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Green Joker: An Online Poker Platform For Everyone

Green Joker: An Online Poker Platform For Everyone

What Is Green Joker?
GREEN JOKER is an online poker platform whereby everyone around the world can play poker without the need to have a bank account or credit card. You just need to connect your wallet and play POKER in a safe and fair environment and earn money while having so much fun!

We know there are tons of people out there who want to play online poker but they cannot, just because they have not accessed a credit card (or they do not want to use their own credit cards for privacy reasons, etc.), and also there are some restrictions applied by some governments that make it even harder for them to play online poker.

Thanks to the blockchain technology, we decided to run a platform that really lifts all the restrictions and gives all the poker players (both professional and casual) the equal chance to play online poker in a safe and fair environment without the need to pass any disturbing registration processes which are imposed by the most online poker platforms in the market.

GREEN JOKER is already much more than a simple concept, the development of the platform has been almost completed, the beta version is ready and available on the website (https://www.green-joker.com), and the team is now ready to launch the final platform on April 2022.

We have our own token implemented on Binance Smart Chain, and we have already done the ICO on the PinkSale platform in November 2021. You can buy and hold our token and get a portion of platform profits (in BUSD) right into your wallet at the end of each month. You can also play poker with your GOKER tokens on special tables with more features and fewer rakes. In simple words, if you HODL you get a double fold. More details will be published soon.

GREEN JOKER’s Poker Table Screenshot (Beta Version)

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Benefits of GREEN JOKER
GREEN JOKER aims to converge the two worlds of online poker players, with the cryptocurrency world, so we are really looking forward to having a platform that accepts a wide range of tokens (on the BSC network), so people can play with their own tokens (whatever they have) without the need to trade/swap their tokens to be able to play. For example, if you already have CAKE tokens (Pancakeswap’s token) in your wallet, you can just bring them to the table and play with the other players who also want to play with their CAKE tokens. In the near future, we will support so many tokens (on the BSC) starting from the GOKER token and will extend it to a wide range of tokens.

Safe & Fair
GREEN JOKER is on the BSC network. The BSC network and the algorithm it operates on are indeed very safe and secure. The track record of BSC clean of incidents or hacks shows that there are no known vulnerabilities or attack vectors that could be abused on the BSC blockchain itself. GREEN JOKER uses the unique features of blockchain technology in conjunction with peer-to-peer networking and advanced cryptography to provide a safe, honest environment for playing online poker.

P2P Shuffle
GREEN JOKER distributes the shuffling process among all players at the table. Each player’s app shuffles the deck and applies a layer of encryption. Once the deck is thoroughly shuffled and encrypted, the hand is dealt, and players exchange encryption keys so everyone can see their hands. Since there is no server where the complete, unencrypted deck resides, a hacker would have to crack the encryption on each player’s computer separately.

Stay Anonymous
In our team we care about privacy and freedom of speech hence we especially care about our member’s privacy. GREEN JOKER platform just like other dApps (e.g. pancakeswap), needs no registration, All you need is to connect your wallet and start playing with other players. You can charge your account with either BUSD or GOKER tokens and also withdraw in either BUSD or GOKER tokens. So you can stay anonymous and yet access all the platform features. What happens on the GREEN JOKER stays on the website! Isn’t that really awesome?!

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USDT Is A Game Changer For Online Poker

USDT Is A Game Changer For Online Poker

CoinPoker - the flagman of the industry, the biggest and the oldest pure crypto poker room is the first to introduce USDT as the in-game currency, solving the ever prevailing volatility issues and creating grounds for accelerated growth. Alongside launches two promotions giving away 100,000 GTD in prizes.

The changes will finally allow the poker community to play using chips pegged to dollar value, while at the same time offering the lowest rake in the industry and verifiably fair decentralised card shuffling mechanism – a trio never seen in the history of online poker.

Choosing the coin
With expert advisors, poker elite and community supporting the need for a change, USDT was an obvious choice as it matched the high criteria the room had for the coin: stability, transaction speed, and the overall reliability.

In addition, USDT is simple to use when it comes to crypto newbies: going from fiat on users‘ bank account to USDT on a poker account and vice versa can be done in a matter of hours. CoinPoker also allows its users to deposit and withdraw in BTC and ETH making the most out of the in-app currency conversion tool.

Better for a player
Looking from a player’s side USDT has the obvious superiority when it comes to providing liquidity and a hedge against crypto market volatility. The tokens are pegged to a fiat money making this stablecoin less risky than typical cryptocurrencies therefore safe for both newcomers to the poker app and poker pros who will always know their bankroll in terms of fiat value.

Unique bonus system
USDT will work in perfect balance with CHP token, a predecessor in-game currency of CoinPoker, which won’t be a must for playing, however will guarantee exclusive privileges and perks for its users and holders: rakeback, extra leaderboard points, exclusive access to the sportsbook section and discounts on withdrawal fees. Reportedly more benefits to come in the nearest future.

A room providing more possibilities to win
It’s worth noting that CoinPoker is a crypto poker room with the lowest rake in the industry and huge promotions giving away thousands in fiat value each week. This is also the first poker room that returns 100% of the rake back to players in various shapes and forms.
Seeing what’s on the table makes it obvious that the combination of the stablecoin USDT as an in-game currency and CHP as a bonusing fuel is set for a long term success which is a must to take advantage of as a player.

Best time to join is now
USDT will become the official CoinPoker in-game currency on the 1st, October. The room is marking this significant date by giving away 100,000 GTD in prizes.

Players will be invited to enjoy ‘Crypto Series of Poker’ – the biggest series of crypto poker tournaments that have already become a tradition on CoinPoker, while Cash players will be treated to a two week Leaderboard rewarding a total of 100 places!

Once registered don't forget to invite your friends to do the same since CoinPoker referral program awards 30% of what the referrals rake.

Download and start playing!

Permission - The Starting Point of Cryptocurrency System in Transaction

Permission - The Starting Point of Cryptocurrency System in Transaction

Even though you are enthusiastically welcoming for the cryptocurrency trend, we have to admit that we are still far from that. The current transaction system doesn’t have a proper infrastructure that supports the usage of cryptocurrency for a transaction. However, we can start to see many parties try to integrate this digital currency into our everyday system. Shop & Earn by Permission is one of the best examples of that.

What is Permission Platform?
Permission platform is lead the globe toward a Permission-based economy that recognizes the value of an individual’s time and data. This platform has created the infrastructure to enable a new advertising model for e-commerce based on permission and value exchange. You can find various items here. If you need gadgets, toys, clothing, or accessories, this store has them all for you. However, there is one big difference: you can only find it here. You can get the cryptocurrency while shopping at Shop & Earn.

And, this is the company that was created to ASK cryptocurrency. This token is also the one that you will get when you use the service at Shop & Earn. This is also the part that makes this online store different from other online stores you can find today.

The Benefits of Shop & Earn by Permission
As we mentioned before, you will get ASK tokens every time you use the feature in Shop & Earn. In short, when you shop here, you also have an option to watch the video. By watching it, you will earn the ASK that is provided by Permission. You also can earn the ASK by purchasing the items in this store. This is the first method you need to do, to open other methods to earn ASK. With this system, you can keep collecting the ASK token. And, you can use the ASK that you have for shopping at this store.

This reward system is a good method to attract more users. Furthermore, this method also helps to spread and stabilize the value of ASK token in this environment. So, to reach the environment where the transaction with cryptocurrency is doable, this method is one of the best choices among others.

Permission doesn’t only use Shop & Earn to attract more users to use their cryptocurrency. They also use this platform to connect the merchant, local, or global, to its customers. So, it also helps the business to grow. On a bigger scale, if this practice keeps developing, it can affect the economy of a country. It is indeed a good way to use cryptocurrency for society.

This store also offers zero shipping costs. This free service is applied to the customer from nearly all countries in the world. There are some countries, where the shipping cost is still applicable.

Shop & Earn by Permission is indeed a very interesting project. It helps people to shop easily. They also will have a chance to learn and experience the transaction using cryptocurrency. In short, this is a project that can change the transaction system in the future. If they can develop this project into a more perfect system, we believe that the big change that we are waiting for is coming from Shop & Earn.

  • Charles H. Silver, CEO
  • Robin Bloor, PhD, Technology Evangelist
  • Hunter Jensen, CTO
  • Joe Underbrink, Chief Data Scientist & Mathematician
  • Bobby Petersen, VP of Marketing
  • Matt Erhart, VP of Finance & Compliance
  • Jenny Silver, CMO
  • Virginie Saget, Project Management Director
  • Therese Fahy, HR & Controller
  • Gary J. Sherman, PhD, Founding Mathematician
  • Daniel Hiltbrand, Software Engineer
  • Peter Holmes, Creative Director
  • Robert Morris, Marketing Manager
  • Zack Reboletti, Content Strategist

For detailed about Permission Team Members descriptions please check out: Permission Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #ASK team!


  1. - ASK Launch
    - Permission.io Blockchain (MainNet)
    - Open Source (Blockchain)
    - Integration with Hardware Wallets (e.g. Trezor)

  2. - Partnership with affiliate programs
    - Partnership with e-commerce platforms
    - Ability to run Permission node (3rd Party)

  3. - Integration with ID Management Systems
    - Enhanced Personal Datasets
    - Shop with ASK on Permission Platform

  4. - Enhanced Reporting & Analytics
    - Permission Blockchain Governance Policy and System
    - Developer Website/Community Building

  5. - Shop & Earn
    - Shopify App
    - Additional E-Commerce Plugins
    - Developer API
    - My Permission ID

  6. - Permission Games
    - Mobile SDK Release
    - Permission TV
    - Web SDK Release

  7. - IOS App Release
    - Android App Release
    - Decentralized Blockchain
    - Permission Advertising Platform
    - Query Optimization with Data Algebra

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$ASK: 0x995c6b3510cd3bf6b31d01ff27a33ab2dd15475b
DeepTradeBot: The Innovation of Large Companies at Your Service

DeepTradeBot: The Innovation of Large Companies at Your Service

The world has evolved enormously in recent years, and the world of investment and speculation has been no stranger to this evolution. Currently more than 40% of the operations carried out in the main world stock exchanges are operated by automatic robots (according to the digital newspaper lainformacion.com).

The cryptocurrency ecosystem was until recently an unexplored terrain for this type of operations, where the most that could be done was to automate some orders on the exchanges. That’s why DeepTradeBot has developed a series of complex AI and big data tools that will allow us to explore a whole new world of possibilities with little risk.

Please Note: This is a Press Release

What is DeepTradeBot?
DeepTradeBot is a collection of automated trading tools developed by Deep Neuro Networks LTD, a London, England-based company dedicated to artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Here we find the first advantage, we are dealing with a legal company, registered in a safe country within Europe. They have a contact telephone number (attended in English).

Why Are Trading Robots Useful?
The investment is based on analyzing a large amount of data, designing a strategy, and then carrying out the actions that follow that strategy. This is something very easy to say, but very difficult to do.

First of all, we humans find ourselves with our limited capacity to process data (as an example, the main artificial intelligences have defeated the human being in disciplines of pure analysis such as chess). Secondly, human beings make mistakes derived from our emotions, which often lead us away from the method or make us perceive the data analyzed in the wrong way. To these factors we must add fatigue, mistakes, and a long etcetera.

Therefore, trading robots are a perfect tool to help us achieve higher returns for our investment.

DeepTradeBot Key Features
DeepTradeBot will operate on major cryptocurrency exchanges in 24/7 format. To take full advantage of all the opportunities of AI, 4 types of robot actions are managed according to the market situation:
  • High-frequency trading. The robot scans the operations of the order book and anticipates their arrival on the market by being faster than the human being in executing the operations.
  • Trading arbitration. All quotations are analyzed on all platforms to find opportunities to make successful trades without risk.
  • Algorithmic trading. The robot uses technical analysis and indicators to determine the next move in the price.
  • Trading supported by fundamentals. Another robot scans the news and social media sources like Twitter to detect investor sentiment and anticipate the rises that will be caused as a result of these movements in the information.

How can I earn with DeepTradeBot?
Earning by investing in DeepTradeBot is very simple. Its platform is designed to facilitate the entire process so that all we have to do is register, select the type of investment and the number of bots we want to put to work for us. And artificial intelligence will do the rest. In the following table we can see the options available right now on the platform.

Neurons are the unit that has been created to simplify the measurement of computing power to which we have access. It is obtained from relevant parameters such as the dedicated computing time, the number of layers of the dedicated neural network and the amount of connection resources dedicated to reading and sending the information.

It is very interesting to note that we have a free version that will allow us to test the platform, although of course it will be much less powerful than the other options.

More information and full contract conditions are available on its website.

But not only can we earn with the investment in bots, but it also has an affiliation system by which we can charge a commission for each of the users that we have recommended.

The latest from DeepTradeBot: the VIP Investor Club
DeepTradingBot never stops when it comes to innovating for the best return. So right now they are launching their VIP investor club.

To enter the club you have to pay a fee, which is not very high, but which will guarantee that everyone inside is committed to the project and is a person with vision and innovation.

What does VIP club membership entitle us to? As members of the VIP club we will enjoy:
  • Access to more and more powerful bots when we are acting as investors.
  • Improved membership fee, with higher percentages of earnings.
  • Extensive network of levels for MLM marketing experts.
  • Possibility of moving up in the organization structure, unlocking new benefits and higher income.

So our earnings will be double, on the one hand the improved returns on investment with bots, and on the other hand the earnings derived from new affiliates that are incorporated by our recommendations.

If you are looking for an innovative investment service that allows you to obtain profitability passively and without complications, it is interesting to try this platform… It also has a free bot test!

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Find the Best AIVIA Platform for Trading Your Cryptocurrency

Find the Best AIVIA Platform for Trading Your Cryptocurrency

Introduce of AIVIA Platfrom
Finding the best AIVIA platform for trading your cryptocurrency or crypto capital is a crucial thing. AIVIA Platform is a rebranding of NOUS Platform where the project has been developed since April 2017 and starting October 2, 2018, Nous Platform will be known as AIVIA. AIVIA incorporates the names of company original founders and better reflects their mission: to empower investors everywhere by making investing more accessible and less expensive through distributed ledger technology.

AIVIA is a platform for effective interactions between investors and crypto asset managers. You can get profit when you know the best place to trade your assets. In this modern era, people never need to leave their homes. They can do all things from their home. They can buy and sell all things in one-click only by using their smartphone or other gadgets. For all of you who are interested in selling and buying cryptocurrency, you need to search for the best platform that can help you to trade your cryptocurrency in a fast and reliable way. One of the best places to choose is the AIVIA Platform.

Benefits of Using AIVIA Platform
It is recommended by so many traders because of some benefits that you get. Why do you need to choose this platform? You can get detailed information about this platform here.
  • Fast Linking Crypto Exchange
    When you use this platform, you will be able to get fast linking to your crypto exchange account. It can take less than 10 minutes and it helps you to handle all things in a fast time. You can easily do all things because there is detailed instruction that will guide you and tell you how to do it. You who find difficulties in doing all things you don’t need to worry about because there is a support chat for you. You just need to chat with them anytime you need their help.
  • Offer You Transparency
    People choose to use this platform because this platform offers you real-time statistical data. This statistical data is accurate because it is based on the performance of your exchange account. All traders will easily get data and there are no traders that can manipulate the data statistics. You will get up to date data feed to help you in doing all transactions. It means you can get more profit when you use this platform.
  • Easy to Control
    Finding the best platform is not an easy job for you. You can get complete control when you use this platform because it offers you complete control. You can do all things in an easy way including deactivating your API keys anytime you want. How about security when you use this platform? You never need to worry because there is a great security deposit system that will be used as the best tool to protect all investor’s assets.

Easy to Minimize Risks
All traders and investors usually will fear all risks that they will get. How about you who like to use this platform? You can get better protection and you can minimize risks that you will get because it can be easy to distribute your deposit by using some exchange accounts. By doing this strategy, you can efficiently minimize your risk.

After you know some reasons why people choose this platform. You need to know how to start using this platform. What you need to do is very simple. You just need to do three simple steps.
  1. Registration
    It is simple to register yourself because you just need to fill out the form.
  2. Add an API key
    You can click the “My Account” tab and then add your API key.
  3. Link Your Account to the Trader
    You can click the “Top Traders” tab and then choose the trader and then you can choose view mode.

It is time for you to start using the AIVIA platform that helps you to minimize risk and get more profit from your crypto assets.

  • Colin Breeze, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Anatol Ostrowski, CTO & Co-Founder
  • Andrey Vorobyowski, President & Co-Founder
  • Viktor Pulyaev, COO & Co-Founder
  • Norman Chou, CBDO
  • Viv Anand, VP of Sales
  • Vladyslava Kostenko, Business Assistant
  • Mykyta Prykhodko, Business Analyst



  1. NOUS Platform Rebranding To Becomes AIVIA Platfrom.

  2. Launch of AIVIA Platform for investors and traders.

  3. Integration of trading bots into the platform with the ability to link them to traders.

  4. - Integration of Trading Terminal.
    - Cryptocurrency OTC Integration.

  5. Development of a hybrid blockchain based on POW + POS for building a decentralized payment system. Issuing of an algorithmic stable coin based on AIV.

  6. Launch of AiviaPay payment and merchant system based on AIVchain Technology.

  7. - Distribution of AIV Token and AivDrop.
    - Community of 1,000,000 users.
    - Improving platform services.
    - Launch of AiviaPay payment system.

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