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Paygine - The Ultimate Financial Platform for Modern Business

Paygine - The Ultimate Financial Platform for Modern Business

Investment is not a new thing. It has been done by people from so many years ago to improve their income. In this digital era, the options for investment are more various. It includes Cryptocurrency investment in which your money is converted to the digital currency. The value of Cryptocurrency can be higher or lower. It is just how accurate you are in predicting its movement so that the profits can just come.

For the popularity of Cryptocurrency, it is reasonable if there are so many platforms or companies that provide such services. However, not all of them are trusted and able to give you many benefits. it is more than just enough to let you be more careful in choosing the company. Paygine is one of the most recommended platforms recently. What is Paygine? Here is the explanation.

About Paygine
Bank and banking system must be familiar enough for all people nowadays. It is more than just a place to save the money but also do any transaction. Undeniably, we cannot underestimate the role of bank since it tends to make out activities much easier. However, bank is also functioned as the third party or intermediary for the transaction. In some cases, it is not really profitable for the customers since the commission needs to be spent for them.

Paygine comes as the alternative of a bank. Paygine is an open financial platform designed to operate within its own proprietary banking structure and designed to serve FinTech and crypto-business needs in areas of money remittance, cryptocurrency exchange, and payment for “real” goods and services under White Label solution. With the similar system and ways of work, it gives you more profits in many ways. Although it is designed to look like a bank in general, this platform is mainly focused in the Crypto business. It eases you more in any transaction using Cryptocurrency as well as guarantees your activities to be much safer and more secured.

The products available here are able to be used under your or your brand name. It is no matter whether your business is small or big. It is basically related to a way to gain more customers.

Blockchain Application
Talking about business with Cryptocurrency as the means of transaction, it cannot be separated from the implementation of Blockchain implementation. Blockchain is another name of decentralized system. In contrast with banking main system in which all the data are kept by it, in this system, everybody has a right to access them. Sure, it is particularly for the parties involved.

Besides, without any role from the third party as the medium just like the conventional bank, the data tend to be safe but also transparent at once. You have more chances to access them but not with changing them. More than that, you are also not required to spend money for the commission for the third party.

It is proven that Blockchain has given so many benefits for its users. It is also claimed to be more practical and beneficial. In other words, the application of Blockchain in Paygine is able to give you multiple benefits.

Paygine provides token sales for you who are interested to invest your money here. The token to buy here is namely PGC with ratio of 1 PGC equals 1 USD. If you want to join it, be sure to obtain more information in https://www.paygine.com.

Paygine Team
  • Kirill Radchenko, CEO, Best2Pay and cofounder of Pay Engine Limited
  • Michael Luposhtyan, Senior Vice President, Best2Pay and cofounder of Pay Engine Limited
  • Maxim Neshcheret, Business Development Director, Best2Pay Singapore
  • Raniya Luposhtyan, CFO, Best2Pay, US, and cofounder of Pay Engine Limited
  • Alexander Petrov, CTO, Best2Pay Russia
  • Vitaly Furmanov, Senior Vice President, Best2Pay
  • Michael Vehorev, Developer, Best2Pay
  • Vadim Buneev, Developer, Best2Pay
  • Gary J Ross, Partner, Ross & Shulga PLLC
  • Arina Shulga, Partner, Ross & Shulga PLLC
  • Azat Nugumanov, Partner
  • Anastasia Klimenko, Vice President
  • Djibril Diallo, Vice-President, TransferTo
  • Byanmunkh Volodya, Director, «Truly Digital Bank
  • Salah Abci, Partner, Grant Thornton
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Paygine Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #PGC team!


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  Official Websitehttps://paygine.com

Author: CryptoSmile
ETH Address: 0x0123a524a2d5A69d9E934750951a519dcB552E59
Creating Better Working Conditions for Sexual Workers with Hussy

Creating Better Working Conditions for Sexual Workers with Hussy

Though sex work industry has been around since ancient time, but most of the workers are still experiencing bad working environment till now. Hussy utilizes blockchain technology to offer solutions mostly faced by the sex workers.

What Hussy Can Do for the Sex Workers?
Hussy is created based on idea that sex work industry now is broken. Hussy is a decentralized due diligence and escorting infrastructure in sexual activity in exchange for payment by utilizing the Blockchain technology. There are three fundamental problems that make those who work in this sexual service industry cannot enjoy what they actually deserve to get upon their hard work. The first fundamental fact is the presence of challenging problems. There are some issues often associated with this industry include the difficulty to screen the client and the absence of trust between parties. Another issue often comes with this first fundamental problem is the worries about privacy. This is because those who join in this industry often receive awful social stigma from the society.

The second fundamental fact that you should know is the presence of harmful regulations that are disadvantageous for the sex workers. There is a fact that all people should know that despite the large size of sex market, the regulations made by government to protect the workers are not efficient. The rules made is not effective to conduct safe execution of this job. Another fundamental problem that often comes with this profession is the lack of innovation. Though this is one of the oldest professions in the world but not all of people can accept it well. The nature of this industry is less beneficial for the influx of venture capital. Not only that, the nature of this profession also avoids digital innovations to find place to make it possible for the utilization of new applications. Hussy comes with revolutionary solution to increase the safety, trust, and privacy in this oldest profession by using blockchain technology.

What Differentiate Hussy with Conventional Prostitution System
In traditional prostitution system, there are a lot of weaknesses found that lead the sex workers to unfortunate conditions. The blockchain technology applied by Hussy will eliminate the problems and make the industry becomes more beneficial for the workers.

  1. Anonymous and Trusted Participants
    Those participants join in Hussy are anonymous and trusted ones. In this digital company, both the prostitutes and their clients will be acknowledged based on the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy of a listing platform. The due diligence and listing platform authorities of the company is separated in order to guarantee the anonymous and trust of the participants.
  2. Reducing the Spreading of STDs
    Sexually transmitted infection is one of the major problems often comes with prostitution industry. With the blockchain technology applies, all of the participants in this company will be able to anonymously conduct medical examinations regularly provided by certified health providers.
  3. Protect Service Providers and Clients
    The blockchain technology applied by Hussy will make it possible for the company to protect the service providers and clients that involve in this industry. It is aimed to provide mutual respect from both sides and they can write a review after the job is done.

Hussy Team
  • Peter Tulala, Founder & Software Engineer
  • Mina Vucinic, Marketing Manager
  • Antonio Campos, Full Stack Engineer
  • Natasha Ivanovic, Content Writer
  • Thomas Bolleyer, Community manager - DACH
  • Lenzie Santillan, Bounty program manager
  • Jonathan Dunsmoor, US Securities Attorney
  • John Allen, Blockchain Consultant
  • James Kupka, Business Growth Expert
  • Jan Dudek, Adult Industry Expert
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Website or Join Telegram to communicate with #HUS team!


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  Official Websitehttps://hussy.io
KayoCredits - Online Solution For The Gaming Ecosystem

KayoCredits - Online Solution For The Gaming Ecosystem

Are you really fond of playing online game and want to earn money from your hobby? KayoCredits can be the right place where you can make gamer as your profession to make money.

About Kayo Credits
KayoCredits is a decentralized ecosystem especially designed for talented gamers out there to earn money through their great ability in playing online game. The digital company provides smart platform that will be very beneficial for gamers by creating shops for its services. Not only that, the platform will also serve as a trade validator of in – game assets by applying powerful system of escrow. It is aimed to provide fast and fair transactions so that the gamers will enjoy profit from this company’s ecosystem. The powerful escrow system will also serve as platform of on/off game Wagering by using tokens.

All of the contributions done by the participants will be rewarded and monitized by the digital company’s a currency that is supported with great toolsets and features. The idea behinds the establishment of this digital company is the fact that current gaming community faces various problems include slow transaction time in Cryptocurrency, lack of escrow service to make sure fair trades, and fraudulent gaming transactions. KayoCredits comes with a great solution by creating platform that especially designed for gamers, developers, fans, and sponsors. The toolsets created will allow the participants to conduct better communication as well as provide fair and trusted platform based on a ranking ecosystem.

How the Digital Company Will Be Beneficial for the Participants?
The KayoCredits offers various benefits for gamers, developer/ content creators, and communities.

1. For the Gamers
There are a lot of benefits that gamers can enjoy from the digital company include:
  • Gamers can challenge other participants who use the company’s smart wallet in a game both on and off the platform.
  • The gamers can purchase or sell their game items using the company’s platform with risk or being afraid of the fraud.
  • It will be possible for the gamers to receive the legit profiles through gaming platform’s third party such as Origin, Steam, and Ubisoft.
  • The users of the platform will be allowed to ask for a higher – level gamer for challenge.
  • The escrow ecosystem which is fast and fair will help the gamers to win the challenge.

2. For Developer/ Content Creators
The benefits can be enjoyed by developer/ content creators include:
  • Cancellations or zero cash backs charged by the parties.
  • Enjoy fair and transparent transactions by using the escrow system.
  • The developer and content creators will be able to create in – game assets on the company’s platform which can be used in games in turn.
  • Create subscription or time – limited which is based goods on the platform.

3. For the Communities
The benefits of the company’s platform for the communities include:
  • The communities will be able to support your favorite games and gamers on the company’s platform.
  • Each of the community can earn money from the company by contributing in referrals.
  • The company is able to gamify the participants’ community and website by using the features of the company’s platform.

KayoCredits Team
  • Barak Ben Arye, CEO
  • Igor Livshitz, CFO
  • Matan Edri, COO
  • Vitalii Smirnov, CTO
  • Shimon Ben Arye, CMO
  • Nataliia Vavrentovych, PR manager
  • Olga Davygora, Community manager EU
  • Anna Podolyanska, Community manager Asia
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: KayoCredits Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #KYO team!


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  Official Websitehttps://kayocredits.io
New and Innovative Business Relationship System with Momentum

New and Innovative Business Relationship System with Momentum

The relation between company and customer has changed these days. In the past, company and customer is only one way relation. That means the customer only receive what company gives. They don’t have any power to affect what company does. However, today, it changed into two way relationship. Therefore, the relation between company and customer has important role in the company success in the future. Actually, this kind of form has been used by most of companies that you can find today. However, we can see it that the system that company used isn’t that effective. This is what Momentum tried to solve.

What is Momentum?
Momentum is project that try to provide environment and system that company can use to reward their loyal customer by MobileBridge. That will give more benefits to the company, because they will be able to keep their loyal customer. Furthermore, with this system, company also can get more loyal customer through their old loyal customer.

On the other hand, customer also can participate in the company development. With the system and service from Momentum, customer can use their tokens to help and invest on the company that give them the best service for them.

If we are looking it from the business relationship, we can say that Momentum is one of the best ideas that can change the future of business system. This unique system will help company to create long lasting relationship with their customer. The company won’t only get profit from this method. But, with the more active support from customer, they also can evaluate their service and product, and improve them. That will affect on how the company can survive in the future against their competitor. In simplest way, Momentum is the best marketing tool that you can find.

The Momentum Advantages
Momentum project use automation system. Therefore, company doesn’t need to do too much effort to provide best service and reward for their customer. It all can be done easily and automatically, so they can invest their time to develop their product.

The customer also gets benefits from this by receiving rewards and profit. However, it is only for the most active customer. Therefore, we also can see it as one of the way to make profit and even income. On the other hand, with this kind of reward system, the company also gets more feedback and information that will help them to develop their service and product much better.

This is the unique feature of Momentum. The Momentum token system allows company to create their branded tokens for customer. However, it’s based on Momentum Token. The Momentum Token itself is available on ICO event in Q1 2018. You can buy it and use it for many different usages. For company, you can use it to reward your customer. And for customer, you also can use it to buy and use many different services you can find in Momentum environment. So, we can say it as one of the most promising project that can change business system in the future.

Token Detail:
  • Token Name: Momentum
  • Token Ticker: CHF
  • Token Protocol: Ethereum ERC-20
  • Token Price: €0.10
  • Soft Cap: €2,500,000
  • Target: €25,000,000
  • Hard Cap: €42,000,000
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 CHF
  • Tokens for sale: 500,000,000
  • Payment Accepted: ETH

Momentum Team
  • Shlomo Cohen, BOARD MEMBER, MD INTEL
  • Lior Lavon, CTO, CO-FOUNDER
  • Carsten Thoma, Former President at SAP
  • Youngsook Park, Leading futurist
  • John Henry Clippinger, CIO & Founder at SWYTCH.IO
  • Peter Hirshberg, Chairman, Board of Advisors at SWYTCH.IO
  • Brian Walker, Global MD, ACCENTURE
  • Jonas Karlberg, Founder Nordic Blockchain, CEO at AmaZix
  • Wouter van Neerbos, Former Global GM SHELL
  • Omri Shabi, Serial Entrepreneur, co-founder Blockchain Israel
  • Piero Crivellaro, Vice President at MasterCard
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Momentum Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #CHF team!


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  Official Websitehttps://momentumtoken.io
Kurecoin - Help Africa and Get Easier Payment System

Kurecoin - Help Africa and Get Easier Payment System

Credit card and debit card maybe is the common digital payment method that most people used these days. It’s easy to use. Almost all merchant in all over the world accept it. However, if we see it from the future technology perspective, we can say that this transaction system isn’t that effective. For example, if you have cryptocurrency, you can’t use it for this purpose. This is also the reason, why Kurecoin project was created.

What is Kurecoin?
Kurecoin, in simplest way, is the environment where you can exchange, trade and use your cryptocurrency for transaction. And, in order to make it useful for everyday activities, the Kurecoin project also gives their user the debit-card like card. It’s called KuroPAY card. With this card, you can use it for paying transaction anywhere.

Basically, this project is the solution for you who have collected lot of cryptocurrency, but you don’t know how to use it effectively. With this project, you can use that digital fund for transaction, easily. The other interesting thing about Kurecoin project is what you will invest your money to.

Kurecoin was planned to be the financial solution for many countries in Africa. With the increasing demand of digital payment system as well as financial support for many businesses in Africa, Kurecoin team has idea to provide help by creating an environment where people can easily invest their money for promising project in Africa. With that, the financial problem in Africa also can be solved. More than that, with Blockchain technology, all of these efforts can be done with lower budget than the current system. Therefore, we can expect that it will bring good result. With that in mind, we believe that this project is worth to try. You can invest, make profit, get the best payment system for all transaction, and the most important thing, helping others or charity purpose.

The Advantages of Kurecoin
The Proof of Stake that is used in Kurecoin will give you best protection when you do the transaction in its environment. So, you will be freed from scam and such. Then, with the target to get million users in the end of 2018, we can say that this will become one of the best systems you can get. As we all know, Blockchain technology is the community-based system. So, with more users that use it and contribute to this environment, the Kurecoin will become much better.

The KuroPAY card can be used in all merchant and in all over the world. More than that, the token and system also can be used in multiple platforms, which make you easily use your cryptocurrency in many different environments.

The Kurecoin token is called KRC. You can get it from ICO event. The good thing about buying this token in this event is you will get dividend and profit, because you are invested your money in the early project. The token is what you need to do many activities in Kurecoin project environment.

Kurecoin Team
  • ABIKURE TEGA, Co-founder & CEO
  • IJOMONE M.K, Co-founder & Chief strategist
  • MATHEW ADEGBITE, Co-founder & CTO
  • JAY MOORE, Technical Partner/Advisor
  • EMEKA NDUKWE, Legal Advisor
  • MICHAEL HOLDMANN, Business Development Partner
  • KEVIN JOHNSON, Chief Architect Partner/Advisor
  • RONALD AAI, Technology Partner/Advisor
  • MICHAEL SINCLAIR, Marketing Officer Partner/Advisor
  • DAVID BEBERMAN, Technical Partner/Advisor
  • LOUIS IDEHEN, Blockchain Expert
  • DENNIS OSEYI, Social Media Expert
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Kurecoin Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #KRC team!


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  Official Websitehttps://kurecoinhub.io

BountyHive account: CryptoSmile
MyShield : An Innovative Platform for Online Scam Solutions

MyShield : An Innovative Platform for Online Scam Solutions

In this modern day, online transaction is not a new thing. Yes, almost all people may have experienced in doing it by the fact that online stores also spread in the internet. Unfortunately, this online method leads on some new methods of crimes as well. There are many cases of fraud and scam and it must be disturbing enough for people who do the transaction this way. If there is a platform that can prevent you from being such victim, it must be really helpful anyway.

To give solutions for any scam problems in online transaction, here is now MyShield. MyShield is a decentralized platform that seeks to alert users whenever they reach a phishing website, an online counterfeit sale, and other types of online scams. it helps the customers in almost all activities done with internet as the medium. It is no matter whether you are the products and services providers or the customers; MyShield comes to protect your money and data.

Benefits of Using MyShield
There are some benefits of using MyShield as the platform for online transaction. First, it has been mentioned above and the main reason why this platform is developed. It protects you from any cyber crimes may be experienced during the transaction. It is whether the fraud that causes big unfortunates or simply scams that disturbs the internet users. Other problems like data theft and leakage can also be prevented by using MyShield.

Next, the way to use it is really easy. You can just simply download and install the platform to enjoy all of the features given. Besides, it is possible also to gain profits in the token sales conducted by this company. In other words, there are multiple profits to be found aside from protecting your transaction here. Sure, it is because you can also gain more money via MyShield.

MyShield works with great and new artificial intelligence and crowd wisdom. It is proven to protect the transaction real time and constantly. You don’t need to set it up every time the transaction will be conducted. Just by doing it firstly in the beginning, it guarantees to protect you as long as the platform is available in your devices.

The good performance of MyShield is also due to the application of a decentralized system or platform, it is known also as Blockchain. Blockchain is actually not a new system but it is developed very well recently to support the activities of internet users. Not only is it guaranteeing your transaction to be much more secured, this system is also really transparent particularly for the parties involved. Besides, it can also lessen your spending since there is no commission for the third party. For all the benefits, it is reasonable if Blockchain is really popular. As it is applied on the MyShield, there are multiple benefits for the users.

The token sales are opened for every transaction within MyShield environment. The token is used in some ways including to report the scams, the premium subscriptions, bounties, and to guarantee the programs offered. For further information, you can go to https://www.myshield.com.

Token Details
The MyShield token is called MSLD. The ICO has been started on May 18, 2018, the token runs on Ethereum blockchain and can be stored in any wallet that supports standard ERC-20 coins.
MyShield will start with a supply of 1,000,000,000 MSLD, of which 400,000,000 will be distributed to investors during the Crowdsale, 300,000,000 will be distributed for future operations, 50,000,000 tokens will be Guarantee, 45,000,000 for Reporting bounty, 5,000,000 for Campaign bounty and remaining 200,000,000 tokens will be reserved for Founders, team and shareholders.

  • Token Name: MyShield
  • Token Ticker: MSLD
  • Token Protocol: Ethereum ERC-20
  • Token Price: $0.11 (no bonuses)
  • Payment Accepted: ETH
  • Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 MSLD

So don't missed to be part of L-Pesa project!
More detail about MyShiled crowdsale, please check Official Website and subscribed on Bitcointalk.

MyShield Team
  • Yoav Keren, CEO
  • Yuval Zantkeren, Co-CEO and CTO
  • Itai Galmor, VP Marketing & Sales
  • David Fridman, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Nimrod Lehavi, Co-founder and CEO at Simplex
  • Prof. Subbiah, The Founder, Director & Chairman, of i-DNS.net.
  • Shalom Passy, Managing Partner at AfterDox & Senior Consultant for Strategy & Organizational Transformation
  • Uzi Moskovitch, The Vice President of the Missile Systems division at IAI
  • Robert Cohen, Managing Partner at Benson Oak Ventures
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: MyShield Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #MSLD team!


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  Official Websitehttps://www.myshield.com

Author: CryptoSmile
ETH Address: 0x0123a524a2d5A69d9E934750951a519dcB552E59
Gastery, A Blockchain Based Platform for Restaurant Services

Gastery, A Blockchain Based Platform for Restaurant Services

It isn't a secret that Horeca is one of the most profitable industries in the world. The development of information and transportation technology also encourages people to travel and try trendy delicacies which make Horeca industry grows even more rapidly. To help revolutionizing Hotels, Restaurants and Catering services and help those industries follow the latest trend, Gastery is developed. Here are some important information regarding this new platform.

Gastery is a blockchain based platform that is designed to automate the process of restaurant services. In addition to blockchain, it also takes advantage of smart contract, geolocation technology and QR codes to make service time in Horeca industry more efficient. By using Gastery, restaurants can speed up its waitressing and payment process which definitely will improve customer’s experience.

Vision and Mission of Gastery Platform
In a restaurant, customers need to undergo long and winding process to get their order done. They need to call the waitress to take their order, wait for their food and when they want to leave the restaurant, they also have to wait even longer queueing at the cashier to pay for their foods. Hospitality industry should make people feel happy and comfortable, not bored and angry because they need to wait long only to quench their hunger. Gastery is developed with that issue in mind. By using this platform, people can have more enjoyable time eating in a restaurant.

Advantages of Gastery Platform
Gastery really offers plenty of benefits for restaurant services. By using this platform, people can find numerous great restaurants in their area so they don’t have to stick to the same restaurant over and over again. The platform comes with a filter so that users can easily find restaurants they like.

Going to a new restaurant usually involve a lot of guesswork. Is the food going to be good? Is the food within my price range? With Gastery, people don’t have to worry about that anymore. The platform shows the complete price and menu of the restaurant so users can easily find a dish they like. Furthermore, they also can read customer reviews on the menu and restaurant. As a result, the users of this platform can be confident about the restaurant they choose and will not waste their money for a food they don’t even like.

Most importantly, Gastery will make restaurant service faster than ever. They can make an order in the Gastery platform even before they arrive in the restaurant and pay with cryptocurrency. This way, users don’t have to wait long for their food and can immediately go home after finishing their meal.

Token and ICO Details
Gastery will start with a supply of 175,000,000 WTR, of which 56% of the total supply of the token will be sold to the public through one pre-ICO period and five ICO periods, 17,500,000 will be distributed to Early Investors, 17,500,000 will be reserve for Incentives and development, 35,000,000 token tokens will be reserved for Team, and remaining 7,000,000 tokens will be reserved for Bounty program.

The pre-ICO has been successfully held from December 26, 2017 to March 1, 2018. Now, Gastery in its first ICO round that is held from May 1, 2018 until the target of 20,000,000 tokens have been reached.

Token Information
  • Token Name: WTR
  • Token Protocol: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 175,000,000 WTR
  • Token Available for Sales: 98,000,000 WTR
  • Token Price: $0.08 (First Round)
  • ICO Period: May 1, 2018 – 20,000,000 tokens sold
  • Minimum investment: 50 USD
  • Payment Accepted: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC

With the following early bird bonuses structure:
  • 1st  20,000,000 WTR : 20% bonus
  • 2nd 20,000,000 WTR : 15% bonus
  • 3rd  20,000,000 WTR : 10% bonus
  • 4th  20,000,000 WTR : 5% bonus
  • 5th  20,000,000 WTR : no bonusess

So don't missed to be part of Gastery! More detail about #WTR crowdsale, please check Gastery ICO and subscribed on Bitcointalk announcements.