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The Decentralized Financial Ecosystem For Lenders and Borowers

The Decentralized Financial Ecosystem For Lenders and Borowers

The activities of lending and borrowing money are not new things. Indeed, there are many sides that are being beneficial during the transactions. Yes, while the borrowers can find the money they need, the lenders are also profitable for the interest found during the installment. In general cases, the lenders are banks that provide sich services. However, have you ever thought that such common systems are actually disadvantageous mainly for borrowers? The high interest and the incapability to pay them off are saddening for sure. Many people and companies even declare themselves as bankrupt for such loans.

Well, if you need money but don’t want to experience similar things, it is not bad anyway to try a new system offered by Zper. What is Zper actually? Zper is a kind of decentralized companies that Offering Blockchain-Based Investment and Loan Platform  to connect each other. Different from banks and other services that require commission for the third part, the decentralized system implemented here will not need that. Of course, it is because Zper can find its own profit from the digital currency trading system realized from the token transaction. So, what are the benefits of joining Zper? Here they are.

Peer-to-peer Transaction
Before the system applied by conventional bank becomes popular since few centuries ago, peer-to-peer transaction is done by almost all people in the world. Yes, this system is undeniably really traditional where there are only two parties involved. But then, it is proven to be safe and beneficial for the both parties. It is although there is basically only one thing needed here; trust. The modern peer-to-peer transaction tries to adapt this system but in digital way. Therefore, all the benefits found from the traditional transaction can be again felt here.

Safe and Secured
If the traditional peer-to-peer transaction is sometimes still doubtful particularly regarding the safety and security, it is not in Zper. Zper provides many features that the transaction can even be much safer and more secured. More than that, it is also transparent without any other people are able to change the data. How is it?

Blockchain System
The security, security, and even transparency can be implemented well due to the Blockchain platform used. Blockchain is another name from decentralized transaction system mentioned above. In this system, the third party is removed but then all the data are kept in many computers connected each other in one network. All parties involved have the same right to see the data and even other things behind. However, they don’t have access to change it. That’s why; it is really resistant toward hacking, fraud, and other kinds of cyber crime.

Risk Management
Compared to other similar sites, Zper looks better. It is because of the utilization of Robo-advisor algorithms as the risk management. This feature helps the members to trade and invest in safer ways. The risk management here means that the risk can be lowered so that the profit gained can be more also. To join it, you can go to its official site https://zper.io.
Interesting Things You Can Get From Smarter Than Crypto Platform

Interesting Things You Can Get From Smarter Than Crypto Platform

As a trader and investor, you need to see any kind of opportunity including a big chance in crypto currency. In fact, crypto currency becomes a valuable investment today. That’s why you need to be supported by a great platform. Smart Than Crypto is trying to accommodate your needs as an investor and trader. Smarter Than Crypto (STC) is the world’s first cryptocurrency-only SMARTER THAN BETA tokenized portfolio, and aims to provide a solution to this problem. Let’s talk about what STC wants to offer to its users.

Automatic System
STC is different that any other traditional trading platforms because it offers automatic system. As the result, you can choose the best portfolio anytime you want. Interestingly, the trade all types of portfolios by using one type of token only. The automatic system provides you with simpler trading activity. You don’t need to spend extra money for broker and exit fees. Even, you don’t have to pay any kind of management fee because everything will be run automatically. Users can start to invest or trade no matter the total of tokens they have because Smarter than Crypto doesn’t use minimum token.

New Investment Model
STC offers better trading system whether for investors or traders. You are about to trade along with collective investment model. By the time you have STC tokens, you are able to buy or sell anytime you want. You just need to visit trusted merchant exchange and get tokens or money right away without any complicated requirements. Users can also buy or sell any kind of crypto currencies from over than 1.000 crypto currencies available. STC fully support the trading activity by selecting the most profitable and valuable coins. Definitely, this system gives more chance for the users to earn more profit and benefits.

Simpler Trading System
STC has simpler system and the secret is on direct trading without any third party. That’s why the tokens will be sent or delivered to the receivers when the process is done. You don’t have to worry about limited amount of tokens because it prevents unsold tokens. Smart contract will make the process safer because it supports Blockchain technology. The most interesting, investors or traders will get better price because the price of the tokens will be stable and unable to fall down below the portfolio. Due to the facts, STC is a trading platform for everyone whether you are a beginner or advanced traders or investors.

Profitable Trading Platform
The chance to get profit will be higher than traditional trading platforms. Thanks to the new investment model known as data science driven. This model helps investors or traders to get stable returns whatever the markets. On the other hand, you are not only betting while buying or selling your coins just like what you did in old fashioned trading. The significant different is that Smarter than Crypto is able to choose valuable portfolio automatically so it offers more than just betting strategy. There will be no intervention from any parties so the result and the process will be more transparent.

In short, you are about to use a high tech trading platform which compatible to Blockchain and crypto currency but you don’t have to spend a lot of money. What you have to do is using STC to gain tokens or coins whether for investment or personal usage.

STC Team
  • Oliver Prock, Founder and CEO
  • Harald Heidinger, Managing Director
  • Mangesh Pharande, Senior Database Specialist and Data Analysis
  • Mayuresh Mirajkar, Software Engineering and Development
  • Prashant Navale, Full stack Designer and Front-end Development
  • Anke Engel, Communications and Channel Management
  • Viktoria Lenth, Brand Management and Marketing
  • Laurence Lau, an Blockchain enthusiast / supporter, and is an active cryptocurrency investor.
  • Samson Lee, Founder & CEO of CoinStreet
  • Karthik Iyer, Founder and CEO of BlockchainMonk
  • Yuan Li, CEO Thinkyoung
  • Adrian Gheorghe, Senior Scientist and Professor for Engineering Management
  • Mike Novogratz, Ex-Hedge Fund Manager and cryptocurrency investor
  • Victor Chow, CEO of TiENPAY and T8exchange
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: STC Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #STC team!


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  Official Websitehttps://www.smarterthancrypto.com
ZPER Offering Blockchain-Based Investment and Loan Platform

ZPER Offering Blockchain-Based Investment and Loan Platform

The emergence, and subsequently the development, of blockchain in technology industry has truly been undermining powers of centralized services. Regardless of the areas it’s highlighted, one sector that has been in desperate need of innovation is the finance sector. Having been conservative for such a long time now, the sector along with the industries have faced numerous limitations. These limitations at times hinder the potential of an industry’s development.

What is ZPER and Its Mission?
As one of the first decentralized investment and loan platform to be based on Blockchain, ZPER emerges to offer a solution. Aiming at creating unique finance ecosystem with Peer-to-Peer system, the company combines industrial Peer-to-Peer finance and asset values of data from across the globe. The ZPER integrated platform in question will finance the P2P ecosystem transcending both country and currency.

The goal of this platform is to expand and ultimately enhance the value chains of Peer-to-Peer finance market. Simultaneously providing participants with reasonable yet reliable trading opportunities. To understand the finance ecosystem ZPER has created, see a few of the platform’s conditions in the following section:
  • Voluntary creative data provision is more than necessary for borrower, which will then be evaluated by data providers.
  • Investment opportunities that transcend regional limitations and borders.
  • Contract and bond management is irreversible.
  • The participation of Peer-to-Peer finance companies in global setting can be trusted.
  • Sufficiently diversified investment portfolios will be provided to investors.
  • Values shared by participants will be distributed fairly.
Getting to Know ZPER Ecosystem
ZPER offers a decentralized ecosystem based blockchain technology. The environment services as a place where a wide range of companies and individual investors are engaged in Peer-to-Peer financial system. Regardless of where you are in the world, the ecosystem offers free participation. ZPER does not only offer a platform for Peer-to-Peer financial to take place, but also ensures secure and transparent transaction in its platform. The platform caters to the varying needs of participants.

Below are the different type of participants along with the explanation on who are categorized as such: Investors Any individual or institution who are will to generate profits by making an investment on the products provided by Peer-to-Peer finance companies listed within the ZPER ecosystem with the following requirements:
- Making an investment in individual products that belong to Peer-to-Peer finance companies
- Making an investment in portfolios which are exclusively designed by RoboAdvisors
- Making an investment in other receivables which are put on requested resale

  • P2P Finance Companies
    These companies are in charge of controlling the overall investment processes. This includes generating loans, assessing borrowers, managing reimbursements, and more.
  • RoboAdvisor Companies
    RoboAdvisor companies is in charge of analyzing investment products within the ZPER ecosystem. With its unique algorithms, the system is based on investment periods, default rates, return rates, insolvency rates and many more.
  • NPL Buyer
    The ones categorized as NPL Buyers are any individual or institution who has pledged to make a purchase on non-performing loans. For many investors, this typically serves as other loan guarantor in ZPER ecosystem.

Other participants you may choose from are Borrowers and Data Providers. ZPER is scheduled to launch its Token Crowd Sale and wallet service soon. To get involved, visit https://zper.io.

  • JB Kim, Co-founder, CEO
  • Jake Lee, Co-founder, CEO
  • Sean Park, Co-founder, CSO
  • George Hahn, Co-founder, CGO
  • SJ Min, CBDO
  • Leo Moon, Senior Software Engineer
  • SH Baek, Full-Stack Engineer
  • SH Lee, Server Engineer
  • SK Im, Full-Stack Engineer
  • JY Min, Financial Affairs
  • KS Shin, Operation Strategy
  • DY Shin, Operation Management
  • JH Shin, UI/UX Designer
  • DY Shin, Marketing
  • JH Kim, Community Manager
  • Melissa Lee, Marketing Manager
  • Christine Yoon, Marketing Manager
  • Sean Shin, CEO at Dayli Financial Group
  • Sudhi Herle, Sr. Strategy Consultant to the CTO of Samsung Mobile
  • Suyong Park, COO of Daylii Financial Group
  • Hoon Lee, Council Member of ICON Foundation
  • Joe Kim, Managing Director of XnTree at L39
  • James Pack, Director at GoldenTree Asset Management
  • K Wang, CEO at Coinbin
  • Jake Kim, Director & Investment Manager at Innobase
  • Natalia Lee, Finda, CEO
  • SH Lee, Shinseung Accounting Corp. Director
  • David Yang, CEO at Quarterback Group
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: ZPER Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #ZPR team!

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  Official Websitehttps://zper.io
RCI, A New Blockchain Based Realty Investment Platform

RCI, A New Blockchain Based Realty Investment Platform

Blockchain and cryptocurrency is used for variety of purposes nowadays. One of them is for realty investment. Blockchain really can give a valuable improvement to traditional property investment. Property business is very profitable. Unfortunately, since the price of property nowadays can be very expensive, not everyone can jump into this business and make significant profit.

That is why RCI is developed. Realty Crypto Investment (RCI) is a property investment platform that is powered by blockchain technology. The security, reliability and transparency of blockchain technology make it possible for RCI to create a community-centric platform, where people can cooperate to invest in property and make profit together.

RCI aims to make a difference in property business and give chance to more people to invest in this lucrative industry. Blockchain will make sure every purchase, transaction and profit distribution is transparent and fair, even though the business model involves distribution of profit to a lot of people. With RCI, investing in realty industry will be easier than ever.

RCI Benefits
RCI is a very promising platform because it has plenty of benefits. Firstly, investors will be able to know how their money is used and where the property they purchase is located. This is because it is the investors that will decide which property to buy. The team is only providing some options then the investors are allowed to vote on the property they like.

Furthermore, the type of property that can be invested in will depend on the amount of the investment. If the investment reached 5 million dollar, the money will be used to purchase small hotels or apartments in Europe. $25 million dollar investment will be invested in hotels. Meanwhile, if the investment reached over 45 million dollar, the money will be used for constructions of new hotels. Since the team reveals how the investment is used, investors can rest assured that their money is in a good hand.

The profit distribution is also very clear. 40% of the profit will go to the developer, which means, investors will get the bigger portion of the profit that is 60%. To encourage participants to invest more, RCI launches a very attractive bonus program. Top 20 token holders are allowed to use the hotels and apartments for leisure.

Token Details
Realty Crypto Investment will launch its own token that is called RCI. The token runs on standard ERC-20 platform. The ICO is held from February 22 2018 to May 20, 2018 or until the closest cap is reached. A total of 100,000,000 RCI tokens are available and 90% of them can be purchased in the ICO. The price of 1 RCI is only USD 0.50 and people can participate in this project with a minimum contribution of $100 USD.

RCI brings something refreshing to the world of realty investment. By taking advantage of blockchain technology, the common problems of property investment can be eliminated. People can find a more affordable way to participate in property business without having to spend too much money from the get go. Furthermore, blockchain also makes the investment more secure and transparent.

RCI Team
  • Anton Smetani, CEO
  • Mikhail Meshyarekov, Chief Assets Manager
  • Afrail Aliev, Developer
  • Moskvina Natalia, Realtor
  • Moskvin Andrei, Realtor
  • Anna Waldner, Realtor
  • Manuela Silva, Realtor
  • Artur Shatverov, Realtor
  • Alena Gavrilenko, Realtor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: RCI Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #RCI team!

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  Official Websitehttps://www.rcicompany.com
BitPenta Limited To Offer Unique Investment Opportunities

BitPenta Limited To Offer Unique Investment Opportunities

Cryptocurrency may have been on the rise for the past few years. However, there have not been a lot of investors and traders who are willing to venture into the new world of investments. Their reservations can largely be traced back to their unfamiliarity with the system and technology used. Fortunately, BitPenta has come up with a solution that bridges the need for assistance in cryptocurrency trading. Investors are now able to get involved without worries.

About BitPenta Limited and Its Vision
BitPenta Limited, a UK registered company, focuses its business operation on cryptocurrency trading. Specializing in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining, the company offers solutions to bridge the differences between the traditional market with crypto world. Having been a business entity for more than a decade, the company is undoubtedly aware of the challenges that come with the industry.

Started as a company offering solutions to private investors looking to get involved in stock market and Forex, BitPenta Limited sees the potential of cryptocurrencies. Since 2013, BitPenta has been shifting its trading focus to cryptocurrencies. Specializing in daily, mid, and long term trading, the company does not only have a tight grip on process, it also provides the ability to earn secure income on daily basis.

Aiming to help investors to secure profits on a daily basis, BitPenta offers clients with a decentralized platform based on trust. With unique environment built on blockchain, combined with smart contracts, the platform gives customers a peace of mind. Blockchain’s image of the ultimate technology to offer security and transparency ensures healthy relationship with clients.

Entirely based on trust, the company certainly does not hold back with the features it offers with BitPenta platform. The platform was not only designed to be an environment to generate daily profits, but also for future saving. Offering lucrative returns and quality services, it’s undeniably difficult to pick up flaws in the platform. With BitPenta, investors are now capable of generating safe earning on a long term.

Advantages Offered by BitPenta Platform
With its dedicated team of professional traders, BitPenta makes it possible for investors to invest in cryptocurrency without having to do the heavy lifting. Investors no longer have to worry about their lack of knowledge on how the platform works, the company’s professional traders will be there to help. They will trade for the investors in order to optimize their daily trade margins.

Not only that, BitPenta also vows to bear all the losses should the investment does not go as planned. Trading losses are not going to be implemented on clients’ accounts. This does not only show the company’s confidence in their professional traders’ capabilities, but also shows its commitment to help clients earn secured revenue.

To achieve its goal in serving loyal clients, the company makes sure to equip the platform with functional features. Some of the features can be seen in the following section:
  • User-friendly interface for ease of use.
  • Hourly profit with instant withdrawal capabilities.
  • Expert advisors offering support 24-hours, 7-days a week.
  • Three level investment plan with three level referral plan.

To learn more about the unique platform and offering, visit the company’s website at https://bitpenta.com.


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  Official Websitehttps://bitpenta.com
  Public Salehttps://bitpenta.com/penta-ico
LendingBlock, Creating The Best Lending Solution

LendingBlock, Creating The Best Lending Solution

As a peer-to-peer marketplace intended for lending, Lendingblock clearly isn’t the only one in the industry. However, the fact that it’s built on the Blockchain with a wide range of incredible features gives it more to desire. At the moment LendingBlock is still in its Initial Coin Offering stage. But when it’s launched in the near future, it will offer more advantages than meet the eye. Keep reading to learn more about this platform and why it’s believed to be the next generation peer-to-peer marketplace in the industry.

What is LendingBlock?
A lending platform built on the blockchain. As simple as the definition may seem, it actually offers a myriad of advantages from that fact alone. The marketplace is intended to bring lenders and borrowers together, accommodating needs to completely collateralized crypto-to-crypto loans. Despite being built on blockchain, Lendingblock is far from complicated. Quite the contrary, the developer has made it a point to ensure the mesmerizing system does not come in the expense of convenience.

Offering access through dedicated desktop and easy-to-use mobile application, it’s clear that Lendingblock is set to change the way we do things in the industry. LendingBlock is creating the financial and technical infrastructure for lending within the cryptoeconomy. Users are given the opportunity to make or take crypto-to-crypto loans with ease. Those needing a loan may also complete the process in a matter of minutes. This is undoubtedly a game-changer.

Lendingblock aims to provide an environment that is second to none. The platform gives lenders the ability to earn profits on their digital assets, and do so without having to sacrifice ownership advantages. Lenders can just stay back and relax as Lendingblock expertly matches them to borrowers. This advantage also extends to the borrowers’ side.

All it takes for the borrowers is specifying the required digita assets at the time of requesting a loan. Lendingblock then takes it upon itself to match you with lenders that match your lending needs. This ease of use also applies to other aspects as well. During the interest payment for instance. Borrowers can easily pay their regular interest all throughout the agreed loan duration. Their payments are distributed to lenders right on time, and are also able to be tracked anytime. Ensuring transparency and security.

Advantages Offered by LendingBlock
Another thing worth noting is the fact that loan can be provided to the borrower by multiple lenders. Meaning there is no hard rule on a single peer-to-peer transaction between a borrower and a lender. Lendingblock makes it possible for multiple lenders to chip in together in order to provide borrower’s single loan. This advantage ensures borrowers to find backers for their lending needs.

There are a myriad of benefits, one of them is easy collateral return and repayment distribution. Once borrowers have completed their end of term and paid off the loan, they will get their collateral while the repayment is directly distributed to the lender. All can be done swiftly and easily without a fuss! Below is a list of other advantages offered by the platform:
  • Great cross-blockchain value transfer
  • Easy portfolio and payment tracker
  • Top notch wallet integration with ease of use

Providing an incredible solution, LendingBlock quickly becomes one of the most promising ICO. Take a part in their crowd token sale or learn more about Lendingblock at http://lendingblock.com.

Betex as a Revolutionary Binary Trading Platform

Betex as a Revolutionary Binary Trading Platform

Binary trading investment sector has been around for such a long time. Yet despite its popularity, many of the binary system offered to investors end up on a negative note. Oftentimes, Investors are ripped off their investment by their own brokers. Due to this issue, many investment opportunities have also been lost and investors have backed out. They would rather opt for more profitable investment opportunities

What is Betex?
If there is one thing that the typical binary trading investment system lacks in, it’s transparency. This lack of transparency gives ways for dishonest brokers to rip off investors. The combination of lack of transparency and brokers’ refusal to closely follow confidentiality agreements truly put a strain. Fortunately, the new investment sector referred to as Betex has recently changed the game.

With its features and system, Betex has the ability to dial people’s interest back in. Investment practice, especially the binary system, is now back in highlights thanks to its unique system. Aiming to completely remove the source of problem, Betex offering an open system trading. Such transparency will undoubtedly help reducing risks of rip off that has been becoming a detriment of what could have been a good investment alternative.

Experts have always considered binary trading as a more of a gambling game. Likened to sports betting, the trading system involves a whole lot of forecasting. However, investors were particularly interested in the investment due to its low entry barrier. Most binary trading offers start with as low as 20-dollars which is one of the lowest investment opportunities available nowadays.

With this low entry fee, investors who decided to trade in binary investment system always assume possible future asset value through forecasting. With the hope of market in their favors, they expect to rack up enough profit and Return of Invesment of as much as 85-percent. However, this is not the case most of the time. Oftentimes, investors end up losing both of their capital and possibility of getting ROI.

Betex, as the first peer-to-peer trading platform to be equipped with Ethereum smart contract, ensures the removal of corruption in investment practices. At the same time, the platform also guarantees security and stability of the system in order to minimize security breach and other threats.Promoting transparency, the platform gives traders the ability to trade without the need of brokers.

Features and Advantages Offered by Betex
In order to ensure total fairness and transparency, Betex stays away from trading. Without their involvement in trading, they will act more as a platform than a broker. The fact that Betex will not be involved in trading ensure transparency due to their inability to manipulate trading or the outcome itself. Not only that, the platform also promise Minimal Viable Products network.

This MVP network will offer three trading pairs with 6 structure trading intervals. This unique network will be launched commercially right after the token pre-sale has taken place. Payment will be released instantly by its Ethereum smart contracts directly to users’ ether wallet. This payment will be able to be withdrawed by investors right away.

To find out about their token pre-sale schedule and condition, please visit http://www.betexlab.com.

Betex Team
  • Oleg Torkhov, Co-founder & CEO
  • Mykhailo Tiutin, Co-founder & CTO
  • Mykhailo Savchuk, Blockchain & Back-end Developer
  • Oleksii Koshlatyi, DevOPs & Infrastructure
  • Oleksandr Babichev, Front-end Dev
  • Iana Gyzhytska, Content Strategist & Writer
  • Evgeny Zhytnyuk, Community Manager
  • Anatolii Kucheruk, Smart Contract Developer
  • Kostiantyn Kliuiev, PM/PO at BETEX
  • Scott Douglas, Business Strategy Advisor
  • Kos Chekanov, Design Advisor
  • Alexandr Kerya, Marketing Advisor
  • Alexandru Radulescu, Trading Advisor
  • Matyas Zaborszky, Strategic Advisor
  • Steve Good,Business Strategy and Digital Marketing Advisor
  • Vladimir Nikitin, ICO Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Betex Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #BETEX team!


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