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Silk Road Coin Presentation by LGR Group

Silk Road Coin Presentation by LGR Group

The time is past when tossing a single coin was already an added value. There are currently hundreds of coins and thousands of tokens in the world of cryptocurrencies, and therefore when a company wants to succeed it must offer not just one coin or one token, but an entire value proposition for an entire ecosystem. This is the case of the proposal that we bring today: Silk Road Coin by LGR Group.

What Do We Understand by Silk Road?
Before going in to talk in-depth, we must be clear about what we are talking about when we talk about Silk Road.
Silk Road, within the world of cryptocurrencies, refers to the first and most mythical online market with bitcoin. It sold absolutely everything, including drugs and weapons. That adventure of eliminating intermediaries ended with the founder (Ross Ulbrich) sentenced to life in prison in the United States and with a great controversy on a subject that has subsequently been debated in other tools: is the provider of a tool the culprit of what people do with it?

But no, when LGR brings us Silk Road, it does it from a more classic sense. The term "silk road" comes from the Renaissance, in which Marco Polo's travel books describe the silk road as a great trade route that starts in China, croses all of Asia and all of Europe, and reaches most important ports in Europe, such as Venice at that time.

This is precisely the objective of LGR, it seeks to create a banking platform that will connect all the countries that are crossed by this historic trade route.

What is LGR Group?

LGR Group is a company founded with headquarters in Belize and specialized in banking and trade services and gold (in all its business lines).

Currently its core business is the gold trade, from producers (especially in Africa) to distributors or transformer refineries. It also has a major branch of commodity trading, thanks to its contacts in the Middle East oil sector.

In recent times they also have cryptocurrency exchange activities for high volume (OTC) clients.
And in the near future its big bet is the Silk Road Coin and Banking Platform.

What is Silk Road Coin?

Silk Road Coin is the cryptocurrency backed of the future cross border money movement and crypto banking services platform between Silk Road countries that aspires to unify all the countries that the Silk Road travels, forming a common market and with access by all of them under the same currency. It is interesting to remember that we are talking about 65 countries including China and many European countries, accumulating up to 1/3 of the total world population. Achieving the challenge of unifying them economically is a dream, which can be very profitable. And that it has the endorsement of the main Asian commercial organizations involved.

The objective is to help increase the wealth of nations and the standard of living of their citizens through trade.

On a technical level we are talking about a currency built under the Waves blockchain, one of the fastest, safest and most decentralized blockchains in the world. This is done to allow smooth operation and to not be affected by network saturation, as is often the case with the Ethereum network. Initially, we are dealing with a “coin”, which has its price linked to the euro (although in ICO it is cheaper).

The value proposition for Silk Road Coin includes reputable international trade professionals working towards those who initially acquire SRC tokens:
  • Cross-border payments between the member countries.
  • Interconnection of banks and financial systems of the member countries.
  • Crypto-banking services:
  • ° Exchange from fiat to crypto and vice versa.
    ° Credit card.
    ° Cryptocurrency loans and deposits.
    ° Currency exchange for goods and smart contracts.

In this way, those who initially choose to be part of SRC will see how LGR experts analyze dozens or hundreds of projects and give way to the most powerful ones, thus having access to investments (and returns) that until now were only reserved for the private sector OTC.

The Silk Road Coin ICO
As best is "lead by example." SRC was created under the Waves blockchain, so there was no need to host a typical ICO, in a typical exchange. Firstly, for the associated costs it has, but above all for the dangers derived from the centralization of the point of sale. You are exposed to attacks, robberies and hacks.

Therefore, this phase of the ICO is carried out in the form of a decentralized exchange on the Waves blockchain.

To do this, you just have to install the Waves DEX, and from there we go to the “trades” tab, and look for the SRC token identifier: CjhHBGdQycCgmP4vRoWvEL1SLzSUw5d2gwVs4fR84DBU. With this we can perfectly identify the token in the market and accept the sale offer or make a new offer, always in a decentralized exchange format as we have seen in other exchanges that exist outside of ETH where their tokens can be traded.

Other forms of purchase involve currency exchange, so it is best to go directly to the ICO page on the LGR Group website. Here are some of the technical details of the token and the ICO:
  • Total offer: 1,000,000,000 SRC tokens.
  • Soft cap: 100,000,000 SRC tokens.
  • Hard cap: 500,000,000 SRC tokens.
  • Price: at 1 EUR. ICO price 0.90 EUR
  • Deadline: the ICO ends on April 30, or when the soft cap is reached.

If you are looking for a complete ecosystem managed by professionals, Silk Road Coin by LGR Global is a great investment opportunity.

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The Reasons Why You Should Choose The Helios Protocol

The Reasons Why You Should Choose The Helios Protocol

Have you ever heard about Helios Protocol? Helios Protocol is a self-scaling decentralized application as well as decentralized web-hosting platform that is based on DAG + blockchains. Helios Protocol is designed from the bottom up to futureproof with transactions which are secure, low fee, and high speed. It allows truly democratic and decentralized applications. The Helios platform consists of a big number of independent blockchains which are connected through a DAG. Each wallet address has its own blockchain which contains transactions to and from that certain wallet addresses. All of the blockchains are connected through a DAG that is formed by transactions.

When a transaction occurs, it is only added to the blockchains of the receivers and senders. The blockchains of other wallet addresses are totally not affected. This entirely removes all of the complications which are caused by requiring all transactions to be placed on a single blockchain as well as allows transactions among different users to take place at the same time.The transaction throughput also increases along with the number of wallet addresses on the blockchain, allowing it to scale without any limitation. The Helios platform will be able to run smart contracts and dApps that are based on solidity.

It will allow the creation of decentralized solutions which are secure, fast, and efficient in order to widely improve systems such as health care, supply chain, financial technology, governance, social networking, fake news, climate change, energy grids, and many more. Moreover, the use of solidity as the language will allow fast adoption by seamless migration of existing dApps as well as existing development communities.

Why Should You Choose Helios Protocol?
Below are the reasons why you should choose the Helios Protocol.
  • Security and Immutability
    The Helios consensus mechanism is based on both PoS and physics of magnetism that is very well understood. The Helios consensus mechanism is capable of providing security and immutability to the same level as PoW. It also provides additional steps that are not seen in PoW which increase further security.
  • Low Transaction Fees
    Besides being able to provide security and immutability to the same level as PoW, the Helios consensus mechanism also lacks PoW. This allows nodes to run on affordable and energy-efficient hardware. So, it will extremely reduce the upfront and continuing costs to run nodes. So, the rewards required for nodes to produce the same income as they would with other PoW coins are extremely lower as well. This allows the Helios to stay beneficial compared to PoW coins even with a smaller reward for nodes. The cost savings from paying fewer rewards will be directly transferred to the users via lower transaction fees.
  • dApp Platform and Smart Contract
    The Helios platform will be able to run smart contracts and also dApps that are programmed in Solidity just like the Ethereum platform. This allows existing developers to accelerate adoption of the Helios platform. This also allows flawless migration of Ethereum based dApps to the Helios platform.

$HLS: 0xCcd1C30Ac4091e33F6327F727f615eeBC9Ee6929
The Importance of Getting to Know Your Customer (KYC)

The Importance of Getting to Know Your Customer (KYC)

Know Your Customer or also known as KYC is a standard due diligence process. It is used by investment companies in order to figure out their customers who are doing business with them. Besides being a regulatory and legal requirement, Know Your Customer is also a good business practice in order to know better the goals and suitability of investment. It is also beneficial in reducing the risk of suspicious activities. So, in short, Know Your Customer is the process of identifying who your investors are, verifying the sources of your clients’ funds whether they are legitimate or not, and also requiring anti money laundering information in details from your clients.

If you get information in details about your customers, you will be able to protect both parties in a business relationship and transaction. Know Your Customer has an important goal to provide superior service, prevent liability, and also avoid any association and relation with money laundry and other illegal money frauds.

What's the Point of KYC?
The use of KYC in the world of Crypto Assets is not much different from the purpose of KYC in banking. If the banking aims to get to know the customers well, the bank can monitor each customer's transactions and report suspicious transactions.

Thus, in the world of Crypto Asset KYC also aims to provide security for users and the market itself, also oversees Crypto Asset transactions, minimizing fake accounts that can lead to cyber crime, and avoiding the possibility of money laundering.

What's the Difference Between KYC & AML?
The AML concept is far broader than KYC. AML stands for Anti-Money Laundering and refers to a series of policies, laws and regulations to combat money laundering.
Verification of Customers by gathering personal information and verify itPROCESSLegal controls over the suspicious activities and transaction
To prevent bad actors from entering into the business platformsPURPOSETo avoid terrorist financing across the globe
Identity validation, risk identification, and managementELEMENTSRisk assessment, detection, prevention and reporting of suspicious transactions
Should be smart, efficient, and throughly doneFEATURESShould be holistic, coherent and well-thought-out

However, KYC and AML are connected. For example, if a Digital Exchange has specified the KYC procedure, it indicates that the startup is legitimate. If a project follows AML and KYC regulations, it has greater potential to start a successful collaboration with the banking sector. Why do they want to do that? Many digital exchanges struggle to get bank accounts to simplify global financial operations. The bank, in turn, struggles to trust digital exchange in terms of AML. This is where KYC and transparency play a very important role.

Why is Know Your Customer Important?
Know Your Customer is a global business practice in the regulation era within the investment industry. It is a requirement from industry regulations the purpose of protecting all of the stakeholders in the industry. It is also for the sake of the best business interest of investors or investment companies, especially if a lot of money are at stake. If a business or issuer obeys the Know Your Customer policies, they will be able to decrease the financial risks of their business arrangements with certain clients. The aspects of Know Your Customer requirements are knowing where your clients get their income, measuring their capability of investing in your market, and get their complete financial portfolio as well as their backgrounds.

All of those checks are also able to be an important risk management strategy in order to avoid getting involved with clients who potentially have participated in illegal activities. As you can see, Know Your Customer is very essential and crucial. The importance of Know Your Customer can be even clearly seen from the investors’ point of view. Even though these strict checks might be a burdensome process for the investors, they surely want to create a protected and trusted environment to allow investment or financial activities with the company. Moreover, the clients will be able to know that they are working with a legal company and feel educated to understand whether they are ready to invest in the company’s market or not.

The key to success in a business relationship is building trust among parties. Know Your Customer can be a complicated, manual, and inefficient process.
Next Generation Scalable Decentralized Blockchain Protocol, Smart-contract, and Decentralized Application Platform

Next Generation Scalable Decentralized Blockchain Protocol, Smart-contract, and Decentralized Application Platform

Has anyone of you ever heard about the Helios Protocol? If you are familiar with Bitcoin and Ethereum, you have probably ever heard or even known about the Helios Protocol. First of all, let’s talk about the name. For your information, Helios is the Greek god of the sun. It is not surprising why this revolutionary project is named after the god. It is because this revolutionary project is like a new dawn in the blockchain technology era.
What is Helios Protocol?
The Helios Protocol has been established to encourage the vision of decentralization by making sure higher throughput and improved scalability while maintaining the advantages of the existing blockchains. Such as being compatible with programming languages complete with Turing and facilitating the integration of dApps as well as easy development. This will allow the easy onboarding of decentralized applications that are developed on Ethereum.

Is the Helios Protocol Better Than Existing Blockchains?
There are 2 most popular and famous consensus algorithms, which are Proof of Work or also known as PoW and Proof of Stake (PoS). Each of the consensus algorithms has its own features with the latter being more eco-friendly. Ethereum and Bitcoin recently used the Proof of Work or PoW consensus algorithm. The Helios Protocol has been designed and established to utilize the eco-friendly consensus algorithm, which is PoS, while maintaining the advantages of PoW, such as security, reliability, and also resistance to the centralization of power or also known as Magnetic Proof of Stake (MaGPoS).
The Helios Protocol has chosen the serial processing of transactions with every wallet has its own blockchain. It is proposed to avoid the bottleneck appears from the parallel processing of transactions through a single blockchain that is adopted by the traditional blockchain protocols. Borrowing an analogy from the platform’s white paper, this condition is like ‘creating a lane for every car on the road instead of having a lane for all cars’. This new approach in the processing of blockchain transactions is inspired by traditional fiat currency transactions performed by 2 persons. For instance, a buyer and a seller. This is why the transactions on the Helios Protocol are recorded on the blockchains or the wallets of the receiver and the sender with full nodes that replicates the whole blockchain database. It is required for every wallet on the Helios protocol to sign every block on its blockchain.

The Helios Protocol also adopts the consensus mechanism of PoS which utilizes the principles of the Magnetic Proof of Stake or MaGPoS. It is purposed to create a network that is more eco-friendly as well as consumes less energy. This also allows the Helios Protocol to provide immutability at the same level as PoW networks but with higher and better security. The holders of the Helios coins or also known as HLS are rewarded because they hold the token in their wallets.

  • Tommy Mckinnon, Founder & CEO
  • Robert H. Reeves Jr., Operations Coordinator
  • Mark Laporte, Social Media Marketing
  • Nicholaus Kliesen, Community Manager
  • Joshua Broshar, Quality Assurance
  • Raj Ladumor, Graphic Designer
  • Gerardo Montero, Software Developer
  • Lacroy Plays, Volunteer
  • Sean Tanner
  • Casey Linsenbigler
  • Andrew French
  • Daniel Thwaites Sr.
  • Robert Lipski
  • Eliécer Hernández
  • Kevi Salazar
  • Michael Baker
For detailed HLS Team Members descriptions please check out: Helios Protocol Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #HLS team!


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$HLS: 0xCcd1C30Ac4091e33F6327F727f615eeBC9Ee6929
All You Need to Know About StakedWallet

All You Need to Know About StakedWallet

If you are already familiar with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and blockchain technology, you are probably also familiar with staked wallets. But for those of you who have not heard about it, you must wonder, what is staked wallet exactly? StakedWallet is the new generation of cryptocurrency wallet. It allows its users to get income on Proof of Stake or also known as PoS. This service can also be functioned to exchange cryptocurrencies, bounty programs, and 5-level referral. If you want to know more about StakedWallet, here is the quick review about it.

Store and Earn
  • Beneficial Storage
    You just need to store your funds in the StakedWallet. Then, you will be able to get 0.2% of income daily by earning with PoS (Proof of Stake) without any limits.
  • Earn Without Investments
    Accomplish simple and easy tasks of StakedWallet bounty program and you will be able to get SWL tokens. You can exchange the SWL tokens you get for any cryptocurrency directly in your account profile.
  • Profitable Partnership
    Invite your friends to be the users of StakedWallet. Then, build your own 5-level partnership network that will give you up to 50% of partners’ income every day.

Security and Verification
  • All Transactions in One Place
    All of the transactions are shown in one same place. You will always be able to track the status of the transfer. Moreover, you can always figure out every single thing that is going on in your wallet.
  • Security
    Use personal and private protection methods which are specially designed by StakedWallet specialists for you. A PIN code, 2-FA, and logging in with your e-mail will secure your funds and account.
  • Mobile Applications
    StakedWallet is also available in a mobile application, you can download app for iOS or Android. So, you will be able to track, send, exchange, and receive all of your transactions no matter where you are. All you need is your smartphone and StakedWallet Apps.
  • No Transaction Fees
    On StakedWallet, you do not have to pay any transaction fees. In other words, you will not ever lose any single cent on money transfers. The transaction fee is free.

Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • All in One Place
    Every single thing that is needed by the user will be shown in one same place. You are able to exchange funds directly in your wallet with the lowest fees. You do not have to waste your time or money on wire transfers any longer.
  • Everything is Instant
    Every single thing on StakedWallet is instant. Exchange doesn't need long confirmations and additional time anymore. You just need to use StakedWallet special form and immediately get the necessary cryptocurrency to your account.
  • Low Fee
    Unlike any other platforms, the exchange fee on the StakedWallet is only 1%. It is 93% lower compared to the competitions.

  • Niklas Froebel, Founder and CEO
  • Colin Simmons, Founder and CTO
  • Maya Roberts, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mary Russell, Head of Sales
  • Austin Cooper, Head of Development
  • Dino Labruzzo, Head of Legal Department
  • Anthony Reed, Head of Marketing
  • Andrew Henderson, Head of Cybersecurity
For detailed about Team Members descriptions please check out: StakedWallet Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #SWL team!

GoCrypto Network Expands From Europe To South America

GoCrypto Network Expands From Europe To South America

9 March 2020 — GoCrypto is quickly expanding into a global payment scheme connecting crypto users, crypto wallets and cryptocurrencies with payment and cashier system providers and merchants wishing to accept this payment method. Through the partner company Xpay, the GoCrypto network is now entering three new countries — Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina. Developed by the Eligma company from Slovenia, the GoCrypto system enables merchants to accept payments with various crypto wallets and receive settlements in their local currency (e.g. euros).

Let’s Shop With Crypto
Only a few years ago, the idea of going about one’s daily shopping with crypto seemed a bit like science fiction because hardly any physical shops accepted them. Times have changed, however. Swiss car dealerships, Slovenian supermarkets, Bulgarian hostels, bars on the Croatian seaside, a great soup restaurant in central London — these are just a few highlights that you can find on the GoCrypto​ ​list of locations​, which can easily be filtered according to the countries and types of stores that the shoppers are interested in. Actually, GoCrypto already covers most store and service categories; over 140,000 different products can be bought through it. GoCrypto currently accepts payments with Elly and the Bitcoin.com Wallet — 10 million users strong. The ​GoCrypto solution​ is available in 10 European countries, and has just made a leap over the ocean.

Expanding Across The Globe
In European countries, the main advantage of the ​GoCrypto system​ for merchants and users is the speed and easiness of the transactions; the customer simply scans the payment QR code with their crypto wallet and confirms the transaction. On other markets, however, other advantages come to the forefront. Eligma CEO ​Dejan Roljic​ explains:
​Solutions like GoCrypto can provide an important payment alternative to unstable local currencies. We are very proud to announce that GoCrypto has become available in Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina. We are entering these markets in collaboration with the local partner Xpay, part of the Panda Group for blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. Just like Eligma, Xpay aspires to fulfil the mission of cryptocurrencies ​—​ fast and effective transactions worldwide.

Simple For merchants and Their Customers
The partnership between GoCrypto and Xpay will enable users in Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia to pay with even more cryptocurrencies than so far. Arley Lozano, CEO of the Panda Group, says:
​We are confident that the alliance with GoCrypto will keep on providing features for both platforms, and we hope that the joint work will be useful to pave the way to the future of cryptocurrencies.

The process for merchants wishing to offer payments through the GoCrypto system is fully automatic; after registering at ​GoCrypto.com​, the merchant is ready to accept cryptocurrencies in a few short days.

Contact For more information about Eligma and GoCrypto, please contact us at ​media@gocrypto.com​.

About Eligma
The mission of Eligma is to make cryptocurrencies part of daily life and shopping. It developed GoCrypto, an infrastructure for accepting crypto payments at local and online shops; the merchant receives the settlement in the local fiat currency (e.g. euros). The option to accept crypto is also in development. GoCrypto supports payments with the Elly app and the Bitcoin.com Wallet. Eligma’s GoC token is available at​ ​Bitcoin.Exchange.com​ and​ ​tokens.net​.

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WorldMarkets Continues With The Success Of Its Trading Artificial Intelligence

WorldMarkets Continues With The Success Of Its Trading Artificial Intelligence

Today we live in the information age, and access to information is unlimited. And that produces the paradox of misinformation. That's why it's more important than ever to have someone to trust, with access to truthful information and advanced tools for any activity related to the investment. This is the case of worldmarkets.com with its investment based on trading with AI.

The Main Point of WorldMarkets
Today, the most interesting feature of WorldMarkets is, without a doubt, its trading system based on artificial intelligence (AI). It started as a gold and silver price monitoring system, and they have evolved it over time until it became a complete system.

With their AI tool they can help their clients to invest without having to spend hundreds of hours searching for the right utility and potentially investible assets.

The process is quite simple, first you have to create an account in WorldMarkets. You should keep in mind that, being a real company with licenses to operate, they have certain limitations by countries (international embargoes to countries like North Korea, for example). Then the deposit is made in the desired currency, admitting a lot of means of payment, which include traditional currencies and the most important digital currencies, of course Bitcoin and some more.

Once we have a balance in our account, we have to configure a couple of options such as the level of risk and the moment our money will begin to be operated by the artificial intelligence (AI) based trading tool. We can stop it at any time and withdraw the profits whenever we want.

Two of the most interesting features of this trading system is that we have operating compound interest from the first moment (the benefits begin to be automatically reinvested as soon as they are collected, so that they generate more benefits on them). The other interesting feature is that WorldMarkets will only charge you commission on benefits, operations that do not yield benefits will have no commission.

Main Advantage of Trading with AI: its profitability
When you talk about investment, the main characteristic in which potential investors are focused on is, obviously, the profitability that a system or product is capable of producing. And this is one of the great strengths of the system: its long-term profitability.

The AI trader operates with artificial intelligence 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, identifying satisfactory operations or arbitrations between exchanges.

The system began operating in February 2017 and today, when 3 years of system life are reached, we have an average return of 21.77% per month. A very high and very interesting result, since it barely has months "in red", and the months "in green" weigh much more in the total.

With these figures, results (with compound interest) of + 481% during 2017, + 647% during 2018 and + 718% during 2019 have been consolidated.

The big difference that WorldMarkets offers us with its automated trading system with AI is that the results are audited and verified by external companies, having a monthly report with the operations and results of the corresponding month. This increases customer confidence through transparency.

Other Advantages of Trading with AI from WorldMarkets
Security is one of the main concerns of WordMarkets, so the access account is protected with an encryption system, 2FA access and all kinds of modern protections. But, in addition, the trading operation itself is also protected against system failures, since it has implemented scientific and statistical methods to control the risk margins of operations and thus protect the profitability and duration of the entire system.

The other great advantage that WorldMarkets offers us is its generous affiliation system. By which we can act as ambassadors for the company, since they share with us 50% of the commissions generated by a client that we have brought to the platform. Recall that WorldMarkets only charges commission for trading operations that are beneficial to the customer, so it will be with those operations with which we will prosper all the members of the system, thus collaborating with it to be sustainable and profitable over time.

Other Services Offered
With their long experience in the bullion market, they offer us to buy and sell coins or bullion of the main raw materials and precious metals. In addition to remote investment (without owning the good) and even vault services: a vault or remote safe where your gold bars are stored in exchange for a small commission.

They also allow us to operate in the cryptocurrency market through their associate BitMex.

Finally, and as a sign that they are a very complete portal, they allow us to train in the world of trading at no cost with an interesting video section. Remember: information is power.

If you are looking for an easy and profitable investment intermediation service, WorldMarkets is a very interesting idea. And especially through its flagship product: the profitable investment vehicle based on AI for trading.

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