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USDQ - Decentralized Stablecoin by Platinum Engineering

USDQ - Decentralized Stablecoin by Platinum Engineering

Cryptocurrency is a payment medium being a substitute for cash money. It is the shape of virtual money. The development of cryptocurrencies makes you find a trusted cryptocurrency provider. One of the recommended cryptocurrency providers is USDQ Platinum Fund. What is it? How does it work?

The Description of USDQ Platinum
USDQ is one of the recommended ERC-20 decentralized cryptocurrency assets. It is providing several kinds of cryptocurrencies. USDQ is available for everyone. You can choose this cryptocurrency provider with high value. It has some features and positive points making you select it.

About QDAO Platinum
Trade It as a Regular Stablecoin On The Secondary Market
USDQ is a cryptocurrency provider with amazing features. It has a QDAO ecosystem. It has a low volatility feature in the cryptocurrencies helping the traders to work efficiently and safely in which it doesn’t matter happening in the secondary market.

Collateralize Your Crypto and Get a Simple Stable Trading Asset
It gives a reliable guarantee of your cryptocurrencies and you will the simply stable trading asset. After it has completed, you can return your cryptocurrency to the ecosystem. You can protect your ecosystem until you are sure to the stability. If you hold USDQ , you will have the trusted coins protecting the market volatility for starting the trading process.

Combining to a Community of Q Dao from Miners and Decision Makers
USDQ is a great cryptocurrency provider. You can join in the community of QDAO from miners and decision makers. You can join it and start to mine QDAO token sooner. It is a brilliant chance for the miners in the developing community. You can become it to be part of a decision maker by mining revolutionary and new cryptocurrencies. It is a potential chance for every one mining the cryptocurrencies.

A Good Philosophy of USDQ
A philosophy of USDQ is creating a stable asset really decentralized to the token and cryptocurrencies. It is ensured to be the cryptocurrencies. It has no myths of the cryptocurrency in the private bank account. The available cryptocurrencies in this USDQ offer clear transparency. You can track all transactions in real time and know the supported features of a particular crypto asset. The transparency is helpful to monitor a transaction of the cryptocurrency sales.

The next thing is about decentralization. It is decentralized to sell cryptocurrencies. All decisions are made of DAO community. A community of QDAO is giving full democracy without the central control. You are able to change what you expect if the community is supporting your initiative things. You have rights to select. All things are decided fully by society to take decentralized decisions. It offers a self-stabilization in which it is stable. The environment is no problem in which the feature of decentralized coins has big fluctuation.

Stable coins produce money with some features. You can mine QDAO token. It uses a square Q in which you can easily mine QDAO Token. The society’s management is helping the system safely and strongly. By combining QDAO token, you can participate in system control. It is a self predictor. It produces to analyze parameter, news, and other factors to make a prediction of cryptocurrencies.

  • i-ChanHuang, Chief Strategy Officer-Taiwan
  • JiJunKim, Korean Community Development-Korea
  • EddieArgueta, Head of Communications-Brazil
  • JitendraRathod, Marketing manager-UAE
  • MartinSaldamando, Strategic Partnerships-United States
  • Howard H.Kim, Blockchain evangelist-Singapore
  • TakeshiIto, Business developer-Japan
  • HerryVu, Singaporean Community manager-Singapore
  • MariaDanilova, Manager of Community Relations-Russia
  • JuliaDella Scala, Business Development-United States
  • ArtemFinko, Marketing and communication manager-Finland
  • AntonDziatkovskii, Platinum co-founder-Poland
  • DanKhomenko, Platinum co-founder-Australia
  • DariaVolkova, Project manager-Ukraine
For detailed about Team Members descriptions please check out: Website or Join Telegram to communicate with #USDQ team!


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  Official Websitehttps://usdq.platinum.fund
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Lykke Project Help You to Invest in Cryptocurrency Easily

Lykke Project Help You to Invest in Cryptocurrency Easily

The most important thing of investment is the ability to predict which asset that will grow in value in the future. It is also the same as the investment in the digital currency. However, in order to be able to predict the value of the digital currency in the future, you need skill, knowledge, and luck. And, that takes a lot of time to acquire. Fortunately, Lykke is offering a solution. You don’t have to acquire those three things with the help from this service.

What is Lykke?
Lykke is a platform where you can get a unique service that will help you to invest in cryptocurrency in the safest way with a better chance to make a profit from it. Usually, we have a problem to decide which currency will rise significantly with the fall that isn’t too deep. This service with their team, algorithm, and the unique system can help you to avoid the problem and loss that you get when the cryptocurrency that you’ve put your money into, fall.

The Lykke Service
This platform offers many kinds of services. However, the most popular and their main product is the LyCI crypto token. This is the service that you need to make a profit in the cryptocurrency exchange market. And, you also have a better chance to choose the promising currency in the future.

Basically, this service will help you to filter the currency that has the best possibility to increase its value in the future. When you purchase this service, you will have access to the top 25 digital assets where you can invest your money into.

The good thing about LyCI service is how it manages your investment. It’s all automatic. You just need to invest in the assets that you like. You also can get information and reference from this service about those assets, so you can easily find and choose the promising and most profitable asset that you need.

However, all digital assets in the crypto exchange market follow the exchange market rule for fiat currency. Its value can rise or fall. And, when it falls too deep, you will lose a lot of money. LyCI prevents that happen. So, when it detects that asset value starts to decrease, it will reduce your position in that asset and move it to a more promising asset. Therefore, you always have a good position in the exchange market. This is what you need to make a successful investment in digital currency in the future.

Other than LyCI, Lykke also has PayLyCI and SmartLyCI service. They offer a useful feature, such as an easy payment system using digital currency. Basically, Lykke has everything that you need.

Lykke project is definitely one of the most interesting projects related to Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Its service becomes very useful when cryptocurrency become common currency in our financial world. So, this is one of the best projects you can invest your money on as well as use as your partner for investment in cryptocurrency.

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  Official Websitehttps://www.lykke.com
Binance and Cred Partner to Bring Decentralized Financial Services and LBA to Binance Chain

Binance and Cred Partner to Bring Decentralized Financial Services and LBA to Binance Chain

The largest cryptocurrency exchange and the leading platform for crypto lending and borrowing will offer Cred’s services to the Binance ecosystem

San Francisco – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume and developer of proprietary blockchain Binance Chain, and Cred, the leading platform for crypto lending and borrowing, today announced an agreement to work together to spur the decentralization of finance. As part of the agreement, Cred will migrate a portion of its ERC20 LBA tokens to Binance Chain and will become the official lending and borrowing platform for the DeFi ecosystem. As both an investor and partner in Cred, Binance will also look for opportunities to leverage and support Cred’s industry-leading services within the Binance ecosystem.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, said:
"We share Cred’s global mission to offer financial services that are inclusive, transparent and equitable for everyone. "With one-second block time, Binance Chain will help Cred scale efforts to more users and markets, furthering crypto adoption around the world."

Cred is a licensed lender, based in California and has secured over $300 million in lending capital. Cred enables crypto wallet providers, custodians, exchanges and crypto application providers the ability to offer some of the most competitive lending and borrowing rates in the industry.

This year, Cred has announced partnerships with several influential organizations and custodians in the crypto community. Cred LBA holders will be able to commit their crypto to a fixed term and have the option to rollover assets for additional periods. Customers receive the best rates when staking Cred’s LBA token. No account minimum is needed and interest is paid out in Stablecoin. The principal is paid back in the crypto amounts that were initially received.

Dan Schatt, Co-Founder of Cred, said:
“Binance has been a strong partner and investor from Cred’s inception and we are very happy to support Binance Chain and continue to collaborate with Binance to bring decentralized finance to everyone in a sustainable way. “We look forward to continuing furthering the Cred-Binance partnership."

Cred is backed by some of the largest investors in crypto and tech including Binance Labs, 500 Startups, Arrington XRP Capital, Blocktower and FBG Capital. Cred is also a founding member of the Universal Protocol Alliance, a board member of the Blockchain Advocacy Coalition.

About Cred
Cred is a decentralized global lending platform that facilitates open access to credit anywhere and anytime. Founded by former PayPal financial technology veterans, Cred has secured over $300 million of lending capital with offices in San Francisco and Shanghai. Cred’s mission is to harness the power of blockchain to allow everyone to benefit from low-cost credit products. Cred brings together a diverse team of entrepreneurial leaders, machine learning, and the power of blockchain technology. For more information, visit mycred.io or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or join our community on Telegram.

About Binance
Binance is a blockchain ecosystem comprised of several arms to serve the greater mission of blockchain advancement and the freedom of money. The Binance ecosystem is comprised of Binance Exchange (the leading global cryptocurrency exchange), Labs (venture capital arm and incubator), Launchpad (token sale platform), Academy (educational portal), Research (market analysis), Charity Foundation (blockchain-powered donation platform and non-profit for aiding in sustainability) and Trust Wallet (Binance’s official multi-coin wallet and dApps browser), as well as Binance Chain, a blockchain software system developed by Binance and the community.

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Why U.S. Sports Betting Matters For Bitcoin

Why U.S. Sports Betting Matters For Bitcoin

In the United States, sports betting has been mostly outlawed for a long time now. There have always been pockets of the country in which the activity has permitted (Las Vegas’s sportsbooks certainly come to mind), and on top of this, lots of Americans make a habit of betting illegally. This can be done either through unregulated channels, offshore bookies, or even through regulated overseas options, if one masks one’s digital location. Despite all of this activity though, sports betting has never been the industry it could be in America.

Now, however, it appears to be on the path to becoming that industry. Following some major legislative developments at the federal level in 2018, online betting is beginning to spread to states that had previously prohibited it. At this stage, four states (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Nevada) have legal online betting, and roughly half of the remaining state governments are debating the issue. Major sports media companies are already producing content aimed at bettors, and fantasy sports platforms like DraftKings are adding sportsbook services. It will take time to reach its full potential, but the U.S. betting industry is on its way.

So - what does this actually have to do with bitcoin? Why does it matter on the cryptocurrency front that a sports betting industry is on the rise in the United States?

Basically, it matters because this is a business that is essentially a perfect fit for bitcoin as it was imagined in the first place. People who want to use cryptocurrency as functioning money are attracted to it because of the speed, convenience, anonymity, and security it’s meant to provide. And people who want to gamble on the internet are preoccupied with making sure their bets are handled efficiently and carefully, that their personal information is protected, and that they’re not vulnerable to any kind of fraudulent activity or financial mishap. As one article on this very subject noted - specifically with regard to transaction speed - bitcoin shines as an option. It almost seems as if it was made for this very application.

In addition to being an appealing option because of what it is, bitcoin may also be stabilizing just in time to catch a wave of rising sportsbooks and related sites. It almost seems strange to say after bitcoin was, for so long, viewed as a wildly turbulent asset - but the cryptocurrency is actually becoming less volatile than some everyday stocks. From roughly the fourth quarter of 2018 through the first of 2019, it’s shown a stability it hadn’t demonstrated in years prior, and appears to have settled into a general range of value. This isn’t to say things can’t change quickly; there are almost certainly more peaks and valleys in bitcoin’s future. However, it does seem significant that right as an industry is being built for which bitcoin is a very natural partner, the cryptocurrency is beginning to look more sensible to use.

This may or may not all add up to a significant development in the coming years. It’s at least possible, though, that U.S. sports betting is the business bitcoin has been waiting for.
ALCEDO Platform Make Cryptocurrency Accessible For Everyone

ALCEDO Platform Make Cryptocurrency Accessible For Everyone

Cryptocurrency should be the solution for today’s transaction. It has better features, protection against many threats, and easy to use. But, the reality is different. Many people don’t know how to use it. Even though they know how to use it, they can’t use it normally, like when they use other currency. This is the problem that ALCEDO tries to solve. They create a platform where cryptocurrency can be used easily.

The ALCEDO Platform
Using Blockchain technology, ALCEDO team creates a system that simplifies the process of acquiring or using cryptocurrency. In the past, we need to mine to get the cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. But, with this system, you don’t need to do those time-wasting mining. You can use the traditional and commonly known method to get the cryptocurrency. You just need to buy it.

Great Service of Alcedo Platform
There are two great services that ALCEDO project offered, they are the ATM and ALCEDO Points service. These two are the solution that we all need for the easy-to-use cryptocurrency.

The ATM, just like its name, is the ATM specially made for the cryptocurrency. You also can use it just like normal ATM. When you become a member of ALCEDO, you will get the card that you can use on this ATM. In the ATM, you can buy or sell the cryptocurrency that you have. Of course, you can buy it with fiat currency. Or, you can sell your cryptocurrency to get the fiat currency.

The ALCEDO Points is like a place or store where you can buy, sell, or exchange cryptocurrency. So, you visit this place and ask for buying or selling your cryptocurrency. The exchange service will help you to exchange your cryptocurrency with other cryptocurrencies, for example exchanging Bitcoin and Litecoin. By the way, you also can use ATM to exchange your cryptocurrency.

We can see the simple exchanging service from ALCEDO as one of the best services in the cryptocurrency world. This service helps you to invest in cryptocurrency much easier. Coincidentally, ALCEDO also provides the investment plan service. It seems that they know what their user needs. This is a good attitude that will make their service grow bigger and invite more users.

You also can get the tokens from ALCEDO ICO events. The tokens have similar functions to most tokens that other projects have. With the tokens, you can pay for the ALCEDO service or extra feature. So, if you have this token, you get more benefits. For example, you don’t need to pay the transaction fee.

From the surface, ALCEDO Platform seems too far fetched. However, seeing how they have been doing the project since 2016 and successfully develop it, they even have ACELDO Points; we can say that this project is quite tempting. If they can do it the right way, it has possibilities to be one of the most important factors of the transaction in the future. So, if you are interested, you can join and invest your money in ALCEDO project.

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Mitoshi CryptoLotto Offers Something More Than Traditional Lottery Gaming Platforms

Mitoshi CryptoLotto Offers Something More Than Traditional Lottery Gaming Platforms

Online gaming develops significantly. It can’t be separated from the role of online gaming platforms, blockchain technology, and the use of cryptocurrencies. The best example is the appearance of Mitoshi as an online lottery gaming platform. Mitoshi offers more than just an ordinary online gaming platform.

Supported by Blockchain Technology
By playing a lottery from the platform, you are about to be supported by a blockchain technology. By using this technology, the users are able to play the lottery in the most secure and comfortable way. They are also supported by specific supportive features such as Mitoshi Crypolloto tokens, cryptocurrencies, and e-wallet. Those features help the users to use the platform and play the lottery well only from the mobile phone.

Easy to Use
Mitoshi is also developed in the purpose of offering easiness to the lottery gaming lovers. Along with the Mitoshi mobile application, lottery gaming lovers are able to play their favorite game by using a mobile phone. They just need to download and install the application and then follow the instructions. When the application and the other requirement are ready, the users can play the lottery game.

Secure Place to Play A Lottery Game
This blockchain based lottery gaming platform is trying to offer a secure place to play a lottery game. It is not only secure but also the place to play a lottery game in fair and transparent. As the result, the lottery lovers don’t need to worry about anything and keep focusing on playing their favorite game.

Support Cryptocurrency Technology
The platform is using a specific token known as Mitoshi Crypolloto tokens. This token used to accommodate the users to play the lottery game. By the help of e-wallet, the users are able to keep their tokens as well as their cryptocurrencies safely so they can use to buy some tickets or transfer it to the other users who need it. Interestingly, the users can buy the token by using the other cryptocurrencies such as ETH and BTC and even FIAT money such as USD. It means that the platform is used as a facilitator for people who want to try to play an online lottery game but they don’t have any token yet.

Solve All Problems from Traditional Lottery Gaming System
Mitoshi is more than just an online lottery gaming platform because it solves all the problems in the traditional gaming system. Let say, fairness and transparency become the biggest issue in the traditional lottery gaming system. The platform is developed by a blockchain technology for a more fair and transparent lottery gaming system. This is also an innovative platform in which the traditional lottery gaming system can’t provide it.

Deliver the Payout Fast
Due to the mission to create a fair and transparent lottery gaming platform, this platform gives the payout fast. Because the platform has been supported by the latest security system, the users can withdraw the payout fast without any complicated process and verification anymore.

Grow Significantly
Based on the explanation above, this lottery gaming platform shows a signficant growth. It means the users feel a great atmosphere where they can play a lottery game safely. At the same time, more and more people who love to play a lottery game are joining the platform for a more comfortable and secure place to play the game.

So don't missed to be part of Mitoshi CryptoLotto ICO! More detail about #MTSH Token sale, please check Official website and subscribed on Bitcointalk announcements.

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CCECOIN Project Will Change The Business World In The Future

CCECOIN Project Will Change The Business World In The Future

Blockchain technology has big potency that can change the business system that we used today. If this technology is well-implemented, we can see much better and profitable world that all business owners want. Apparently, CCE (Coastal Crescent Energy Hong Kong Limited) try to make it into reality. They created a unique Blockchain-based program, called the CCECOIN project.

What CCECOIN Project Do?
The CCECOIN project basically helps the business owner to incorporate their conventional business method with the Blockchain technology. The CCECOIN project provides the platform for the transaction for these businesses or companies. Currently, this project is focusing their service for South East Asia area. However, their team stated that their main goal is the global scale Blockchain-based business platform.

What Is So Good about CCECOIN Project?
The first thing is the Blockchain technology itself. This technology can deliver the fastest process in processing transaction in the business world. So, you can imagine how much time we can save if we use this service. And, like what all business owners agreed upon, time is the most important thing in the business world. A successful company is those who can use the time effectively. So, we can say that this project is one of important factor of success in the future business world.

The fast processing speed will be useless if it is not supported by a comfortable place to do the transaction. This is also what CCECOIN offered. Their platform will be transparent. You will know all the fees you need to pay for your transaction. There will be no hidden fee and such.

Moreover, all transactions in this platform use the P2P concept. You don’t need to use mediator and such. This project cut down the entire complicated route you need to go through in order to finish the transaction in the current business system. The result is a faster and cheaper transaction.

Although we said that this project is currently focusing their service for facilitating the business in South East Asia, everyone from all over the world can use it. They can use it for investing in the business located in South East Asia. There are many potential businesses in this area. So, you will have a better chance to find the best investment that can give you a bigger ROI.

CCECOIN use CCE token. This token can be acquired through the ICO. The token system used by CCECOIN, from our perspective, is one of the best you can find today. The token is free from exchange and transaction problem that found on other projects. Usually, it causes a problem and even can’t be used in its own platform. CCE token is free from that problem.

CCECOIN will start with a supply of 1,000,000,000 CCE, of which 100,000,000 token will be distributed to investors during the Token Sale, 500,000,000 will be Reserve & Private Placement, 150,000,000 will be reserved for Founders, 100,000,000 will be reserved for Management, and remaining 150,000,000 will be reserved for Ecosystem Builder & Legal Structure.

Token Information
  • Token Name: CCECOIN
  • Token Ticker: CCE
  • Token Protocol: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 CCE
  • Token Available for Sales: 100,000,000 CCE
  • Pre-ICO: October 1, 2018 - October 31, 2018 (40,000,000 CCE)
  • Main ICO: November 1 , 2018 - February 28, 2019 (60,000,000 CCE)
  • Token Price: $0.10
  • Soft Cap: $300,000
  • Hard Cap: $10,000,000
  • Minimum investment: 1 CCE
  • Payment Accepted: BTC & ETH

This is maybe one of the best and important projects we’ve found. It has a potential effect that can make it become a big thing in the business world if it can be applied widely and perfectly. One thing for sure, the business world will be revolutionized. Now, we need to wait for that effect and invest, if you are interested.

  • John Loi, CEO
  • Robert Law, COO
  • Michelle Lim, Chief Strategist and Durian Expert
  • Kapil, Blockchain Expert
  • Loi Wai Kit, Ecosystem Manager
  • Ngu Ngouh Ying, Ecosystem Builder
  • Edvin Law, Management
For detailed about Team Members descriptions please check out: CCECOIN Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #CCE team!


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  Official Websitehttps://ccecoin.io
  WhitepaperRead Now!

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