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Independent Blockchain Advertising Trading Platform, Fenestra, Announces $1.5mn Angel Investment To Transform $640bn* Global Advertising and Media Buying Industries

Independent Blockchain Advertising Trading Platform, Fenestra, Announces $1.5mn Angel Investment To Transform $640bn* Global Advertising and Media Buying Industries

London, February 19 2018 – Three senior media and advertising executives have successfully secured $1.5mn equity investment for the launch of an innovative new venture designed to transform the traditional advertising market by introducing a new, independent and more transparent model of media buying for the future.

- Experienced ad execs raise $1.5mn for independent blockchain ad platform set to transform global advertising and media buying market.
- Fenestra will provide the $640bn* global advertising and media market with an independent, secure transaction platform allowing for greater transparency and security throughout the media supply chain, stripping out opaque, problematic practices embedded within the current global system.
- Fenestra’s platform, will use distributed ledger technology to create higher returns for advertisers and media owners from greater efficiency and trust within the system.

Fenestra Holdings Ltd (Fenestra) – the brainchild of former co-founders of Base79, the social video start-up sold for $85mn in 2014 – will enable advertisers to book, bill and pay for advertising from media owners via a much more open and transparent transactional platform, creating the potential for large increases in Return-on-Investment for the advertisers and higher revenues for media owners. Fenestra will first target the traditional media market (print, radio, TV, cinema, outdoor), where transaction volumes are lower than in digital markets, thus making the platform best suited to the current computational capacity of blockchain technologies.

The current media and advertising market is laden with opaque trading practices, hidden costs, rebates, lack of consistent governing regulation and remains over-centralised. Studies by Guardian Media in the UK and K2 Intelligence – an industry leading investigative consulting firm – in the US have revealed the significant value of spend leaking out of the media buying and selling ecosystem. The research highlights the extent of the disconnect between advertisers’ spending and the value they realise. Unable to see clearly where their money is being spent, brand owners are being left with significantly reduced returns on investment as their money flows through the supply chain with a host of intermediaries absorbing their cash.

In migrating the media supply chain onto a blockchain, Fenestra’s independent platform will offer a far more transparent and open ecosystem for brands and their agency partners to book, bill and pay for media owners’ inventory. Distributed ledger technology will enable Fenestra to offer a decentralised, immutable platform unable to be manipulated by an intermediary. The consequent audit trail created by Fenestra’s independent platform provides advertisers greater control and detailed oversight of their own media supply chain.

Fenestra’s CEO and Founder, Ashley Mackenzie, sees the vast potential that distributed ledger technologies can bring to the global advertising and media market, and comments on the scale of the opportunity;
Advertising is an incredibly powerful tool, however today’s media supply chain does not work in favour of the advertiser who ultimately funds it. Advertisers don’t trust their media supply-chain. Budgets are swallowed by intermediaries and advertisers have little sight of where their money ends up across all media. Change is needed in how advertising inventory is traded. Fenestra will make this a reality, bringing an independent, truly transparent trading system for advertisers and a more secure, compliant network for media agencies, who will be better equipped to deliver value to their clients. Today’s investment is testament to the demand we’re seeing, and I’m thrilled to have the support from a team of cross-industry expert advisers who share our vision for a better framework for the future.

Fenestra’s founding management team – Ashley Mackenzie, Kevin Deeley and Richard Mansell – and a range of expert advisers all have a proven track record of bringing to market internationally successful B2B companies in media and advertising built on technology innovation.

Colin Kinsella, CEO, Havas North America, and Adviser to Fenestra adds;
One of the biggest barriers for continued growth in the traditional and digital media ecosystem is trust in pricing and delivery. Blockchain technology has the capability to put trust back in the system and allow agencies and clients to explore new ways to confidently deliver audiences, messaging and growth.

Geoff Seeley, Director, Global Connections and Media Activation at AirBnB, and Adviser to Fenestra also comments;
I've been in media and advertising for more than 20 years and I've never known the market to be as opaque as it is today. Blockchain has the ability to solve so many of the challenges and Fenestra will be one of those companies to herald in a new era for our industry.

The initial $1.5mn seed funding will be used for the development of an early Minimum Viable Product launching next quarter and business development activity with brands, agencies and media owners in both Europe and the US. The company will seek to raise further funding later this year.
The Best Experiences of Trading with Your Block

The Best Experiences of Trading with Your Block

The term of blockchain must be familiar for us. Yes, it is although not all people may have known how it works and what it is for. So, if you still know exactly what Blockchain is. Here is the explanation. You can define Blockchain as the big book of transactions where any transaction is recorded. Despite being kept in a certain case and only some parties who can access it, it is opened for everyone. The transparency can even make this system is safer and more secured. Sure, nobody wants to hack it since all people have known the details of transaction. So, it is not something exaggerated that Blockchain is considered as the most secured system nowadays.

Your Block as the Blockchain Provider
Blockchain is not only for being enjoyed by few people nowadays. Yes, it is for the facts that many funding and trading company now have used this system. It is including YourBlock. YourBlock is aiming to be the fi rst Blockchain based comparison and incentivised Personal Data storage platform. But if the principles are basically the same, what does it make different from other providers. The services are ultimate and trusted. It works based a new method namely Digital Cabinet. This method enables the customers to store, control, and manage their data more safely and securely. The privacy is guaranteed for sure. Although Blockchain system is publicly opened, the users’ identity is anynomous.

Meanwhile, you also have a right to control the data as well as the products and services. You, as the customers, have this access anytime and anywhere as you want. The third benefit of joining Your Block is that the very personal and sensitive data is store in a private Blockchain. It means that anybody else cannot access it except the owners. This is different from other Blockchain providers in which all the data are accessible no matter it is sensitive or not. Lastly, it is automatically compliant to the EU’s new complex GDPR. What is GDPR? It stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. Again, it is for the regulation of privacy.

The Benefits for Providers
If the benefits above are for the customers, there are certainly still some other benefits for the service provider. First of all, the provider has a higher chance to improve the data quality of customers. Second, it is more economical as the provider is able to save the cost as well as improve the customers’ experiences in many terms including the claims, modifications, cancellations, and more. Third, have you ever heard that even the insurance can do something terrible like fraud? If yes, this matter can just be prevented by using the services by YourBlock. Thanks for the smart contracts followed for giving such a benefit. Sure, it is only few from many other benefits. It is not something exaggerated that you need to join this Blockchain platform from now.

It is so fascinating since Your Block is available and able to be accessed from where you are now. The steps for joining are quite easy without too many puzzling requirements. So, what are you waiting for? For greater Blockchain experience, you can just go to https://yourblock.io.

Your Block Team
  • Daniel Antcliff, CEO & Founder
  • Ben Antcliff, CMO
  • David Antcliff, CFO
  • Matthew Brazier, Senior Data Analyst
  • Richard Stringer, Business Development Manager
  • Richard Earl, Marketing Strategist
  • Robert Mazik, COM
  • Simon Hewlett, CTO
  • Jamie Greenwood, CIO
  • Matthew Waters, CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)
  • Peter Young, Legal Counsel
  • Daniel Goldberg, Gigster - Senior Product Manager
  • Andrew Wolfe, Lead Developer and Architect
  • George Higginson, Insurance & Compliance Expert
  • Andy Hague, Cyber Security & Storage Expert
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REALTYCOIN - The Best Crowdfunding for Real Estate Transactions

REALTYCOIN - The Best Crowdfunding for Real Estate Transactions

Property like housing is undeniably really beneficial if you can just utilize it. When seeing it from the business perspectives, it must not only a place for staying and spending the night for sure. It is also such a promising product to gain money. The reason is clear. The price of land along with the property must be higher and higher due to the high demands but limitations products. In other words, it is such good investment. However, such business sometimes is also not easy to deal with particularly if you are still a beginner. Guidance and assistance from the expert ones are needed. Besides, you may need a place that can facilitate you to deal with such a matter.

For you who want to learn more about property and real estate trading but don’t know where to start, here is the ultimate place for you. RealtyCoin is basically an international crowdfunding for real estate with some purposes. It has a main principle; RealtyCoin buys real estates in a low price and then sell them in a higher price. Of course the profit is obtained from that. Okay, you may think that such a principle must be something to be done by all traders all around the world. But in a sort of large business with big money like property, trading is not that simple. There are many other parties to deal with. It means that we need to be smart enough in order to gain profit as much as possible.

How Does RealtyCoin Work?
As it has been stated above, there are many others party involved in each transaction. Actually, it is something that can just make the profit found become less and less. In RealtyCoin itself, there are some ways how to make the cooperation with those parties become more interesting and beneficial. At least, there are 7 matters to be considered in this point.

They are the investors or early backers, working capital including the team and software development, the advisory and consultant services, the legal expenses, marketing and business development, acquisition and partnership opportunities, and the unexpected happening or spending. In RealtyCoin, you are expected to learn about those matters to make the transaction done more smoothly.

What Are The Benefits of Joining The RealtyCoin?
Of course, the profit of transaction is highlighted here. But sure, you can find even more than that. The knowledge and experiences are just priceless. It is also when you want to buy or sell houses for yourself. You will know that behind all the hard works and sacrifices, the profit is really beautiful to see. You must not worry since every steps of buying and selling done here are really trusted and on points. Besides, with the experts and experienced people behind you, the risks can be lessened as well.

Is It Any Risk of Joining The RealtyCoin?
Undeniably, there must be risks in every business you want to join. However, as long as you step on the good path, there risks tend to be decreased and even completely removed. So, what are you waiting for? You can visit http://therealtycoin.io for more information.

The RealityCoin Team
  • Daniel Derezunsky, CEO
  • Salman Qadir, COO in Real Estate CryptoCurrency
  • Andres Montoya Garcia, BUSINESS ADVISOR
  • Alejandra Barria Meneses, ACCOUNT MANAGER
  • Victor Ortiz Ruiz, HUMAN RESOURCES
  • Cristobal Montesi Adriasola, MARKETING COORDINATOR
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AKAIITO to Offer Optimization for Market Capitalization

AKAIITO to Offer Optimization for Market Capitalization

Cryptocurrency may be the latest digital phenomenon in the recent years. Specifically designed as an asset intended to function as a means for exchange in the cryptography world. The cryptocurrency is created to control additional unit creation, confirm transfer of numerous activities, and also to guarantee business. Powered by Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency uses decentralized control system that goes against the grain of the traditional banking system.

Created in 2009, the first cryptocurrency to be introduced to the public was Bitcoin. Since this initial introduction, cryptocurrency has evolved tremendously and alternative cryptocurrency, referred to as Altcoins, have been created over the years.

Understanding The Technology
Ethereum smart conract technology is a computer protocol with a wide range of digital purposes. Some of the aforementioned purposes are to facilitte, enforce, and verify performance or negotiation of a specific contract. Not only does it allow and support transaction without the need of third party backups. The technology also ensures that every transaction made in the platform are irreversible and fully trackable. The purpose is to provide the highest level of security that is superior to traditional contract law.

This technology is the fact that it eliminates transaction cost and greatly reduces other costs associated with such activity. The rise of cryptocurrency perfectly fits the demands of the new digital era. Unfortunately, the change-resistant traditional banking system and lack of understanding on the technology makes it ineffective. Those who have been involved in cryptocurrency rarely use their fund due to these difficulties.

Aware of the situation, AKAIITO specificailly designed a unique platform to bridge the difference. Not only aims to connect the digital platform with traditional market, the platform also connects people across the globe. Offering an incredible solution to the problem, AKAIITO allows cryptocurrency user to use their crypto fund in the real world. Using their platform, now users can easily use their fund for numerous payment such as online shopping, rent an apartment, and even to buy house and cars!

AKAIITO’s Market Capitalization
The platform does not only offer convenience and full integration of cryptocurrency to traditional currency system. It also offers a superior market capitalization efforts. With market capitalization that is consistently growing, digital assets are capable of reaching rates as high as it is now. However, its efficiency has always been questioned. With AKAIITO, this is set to change. When it comes to market capitalization, AKAIITO provides services as listed in the following section:
  • Every user is offered the opportunity to create their own personal account and equips it with seller cabinet for product exposure.
  • Users are allowed to sell any unit with retail selling of as much as 10 AIC.
  • Those who wish to sell items priced above 10 AIC may do so after they improve their ratings. To do so, they must obtain positive review on each of closed deals and confirmed purchases. Each review must get scores of at least 7 out of 10.
  • Those who obtain five positive scores of at least 7 points are given the opportunity to sell more expensive goods with an increment of 5 AIC to the standard price.
For more information on the ICO and how the platform works, please visit https://akaiito.io.

  • Sergey Brek, Founder
  • Katja Krolova, CEO
  • Denis Kanavin, Co-Founder
  • Vladislav Garbuzenko, Lead Developer
  • Serhii Yelchenko, Developer
  • Aleksandr Rakutin, Developer
  • Zahar Deina, Developer
  • Ksenia Deina, SMM
  • Dmitriy Polozkov, SMM
  • Eduard Shultzik, SMM
  • Andrei Tšerednik, Lawyer
  • Muhammad Netto, Support
  • Tamara Bazylko, Developer
  • Alexandr Karmyzov, SMM
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: AKAIITO Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #AIC team!


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Make Our Environment Better with KWHCoin

Make Our Environment Better with KWHCoin

The Blockchain system has more and more enthusiasts nowadays. This system is considered being safer and more trusted compared with the traditional one commonly supported by the third party. Yes, if you have any bank account, the term traditional third party must be familiar enough for you. The third party of this system is of course the bank as it becomes the medium for any transaction you do. Meanwhile, with the Blockchain system, the transaction is done peer-to-peer. Then, the data are recorded and kept in all the computers integrated in one system. Despite its safety and practicality, Blockchain has many other benefits. One of them is that it is more environmentally friendly. How can it be? At least, KWHcoin has realized that.

What is KWHCoin?
This is basically a community that really cares of the continuity of good environment and ecosystem around. How it works is that it is backed by the clean and renewable energy. That’s why; Cryptocurrency becomes the most important point here. As anything is done virtually, it keeps our environment clean and healthy. The less usage of paper as the material for making money is considered as a great solution. Sure, this community has realized that this attempt cannot still fully be done. In fact, our world indeed still needs the real physical money. Therefore, KWHCoin lets you to join. As it is improved well, it is believed that the world will be better in the future.

How does KWHCoin work?
When talking about the products transacted by this community, it is all about the renewable energy sources. KWHCoin also provides a certain platform that enables all people all around the world to buy it more simply and easily. Therefore, it can just improve their lives also. More than that, the use of Blockchain method makes it clear that this community really put so many efforts for the better environment. It is so sad to see what happens outside when the environement is getting worse for human actions. So, it is really a good time to repair all of them.

What are the benefits of joining KWHCoin?
As it has been explained above, it is clear that the establishment of KWHCoin has several missions. First, it is to help others to find renewable energy sources more easily. Second, it is to improve the quality of environment since the method applied is safe and healthy enough. Sure, those are not the only benefits. Here is the third. The cost offered is quite low. Again, this community has done many efforts to lower the cost for each transaction of energy. The implementation of Blockchain is one of them and you can just feel how the product is not only much cheaper but the process is also faster and more effective.

KWHCoin is not nonsense. In the future, such a community will be really needed. Again, the main reason is for the continuity of our generation as well as to make this earth a better place. So, for more information, you can go to https://kwhcoin.com.

KWHCoin Team
  • Girard Newkirk, CEO, Founder
  • Ryan Troyer, Chief Operating Officer, Blockchain Advisor
  • Tony Tiyou, Advisor, Renewable Energy Expert
  • Michael Rubin, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Gareth Dauley, Advisor, Network Partner
  • Eric Rynne, Development and Design
  • Brian Colwell, Advisor, Digital Marketing
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: KWH Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #KWH team!


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The Ultimate Platforms for Stopping the Fakes

The Ultimate Platforms for Stopping the Fakes

In the last decades, fake copyright becomes a very serious problem. Just imagine something like this. If you invent or create a kind of works that are originally yours and then it is claimed by the others, how do you feel? Besides, how is if your work is published by others for many without your acknowledge? Those are really annoying, aren’t they? Unfortunately, this is almost common to be experienced for every products or works. They are starting from the films, videos, songs, drugs, foods, books, and more. The fake versions are spreading everywhere with much cheaper price. And sure, it is really not beneficial for the inventors or creators.

Stop the Fakes
By seeing the problems mentioned above, it seems a right thing if all of us try to stop it before getting worse. Fortunately, here is now methods that can make activities of stopping the fakes are much easier. It is because of a platform namely StopTheFakes. StopTheFakes is basically a service for anti-counterfeit as well as copyright infringement working under Blockchain method.

For you who still don’t know what Blockchain is, here is the explanation. Blockchain can refer to a big book accessible for public. It enables you to see all the transaction data happened in a certain network. It means that people, in general, can just see all the process simply and easily. In other words, anything is transparent. Since the system is run by many people, not certain parties, any cheats can just be handled and solved. Well, it is including the spreading of fake products when we refer it to Stop the Fakes platform.

Who can utilize Stop The Fakes?
In general, this platform is intended for anybody who thinks that their works or creations must be protected. So, if you think you need it, you can just use it. Interestingly, there are now many people and even companies who think that this platform is important to be owned. It is due to the terrible facts that fake products are really disadvantageous. As an example is the Motion Picture Association of America in which it loses over $50 million per year for the fakes. Meanwhile, WHO states that the pharmaceutical industry also experiences the same thing? Yes, their loss is up to 60% from the total income. For this urgent situation, anybody just needs stop the Fakes anyway.

What are the benefits of using Stop The Fakes?
It is clear for sure. By applying Blockchain method, Stop the Fakes helps you to encounter the problems regarding the spreading of fake products, works, services, and more. it means that what you have invented and created will always be yours. You should not worry about being loss of money anyway. More than that, this method is also really safe and already tested. There will be no side effect if you use this platform. So, what are you waiting for? For further information, you can just visit its official website at https://stopthefakes.io and follow the instructions.

StopTheFakes Team
  • Mikhail Krzhanovsky, CEO / Co-Founder
  • Igor Salikov, COO / Co-Founder
  • Aleksandr Suvorov, CBDO
  • Dmitry Kostachev, CTO
  • Aleksey Zhunin, Lead Backed Blockchain Developer
  • Olga Belyakova, CMO
  • Maria Dvoryanchikova, CCO
  • Svetlana Ustinova, Lead Designer
  • Maksim Kononenko, Social Media Community Manager
  • Mikhail Gorshkov, He is the Director of the Federal Sociological Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
    Ismael Arribas, He is in charge of Spanish division of international Government Blockchain Association (GBA) and local office of FasterCapital startup incubator.
  • Alexander Nekipelov, He is an expert in the field of the theory of economic system operation and management, a RAN academician and the expert committee Chairman of the Russian Council of School Olympiads in economics and management.
  • Igor Slabykh, He has 15 years' experience in copyright protection. He worked for a number of companies, including Adobe Systems, 1C, Ergo and Solo.
  • Elia Planas Gabriel, She holds concurrently positions of blockchain expert at the Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE Asociación Española de Normalización) and international affairs lawyer.
  • Vladimir Sokolov, He is a proud holder of a Ph.D. in Philosophy, a Professor and an Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation.
  • Yevgenii Okhotskii, He is a Professor at the Department of Public Administration and Law of Moscow State Institute of International Relations and a 2-class Counsellor in the Diplomatic Service.
  • Andrey Zolin, He developed backend solutions for Russia’s Sberbank, worked with Blockchain and smart contracts and helped to establish relations with the Ethereum network.
  • Maria Fontanillas, She is one of the leading Spanish experts on architecture, taxonomy and ontology of blockchain technology.


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DataWallet : Solution for Data Brokerage Challenge

DataWallet : Solution for Data Brokerage Challenge

Modern people and the internet cannot be separated one another. It is sure that nowadays accessing internet can be done very easily. People can simply use their computer to connect the internet but the internet use is getting wider time after time. The smart phone use surely plays very important role for the increasing amount of internet user in the world. Of course people must not forget about various kinds of gadget which is digitalized with internet connection.

People even can find wearable gadget which can be connected to the internet. People can use the internet for various purposes but each time they make a move in the internet, there will be data created. It means that there are more and more data which is made every day. If people think that it is only about the quantity, they can be wrong because the data increasing is also about increasing value. It even can be considered as the most valuable resource in the world soon enough.

Why It is Valuable
Of course people will have a big question about the reason why the data is valuable and it increases exponentially. In fact, the companies will need the data very much. Nowadays, people can see that online economy is developed further. There are many people who choose to do transaction online. It offers easiness to start business online but at the same time, there will be higher challenge of competition which can be found. To win the competition, companies need to understand the customers properly. This understanding can be found from the data. It is true that the data will be kind of fuel for the operation of the companies. If the companies can understand the need of the customers, there will be block buster product which can be made. It can avoid a lot of money which is wasted for releasing products which are failed on the market.

Data Brokerage
People create data every day by using the internet but they do not own it. Data Brokers become a firm which collect the data and sell it without the consent of data creators. There is no information about the way data is taken and used. It is really valuable but data creators do not have any opportunity for enjoying the profit of data selling. In fact, there is a lot of money involved in data selling business. The current model of data brokerage also comes with risk especially for the company which buys the data. The brokers cannot sell all of the data and this can cause the lack of information critical dimension so the companies will only get inaccurate and generic insights from the data.

There is also problem because the broker is not allowed to link data from different sources to one user profile which is more specific. It can cause target audience mischaracterizations so there will be a lot of money wasted. Those problems can be solved by putting people in charge of the data they created. They can also control it and get the profit with their data. This is what they can do with Datawalllet.

DataWallet Team
  • Serafin Lion Engel, CEO
  • Daniel Hawthorne, CTO
  • Tim Draper, Founder, DFJ and investor in Skype, Tesla & SpaceX
  • Marc Benioff, Founder, Chairman, CEO of Salesforce
  • Kyle Kemper, Managing Director, Bitcoin Association of Canada
  • Alex Norta, Chief Scientific Officer, Agrello
  • Michael Perklin, Chief Information Security Officer, ShapeShift
  • Guenther Walther, Department Chain, Statistics, Stanford University
  • Bill Demas, CEO, Shopkick
For detailed ABOUT Team Members descriptions please check out: Datawallet Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #DXT team!

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