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DIGIPHARM - Digital Solution For The Health Problems

DIGIPHARM - Digital Solution For The Health Problems

Health problem is something common to be experienced by anyone. It is starting from simple problem like influenza and allergy to the severe diseases like cancer, heart attack, and more. Of course, whatever it is, this must be solved as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are often so many barriers and obstructions to access the health care; let’s say the high cost, difficult access, unavailability of medication needed, and more. That’s why; it seems better to try the new innovation in the world of health care and medication. One of them is by using Digipharm.

Digipharm works in term of health care delivery to empower the patients so that they can just find easier access to the treatment and medication they need. With such an online system, it should not be a big deal for many people. Yes, it seems that even the elderly can access internet using Smartphone nowadays. If they can’t, they must have their children and assistants to help them.

Meanwhile, Digipharm also adapts the Blockchain system to let the transaction more transparent and secured. How does Blockchain actually work? Different from any conventional transaction we know currently, Blockchain doesn’t need any third party. It is also called as peer to peer system so that the two sides that do the transactions can just be directly interconnected. Meanwhile, to keep the data accurate, they are all kept in the computers integrated in one networking system. Anyone involved can just access it to avoid it being hacked or changed.

In the case of Digipharm, the Blockchain is applied in the way users do the health care transaction. The easiest example is about medication purchase. The application of this system can just give you so many benefits anyway. What are they? First, it enables you to find the medication and health care you need in more affordable price. It is due to the less distribution cost and the likes. Second, as Digipharm connects you with many health centers on the world, it is just easier to find one that you need the most. It is even when you want to buy it in a shop far away from your area.

Third, Digipharm guarantees your identity and other private things. There is a very reasonable thing where a patient may not want to share what they suffer. The privacy and security applied here are just trusted so that you must not worry that such things will spread around. Fourth, it gives you easier and faster access for the health care. Imagine that you must wait in the line to find the treatment even when you are really sick. With this platform, such a hurtful thing should not be experienced anymore.

Behind Digipharm, there are people who are professional and experienced in the world of both of health and programming. That’s why; it seems that this platform is indeed a great solution for your entire health problem. So, are you interested to join it? Be sure to go to https://digipharm.ch for further information.

Digipharm Team
  • Ahmed Abdulla, Founder/CEO
  • Girisha Fernando, Co-Founder/COO
  • Zach Daniels, CTO
  • Ralf Gerteis, Commercial Strategy
  • Alexander Sverdlov, Cybersecurity Strategy
  • Meredith Darden, Digital Marketing Lead
  • Alexey Popov, Web Development
  • Michael Gubert, UI/UX Design
  • Leon Rebolledo, Integration Lead
  • Rolf Günter, Legal Counsel
  • Bobby Kaura, Business Development
  • Dr. Mohamed Abdulla, Clinical Transformation
  • Dr. Hasham Al-Meshhedani, Patient Engagement
  • Ali Al-Sudani, Clinical Pharmacist
  • Dr. Rami Radwan, Clinical Relations
  • Peter Sandbach, Communications Director
  • Marko Granic, Graphic Designer
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Digipharm Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #DPH team!

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  Official Websitehttps://www.digipharm.ch
EMMARES - The Future Of Email Marketing

EMMARES - The Future Of Email Marketing

What is EMMARES?
Emmares is a new technology designed to improve email marketing. We plan on doing this by giving email marketers a platform they can use to have their content reviewed and at the same time give recipients the option to really pick and choose what kind of emails they want to receive.

How Does EMMARES Work?
Emmares enables marketers to reach more customers, by minimizing spam using API filter which makes the marketers stand out more, and by enabling them to send the emails only to customers that are actually genuinely interested in their product/service. It also enables the recipients of the emails to receive only the emails they really want to see, without having to scroll through numerous spam emails in order to reach the desired newsletter.

The way we make this happen is by using direct feedback from the recipients of the emails, who tell us whether they are genuinely interested in those types of emails and do they value the content of emails that are being sent to them. By getting positive feedback from the recipients email marketers are able to improve quality of the content, and send it only to the people who are interested in their product. This in turn means we are able to widen their customer pool by connecting you to more people interested in that kind of content.

Marketers will be able to invest into a rewarding pool, and email recipients will receive EMA tokens for evaluating the email content. This way recipient stays motivated to receive and review emails and email markers are motivated to keep the content of their emails high quality.

Benefits Of Using EMMARES Platform
Everyone benefits from using EMMARES. Email marketers/newsletter publishers get access to a unique platform which enables them to have their content evaluated by actual users. This gives them the advantage to be able to use the customer feedback as means of improving their marketing strategies. Also by using EMMARES, and ensuring the emails go only to people who subscribed the marketers gain the reputation of delivering great content and not spam mail, and of course the marketers get access to high quality leads that will inevitably lead to more sales/subscribers/users, etc.

Email recipients/evaluators get EMA tokens in exchange for evaluating/reading/subscribing to the emails. Afterwards, they can either keep the tokens for themselves or invest them back into the EMMARIS platform.
Token buyers get to become a part of the platform by purchasing EMA tokens. This also enables them to be able to send and receive only the content they find interesting or valuable.

Pre-sale and ICO
Emmares is currently in the Pre-sale phase, which ends on 31st of April 2018. You can join the Pre-sale through the following link; by submitting KYC form (https://register.emmares.io). The next phase of the project is Public Distribution, which lasts from 1st – 31st of May 2018. There are 255.000.000 EMA tokens available for purchase and all unsold tokens will be burned.

EMMARES has a great Core team composed of many experienced, highly educated and dedicated people. Almost every team member in EMMARES is a recipient of some of the most exclusive awards in their respective branches, EMMARES also has the privilege and honor to be able to work with some of the most notable and well recognized members of blockchain industry, web developing and programming.
  • Bojan Oremuž, CEO and founder
  • Denis Orešnik, Cofounder and developer
  • Tadej Oremuž, Cofounder and developer
  • Jure Tovrljan, Cofounder and Creative design & advertising
  • Taja Oremuž, Cofounder and Graphic design & marketing
  • Dejan Plavše, Developer
  • Krištof Gajšek, Full stack developer
  • Matic Korošec, Junior developer
  • Janez Sevčnikar, Bounty manager
  • Aljaž Štraser, Software developer
  • Primož Škruba, Security
  • Žiga Palir, System engineer
  • David Drake, Chairman at LDJ Cayman Fund Ltd.
  • Janko Cajhen, CEO Sicom, Ex. CEO Comtrade, HermesSoftlab
  • Peter Merc, Ph.D., Legal advisor
  • Tanja Skaza, CEO Skaza – Smart Plastic
  • Nina Kranjec, Legal Advisor
  • Giuseppe Gori, Advisor, Toronto area, ON, Canada
  • Nejc Urankar, Legal Advisor
  • Aleksander Vidmar, BitNation ambassador and brand development manager President of green energy society
  • Roman Pušnik, An mobile game developer, social media expert and a strong believer of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: EMMARES Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #EMA team!


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  Official Websitehttps://emmares.io
Votem: The Revolutionary Voting Platform

Votem: The Revolutionary Voting Platform

Votem, powered by its incredibly unique VAST token, is set to be the first voting system that combines mobile app’s convenience with Blockchain’s security. Votem is a blockchain-based mobile voting platform enabling citizens around the world to easily vote online with unprecedented security and verifiability. Platform combination as such will provide citizens and organizations all across the globe the ability to participate and manage vote. All of which can be done easily from their mobile device. There is no doubt that this is a game changer, but how exactly does this platform work? Read on to find out.
What is Votem?
Not many of us are aware of the fact that voting is an industry. Perhaps due to its largely uncovered nature, we rarely hear anything about it unless something goes wrong. Paper ballot voting has become more and more accountable, and non-paper ballot voting through electronic has been unreliable. Worse, there has been a lot of cases of shocking security breaches that lead to severe and devastating repercussions. This has happened not only in one area, but countless jurisdictions.

The company behind Votem believes that there has to be an ecosystem that does not only support the voting process, but also democratize the industry itself. An ecosystem that is dependable and accountable, that makes voting independent yet easily verifiable. They take it up upon themselves to build Votem, a platform that revolutionizes voting and improves the entire system altogether.

Angela Scott-Briggs - TechBullion, said:
Votem has made important milestones in creating a trusted blockchain voting system.

Using remote e-voting system, Votem is set to improve the verifiability of both paper-based and electronic-based election systems. The primary goal is to provide voters with convenience and ease-of-use, without having to deal with common issues. As we all know, living in a digitalized era means there are a set of drawbacks of its own. Rising concerns surround privacy and hacking becomes two of the most common issues in this day and age.

However, the emergence of Bitcoin built on the new Blockchain technology, clearly inspires the company. As result, the company creates Votem, the first Blockchain powered voting network in the industry. Leveraging its native VAST crypto tokens, the platform is set to revolutionize the way citizens across the globe are voting.

A Revolution In Voting Industry
With the modern technology and features it offers, there is no doubt in mind that Votem can deliver a new way of voting. Votem itself does not only ensure an unimaginable level of accessibility and transparency, but also verifiability and security. With its end-to-end ecosystem capable of storing a large number of immutable voting data, Votem has successfully forged partnership with many clients.

Some of the clients that have deployed Votem’s state-of-the-art voting network include the Ohio State Bar Association, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, District of Columbia, City of Detroit, and State of Montana. As for the partnership, the platform has successfully worked with a large number of municipalities and states throughout the country.

To support online elections, the development team behind Votem has armed the platform with Election Management System. This undoubtedly brings a myriad of advantages for both voters and election managers. Some of them are fault tolerant, full verifiability, auditable and best of all, the fact that it cannot be tampered with. To gain access to the platform and vote, you need to have its ERC20 tokens. Visit https://votem.io for information on token sale.

Votem Team
  • Pete Martin, CEO
  • Bob Stewart, CTO
  • Dave Wallick, Director of Testing and Certification
  • Srini Kandikattu, VP Engineering
  • Dr. Kun Peng, e-Voting Security Architect
  • Emin Gün Sirer, Associate Professor, Cornell University
  • Michael Barrett, Evangelist and Co-founder at Stealth Security Inc.
  • Steve Babbage, Distinguished Engineer, Security Research Manager and Chief Cryptographer at Vodafone
  • Peter Haynes, The Economist - Startups
  • Craig Burton, Consultant
  • Alex Tapscott, Blockchain Expert – Author of Blockchain Revolution
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Votem Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #VAST team!


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  Official Websitehttps://www.votem.io
The Great Implementation of Artificial Neural Network in EOZ

The Great Implementation of Artificial Neural Network in EOZ

For you who are interested in gaining profit through investment and trading, it seems that Cryptocurrency is one you must try. Not only is it because the Cryptocurrency is very popular nowadays, there are many benefits you can just find here. Of course, it is mainly about the money. The first important thing to do is by choosing the platform or company that is able to accommodate your investment properly. Well, this often becomes a big problem. Why? Not all the companies out there are really credible and trusted. Many of them even seem not experienced enough.

Surely, this fact should not make you give up on the middle of the road. You must not worry; there are still many other platforms that are recommended enough. One of them is namely EOZ. EOZ is a platform that works in the world of trading for more than 15 years. Behind this company, there are a number of experts that are really professional in the world of financial and programming. at the beginning of EOZ founding, there must be many problems and barriers. Now, those become great experiences as this company has been established and stable. EOZ is also really reasonable in term of principle. It is stated that high investment gives high risk but also high profit. It means if you want higher profit in the end, you must be daring enough to make high investment at the beginning.

Although it sounds that many investors and traders in EOZ are those people with many experiences, it doesn’t mean that there is no place for the beginners. This platform is even considered as the one of the friendliest place for the freshmen in the world of Cryptocurrency. It gives you great features for learning so that the success can just be achieved in the end. One of the features available here are the tools for prediction trading and market making. Anyone can just utilize it to make sure that you move on the right path.

Three years ago, EOZ has created its own algorithm and then it is applied until know. The new algorithm is known as Artificial Neural Network. Different from other kinds of algorithm applied in other platforms, this one is indeed intended to let the traders to gain more profits. It comes up with big capital as well as the algorithm is also integrated with a number of top Cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, it is reasonable if EOZ is able to make a big amount of money every day. In this case, the traders also have higher chances to find their big profits.

Through the Artificial Neural Network, the funds are invested in more systematic ways in order to get the highest returns. Meanwhile, it also puts so much efforts to make the risks are lower to zero. Whatever the performance of current market, it is then expected not to influence your Cyrptocurrency at all since it is all handled by this algorithm system. So, are you interested to join EOZ? Make sure to find more information first at https://eoz.com.


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  Official Websitehttps://www.eoz.com
Liberdy Platform - Fair Solution to Data Ownership

Liberdy Platform - Fair Solution to Data Ownership

Although relatively new in the industry, Liberdy has managed to take up the stage by storm. Its ability to create a new digital advertising economy, and one that promotes fairness to everyone involved, is spectacular to say the least. By developing a robust and efficient trading platform for data management, the company aims to reward users for their personal data information.

The Biggest Hurdle In The Industry
As we are all aware of, the advertising industry has shifted to digital concept. The change in direction and infrastructure has happened gradually over the years. Within the past two years, statistics show the rapid growth of data generation. The available total number of data creation has touched an all time high of 90-percent mark. If that already blows your mind, keep in mind that similar growth will still happen over the next few years.

We are all aware of the fact that nothing holds such crucial role in the success of marketing operation. While many business entities are able to keep up and benefit of the changes, the figure is nothing compares to Google and Facebook. Two of these giant tech companies have long been dominated the industry. Not only dominating the data management industry, it has been controlling the market as well.

Yet, what do we have in return? As a data creator, our contribution seem to not be seen as an integral part of the equation, leaving us at disadvantage. While they continue to rise and make profit with business assets generated from us, we get nothing out of it.

The Solution Offered by Liberdy
The source of this issue is that none of the key players in the industry see our data as commodity. To counteract this issue, the company has built a brilliant solution. Liberdy has developed a decentralized advertising powered by the latest technology, Blockchain. Using Ethereum smart contract and ERC20-compliant tokens to support the entire process, this solution offers more than meet the eye.

Liberdy’s platform is made of specifically built to change how the industry see data in the equation. The company also aims to give users the opportunity to be compensated for their data contribution. The platform, using the convenience of application to operate, is specifically designed to tackle the following main challenges:
  • Inaccurate Data
    While this may not seem a big deal to users in general, inaccuracy does hurt advertisers. Liberdy offers a plaform that does not only provide numerous data at a cost, but also guarantees its accuracy. Every collected data is not only stored in the system, but it will also undergo series of verification process. The result is none other than a reliable data which credibility and accuracy is second to none.
  • Data as Commodity
    Data owners are at disadvantage for one reason. Personal data that they generate has never been considered as a commodity. Thus, users cannot be considered as a part of this industry’s ecosystem. Liberdy and its platform changes that. By being seen as commodity, users are now able to benefit from their data ownership. Take back control of your data, and visit http://liberdy.io for more information.

Liberdy Team
  • Kobi Ram, CEO
  • Itsu Tamam, CTO
  • Gali Rosen, CMO
  • Anton Suslonov, Economist
  • Dr Anna Becker, Chief Scientist
  • Ido Ottolenghi, Community Manager
  • Nir Shimoni, Community Manager
  • Maria Timonina, Community Manager
  • Sami Awad, Community Manager
  • Tal Gokhberg, Software Develope
  • Snir Hassin, Chairman
  • Iri Zohar, Advisor
  • Ram Avissar, Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Website or Join Telegram to communicate with #LIB team!

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  Official Websitehttp://liberdy.io
Signals Network : More Than Just a Cryptocurrency Provider

Signals Network : More Than Just a Cryptocurrency Provider

It isn't a secret that Cryptocurrency investment allows you to gain a lot of profit. This is the main reason why many people are then likely to change their money to the virtual ones like Bitcoin and others. However, is that true that this system is really safe and secured? It seems that such a question is often asked as well as making some other people feel afraid to start.

One of the key point of the safety and security is related to the company you join. Some companies are trusted enough as they are able to bring their members into success. For some others, the members may not be so successful but also not lost. Well, for the rests, it is so sad to see the facts that their capital money cannot even be back. It is reasonable then if you must be really careful in choosing a company or a place where you can invest your money in the form of Cryptocurrency.

Out of many companies for Cryptocurrency trading and investment, Signals is one which is really recommended for you. Signals basically have a high-standard security system that guarantees your investment and trading activities. All the data are kept in the computer system and then they are processed through Blockchain. Blockchain is a common system in the Cryptocurrency trading. It basically allows all the members to access and monitor the data. Therefore, there will be no chance for the others to do any change and even hacking activities.

So, how is the management of private data? are they also allowed to be accessed by all people in the network? In Signals, it gives you a freedom to make it really private. This is how Signals is more trusted than the others anyway. So, you must not worry since there are some kinds of data in which only you who can see them.

Aside from the issues of security, Signals also provides some other great features not to find in other places. One of them is the Machine Intelligence. It is a kind of machine that helps you to access, analyze, and predict what are possibly happened in the future regarding the Crypto-trading. This feature is considered the best particularly for beginners with no experience in trading as well as programming. It is not exaggerated then to say that Signals are friendly enough for all the members.

Meanwhile, there are also many chances here to gain money aside from the trading and investment themselves. You are motivated to create your own models of Algo-trading of the algorithm computation related to the Cryptocurrency trading. After passing through some process, the models are able to be monetized. Meanwhile, the strategies you have can also be shared and monetized. At the same time, also listen to other people’s strategies since it may be beneficial for you in the future.

It seems there are so many reasons why you should choose Signals and not other companies to invest your Cryptocurrencies. Not only is it safe and secured, it is much more profitable than what you think. To start it all, you can visit https://signals.network first.

Signal Network Team
  • Pavel Němec, CEO & Co-founde
  • Pavel Volek, CTO & Co-founder
  • Jan Budík, Algorithmic Trading Expert
  • Zdeňka Šeděnka, Data Scientist
  • Michal Krajňanský, Machine Learning Specialist
  • Josef Jelacic, Smart Contract Developer
  • Matouš Roskovec, Head of Growth Marketing
  • Jaroslav Šeděnka, Cryptography and Security Expert
  • Martin Solárik ,Backend Developer
  • Gabriel Zanko, Fin-Tech Entrepreneur
  • Philip Staehelin, Entrepreneur and Investor
  • Milan Pašek, Founder & CEO @ Quantasoft
  • Benn Godenzi, Blockchain Entrepreneur
  • Martin Drdul, Fin-Tech Investor
  • Samuel McCulloch, Founder SmartICOInvestor.com
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Signal Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #SGN team!


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  Official Websitehttps://signals.network
  Token Salehttps://signals.network/token-sale
KickCity To Offer The First Blockchain Value Social Community Platform

KickCity To Offer The First Blockchain Value Social Community Platform

KickCity is the first platform built on the Blockchain that connects people all over the world through appealing reward-based communities. The platform, like many others, envisions a future where majority of people are utilizing Blockchain. Operating on the basis of what is going to happen in the future, KickCity notices the need for communities of like minded people and a platform to facilitate exchanges. The exchanges include exchange of value and information, where it happens simultaneously.

Understanding How KickCity Works
On paper, this concept can easily be understood by many. But when it comes to understanding how the concept will play out in real life, we seem to have a problem. To have better understanding on how this concept will be realized in the near future, perhaps a use-case will help. In a more straightforward and simple term, KickCity aims to build a better version of Facebook on the Blockchain.

Facebook, being a platform that offers a place for communities to interact with each other has a solid concept. However, KickCity sees rooms of improvement and things to refine. KickCity’s platform will not only offer a place for Blockchain-value communities to interact. But also provides them with a place to exchange value and information. Not only that, KickCity will also offer the opportunity for them to be rewarded for their contribution.

This project is undoubtedly attractive for so many reasons. Being built on Blockchain means that the platform will be much more secure and transparent. Unlike Facebook with its centralized system, on KickCity, everything is stored in the Blockchain. No one can use them to their advantage, let alone control or alter them. Another thing that makes it attractive is, without a doubt, its unique reward system.

KickCity Developmental Stages
In order to make this concept into reality, KickCity divides the development plan into three major stages. The first stage has been 70-percent completed and is said to have been generating revenue. The other two major stages can be seen in the following section.
Community-based event platform on Blockchain
The company uses events as an entry point into the many buildings on their Blockchain community. By focusing on these Blockchain events, KickCity aims to accelerate the growth of its value community. The event platform used by KickCity will then be used for numerous decentralized and transparent peer to peer event marketing. To attend the event, user must purchase a ticket as they would when attending an event in real life. Fiat currencies, Bitcoins and other ERC20 tokens are accepted as method of payment.

Value Communities
As a synthesis of Slack and Facebook on Blockchain, KickCity will also allow development of a specific platform intended for the communities. The goal is for community and chat creators to be rewarded for their content contribution. This undoubtedly changes the game as all this time, content creators on social media platform are not compensated. With KickCity, they will be able to get compensation from content users in the form of tokens.
A concept of social media platform with a combination of ticket purchasing and event promotion platform, KickCity sure offers countless excitement. Visit https://ico.kickcity.io now to for further information on how to get involved.

KickCity Team
  • Gideon Nweze (Gibson), CEO & Founder
  • Brylan Chinonso, Co-Founder
  • Artem Shatilov, CMO & Product
  • Danil Kolikov, Lead Developer
  • Leonid Startsev, Service Developer
  • Eugene Rashchupkin, Front-End Developer
  • Aleksandra Bashkova, Community Manager
  • Maria Sarukhanova, PR Officer
  • Valeria Rudaya, Digital Designer
  • Don-Zheni Ekoebve, Ambassador in Nordic Countries
  • Tosan Arueyingho, Business Development
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: KickCity Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #KCY team!


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