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CoinSchedule and DLT Capital Announce Partnership

CoinSchedule and DLT Capital Announce Partnership

CoinSchedule and DLT Capital have announced a partnership to share experience and knowledge and improve services. CoinSchedule is a well respected website in the crypto industry, with expertise in ICO listing and advertising. DLT Capital, is a successful blockchain consulting company with a team of experts focusing on fundraising advising, business consulting, regulatory advising, and marketing.

These two companies first worked together the East-West Crypto Conference held in Frankfurt in October 2018. Since then they decided to build on this experience and create an official partnership . The main focus will be to improve the ICO listing process. Outstanding ICO’s often have trouble standing out in a crowded field and CoinSchedule will be a well-respected partner who can elevate the visibility for these projects.

CoinSchedule Leads In The ICO Listing Space
Founded in 2016, CoinSchedule's mission is to make it easy for users to find the best ICOs to join. They provide useful and transparent information on ICOs, helping users find projects that have a great potential for success. They are also a marketing platform for ICO projects to present themselves to potential users. By increasing the quantity and the quality of the information required from ICO projects they will help this new industry flourish.

DLT Capital; Blockchain Advisers For The EU, Asia and Beyond!
Started in 2017 by Sergej Stein and Nico Konrad, DLT Capital is an international blockchain and ICO consultancy. They are a multi-talented team that includes, blockchain technical experts, business advisors, investors, lawyers, mentors and coaches. They have a vast wealth of knowledge of ICOs, traditional finance, blockchain programming, venture capital and Fintech.
Their team of consultants and advisors are connected with investors, technical hubs, and significant blockchain players, if someone’s worth knowing, they know them! DLT Capital has local strongholds in both Europe and Asia where they are directly based. Working closely with institutions, business partners and research centres, they are a perfect fit for the CoinSchedule brand.

The most important thing is that this is just the beginning of the cooperation of these two companies. With the great synergy already established during the highly successful East-West Crypto Conference, both companies are excited by the chance to improve the services they can provide their clients and grow the blockchain space.

Authors: Scott McKenzie & Ivan Jelić
Understanding Rewards Token and Its Benefits

Understanding Rewards Token and Its Benefits

Cryptocurrency community nowadays is getting bigger and bigger because modern people cannot be separated from the digital technology in their daily life. It is super easy to find the new cryptocurrency including Rewards token. This new cryptocurrency almost gets the ICO, Rewards Token is Winner of the BEST ICO-CoinAGENDA Investors Conference. That is why it is pretty promising for considering Rewards Token for shocking the customer loyalty program universe. With the increasing marketplace of cryptocurrency, Rewards Token tries to solve some problems appear. Nevertheless, people need to learn more and more about this token and more importantly about its benefits.

What is Rewards Token?
Loyalty program for the business and corporate surely is very essential for ensuring the growth of the business. Rewards Token offers people with the loyalty program. With the current running program which has so many businesses using it, people can make sure that Rewards token sounds very appealing. The schemes have been created for many businesses from the American Airlines to the InterContinental Hotels. There have been apps and software developed for some companies as well. Because of the loyalty scheme problem appears, the company tries to solve this problem with crypto currency which can be used as the universal token of loyalty.

How It Works
Now, it is the time to understand the way Rewards token works. There will be single marketplace which will be used by the business and it is Rewards token. The normal reward method which is offered by the company might be cash back or discounts. Nevertheless, Rewards tokens will be used by the businesses for rewarding the loyal customers. The goal of the Rewards token is for making sure that the token can be redeemed by the holders for anything. It means that there is only one scheme of loyalty program which will be used which can provide very great advantages.

The customers will be able to check the amount of tokens they hold and the available offers which can be chosen for redeeming services or products using the tokens. The token can be earned through the purchase but actually the customers can also buy the tokens on the exchange if they want to enhance their token holdings.

The Benefits of Rewards Token
The cryptocurrency scheme which is offered by Rewards Token surely can offer people with some great benefits. First of all, the token holders will be able to get the exclusive offer as well as special access to the tickets before they can jump into the general sale. The token holders surely can find more benefits. For example, they will be able to join the contests and also sweepstakes. It means that they will be able to get opportunity for winning extra prizes.

The Rewards token is also beneficial especially because the tracking can be done easily. There is only one scheme after all. People can get the token but it does not mean that they want to redeem it. In this circumstance, they can sell their tokens on the exchanges market. The product rewards can be claimed by the token buyer which can give profit to the previous token holders.
Arround to Provide the World’s Best Decentralized Advertising Solution in Augmented Reality

Arround to Provide the World’s Best Decentralized Advertising Solution in Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) now plays a significant role in changing people’s perspective to see the world. Arround is the first decentralized advertising solution in the world that will help people to have their own augmented reality experience.

What Is Arround?
Arround is a leading company is the augmented reality industry and currently the first one in the world that offers the best-decentralized advertising solution for it. The digital company comes with a new and revolutionary digital environment that makes it possible for the clients to explore, create, and share their experiences in augmented reality. With the help of Arround, the advertisers join in the digital company will have a new way to engage their clients.

The engaging process will be done by using creative campaigns in the AR. In this way, the high-street retails outlets will be able to use the big data to reach the targeted campaigns. This would be the first time ever found in the advertising campaign history. As a reliable digital company, Arround also comes with a large number of global partners. They will give a valuable assistance to bring the solution provided by the company to the mass market. This will lead the company to have more opportunities to commercialize their unique offerings fully.

Why Choosing Arround?
The digital company comes with many benefits and here are some reasons you need to contribute to the Arround’s ecosystem.
  • The token provides by the digital company plays important role in powering the business model.
  • The company’s MVP is available both in Android and iOS.
  • Arround is also supported by a skillful, experienced, and dedicated team. They have excellent track record and passion to provide all the best in augmented reality for the customers.
  • The digital company also comes with establishing partnerships come from popular brands in the world.
  • The market growth of Arround is now at breakneck speed for about 65%.
  • The products provided by the digital company are exceptionally innovative and comprehensive.
  • The ARR offered by the company can be used for all revenue transactions which lay across the network, include revenue from the social network, global 3D AR map, AR store, and all advertising payments.

How the Company Uses Blockchain
The advertising solution provided by Arround is based on blockchain technology and it functions to connect all of the elements used in the company’s projects together. The campaigns conduct, as well as the advertising inventory, are paid for by ARR and registered in the blockchain. The profit gained in ARR will be used to pay the map builders. It will also be utilized to pay all of the transactions conducted in the social network. The payment given will be in the form of ARR token.

The company also comes with a program to lead the AR map into the applications of the 3rd party which will be connected to the company’s advertising network to help them gain more profit from the advertising. The transactions which are conducted within the company’s ecosystem will really give you peace of mind. This is because all of the privacy rights and intellectual property will be guaranteed and secured by using smart contracts.

The Arround Team
  • Neil Bryant, CEO
  • Arkady Yasashny, CFO
  • Dmitry Orekhov, CMO
  • Artem Haritonov, CTO
  • Alexandr Sokolov, CSA
  • Eugene Dobrovolsky, CBDO
  • Kate Bublik, Digital marketing expert
  • Andrey Molchanov, CSPO
  • Fedor Gladovsky, Sr. Web Developer

  • Vladimir Nikitin, Strategic  ICO Advisor
  • Temur Shakaya, Strategic Partnership Advisor
  • Igor Karavaev, Advisor, Investor Relations
  • Alexander Shulgin, PR and Community Advisor
  • Nathan Christian, ICO Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Arround Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #ARR team!


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  Official Websitehttps://arround.io
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MIN – Time Based Cryptocurrency

MIN – Time Based Cryptocurrency

MIN is a native token protocol with a decentralized system. It's a tokenized means of payment by which professionals, consultants and experts of all varieties can charge for their time in a flexible, transparent and fair system. Those enable the professional to get a fair yet accurate charge for their time. It also ensures that the consistent rate has been applied so it will prevent the clients from getting overcharged.

MIN can be used in a very wide case. It encompasses the industries in many ways such as marketing, mentorship, mobile apps, programming, language tuitions, and translation. Other than the professionals, the website owners and SMEs can take advantage of the framework provided by MIN that is counted by the minute basis. They assume that there are so many wasted moments in life and it actually can be monetized.

Reasons To Choose MIN
There are, of course, various good reasons that will make you choose this platform. But the first thing you need to know is that this platform using a standardized pricing method. This method will make both parties (professional and client) get their best option. Since time is one of the most valuable things in a mankind world, you need to have a platform that can regulate that for you.

MIN will utilize the global standard to make the fair yet accurate payment by letting the members set the cost of their service on a minute basis. This also helps everyone to communicate much clearly one to another. They value the time so you need to measure, count, and then sell it.

MIN also offers sharing benefits. Many parties confident that all the time they have spent on a social platform has turned into a wasting time activity. But this platform will not do that to you. They have a rewarding system that provides an adequate social platform so every time spent in MIN will turn into a productive work. Professionals and clients will stay connected and active. Wasting time on this social platform will be something rewarding and worth it.

The Programs
There is an app named Thirtymin and this is designed to stay connect and interact with each other without wasting your times. You can check the advantages and benefits of using the social platform for your work. And you will be amazed at how a bill charged per minute basis is something you really need until today. If you buy this social platform now, you can get an interesting discounted price.

The app above was established back then in 2015. In November 2018, the crowdsale for the token will be ended. The development will be started and MIN will be on the list of a Stellar Exchange with a decentralized system. Once the development is done and successfully released, they will develop the business partnership along with social platform integration.

So, MIN is designed for both professional and client who want to value the time and money. If all developments are done, everyone will get the best solution for what is needed from a social platform. The client will not get overcharged and the professional will not waste their time. It is really important to check out the MIN.

MIN Team
  • Ali Magzoub, CEO
  • Marko Prljic, UX DESIGNER
  • Yahya O’Noor, Community manager
  • Vilim Duganic, Developer
  • Vedran Vidakovic, Developer
  • Nebojsa Stojanovic, Developer
  • Fatmah Mustapha, Developer
  • Michael Angelo D. Magat, Developer
  • Roldan Unne Torralba, Developer
  • Abed Alzain, Stellar Developer
  • Mharco Cayabyab, Developer
  • Joshuwa Roomsburg, Strategic Advisor
  • Robert D. Knight, Marketing Advisor
  • Hisham Alem, Operation and Scheduling Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: inMIN Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #MIN team!


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  Official Websitehttps://inmin.it
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INFLEUM – Blockchain Based Brand Publishing Platform

INFLEUM – Blockchain Based Brand Publishing Platform

Created by the ELSOL COMPANY, INFLEUM is a blockchain platform designed for a transparent structure of trading. Any small idea and action from the individual may be translated into some kind of profits.

This company is a publishing platform with open source and blockchain base. It provides about as many as 8 DAPP services create by ELSOL Company. The value of influence is measured and distributed according to the participation of the users.

It also involves the ecosystem cycle of publishing such as Investment, Network, Marketing, Sharing, Consumption, and Payment. In this article, we are going to give a review of this company. And if you are interested to invest in this blockchain then you need to read this article thoroughly.

More about INFLEUM
INFLEUM is a platform for brand publishing and ELSOL Company made it for the open source platform. Anything that has been done by the platform will measure the value of influence of each user. Later, it will be distributed throughout the publishing stage of the brand. The value of influencer will be measured based on the participation of users. Once the value has been defined to the user, it will be distributed and spread across the ecosystem of ELSOL Company.

The platform will ensure that the distribution is fair and transparent. It will be checked throughout a fairly complex supply chain. The measurement value is determined for both consumers and producers.

By deciding a part in this board activity ranger available, the users later will be able to get the INFLEUM token. The token can be used to acquire so many services offered by the platform, such as an advertiser, influencer, DAPP, and platform. Later, those things are broken down into several stages and fix the INFLEUM token economy.

The INFLEUM Features
INFLEUM is a reliable platform for publishing your brand. It has several features such as:
  • Infleum wallet that will integrate the service and management assets
  • Contract escrow will secure your assert
  • Automated smart contract agent machine will create a simple contract with an excellent UI
  • Big-data and AI will manage your marketing system
  • DAPP will provide the platform users with various services offered
  • Development center is the place for you to develop the DAPP service. It will also provide support for API and SDK development by the company

The ELSO Company and the collaborators do their best to make a great platform of startup alliance. This platform of brand publishing will be designed to show up with several new formulas that have been developed and well-grown. The company will deal in several areas such as web content and creating the apps, creating strategies as well as the promotion in the distribution channel, establish and determine the strategies for marketing, and planning the brand as well as the consultant.

The ELSOL Company has created a well-designed brand publishing platform. It has several features that will ease the users and all of them are user-oriented features. It has a great ecosystem and growth pool that reaches up to 30%. The investors can but the INFLEUM token using BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, and ETC.

  • Phoenix Choi, CEO, Co-Founder
  • “AJ” An Joon, COO, Co-Founder
  • Seungwook Noh, CMO, Co-Founder
  • Steve Jeong, CTO, Technical Director
  • Ryan Lee, Financial Officer
  • Sanbo Na, Business cooperation
  • Sunkyung Lee, Community Manager
  • Megan Cha, Global Marketing Manager
  • TJ Taejin Yi, Blockchain Engineer
  • Seunggon Baek, Blockchain Engineer
  • Clinton Lee, Blockchain Engineer

  • Joshua Hong, Internet Media Entrepreneur
  • Daniel Lee, INSIDER Partner & Country Director
  • Sangyoun Kim, CINE LUX CEO
  • Jeaseok Kang, iPLUSCENTER CEO
  • Irang Kim, DM Link CEO
  • Hangju Kim, Together APPS CEO
  • Seongbong Lim, Kunlun Korea General Manager
  • Kyung bok Song, FunkyBro CEO
  • Tak Shin, 4Bros Entertainment CEO
  • Bonjin Ku, Gaeun Accounting CEO
  • Jason J. Kim, EBCoin.io Founder
  • Jerry Y. Cho, KEYWEST Partners, President
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: INFLEUM Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #IFUM team!


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  Official Websitehttps://infleum.io
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ETH Address: 0x0123a524a2d5a69d9e934750951a519dcb552e59
Buzzex - The Cheap Cryptocurrency Trading Platform with Many Rewards

Buzzex - The Cheap Cryptocurrency Trading Platform with Many Rewards

Cryptocurrency investment is considered the easiest and the fastest way to gain money. Is it true? Well, although you cannot say that it is something wrong, how people can be successful through Cryptocurrency depends on many factors. Despite you must know the strategy well, it is important to be really careful in choosing the platform.

There are many cases out there where the investors have deposited much amount of money and they end up being the victims of fraud. Sure, you must not be one of them. So, starting from now, make sure to choose the right platform if you want your investment thing going completely well.

Buzzex is one of the trusted platforms you can try. Buzzex has been built from the ground up for over a year and is ready to take the cryptocurrency world by storm. Well, rather than being confused while selecting the Crypto platforms available on the internet, it is better to keep one in mind that is known to be trusted isn’t it? More than that, Buzzex indeed gives you many more benefits in which other platforms may never. What are they? Check them out.
  • Innovative Decentralized Organizations
    It is known that most of the Cryptocurrency platforms have applied the decentralized systems or organizations. Undeniably, this system tends to be safer, more secure, and more profitable for all the parties involved. However, more than just it is a common decentralized organization; the one owned by Buzzex is more innovative.

    Common Blockchain still remains problems including the double spending and the replay attacks. Although they may not be big problems for some people, for some others, those things are a little bit annoying. Well, with the innovative decentralized organizations brought out by Buzzex, those matters are no longer experienced.
  • More Bonus and Rewards
    Who don’t want bonus and rewards? Well, it seems that anybody just loves it anyway. Unfortunately, not all Cryptocurrency platforms must provide this one for the investors. It is different if you join Buzzex. To appreciate your efforts in trading and investing your money in this environment, Buzzex offers you some bonus coins and rewards with terms and conditions.

    First, there are the daily bonus coins if you have gained up to 80% of the trading fees. Then, there is something like cash back mainly if you have held BZX of 20 K or more. Make sure that the coins are kept well in your wallet. Second, there are also rewards. The rewards are even divided into two categories. They are Staking and Masternode rewards.
  • Fast Transaction
    The innovative Blockchain mentioned above also gives you some other benefits. One of them is that the transaction is getting faster. The confirmation of every transaction you conduct takes tome less than a minute. Practically, you don’t even need to wait for more than 30 seconds to see the transactions are done well.

Uniquely, each transaction also doesn’t require you to spend more on the fees. Averagely, the fee for BZX transaction costs less than $0.01. If you have done many transactions here, it is possible for the fees to get less and less and it is almost zero. Well, for further information about Buzzex along with its system and environment, you should visit this page at https://buzzex.io.

Buzzex Team
  • Jens Steyaert, Founder
  • Darwin Jayme, Sr. Web Developer, Systems and Architecture
  • Jeryl Timbobolan, Sr. Web Developer, Operations and Management
  • Ivan Clint Pabelona, Sr. Web Developer, Server Administration
  • Laurence Lerit, Web Developer, Frontend-Backend
  • Kirby Capangpangan, Web Developer, Frontend-Backend
  • Mcrupert Onrejas, Web Developer, Frontend-Backend
  • Cris Lainez, Web/Mobile App Developer
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Official Website or Join Telegram to communicate with #BZX team!


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A Revolutionary Trusted Charity System with Humancoin Platform

A Revolutionary Trusted Charity System with Humancoin Platform

Purposes Cryptocurrency is not only used for online trading but it is also used for investment and even charity. Humancoin is a platform developed to combine those three online activities. By using this platform, you can use the token or coin to develop e-commerce, cryptocurrency investment, and charity in the easiest way. The platform is not only trying to serve an easy system but also the most convenient and transparent system for cryptocurrency owners to use their coins. The platform is also designed as a new way in the charity and philanthropy industry to attract more internet users who also love to use cryptocurrency.

About Humancoin
Humancoin is a cryptocurrency platform which focuses on the easier way to do online charity. The good news, the token is not only used for charity but also used just like an ordinary token. You can use the token for buying and paying products and services online, investment, transferring to your friends or family, developing projects, and many more. Moreover, the platform is developed along with unique features so the users can do anything with their tokens right away without anything to worry about. Even, they don’t need a help from the third party to do all online activities. They just need to use the e-wallet and its features to do what they want.

The Visions and Mission of Humancoin
The vision and mission of this platform are to provide a revolutionary way of charity. By using this platform, you are able to give your money to non-profit organizations or any kind of charity services by the time you see the information. Moreover, Humancoin also develops to increase the trust level in online charities. Your cryptocurrencies will be sent to those who need it along with a transparent report. The platform wants to provide a place for charity at the affordable operational cost. As the result, people can help others faster and easier without thinking about the high operational and transaction cost any more.

The platform works by letting the users develop or promote a charity project. The other users are able to give their tokens to the charity projects. Later, the cryptocurrencies are exchanged with something that the poorer need. The cryptocurrencies can be exchanged with fiat money, products, and many others. The users who give their tokens to the projects get a complete and transparent report to make sure that their money is used just like what they are expected. It doesn’t matter if you want to exchange the humancoin tokens with another token because the system supports you to do so.

Humancoin Token
The HumanCoin team has plans to start the ICO to collect the funds on Sep 15,2018 until Nov 1, 2018 and before the Main ICO began the team had made the phase of ICO pre-sale.
* Pre-ICO: July 1 — August 15
* Main ICO: September 15 — November 1

Humancoin will start with a supply of 6,000,000,000,000 HUMA, of which 3,055,000,000 will be distributed to investors during the Crowdsale, 1,000,000,000,000 will be distributed for Partnership Development Fund, 600,000,000,000 will be reserved for Team, 600,000,000,000 will be distributed for Advisors and ambassadors, 500,000,000,000 will be distributed for Consultants and exchanges and 245,000,000,000 will be distributed for Bounty, airdrop and referral program.
  • Token Name: HumanCoin
  • Token Ticker: HUMA
  • Token Protocol: Ethereum ERC-20
  • Token Price: $0.01
  • Payment Accepted: ETH
  • Total Token Supply : 6,000,000,000 HUMA
  • Total ICO Supply: 3,055,000,000 HUMA
  • * All tokens that go unsold will be burned

HumanCoin Team
  • Giles Gailer, CEO
  • Kate Bublik, CMO
  • Aravinda Babu, Blockchain and Smart Contracts Expert
  • Kai Hsia, Senior Software Engineer
  • Marcus Campbell, Platform Development Adviso
  • David Rippon, Charity IT Advisor
  • Paul Cliffe, Family Office Crypto Advisor
  • Rob Virkar-Yates, Digital and brand marketing Advisor
  • Anas I. Mahmud, Fundraising and Legal Advisor
  • Reinhard Berger, Investments Advisor
  • ONG Jun Hao (CryptoJH), Marketing and Exchanges Advisor
  • Dr. Jay ( Jangwoo) Lee, Marketing Advisor
  • Marco Calicchia, Community Management Advisor
  • Nathan van de Ven, Community and Project Manager
  • Elena Tarasova, SMM Manager
  • Prof Simon Choi, Token Sale Legal Advisor
  • Yuko Nakatsumi, Marketing and Fundraising Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: HumanCoin Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #HUMA team!


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  Official Websitehttps://www.humancoin.net
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