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Internet of Coins Intends to Provide Inclusive Cryptocurrency Network

Internet of Coins Intends to Provide Inclusive Cryptocurrency Network

Cryptocurrency is one of the best ecosystems for financial transaction. The fully digital system promises simplicity, practicality and also better security since no physical form is needed. However, it is not a secret that fully understanding how the system works can be very complicated, particularly due to numerous different cryptocoins available in the market right now. Furthermore, most cryptocurrency transactions so far only involve one or two major cryptocoin companies while the rest of them somehow must adjust their system to those major players in order to give more convenient to their customers.

This is business so every single thing definitely will favor the strong ones. Unfortunately, this practice can make cryptocurrency system more centralized while the truth is everybody knows that people prefer cryptocurrency due to its decentralized system.

Those reasons are why Internet of Coins is developed
Internet of Coins is a new decentralized platform with one goal in mind, which is to integrate all token value system and create an inclusive cryptocurrency environment where any types of coins, wallets, ledgers and system can be used. Internet of Coins will benefit every single party involved in the world of cryptocurrency world. It will still let major cryptocoins companies gain profit without sacrificing the essence of cryptocurrency itself—liberty, decentralization and privacy in making transaction. Furthermore, all the features will be easily used and accessed even by people who are just starting to enter cryptocurrency business.

Internet of Coins will operate in very simple ways. First of all, the developers have created a system that is called HYBRID. Hybrid will link all crypto-ledgers together so transactions will be more transparent. Next, it will provide a very user friendly wallet. This wallet will let people to convert their coins into any currencies and it will be a very secure place to store their digital coins. The good news is, people can easily link their current digital wallet to Internet of Coins’ wallet without having to change the settings. This is because the system of Internet of Coins is inclusive. It doesn’t create an environment that force people to adapt, but a place where cryptocurrency transactions become easier to access.

Internet of Coins is still in its development process and its fundraising activity will be started on Maret 1st will be ends June 21st.
The terms for fundraisers:
- Early Birds are eligible to participate for a price of $0.95 per HYBRID token, 5% below the opening.
- For the rest, the same rewards apply as for all other participants
- Minimum entry for Early Bird advantages: 10 BTC
If you interested and will be participated on Crowdfunding, check this out

Internet of Coins Roadmap

Internet of Coins Team
  • Joachim de Koning, Founder
  • Robert de Groot, Co-founder
  • Amadeus de Koning, Developer
  • Ronny Boesing, External Consultant
  • Luca Verhees, UX/UI Designer
  • Steffen Hoffmann, Developer
  • Jelle Herold, Cryptographer
  • Sergey Kazenyuk, Informatics researcher
  • Marjon Riehl, Translation Coordinator
  • Aymeric Vitte, Researcher
  • Pim Weltevrede, Marketeer
  • Matthias Klees, Evangelist
  • George Zeeman, Project Manager
  • Bas Wisselink, Blockchain Advisor
  • Marietje Kardaun, Ethics Advisor
  • Hans Schaaij, Community Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: https://coinstorm.net/en#part5
or hang out on IRC to communicate with the team!

Quick Links
-   Official Website : https://coinstorm.net
-   Blog : https://blog.internetofcoins.org
-   Twitter: https://twitter.com/internetofcoins
-   GitHub: http://github.com/internetofcoins
-   Whitepaper: Download
-   Announcements: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1760129.0

- Feb 13, 2017 : Tatiana Moroz interviews Bill Barhydt of Abra & Joachim de Koning, video
- Mar 01, 2017 : Internet of Coins - Project presentation
The Advantages of Using Sportsbet.io as Your Bitcoin Betting Platform

The Advantages of Using Sportsbet.io as Your Bitcoin Betting Platform

The use of Bitcoin as a digital alternative for money has been so pervasive that people are now using it for betting. Sportsbet.io is an online betting platform that allows its users to use Bitcoin in sports betting. With this betting platform, you can enjoy almost boundless betting excitement without worrying about currency difference and border.

The Advantages of using Sportsbet.io as your sports betting platform
Anonymity has always been an important matter in the betting world. Betting and gambling are considered so sensitive that not all countries on earth legalize them. Even in countries that legalize gambling, online betting is still considered in grey area, so as long as you cannot guarantee the anonymity of your identity, you should be careful when using internet for betting purpose.

Another reason why anonymity is important in the betting world is because betting involves real financial transactions. Whenever such transactions occur, identity theft is always considered a looming risk. Anonymity is the biggest advantage offered by Sportsbet.io, which uses Bitcoin as its cryptocurrency. Sportsbet.io will only have your transaction code, not your identity or your money, so you can always guarantee that no one will ever steal your identity.

Affordability and Transparency
As a decentralized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is an excellent choice for cross-border transaction. There is little to no transaction cost and there is zero exchange-related cost. With Sportsbet.io, you only spend your money for betting and you don’t have to pay for any secondary fees for something that you often don’t know about. There are no third-party money processing service that you need to pay and at Sportsbet.io, you can expect the best odds and payouts. The only time you lose your money on Sportsbet.io is when you lose the betting.

Because the currency you use is digital and because currency processing is hardly needed, you can do the betting almost instantly. There is no waiting time and you can always enjoy fast transaction procedure. Transaction validations take only a couple of minutes or even seconds.

Of course, you can enjoy all of those advantages only if you are a seasoned Bitcoin user or if you know exactly how Bitcoin and Sportsbet.io’s betting system work. Although Bitcoin is digital and decentralized, it is still a new currency, so its stability and volatility are still a matter of concern. Nonetheless, once you understand how the system works, getting the best odds at Sportsbet.io will be a breeze.

Other Links
-   Official Website : https://sportsbet.io
-   Blog : https://medium.com/sportsbet-io-blog
-   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sportsbetio
-   Twitter: https://twitter.com/sportsbet_io
-   Announcements: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1458034

Don't waste time, let's join with us and enjoy the exciting features of Sportsbet !
Aeternity Blockchain an Innovative Approach To Smart Contracts

Aeternity Blockchain an Innovative Approach To Smart Contracts

At the beginning of 2011 which created Bitcoin, not many people are interested to talk and use. Perhaps because it is difficult to understand or they did not know much about the system used.
around 2016, suddenly everyone started talking about Blockchain.

Blockchain technology is the backbone of the digital currency Bitcoin.
This technology, have significant impact on the business industry and also financial services.
Blockchain seemed to be the second generation after the advent of the internet. And will be of considerable potential and could change the appearance of the financial services industry.

From this and some people had the idea to develop and create new scalable blockchain architecture. The Blockchain they named Aeternity Blockchain -  the trustless, decentralized and purely-functional Oracle Machine.
The technology introduced by some people who already have experience in the blockchain system.
  • Yanislav Malahov is a true veteran of the blockchain space. The "Godfather of Ethereum" envisioned in 2013 to have powerful algorithms on Proof-of-Stake blockchains
  • Zack Hess was developing the augur blockchain, before they switched to Ethereum
  • Jack Pettersson was working for Synereo, where he created a new language to write smart contracts
The main components of Aeternity Blockchain: AE token, Smart Contracts, Oracles, Names (DNS), Blockchain Network, Accounts and Identity

Aeternity delivers an innovative approach to smart contracts, oracles and value exchange via off-chain state channel management.
Aternity is based on a hybrid Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism that lets every user stake, while leveraging the wisdom of the crowds and the oracle in a decentralized way.

Oracle machine is something more powerful than a Turing-machine. It can give answer to any question, in a single step. The aeternity Oracle Machine provides real-world data to the blockchain.
It is essentially a magical construct from theoretical computer science.

Aeternity is a next-level, brand new blockchain technology in the making, with many features that tackle current issues of blockchain systems in an elegant way.
Aeternity builds up a decentralized oracle, one which can’t be easily corrupted, similarly to Augur and Gnosis but with a few crucial differences, which effect especially efficiency and security of the oracle.

Main Goal of Aeternity Blockchain
The Aeternity Blockchain aim not only to deliver a rock-solid blockchain implementation, but also a basic set of apps bringing real use cases to the network and make them accessible from day one.

Team of Aternity
  1. Yanislav Malahov, Founder
  2. Zack Hess, Technical Lead
  3. Jack Pettersson, Science and Technology
  4. Marion Vogel, Marketing & Operations
  5. Vladislav Dramaliev, Marketing & Community
  6. Nikola Stojanow, Business Development
  7. Dan Verowski, Blockchain Advocate
  8. Lior Zysman, Law and Regulation
  9. Louis Chang, Creative Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: http://www.aeternity.com/#team
or Join Slack to communicate with AETERNITY team!

Development Roadmap
Other Links
-   Official Website : http://www.aeternity.com
-   Blog : https://blog.aeternity.com
-   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aeternityproject
-   Twitter: https://twitter.com/aetrnty
-   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aeternity
-   Reddit: http://reddit.com/r/aeternity
-   Slack: https://slack.aeternity.com
-   GitHub: https://github.com/aeternity
-   Whitepaper: Download
-   Announcements: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1733140.0

More info coming soon... Stay tuned!
New Way for Investment by Cryptoforecast Token

New Way for Investment by Cryptoforecast Token

Bitcoin seems appears as perfect media for investor from around the world include from developing world to have access into profitable trading that it is impossible before the bitcoin invented. To mainstream the bitcoin, it is available to use in all the ways of one that use for paying any services and goods, to trading, borrowing and investing that will generate return for their benefit. The CryptoForecast token or CFT is the asset that secured by Bitcoin Blockchain. The participant from ICO will accept the asset in CFT and the distribution asset will be divided use proportion that comes from single contribution. If you are interested to participate, you are able to funding with bitcoin, or swap the altcoin use changelly and shapeshift.

There is reason why you need to swap btc or alts into CFT because it is the only currency that acceptable to access the services from CFT. The participants will become the only resources that provide access into platform and as the services become trending the token will increase the value. The services and fee from the distributed token will be outcome into fixed value in USD price. Here, the total coin supply is priced 50 millions where all is premined.

The distribution will be divide into CryptoForecast team 1.500.000 CFT 3%, bounties that get 2% of 1.000.000 CFT, the advisor with 1.5% with 750.000 CFT, the early development team that take 1,5% or 750.000 and the ICO investor that take 92% profit distribution that 46.000.000 CFT. Still not satisfied enough with the distribution? Do not worry because there is bonus that available for the participant.

The bonus is released when the ICO is end. This purposed that the effective rate will not determine before the end of ICO. For the first participant who contributes 1° day, they are able to have multiplier from 1, 5. After that, the multiplier is going to decrease into 1.2 starts from the 2° day. Move from that point, each day, the multiplier will be decrease into 0.0074 and there will be no multiplier start from day 30° day to 34° day. The potential of big distribution is open widely with CryptoForecast token. There is supported with software tool that makes able to read the signal and any indication of trend will be predicted well for take less risk. Since it is impossible for predict the market exactly, due to the fluctuations that uncertain and unpredictable, but with the software tools, it can give excellent result to as close as to the trend and earn profit.

Quick Links
-   Official Website : https://cryptoforecast.com
-   Blog : https://medium.com/@Forecasts
-   Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/cryptoforecast
-   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cryptoforecaster
-   Whitepaper: Will release it before the beginning of the crowdfunding campaign
-   Announcements: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1791709.0

- Mar 18, 2017: The official site is now online!

More update will be post soon, stay tuned !
Play Dice Casino with Bitcoin in Rollin.io

Play Dice Casino with Bitcoin in Rollin.io

Now, Bitcoin has become a very common payment method. Besides for online transaction, now we can also use it to buy groceries in offline store, play virtual reality games and even to gamble. If you feel lucky and you want to increase your Bitcoin saving quickly, you can test your luck and play dice casino in Rollin.io. In this gambling game, you need to make your bet with Bitcoin and if you win, the payout will also be in Bitcoin. The default currency in this site is m฿ and 1 Bitcoin equals 1,000 m฿.

How to Play
This game is very easy to play. You only need a sharp instinct and maybe some luck on your side. First of all, you need to make a prediction on what number will appear on the screen. Type down the number you predict on the prediction box. After that, fill the bet box with the amount of bet you want to make. You are free to bet as high or as low as you want.
But remember, the higher the stake is, the amount of Bitcoin you get when you win also will be higher.

If you are sure with the bet amount and the prediction number, now you need to decide whether the random number will be higher or lower than your prediction number. You can also see the chance of winning as well as the amount of money you can win for each option so you can make the right decision. If you win, the Bitcoin will go straight to your digital wallet.

Provably Fair Game
The best thing about Rollin.io dice casino game is the fact that it is provably fair. This site uses cryptography that will be able to prove that every role of dice is fair, it is not manipulated and it can be proven mathematically. The random number is completely random and both the server and player don’t know what number will come out until it comes out. This is because the game takes advantage of server seed, random seed and client seed so it is fair to every party.

About Money Withdrawal
The amount of Bitcoins you deposit and win will be visible in the transaction page, Please remember that delay is normal when you are trying to withdraw your Bitcoins. This is because the site only store limited amount of coins in its hot wallet for security process. If the wallet runs out of coins, you will need to wait for several days until the wallet is filled with coins again.

So, come on join with us :

Quick Links
-   Official Website : https://rollin.io
-   Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/rollinio
-   Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rollin_io

LUNYR : The New Decentralized World Knowledge

LUNYR : The New Decentralized World Knowledge

Internet has becomes the unlimited information sources that able to access from anywhere and anytime. However, the information that establish in internet encyclopedia can be filled with inaccurate information that is vulnerably to censorship.

The alternativemassive encyclopedia, Lunyr has established for solving the problem and added with new features. The new Lunyr has becomes the crowdsourced encyclopedia such as Wikipedia that give rewards for users with app tokens for contributing information and give peer reviewing. The purposes from the Lunyr are giving the reliable, accurate information into internet. Everyone has their own requirement for information as we need it daily. 7 from top 10 most visited sites in globally in content associated with information obtaining and searching. This is why it is important for having reliable contributor. In Wikipedia, anyone is able to edit articles and this means users are able to falsify the information easily.

Lunyr is a system that entirely decentralized, meanwhile the reviews, contribution and dispute resolution and others are handled by smart technology Ethereum by automatically. As noted, this is important to economic management and funding system. The system is eliminates the potential of financial interest to the influenced content. With this, make Lunyr becomes the safest introduce advertising into Wikipedia platform. The contributors that have join to Lunyr will able to earn different tokens depend to the job that they do. The tokens are contributions token and honour tokens. The contribution token is token that will be uses for calculating personal reward in "LUN". LUN is monetary token that underpins into internal economy system. The honour tokens are unable to transfer to other users and it is uses for reputation system foundation that able to use as dispute resolution.

Each advertiser that wishing to reach out to the Lunyr user should buying LUN tokens and that will give them the financial values. The long term development from Lunyr is create next generation of decentralization application in several features such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and many more. The ethereum token in Lunyr plays key role for provide incentives for those who have contribution to the system. The entire content submissions are go through the mandatory with peer reviews process and will not committed to the base of knowledge until it has been validated for the accuracy and reliability information. The rewards contribution token is to ensures that the peer reviewers act is giving the best interest to the system.

Quick Links
-   Official Website : https://lunyr.com
-   Blog : https://medium.com/lunyr
-   Twitter: https://twitter.com/LunyrInc
-   Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Lunyr
-   Slack: https://slack.lunyr.com
-   GitHub: https://github.com/lunyr
-   Whitepaper: Download
-   Announcements: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1818468.0