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Publica​ ​To​ ​Use​ ​Ethereum​ ​Blockchain​ ​For​ ​New​ ​Publishing Ecommerce​ ​Platform

Publica​ ​To​ ​Use​ ​Ethereum​ ​Blockchain​ ​For​ ​New​ ​Publishing Ecommerce​ ​Platform

Delray Beach, Florida: ​Publica is building a new ecommerce platform for the publishing ecosystem using the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts.

Marc Kenigsberg, founder of BitcoinChaser, also announced his role as Publica’s advisor. “Blockchain will go down in history as one of the most disruptive technologies of all time,” said Kenigsberg. “Publica’s vision to unite it with printing and the internet, two of humanity’s most disruptive inventions, is brilliant and perfectly timed for this revolution in human history. The Publica platform is going to enable a lot of positive change for many people around the world.”

Publica’s ereader apps, for all common platforms, will do double-duty as digital wallets to make their adoption easy and transparent for the public. The platform is designed to bring the blockchain revolution to how books are funded, made, publicized, discovered, bought, and read.

Publica will work with Ethereum, standards bodies, and other authorities to extend the blockchain into publishing. Publica will also support blockchains in the long tail of publishing derivatives such as movie scripts, games, merchandise, audio books, and periodicals, with the requisite legal frameworks.

Publica’s CEO Josef Marc said,
“The publishing ecosystem is really a global economy of ecommerce unto itself. Book projects are like startups. They can start small and they can grow into sustainable businesses. Entrepreneurial business models and ideas will become the new norm.”

The Ethereum blockchain plays three roles on the platform, supporting READ, RIGHTS, and PBL tokens. When a book is funded, whether by crowd pre-sales or institutions or by any other means, Publica will write the terms in smart contracts called Book ICO’s. READ tokens are one of the two keys in a public-key / private-key decryption system for reading a book’s digital editions.

When a book’s contents are extended to derivative rights, Publica will write their terms in smart contracts called RIGHTS ICO’s. “We’ll do our best to help the blockchains get ready for RIGHTS tokens,” said Publica’s CTO Yuri Pimenov

Publica will issue one billion tokens called PBL, or Pebbles, in an October ICO. According to Marc, “The publishing economy needs its own digital money because it’s a very long-tail business. Book projects and their contracts outlive people, as do copyrights. Project funds don’t need daily exchanges with local fiat currencies. They’re ‘work money’ with long-running balances. The gig economy and sharing economy are global and they should come into the publishing economy. No local currency should pose a barrier to entry.”

Pebbles will be invisible to the general public. Coin and token exchanges make it simple to present ecommerce in any denomination. Pebbles will be the medium of exchange within the platform’s smart contracts for goods and services.
Publica’s COO Antons Sapriko, said:
“Publishing’s ecommerce needs mega payments, micropayments, and every size in between. Pebbles are better suited for it than BTC, ETH, READ and RIGHTS tokens, or dollars for that matter,”

Publica’s development team is Scandiweb. Their Ethereum ICO experience includes projects with Element Group. As a leading Magento developer, their ecommerce experience includes Walmart, The New York Times, Land Rover, Jaguar and many other leading names.

Team​ ​Leadership
Josef Marc, CEO leads the Publica team. He has helped for many multimillion companies to reach healthy success - his first technology job was in a startup that was acquired by Sony to form its broadcast systems integration company in what the media calls an acquihire today. Antons Sapirko, COO is responsible for operational management in Publica. His experience leading Scandiweb from a local agency to becoming the largest ecommerce services provider on the Magento platform will help Publica take care of business. Yuri Pimenov, CTO is a longtime contributor to the blockchain community with his blog and his Russian translation of the seminal book "Mastering Blockchain" by Andreas Antonopoulos. Before Publica, he was the CTO of a leading Bitcoin exchange.
Josef Marc, CEO
Antons Sapriko, COO
Yuri Pimenov, CTO
Quick Links
  Official Website https://publica.io
  Community https://community.publica.io
  Blog https://medium.com/publicaio
  Twitter https://twitter.com/PublicaIO
  Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OfficialPublica
     Telegram https://t.me/publicaio
  Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/publicaio
  Whitepaper Download!
  Announcement https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2079885.0
Wireline : Recommended Startup to Invest Your Money

Wireline : Recommended Startup to Invest Your Money

As businessman, you may often have a plan to invest your money. By becoming an investor, you can save your money, but then you can get more money. But, choosing right place for investing money is difficult process for some businessman. Nowadays, investment can be done easily because technology has developed so much. You don’t need to visit company to invest your money because all can be done through startup or platform. Have you ever heard about Wireline? For you who have a plan to invest your money, you have to know about Wireline. Actually, it is a useful startup for investor. Read some information below to know more about Wireline.

Do I Need to Choose Wireline?
Nowadays, there are so many startups or platforms for investing your money. But, not every paltform will offer the best service. Different from other platform, Wireline comes with sophisticated technology, even covers the latest technology used by busied around the world. It means that Wireline is reliable startup for investing your money. Actually, there are so many reasons of why you have to choose Wireline.

First, Wireline offers low cost. You don’t have to spend much money to join Wireline. You can start investing your money to be invested for developing a big project. Some of you may be so curious about the big project. Actually, Wireline will collect fund from investor, and then the fund will be used for developing the next generation of Cloud platform. As we know that Cloud has been used by many people. If we invest our money for developing cloud platform, it means we have invested our money for big project. We can imagine how much money can be gotten when the latest version of Cloud used by many people in the world.

Things You Have to Know about Wireline
As mentioned before, Wireline collects fund to develop cloud platform. It means we will support developers who develop the next generation of Cloud platform. Because come with sophisticated technology, Wireline offers simple method that will make you easy to join Wireline. Yes, your money will be collected in token form. It means you have to change your money into token first, and then you can invest your money. How to get Wireline token? It can be done when Wireline notices about Wireline token release date. When the release date comes, you can buy token as much as you need, and finally you will be able to create Wireline ecosystem and invest effectively using your Wireline token.

This is where it gets interesting, just a few days ago the Wireline Team announced it's ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which will be run for 3 months. And before the ICO began the team had made the phase of ICO pre-sale
*ICO pre-sale : Oct 16th, 2017.
*Public Crowdsale Starts: Oct 23rd, 2017
Don't waste time, let's be part of Wireline ICO. Registration is now open for participation in the token sale. More detail about Wireline ICO, please check Detail and subscribed on Bitcointalk.
CarTaxi : The First Towing Service on Blockchain Platform

CarTaxi : The First Towing Service on Blockchain Platform

There is nothing new about car towing service, but as our technology becomes even more advanced, there are bound to be a few adjustments down the line. Said adjustments may come in the form of the method and equipment used, or the service itself. CarTaxi is the prime example of adjustments in both service and method, and let me tell you what I think about this invention: it’s glorious.

Before I start on how revolutionary CarTaxi is, let me talk about the ever changing worldwide trend. Decades ago, not everyone had cars. It existed but it was not used as often and massively as it is now. As the day went by, this trend slowly but surely progressed and more and more people are now owning and using cars as their preferred transportation means
With this rapid growth of car ownership, the car market sees a significant progress and high demand. However, it is worth noting that the car market is not the only market that sees a sudden jump in demands. The car towing services, an industry worth 26-billion dollars also sees the positive impact of such growth.

The logic behind it is quite simple to say the least. With the rise in car ownership, the risks that come with it also rises as a result. Perhaps due to improper maintenance, unexpected road condition that leaves you with gnarly tires, or perhaps you had a collision. Regardless of the underlying problems and reasons that leave you needing a reliable car towing service, the importance of this service is crystal clear.

However, if there is one thing that has yet to change since the beginning of time, it is the fact that this market has yet to be revolutionized in terms of service. Car towing service companies still run their business manually just as how it has always been. With the modern technology that we have now, it is just about time that one business entity comes forward with a more effective, better, and modern platform.

This is where CarTaxi fits in. Unlike its competitors which are still stuck in their conventional ways, CarTaxi is a solution that aims to fill the demands for towing services by automating the entire process using the latest blockchain technology. Not only is the whole process made easier for customers, but it is also made faster and more secure. For payment, you may use CTX tokens. Interested in investing? Head over to https://cartaxi.io to get started.

CarTaxi Team
  • Taras Semenov, СЕО
  • Alexey Tayanchin, CIO
  • Gala Kovaleva, CFO
  • Vihtori Mallat, Blockchain Developer
  • Nazarov Egor, Lead Java Developer
  • Renata Aripova, Project Manager
  • Nicholas Amoako, Frontend Developer
  • Vivien Andzuana, QA engineer
  • Japheth Zoogah, International сommunity coordinator
  • Prince Ntim, International сommunity coordinator
  • Yingyi Wu, International сommunity coordinator
  • Zachary Moller, Legal adviser
  • Rajesh Arora, Founder of special-purpose vehicles rental group of companies in India.
  • Sergei Pushkin, Hyundai motor manufacturing rus, quality senior specialist.
  • Olesya Milutina, Head of legal advising department, LLC Delovye Linii Group.
  • Vladimir Pravdivyy, CEO, Sputnik (sputnik.ru).
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: CarTaxi Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #CTX team!

Quick Links
-   Official Website: https://www.cartaxi.io
-   Token sale: https://www.cartaxi.io/ico
-   Blog: https://medium.com/@CarTaxi_24
-   Twitter: https://twitter.com/CarTaxi_24
-   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cartaxi.io
-      Telegram: https://t.me/cartaxi_io
-   Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cartaxi24
-   Slack: https://cartaxi.slack.com
-   Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/CarTaxiICO
-   YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2pVj6SQ5Eos16SUAjjtJIg
-   GitHub: https://github.com/CarTaxiico
-   Whitepaper: Read Now!
-   Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2113124

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Tokenza : Tokenized Crowdfunding and Freelancing Platform

Tokenza : Tokenized Crowdfunding and Freelancing Platform

A token based crowdfunding platform is not a strange thing anymore in this era. But a token based platform that combines crowdfunding and freelancing service, Tokenza is certainly the pioneer. Tokenza is a new hybrid fundraising and freelancing platform that is aimed to help people find investors for their project as well as give more opportunity for freelancers to find someone who will need their service. Contributors help project owners by giving money, or by offering services in exchange for tokens and bounties. It's like having Kickstarter and Fiverr in the same place, and running on the Ethereum blockchain.

How Does It Work?
Tokenza can be used by project starters or entrepreneurs who need funding to start their project, freelancers who want to offer their services, as well as investors who want to find amazing ideas and projects to invest in.
Tokenza is based on Ethereum blockchain and every transaction in this platform will require Tokenza (TKZ) or Ethereum (ETH) tokens. If investors want to contribute to a certain project, they can fund the project using ETH or TKZ. Speaking of the Tokenza token, the pre-sale will start on November 8th and there are 5,400,000 tokens available to buy.
Tokenza’s community consists of project owners, backers and bounty hunters:
  • Backers use TKZ tokens (or ETH) to contribute to promising projects
  • Bounty Hunters work and offer services to project owners, and get paid in TKZ (or ETH)
  • Backers get new tokens issued by projects in which they contributed

The same goes for freelancing service. Tokenza will provide an easy to use platform where the freelancers can advertise their job without any hassles. The jobs and services will be divided into different categories, for example Graphics and Design, Marketing, Writing and Translation and many more. This way, the public can easily find the best freelancer they want to hire according to the type of the job. Freelancers will be paid in TKZ after they have completed their services.

What is the Benefit of Tokenza?
The idea of combining crowdfunding and freelancing service is really great and helpful. If you have a hard time figuring out what kind of platform Tokenza is, simply imagine the lovechild between Kickstarters and Fiverr. This platform will really help making a lot of great ideas come true. This is because project starters sometimes need help from freelancers to do certain task. Tokenza makes it possible for project starters and freelancers to meet in one platform, so finishing a project definitely will be easier.

The benefits of Tokenza is not only limited to the project starters, entrepreneurs and freelancers, but also for the backers and investors. As a token based crowdfunding marketplace, investors can easily find innovative projects from all over the world. Since Tokenza is blockchain based, the investors don’t have to be afraid that the project starters will be run with their money. The investors and backers will also have a chance to participate in the project from the initial development until the project is finalized.

Tokenza Team
  • Vincent Fontaine, Founder
  • Jerome Renard, Founder
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Tokenza Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #TKZ team!

Quick Links
-   Official Website: https://www.tokenza.com
-   Blog: https://medium.com/@tokenza
-   Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptokenza
-   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cryptokenza
-      Telegram: https://t.me/tokenza
-   YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQoYdKVczIFMU4cyj8csrnw
-   Whitepaper: Download Now!
-   Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2110599.0

TerraMiner, The Unique and Effective Mining Farm Service

TerraMiner, The Unique and Effective Mining Farm Service

As we all probably know, Bitcoin mining has become increasingly more difficult compared to how it was back in the day. Taking into account the level of difficulty in the process of finding those precious BTC blocks that we have to face now, I find it appropriate to find a way to ensure mining success.
Yes, the level of difficulty is not a laughing matter. It is so difficult to the point that it has become much easier for us to just speculate on the BTC currency than for us to attempt mining with our consumer-grade hardware. While our plug-and-play hardwares could work incredibly well in the past, the same thing cannot be applied to our situation now given the current difficulties.

So the question remains: “is there really a way to mine BTC now that the situation has changed?” While the present day seems bleak, you would be surprised to find that the answer to the aforementioned question is of a more positive tone. Not only is there still a great future in BTC mining, there is also a ways to make sure that we won’t fall into a pit where we hit a plateau given the condition.
In the middle of my confusion, I find Cointerra. What is that, you ask? If you still have to ask that question, then chances are you are either a new player or you have been living under a rock. Cointerra first announced its TerraMiner IV in 2013. Using its 2TH/s BTC hash computing system at roughly 3-dollars per GH/s, it quickly became one of the most efficient method to mine Bitcoin.

If it worked incredibly well in the past, could it possibly be the answer to our difficult Bitcoin mining situation in this day and age? The answer is, yes. But before you interrupt with your opinion about how their system might be outdated for today’s use, let me set the record straight: the company has been getting ready to launch its new TerraMiner.

Introduced as an excellent mining farm for every serious miner out there, TerraMiner is a unique mining service because you are allowed to purchase it. That way you will not end up with a mining hardware of which you rent its power to operate, but rather completely own the hardware. With hardware power of 1Mh/s with starting price of about 2.8-dollar on its building stage. Join the rest of 278 investors now and get yourself a 40-percent discount for each token you purchase now!

TerraMiner Team
  • Pavel Kuznecov, Founder/CEO
  • Ruslan Sharamet, Software Engineer
  • Igor Koyda, Main hardware programmer
  • Stanislav Shamenko, IT specialist, programmer
  • Ivan Melikhov, Marketing communications
  • Denis Novakovskiy, Chief of marketing
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: TerraMiner Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #TRM team!


Quick Links
-   Official Website: https://terraminer.online
-   Blog: https://medium.com/@terraminer.io
-   Twitter: https://twitter.com/terraminer_ico
-   Facebook: https://facebook.com/terraminer
-   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/terraminer_io
-      Telegram: https://terraminer.online/telegram.html
-   Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/terraminer.online
-   Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/terraminer_io
-   YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJJ57vCvoFL8TXPzPRRbuhQ
-   Whitepaper: Read Now!
-   Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2174329.0

Investing in IT Technology with Hypercube Ventures

Investing in IT Technology with Hypercube Ventures

There are so many blockchain based fundraising platform nowadays. However, since the platform is available for any kind of projects, it can be difficult for investors who want to fund projects in a specific field, like technology for example.

Speaking of technology, it is safe to say that technology project is the most difficult type of project to fund. It is not because the project is not promising, but simply because most of the times it requires huge amount of money so it is very risky for the investors. As a result, many startups find it hard to find investors even if they have advertised their projects in various crowdfunding platforms.

But this situation will change soon because Hypercube Ventures is come to the rescue. Hypercube Ventures is a platform that will make it easier for investors to find technology based projects to fund. This platform will help many great technological innovations to come to realization since it offers so many benefits for the startups and investors.

Benefits for Startups
Finding an investor is never an easy job. When the startups post their project to other crowdfunding platforms, they need to fight for top position with other projects in other fields. However, since Hypercube Ventures is dedicated for technology innovation, it will be easier for the startups to find an investor since the investors are coming to the platform with a specific goal that is finding a technology based startup to fund.

Furthermore, the startups can also get more money for their company by inviting investors to the platform. If the startups have found an investor for their projects, they can send invitation to their investors to register to the platform. If the startups manage to invite investors to join the platform, they will get financial reward.

Benefits for Investors
When it comes to investing, the faster the investors join the project, the higher the capital will increase. Hypercube Ventures can offer that benefit since it allows investors to join a project from its early stage. Furthermore, since every project posted in this platform is presented transparently, the investors can freely choose which projects can get them the highest returns.

The technology project posted in this platform is exit-speed projects with implementation period around 1 to 3 years. It can reduce the risks the investors have to bear since they don’t have to wait long to see the results of the project. Furthermore, Hypercube Ventures also provide legal help for investors just in case they have problems with the startups they invest their fund in.

Ventureon Team
  • Vitalii Serbulenko, Managing Partner, Marketing Expert
  • Anton Sobor, Managing Partner
  • Vladimir Malakchi, Public Relations
  • Dietmar Gutgarts, Attorney at law
  • Dmitrii Zakharov, Chief developer
  • Irina Veretennikova, Key Account Manager
  • Alex Karelov, Graphic & UI/UX design
  • Simon Cocking, Senior Editor Irish Tech News | Fintech specialist
  • Toni Lane, Artrepreneur in the Digital Currency and Blockchain Industry
  • Desmond Marshall, Investor+Advisor: ICO full process, IPO biz model/plans packaging, blockchain
  • Paul Francis, Blockchain, ICO, Digital and Crypto Currency Enthusiast
  • Kristian T. Sørensen, Fintech Advisor / Investor
  • Li XiangJun, Blockchain/Fintech Evangelist
  • Vivek aka Vivekomon, Influencer\Startup Ninja\Bitcoin-er
  • Alex Manoylo, Blockchain enthusiast, Business Development
  • Steven Krohn, Website Traffic Generation - Social Media Influencer - Sales Expert - Online Marketing Consultant
  • Dmitrii Plakhov, Coordinator of St.Petersburg Blockchain Developers Community
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Ventureon Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #VNN team!


Quick Links
-   Official Website: https://hypercube.fund
-   Token sale: https://ventureon.hypercube.fund
-   Twitter: https://twitter.com/VentureOnICO
-   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VentureOnICO
-   Slack: https://ventureonico.slack.com
-   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13544976
-   G+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Cappasity3D
-   YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRCSGdmb2ClX-3P9A6oXkAw
-   GitHub: https://github.com/CappasityTech
-   Whitepaper: Read Now!
-   Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2192699

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Hero for the Best Online Betting

Hero for the Best Online Betting

Hero has changed the way online betting is done centrally. This is a radical change that has been successfully done by this company. The changes are made through the use of tokens. Tokens can get you to join and create games on the ethereal. Herocoin has a unique design, uses passive and active income streams for all users in the ecosystem. This is a bet with a centralized and transparent system. The company is able to break the paradigm that states that the house always wins. This is a problem for users who want a fair game. The host is considered to have a great advantage. The player has no control whatsoever to be a winner in the bet.

The Challenge
The company sees great challenges in the betting industry. Online betting does not have great innovation. The bad system has been running for years. This is detrimental to the player. Players who follow bets have poor conditions. The cost of following the bets has increased and the player has no chance to profit from the bet. Traditional bets already have results known to the players. The house always wins is a price to die for the players. Players cannot fight the destiny. This is an unhealthy condition because there are many businessmen who are looking to profit from the bet. The system is created by experts to benefit from players. Experts have undisclosed data to players. Centralized authorities will control the payment so that the system does not have good transparency. It has eliminated social dynamics because players have to use intermediaries to make a profit.

A system that does not gain the trust of players is a failing system. This is a combination that allows two parties to interact without any belief. This system is not able to solve the problems of these players. The common problem is to get rid of other parties that can affect your victory. You just depend on your results and your estimates. This system will eliminate the risk of manipulation, fraud, and corruption. You do not have to trust everyone because this system uses blockchain.

How Does It Work?
Herocoin is a decentralized betting token that rewards players, game creators and the community. ICO only sells ideas but this company has a difference. Hero uses a betting platform and has been accessed by thousands of users in the world. Other companies have ideas but they offer solutions to users. The ecosystem in this company consists of players and game creators. You can create a game or join the ecosystem. The community will benefit from the activity. The token holder gets the prize and the game creator also gets the award. This is unique from https://www.herocoin.io.

The Comparision Features
HERO vs Augur vs 1ST vs Wagerr vs UnikoinGold
Product up and running2√ (BETA)xx
Decentralized business model3√ (planned)√ (planned)√ (planned)x
Real blockchain usecase4xx
Regulated5xxx(not yet)
ICOBench Score4.
Difference from HERO-Allows prediction markets but lacks gaming systemsDifferent gaming model (and only one model)Lacks gaming systems no incentivationNo prediction games against community, no community gaming
2 Has this ICO a product up and running for users to use at the time of this writing?
3 Is the business model to be decentralized or is the coin just support for a centralized business model.
4 Could the product be created to a large percentage without the blockchain?
5 Is the ICO regulated by a countries legislation and therefore futureproof against regulation (see China and USA for examples)

Hero Team
  • Paul Polterauer, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Philip Peinsold, Co-Founder & CTO
  • Bernhard Blaha, Co-Founder & COO
  • Andreas Petersson, Lead Blockchain Developer
  • Vladan Vasic, Chief Information Officer
  • Jerome Rousselot, Smart Contract Developer
  • Johannes Mahler, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Gunther Doppler, Former CFO Kalixa Payment and bwin
  • Christian Dressler, Co-Founder bitTex
  • Max Tertinegg, Co-founder of Coinfinity and Blockchainhub Graz.
  • Thomas Talos, Partner at Brandl & Talos
  • Oliver Volkel, Partner at SVLAW
  • Bernd Winter, Partner for tax consulting at BDO
  • Ken Shishido, Co-Organizer Tokyo Bitcoin Meetup Group
  • Erwin Smole, Co-Founder of Grid Singularity and Energy Web Foundation
  • Stefan Fleig, Co-Founder of TableConnect and Shpock
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Herocoin Website or submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with #HERO team!

Quick Links
-   Official Website: https://www.herocoin.io
-   Blog: https://medium.com/@herocoin
-   Twitter: https://twitter.com/HEROcoinio
-   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HEROcoinio
-   Slack: http://herocoin.slack.com
-   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/herocoin
-   Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/HEROcoin
-   YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6gLMu21XsrnWcdS0VOwdw
-   GitHub: https://github.com/byteheroes/herocoin
-   Whitepaper: Download Now!
-   Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2116864