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DitCoin: The Recommended Business of CryptoCurrency Based On the Building of Asset and Community

DitCoin: The Recommended Business of CryptoCurrency Based On the Building of Asset and Community

Everyone may understand better about bitcoin, a virtual money. Bitcoin is to be a popular virtual exchange and money for any transactions in internet. But, what do you know about DitCoin? When it refers its name, it sounds to have a close relation to Bitcoin. What is it? What are the differences of DitCoin? It sounds unfamiliar to several people. Regardless Bitcoin, DitCoin is a multifunctional virtual coin for any purposes. It can be seen from the usability and functions of this amazing coin.

What Is DitCoin?
DitCoin is the first business of crypto currency based on the asset and community building for the businessmen. It’s not a coin in a cryptocurrency part but it can be sold and traded globally for gaining the profits. It surely takes the crypto currency for your needs and a real application in a daily life. It is a payment that traded and used globally. Ditcoin is a coin able to ensure and guarantee 100% untraceable transactions. It is also great for privacy but it offers low cost for P2P and B2B transactions. It brings crypto currency closer to your needs and a real usage for daily life. That is why this coin is very useful for your assets and community building.

Why Do You Choose Ditcoin?
After you have understood about ditcoin, surely you really want to know reasons why people and you should choose ditcoin. There are several reasons making you take a choice of this amazing coin.
  • Offering Promising Projects
    As a trusted coin for crypto currency, ditcoin tries to attract people with availably promising projects. There are some methods making available projects very promising. The first one is about a unique approach. DitCoin took a different approach in a certain project. It is caused that there are many altcoins in outside. To be different, ditcoin tries to be promising and outstanding. Business driven is applied to ditcoin projects. It is used for working in any online and offline shops spending cryptocurrencies to this business. Untraceable coin is another method in running ditcoin projects. It is a decentralization and privacy being a backbone of crypto currencies. But, the used altcoins are not tracked like ditcoin.
  • Serving DitCoin Modules
    Another reason is serving ditcoin modules. The offered modules deserve to consider because it is available several amazing parts of the modules. The first one is ditpay module. It becomes the first e – commerce and payment processor of crypto currencies in the world. All have been connected to offer the expansion of the best crypto currencies in globally e – commerce scale. It has a e – commerce feature. Ditcoin provides platform empowering the working ways of e – commerce and crypto currencies. It enables you to keep a smooth transaction process with the higher privacy level.

The module will be beneficial for the buyers and sellers. Then, it has a payment processor. To ease an integration process of ditcoin to e – commerce platform, cyrpto currency ways are used. DitPay will be such a bridge between crypto currencies integration and ditcoin usability. Of course, this module will increase and enhance the values of ditcoin in the market. Those are some features that can be enjoyed in ditcoin modules. You cna enjoy and take it all when you rent or buy ditcoin for being a multifunctional coin.

DitCoin Team
  • Vicky Durel, Co-founder / CTO
  • Jamille Boado, Co-Founder / CEO
  • Emeka Tony, Co-founder / PRM
  • Md Faruq Hossain, Project Manager / Advisor
  • Arsel Tindo, Frontend/Backend Developer
  • Chris Ani, CEO Crypto Hub
  • Dolly Chhabra, India Representative
  • Enoch Cloud, Project Advisor
For detailed about Team Members descriptions please check out: Ditcoin Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #DTC team!


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AMLT - Another Token that Will Solve Challenges Faced by Cryptocurrency

AMLT - Another Token that Will Solve Challenges Faced by Cryptocurrency

The road to cryptocurrency mass adoption is still long and there are still many obstacles along the way. However, compared to several years ago, it is actually on the right track. One by one, the challenges that hinder the mass adoption of cryptocurrency have been solved, opening new gates to make virtual currency more mainstream and easily accessed by the public. AMLT, the token of COINFIRM network, is now available to be one of those solutions. It will address one of the biggest problems of cryptocurrency that is the transparency of the transaction.

The Urgency
People love the fact that cryptocurrency offers the utmost privacy when making transaction. Instead of providing personal data, the identity of the transaction will be recorded in the blockchain with a series of codes. As a result, the transaction will be secure but the privacy of the people behind the transaction will be kept secret.

Even though there is still a way to track the transactions if the authority requires it, the privacy aspect of blockchain makes it is easier for irresponsible people to do criminal financial activities here. It is relatively easy to do money laundering with virtual currency compared to other methods and it gives cryptocurrency and blockchain a very bad reputation.

If proper action is not taken to eliminate the shady business done with cryptocurrency, mass adoption of cryptocurrency will be impossible since law abiding citizens certainly don’t want to be involved in anything that could cause them troubles with the law. This is exactly the reason why AMLT is developed. It will provide complete access for the token holders to use the services provided by COINFIRM network. COINFIRM is a company that dedicates its services for the development of RegTech industry. It will help the clients who want to comply with the regulations to get the best out of cryptocurrency transaction.

Token of Compliance
Regulatory compliance is one of the biggest challenges of cryptocurrency. But contrary to the popular belief, ensuring the privacy of each transaction that is the principle of cryptocurrency and regulatory compliance can actually work hand in hand. AMLT strives to show that blockchain is not the center of shady transaction. There is actually a way to make a regulatory compliant cryptocurrency transaction without sacrificing the privacy of the users and this is why AMLT is called the token of compliance.

Cryptocurrency transaction can give a huge advantage for business. Unfortunately, many clients hesitate to use this method due to the lack of transparency. Moreover, the point of view that there are many crimes happening in blockchain transaction makes mass adoption of cryptocurrency for business becomes too good to be true. Business also finds it hard to get loan from traditional financial institutions because those institutions think virtual currency is too risky.

AMLT will totally reshape this phenomenon. Services from COINFIRM network will make cryptocurrency transaction safer and more compliant. As a result, cryptocurrency and blockchain will be much safer and the possibility of mass adoption will be higher since it can significantly reduce criminals hide their transactions in blockchain.

  • Paweł Kuskowski, CEO / Founder
  • Paweł Aleksander, CIO, Co-founder
  • Jakub Fijołek, CTO, Co-founder
  • Grant Blaisdell, CMO, Co-founder
  • Maciej Ziółkowski, Co-founder
  • Robert Ciurkot, COO
  • Krzysztof Król, Product Owner
  • Marcin Rabenda, Product Owner
  • Ben Brophy, Delivery Director
  • Beata Wiśnicka, Senior Analyst
  • Pylyp Radionov, C++ Developer
  • Sebastian Gruza, JAVA Developer
  • Bartosz Zięba, Developer
  • Magdalena Poprzeczko, Assistant to the Board
  • Łukasz Kranc, Front-end Developer
  • Maksymilian Jaworski, DB Administrator
  • Filip Wieczyński, Business Development
  • Ruth Wandhöfer, Global Managing Director of Compliance & Market Strategy in Citi Bank, Regulatory and FinTech expert
  • Julian Johnson, CEO of MainSheet Ventures with 25-years of experience in the technology market and global sales executive roles at Oracle, Siebel, SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce
  • Paweł Tomczuk, CEO of JPGH & Associates, entrepreneur, founder of Ciszewski Financial Communications
  • Hazem Danny Al Nakib, Founder of several business accelerators and incubators, an advisor to or partner of public and private entities including Securrency, Coinfirm, The Agency for Social Innovation, and Humaniq, among others
For detailed ABOUT Team Members descriptions please check out: AMLT Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #AMLT team!


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GES – ICO in a Multi-Billion Dollar Market for Refurbished Consumer Electronics

GES – ICO in a Multi-Billion Dollar Market for Refurbished Consumer Electronics

Galaxy eSolutions Limited (GES) is an emergent Global Cross-border E-commerce business that is in line to become the Market Leader in the industry of Refurbished, pre-owned Consumer electronics. The company is set to launch their Pre-sale for ICO on 17th November 2017, which will include three bonus sale periods starting from 30% in the first period.

Go to the ICO page https://galaxy-esolutions.com for more information on bonuses and to join pre-sale.
GES will operate as an open source ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain. The GES token will serve as a utility to be used on the Galaxy eSolutions online marketplaces. Using the blockchain technology for operating in global markets, to make fast, simple and secure e-commerce transactions.
Founded 2016 in Hong Kong, the international trading hub, the e-commerce marketplace has captured the quick smartphone adopting global markets in 4 continents: Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. Positioning themselves as a Green company in the refurbished consumer electronics market, GES has big plans for the small electronics industry.

Yuen Wong, the founder of GES and CEO, has a strong entrepreneurial mind to set his vision on global markets and to actually conduct an ICO.
GES is a distinct venture, as the whole business is a process of sourcing, refurbishing, quality control, and global distribution, which gives more control for high-quality products, international growth and better customer service worldwide. The company provides high-quality products that are good as brand new, but at lower retail prices.

The vision of becoming the global market leader in this industry is due to the high demand and potential to grow within the market. As the product with most sales, smartphones, specifically iPhones are the most popular refurbished electronics people purchase. Nowadays, household members each have at least 1 phone, or the person with most income have 2-3 phones as a way to separate work and personal life, thus increases the demand. Also, in recent years there seems to be no age limit for having a smartphone. Generating revenue of more than $20 million after just 9 months of operating, GES has potential to grow and capture the market as the leader.

Galaxy eSolutions Team
  • Yuen Wong, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Joe Chan, CTO
  • Erik Hohmann, CMO
  • Chris Wong, COO
  • Simon Choi, Fintech, Blockchain & Global ICO Lawyer
  • Pranav Burnwal, Region Head at Blockchain Education Network & Senior Application Developer
  • Brennan Bennett, Blockchain Technology Consultant
  • Abdulaziz Aljouf, Founder & CEO at Paytabs
  • Jordan Miller, Founder at Paradigm Agency
  • Dr John Wong, Executive Vice Chairman at Executives' Global Network
  • Neil Thomas, CEO & Founder at Muzaara
  • Stanley Lee, The President at E-Commerce Association of Hong Kong
  • Ken Wong, GM at Continental Global Service Ltd & Executive Officer at E-commerce Association of Hong Kong
For detailed about Team Members descriptions please check out: Galaxy eSolutions Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #GES team!

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  Official Websitehttps://galaxy-esolutions.com
Smartlands Platform to Bring IPO Benefits to Everyone

Smartlands Platform to Bring IPO Benefits to Everyone

Who would have thought that Blockchain solution can also be incorporated to the agricultural sector? I have to admit that the moment I heard about Smartlands platform, I was blown away. Everything can indeed benefit from technology in this day and age, but Blockchain platform isn’t the sort of technology I would ever imagine to even go as far as touching the agricultural sector. When we talked about modernization of the sector, we would imagine new equipments such as remote sensing technology using satellite and agricultural robots to monitor the health as well as growth of the crops.

But Smartlands platform brings something new to the table. Based on the concept of Agriculture 3.0 and blockchain solution, the latest platform is specifically designed to create a completely new different class of tokens. Said token is found to be both future proof as it is dynamic in nature and also very low in risk. Not only that, the token is guaranteed to be profitable as it is secured by a real agricultural assets. On top of that, the company has also established a clear regulation along with the appropriate infrastructure in order to further protect investors from any major risk, minor fluctuation, and possible dispute.

Initially, I was only curious. However, after further reading, I found the stability and security that the company offers incredibly attractive. More so after I realized just how big the potential this sector has. Up to this date, various industries such as finance and real estate have been incorporating the use of Asset-Backed Tokens (henceforth will be referred to as its abbreviated term) – so it’s fairly odd that agricultural sector as well as the horticultural sector has yet to put ABT to a good use.

With such significant potential it would be a shame if this particular sector didn’t get on the same trend. Turns out, Smartlands recognized the potential and understands how ABT works. By its own definition, Asset-Backed Token always comes with the capability of minimizing risks. A wonderful feat on its own right, that’s for sure. However, within Smartlands platform, every ABT issued within also comes with an expected return that is very identical to the type of investment in equity. This is possible because the trees and the land are considered as a long-term asset.

What’s more is the fact that this particular long-term asset comes with a price that is a subject to short-term minor fluctuation. To top it all off, Smartlands at the same time also makes the most reliable and high technology IT solutions in order to ensure maximum transparency and efficiency. The ability of Smartlands platform to create a common rules to ensure transparency, honesty, safety, and accountable investment to everyone’s without a doubt a good news to us. Simply because Smartlands are committed to bring IPO benefits – which is usually only available to large businesses, to everyone.

Smartlands Token Sale
The Smartlands’ platform development was started in late 2016. However, luckily for you who have never heard of this amazing opportunity before, the Smartlands Token (SLT), Smartlands team has plans to start the Crowdsale to collect the funds on November 2nd until November 16th, 2017.

Smartlands will start with a supply of 100,000,000 SLT, of which 50,000,000 will be distributed to investors during the Crowdsale, 20,000,000 will be distributed for Incentives and development, 20,000,000 token tokens will be reserved for Company that creates the platform, and remaining 10,000,000 tokens will be reserved for Team.

Crowdfund Timeline: 15 Days
Total token supply: 100,000,000 SLT
Total ICO Supply: 50,000,000 SLT
ICO price: 0.5 USD
Crowdfund Objective: $20,000,000 USD (minimum $15,000,000 USD)

With the following early bird bonuses structure:
- 1st  day : 20% bonus
- 2-3rd days : 15% bonus
- 4-5th  days : 10% bonus
- 6-10th  days : 5% bonus
- 11-15th  days : no bonusess

So don't missed to be part of Smartlands!
More detail about SLT crowdsale, please check https://smartlands.io/#token-sale and subscribed on Bitcointalk.
What to Know about BankEx and What to Notice

What to Know about BankEx and What to Notice

Finding so many ideas about the cryptocurrency requires us dealing with the options as the references. Getting to know about the financial platforms of the cryptocurrency is something important to consider. That is really important for you to find out the right options in dealing with it especially for the business which can be really prospective. It is really good to know about the wide ranges of options which are really credible to notice. That is including about some options which are varied so that you need to find out some helpful info and review which will be really great to consider the right decision for the best result and get a bunch of benefits.

Perhaps, the BankEx may be something which will be suitable for you to notice. Since the cryptocurrency is growing well nowadays, there are so many ideas of the solution for such the financial platform of the cryptocurrency. Getting to know much about the technology and anything about it is a good way for dealing with the success. By getting the complete knowledge, you may find such the great benefits then. That is a good idea for you considering lots of references of the financial platforms which will be really inspiring. You can compare them one by one and find out lots of info and references you can consider. Getting to know about Bankex may also help you getting inspired and getting a bunch of info. The info about Bankex below may help you much to know about them.

About Bankex
It is good to know about the Bankex and the complete info related to this platform which may give us some inspirations in dealing with the need. The Bankex ICO is something which becomes a trending topic right now and of course it becomes a good point which requires us to deal with the good points. This is the Fintech rocket internet which makes some points to be true including making the global marketplace of Fintech, providing the solution of tokenization, and even they also sell the start up to the bank.

It is also said that they are the invest bank of crypto. It is such a good idea to know well about it for dealing with the solution. BankEx is once again the financial platform in the cryptocurrency technology which wants to focus in the financial asset and also token sale. The exchange platform of bank enables the buyer including the financial institutions as like a bank, to exchange the products easily.

What to Notice
There are some essential things to notice in dealing with such the financial platforms with such the cryptocurrency technology. You can find lots of references of the platforms but of course people need to be really selective in dealing with such the need. Getting to know much about each of them will help us much in determining the right one. You need to notice the credibility, the professionalism, the security, and many more. Those are some of the important factors and points we have to notice including getting more info about BankEx from the official site of https://bankex.com.

BankeX Team
  • Igor Khmel, CEO
  • Denis Khoruzhi, CTO
  • Dima Dolgov, Operations Lead
  • Stan Sushko, Legal & Compliance
  • Nauris Duksta, Global Community Management
  • Maria Mikhaylenko, Director of Risks & Analytics
  • Petr Korolev, BANKEX Foundation CEO (to be incorporated)
  • Vitaly Dubinin, BANKEX Lab CEO
  • Peter Cramton, Professor of Economics at University of Maryland
  • Chris Skinner, FinTech Titan, Chairman at the Financial Services Club
  • David Wachsmanf, Founder at Wachsman PR
  • Gabriele Columbro, Executive Director at Symphony Software Foundation
  • Nehemia Kramer, Ethereum Early-Stage Investor
  • Sergey Sergienko, Founder at Chronobank
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: BankEx Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #BKX team!

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Cryogen Is the First Token Based Cryopreservation Service

Cryogen Is the First Token Based Cryopreservation Service

Cryogen is a new cryptoproject that offers a different service compared to other cryptocurrency based projects. It is dedicated to raise fund for the development of cryopreservation technology and also to provide easier access for those who want to get cryopreservation services. Bringing cryptocurrency to the medical world is indeed a new thing, not to mention that cryopreservation itself is still not commonly used and the practice is also still debatable.

But since the demand for this medical service is actually increasing, this project can be an excellent way to make cryopreservation more accessible and also cheaper as more institutions provide this service. It goes hand in hand with the mission of the project, which is to prolong life of the people by utilizing cryonic technology.

How Cryogen Works
In the Initial Coin Offering, Cryogen will launch a utility token called CRYO. As a utility token, CRYO will not be used as financial instrument. Instead, CRYO holders will be eligible to use the tokens to purchase services from the KrioRus’ cryostore. The services that can be accessed by CRYO owners include DNA retention, neural cryopreservation. Full body cryopreservation, animal cryopreservation and also standby at the patient’s bedside. The price ranges from 1,000 to 100,000 CRYO.

KrioRus is a Russian based cryonic company that was found in 2005. It is the first cryonic company in Russia and also the only one outside the US. The company is also the one in charge of organizing and supervising the management of Cryogen project. Even though the company is in Russia, its service is available worldwide. It works together with other cryonic company in other parts of the world to store the body or body parts that want to be reserved.

KrioRus is known as a cryonic center that offers the cheapest neuropreservation in the world. Preserving human’s brain with cryonic technology only costs around $14,000 while it can be five times more expensive in other places. It is possible that the cost of the service in KrioRus can go even lower for CRYO holders.

The Goal of Cryogen
There are four goals that KrioRus wants to achieve from the Cryogen project. The first one is to completely transform how the medical world works by emphasizing the benefits of cryopreservation. The fund from the ICO will be used to build more cryostorages for the company. It is important since the demand for organ preservation is on the rise, especially for transplantation purposes, as well as preserving stem cells, sperms and ovums.

Furthermore, KrioRus also wants to build a new cryocenter in Moscow to accelerate the research process of cryptocurrency technology. It is hoped that the new cryocenter can be a driving force for more inventions in this field. Besides Moscow, the company also will build a new European cryocenter in Switzerland. This country is chosen because euthanasia is legal there so there are plenty of high quality organs that can benefit a lot of people if they are properly preserved. In addition, KrioRus also has been receiving plenty of orders from European region so it is certainly a potential market to explore.

Last but not least, the company also wants to prepare for the future by developing technologies of anabiosis space travel. Even though the subject of suspended animation in the medical world is still highly debatable, let alone involving a space travel, it is interesting to see what the Russian cryonic company has in store to make this plan come true.

The Future of Cryopreservation and Medicine
It is clear that KrioRus wants to set itself as the leader of cryopreservation in the future by launching the Cryogen project. While there is nothing wrong about the project itself, the real challenge to this project will come from how cryopreservation is viewed in this age.
Cryopreservation is frowned upon because bringing a dead people back to life is not only considered unethical by the medical society, but also impossible. Even though the body of organs of the dead person is preserved for decades, there is no guarantee that one day the technology that is needed to revive the person back to life will be invented. Even KrioRus itself cannot guarantee it.

So, while the promise of preserving the whole body to be resurrected once the technology has been invented or fancy anabiosis space travel will not really appeal to the general public, there are still plenty of things that can guarantee the success of Cryogen project. One of them is the fact that organ preservation is needed to answer the challenges in the current medical world.

Let’s take stem cell for example. Many medical studies have proven that stem cells can help curing plenty of diseases, even cancer. The thing is, adult stem cell can only be found in certain parts of the body and it is less effective. It is different baby stem cell. Baby stem cell has better life nurturing capabilities and it can be a great treatment option just in case the baby is sick in the future. Furthermore, the stem cell also can be used by the owner of the cell itself (Autologous treatment) or donated to immediate relatives (Allogeneic treatment). More people also have realized about the benefits of stem cell and it leads them to find a great cryobank to store their babies’ stem cells.

Furthermore, let’s not forget about the advantage of cryonic technology for organ transplantation. All this time, once an organ has been taken from the donor, it needs to be transplanted immediately to the recipient. But thanks to cryopreservation technology, it is possible to keep the organ for later use. Since the demand for organ transplantation is very high, the organ never has to wait for a recipient. It is the recipient that needs to wait for years to get an organ.

However, in case the donor wants to keep their organ for maybe their family members in the future, it is now possible thanks to cryopreservation. It means, even if cryopreservation is still a subject of unending debates, the goals of Cryogen project can be achieved as long as the company puts more attention to aspects of cryogenic technology that has been widely accepted by the public.

Cryogen Team
  • Valeriya Udalova, Co-founder and CEO of the Russian company "KrioRus."
  • Sergey Evfratov, Head of Kriorus perfusion lab. Biochemist, a molecular biologist.
  • Yuriy Pichugin, Director of Science. PhD. International experience in cryobiology is 40 years.
  • Elena Serebryannikova, A financial adviser to the Cryogen project in Switzerland.
  • Igor Artyukhov, Co-Founder and Development Director of KrioRus.
  • Yuri Matveev, Surgeon and Perfusionist
  • Lev Leiman, Ideas Seller, Marketer, IT Developer, Blockchain Analyst
  • Tatiana Shifrina, Chief Design Officer
  • Ustin Kolbin, Director of Communications for Project Cryogen.
  • Denis Rysev, Technical Expert of the Project
  • Alberto Sarmentero, an Bioengineer and the Head of the GIBiomed company, Madrid, Spain
  • Zamir Akimov, an Neuromarketer, a specialist in the field of blockchain, the Head of the NeuroDAO
    cryptofund and the Vice President of RACIB (Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and
  • Ilya Svirin, an expert in the field of blockchain and smart contract, the Founder and the Head of the
    Nordavind Group of Companies
  • Kim, C-Yoon (Kyung Sul), an Biotechnologist, Neurophysiologist and a Research Professor at the Biomedical
    Research Center at Konkuk University (Republic of Korea)
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: CRYO Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #CRYO team!


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  Official Websitehttps://cryogen.me
HydroMiner Approaches ICO Conclusion With Record-setting Success

HydroMiner Approaches ICO Conclusion With Record-setting Success

HydroMiner Is The New Benchmark for Austrian ICOs
Green energy crypto mining start up HydroMiner continues to witness a high subscription to its ongoing H2O token sale, already breaking several records along the way with still more than two days remaining on its ICO.

At the time of writing on 12 November, the HydroMiner ICO has already sold over 958,00 H2O tokens, raising more than 8,000 ETH (currently valued at over USD 2.45 million) in just 25 days.

This impressive performance places HydroMiner among the successful ICOs to have launched in Austria. It surpasses the USD 2 million raised by Austria’s first ICO (an e-sports betting platform) in October. Austria is establishing itself as a great crypto destination in Europe.

The incredible demand for H2O tokens was apparent even from the opening day of the ICO, which drew in hundreds of participants in the first moments, buying tokens worth a record 1,874 ETH in only 30 minutes.

HydroMiner’s Viability Makes It an Attractive Opportunity
It has been apparent from the beginning that the HydroMiner ICO would be one of the most unique opportunities to present itself among blockchain enterprises, with its mission of an eco-friendly hydro power solution aiming to open up the complex world of crypto mining to the public.

With an existing operation providing the basis for profitability projections with real-world comparisons to alternatives such as cloud mining and home mining, the HydroMiner team presents a realistic business plan with a long-term perspective.

Openness and Transparency Key to Huge Support
Led by the sisters Nadine and Nicole Damblon, the HydroMiner management sets the standard for an open and transparent ICO, with regular face time with its community, through interviews and previews from their facilities. They are one of the very few ICO projects to fully welcome participants and supporters to tour their mining facilities in Austria, ensuring that the project actually exists.

They have also been forward and prompt in informing supporters about developments to HydroMiner, most particularly when the tokenized model of profits was revised to better reflect regulatory compliance.

The Damblons and their team have also been participating in blockchain conferences throughout the year, ensuring that the HydroMiner project’s profile continues to be public, and taking their vision to the masses.

Regulatory Assurance For Increased Confidence and Trust
The surge in demand for H2O tokens during the ICO is likely to also be partly owing to HydroMiner’s commitment to ensuring that its operation achieved long-term feasibility in terms of business legitimization and sustainability.

Since the conclusion of the pre-sale, HydroMiner has worked tirelessly to protect its investors by making sure that HydroMiner would be able to operate for many years to come, generating value to every stakeholder, token holder and the local communities it aims to support.

In engaging Austrian legal firm and ICO regulation experts Stadler Völkel, HydroMiner has demonstrated its willingness to be fully prepared to navigate the ever-evolving environment of regulatory, financial and legal frameworks. It recognizes that ICOs are a new tool in finance that must be proactive in complying with often fast-changing regulations.

Participate In One Of The Year’s Most Unique ICOs in the Lucrative Industry of Crypto Mining
With less than 70 hours remaining, it’s not too late to grab your share of HydroMiner’s H2O tokens at its token sale page. From there, all contributors will need to agree to terms and conditions, and whitelist the Ethereum address and emails intended to be used. Non-whitelisted contributions will not be recognized.

Those who contribute from now to 15 November will still benefit from a 5% bonus on all token purchases.

About HydroMiner, The Green Cryptocurrency Mining Start-up
HydroMiner started life little over a year ago as a modest mining rig run by sisters Nadine and Nicole Damblon in their own apartments in Austria. It has since grown into a large-scale mining operation powered by carbon-neutral hydro-power stations in the Austrian Alps.

It was here that they hit upon the idea of solving the unsustainability of an increasingly power-hungry mining industry thanks to exponentially increasing difficulty. Austria leads the world in renewable energy, generating the most renewable energy among EU countries. Currently, over 670 run-of-river power plants and 1,800 small-scale hydro power stations generate more than 60% of Austria’s electricity.

Hydro power is not only cheaper, it results in more savings when used as part of a flowing river water-based cooling system. It also has a carbon footprint 100 times smaller than that of conventional fossil fuel.

The HydroMiner ICO
HydroMiner currently operates two hydro power stations near Vienna, the capital of Austria.
The HydroMiner token sale aims to raise funds to finance an expansion of mining capacity through the rental of more hydro power stations. Its tokenized model will also allow investors to participate in an industry-first initiative in eco-friendly crypto mining.

Press Contact
Philip Dimitrov
CMO, HydroMiner