore, the user in the environment created by using Blockchain as the based will have more rights and freedom to decide how the environment will grow. There will be no superior party in this environment, which make everything become fair and evenly proper.

EMMARES is indeed an interesting project, we can see it as one of the good boosters for the modern seller and customer relationship. In the past, it was an only one-way relation, where the seller will decide most of it and customer can only accept it. However, in this modern era, the two-ways relation is the most effective one. The customer also has right that will affect the seller decision. And, this project is the perfect manifestation of that concept. It’s worth to invest.

Author: CryptoSmile
ETH Address: 0x0123a524a2d5A69d9E934750951a519dcB552E59
ICOVO – The First ICO Platform Based On DAICO in the World

ICOVO – The First ICO Platform Based On DAICO in the World

The development of token industry encourages the growth of digital companies with revolutionary smart contracts. One of the digital companies with a promising future is the ICOVO. This is the first world ICO platform which is based on DAICO.

About the ICOVO
ICOVO is the only platform in the world that is able to provide healthy ICOs. This is possible to happen due to the smart contract of DAICOVO that complements the DAICO concept. The company was built by Vitalic Buterin in January 2018 and becomes first ICO platform in the world. The idea behinds the establishment of this digital company is the fact that most of the country’s governments now are in the attempt to advance the regulation to help them create ICOs platform with a healthy environment. However, this is such a hard task since borderless ICOs now use the centralized regulation only. This is where the ICOVO comes with a smart solution so that the healthy ICO environment could be achieved.

The solution offered is based on the DAICO decentralized approach. The digital company comes with a specific mission to encourage all the existing ICO now turn to use the DAICO concept. ICOVO also tries hard to open source and develop a platform that fits the DAICO approach. Meanwhile, the vision of the digital company is to improve Protect Investors and ICO transparency, lower barriers for ICO participation so that anyone can easily participate, and increase the durability of the project. There will be OVO tokens provided by the digital company. The tokens will be applied as a special currency for the ICO investment.

To support the realization of the ICOVO mission and vision, there are various applications created for the clients, include:
  • Wallet Supporting Ethereum/ ERC20
    This application is actually a private key that functions to protect all of the data stored in the device. In this way, you do not need to be worried anymore about important data stealing since all of them are well secured.
  • Decentralized and Integrated Exchange
    All of the clients can participate in the exchange of the platform to conduct secure trading. OVO token is all you need to participate in the trading activity and get profit.
  • Drafting Function/ Voting
    It is DAICOVO interface which is specially designed for all the digital company’s clients.
  • ICO Dashboard
    By using this application, the clients can have wide access to ICOVO information include KYC/ IML, Whitelist registration, Whitepaper explorer, ICO project list, and photo ID uploader.

The Digital Company’s Tokens
Ethereum is universal and comes with a high distribution of amount. The system now is applied as the main currency in every investment procurement. However, the ICOVO is different from the other digital companies you can find out there. It uses OVO tokens to make sure that all of the investors will get benefits from the company’s activities. The OVO tokens are also utilized by the clients to participate in the ICOVO’s projects within the company’s platform. The tokens also function as a symbol of ICO’s healthy environment and serve to show the index.

  • Akihiro Yamase, Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder
  • Masahiko Kumada, Chief Financial Officer / Co-Founder
  • Yoshikazu Nishimura, Chief Technology Officer / Co-Founder
  • Takuya Obata, Chief Operating Officer
  • Oliver Gomm, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Iwao Sasaki, Chief Design Officer
  • Taisuke Mino, Blockchain Engineer
  • Ria Soni, Evangelist
  • Tyler Carrico, Evangelist
  • Tamon Fujiwara, Evangelist
  • Kim Byung Joon, Evangelist
  • Haruna Tanaka, Marketing Manager
  • Atsuko Chiba, Communication Manager
  • Dr. Tom Frey, Legal Advisor
  • Quek Li Fei, Legal Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: ICOVO Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #OVO team!


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  Official Websitehttps://icovo.co
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Author: CryptoSmile