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LimonX - Make Your Cryptocurrencies Cashable

LimonX - Make Your Cryptocurrencies Cashable

Until today, blockchain technology has continued to create great momentum. It also attracts many new projects with cryptocurrency as the base. The good news is that cryptocurrency has been part of your life now. And we cannot separate ourselves with this thing even in the future. LimonX is one of those new cryptocurrency-based projects on the market.

LimonX consists of a team with a high dedication to build a healthy ecosystem that will allow users to use cryptocurrency. Other than that, the process is very easy which has been developed into the Bank As A Service solution. In this article, we are going to make a review of this project.

What is LimonX?
As we have mentioned earlier, LimonX is one of the cryptocurrency-based projects in the business. It looks better than other projects due to its ability that allows users to convert their digital assets into usable things such as e-gift cards, vouchers, and prepaid cards. More than anything, the process is very easy because anything can be done through emails. The cards can be used for various major online shops such as Amazon, Google Play, Mastercard Prepaid Debit Cards, Zalano, PlayStation Network, Battlenet, and XBOX.

The process of converting your assets into the cards is simple. You can start by choosing the card of gift you want and then make a payment by using cryptocurrency. LimonX supports 15 cryptocurrencies these days.

The Features of LimonX
  1. E-commerce
    LimonX can be used to access various e-commerce globally. Amazon is one of the major brands that have worked in partnership with LimonX. In five years, we do not know what this project would give.
  2. Gaming
    As we have mentioned earlier, LimonX also works in partnership with some gaming platforms such as XBOX, PlayStation Network, Google Play, and so on. It gives you a huge benefit by investing in it.
  3. Entertainment
    Talking about the entertainment sector, Netflix is just one of the major brands that work with LimonX. Since streaming movies and series has become a trend today, it will increase the market size in a few years later.
  4. Prepaid cards
    Who does not like prepaid cards? This thing is as good as a debit card after all. MasterCard is the one that works with LimonX in this sector. However, there are still years to come and it will increase the crypto market cap as well.

This is just the start and the service has been begun across Europe with a real plan for global expansion. Other than that, there will be various categories and brands come along. LimonX also provides some other benefits such as:
  • LimonXPro, a product to meet the needs of corporates;
  • P2P Transaction, to facilitate fund transfers just like a global bank;
  • LimonXshops, platforms for online shops;
  • LimonXlist, a peer-to-peer platform for exchanging products by using LMXC;
  • Coin Burn, a feature to controls inflation.

In the future, crypto would be all over the world. It is important to grab and adapt to the tools we have today to welcome the future. Crypto works like money. You should use your crypto and not save it forever after all.

  • Guillaume Dieudonné, Executive
  • Milan Poyaud, Operation
  • David Fontana, Strategy
  • Jessica Moreau, Financial
  • Cédric Dubucq, Legal
  • Maud Appy, Web Design
  • Anaêl Mugerin, Communication
  • Julien Spagnolo, Community
For detailed about Team Members descriptions please check out: LimonX Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #LMXC team!


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Security Tokens and Utility Tokens - Find the Difference

Security Tokens and Utility Tokens - Find the Difference

Blockchain technology has taken the world on its hand. Everything makes us walking and working faster to compete in the industry. Tokens are just one of the things in that new world. Tokenized securities and utility tokens are used by startups around the world nowadays. But, what is the difference between utility tokens and security tokens after all? We are about to find out.

What are Tokens?
Tokens in the ICO space act as an asset or a unit. They are issued by a certain company. In many cases, tokens are made when a company made and released an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The basic work is similar to Initial Public Offering (IPO). IPO and ICO have a few differences.

An IPO will allow you to get stock in exchange for your investment. On the other hand, an ICO is where you get a token as the exchange for your investment. There are two main types of tokens in the ICO space such as utility tokens and security tokens. Until today, many people still find it hard to differentiate one another.
  • Security Token
    On the other hand, security tokens are a digital asset that represents the value from another external asset as long as it can be traded. These tokens, however, are subject to the federal laws which also involves the govern securities. Failure to walk along the regulation would lead to unwanted consequences such as penalties and derailment if you have a project.
  • Utility Token
    Utility tokens are user tokens or app coins. These things enable access in the future towards services and products offered by a specific company. Hover, these tokens are not created for investment. An electronic dealer would accept an order for a game that will be issued three months later. A startup could create utility tokens and sell digital cards or coupons for that game while it is still in development.
The most promising feature from security tokens is the ability to provide tokens as the digital representation of a company’s stock shares.

Security Tokens vs. Utility Tokens
As we have mentioned earlier, the intended use and functionalities are the major difference between these two. Security tokens are made as investments. The holders will be awarded dividends in the form of another coin every time the company earns profits in the market. The holders will also get ownership which allows them to be involved in the decision-making process of that company.

Utility tokens, as we have mentioned earlier, are not made for giving the holders to get a certain ability in the decision-making process of a company. The token is only used for interacting with products or services from a company. However, the value of both tokens may get increased if the prices are appreciated in the market.

Bottom Line
Security tokens and utility tokens are two different things in the crypto industry. It is important to be able to distinguish those two. Hopefully, this article could help you to determine what you do next in the world of ICO industry considering it is a new promising investment.
Goose Q - Overcoming Problems in the Logistics Industry

Goose Q - Overcoming Problems in the Logistics Industry

Nowadays, we are living in a world of technology. Since the blockchain technology has been implemented in various aspects of human’s life, it is not a new thing if people use virtual money to make an exchange. However, blockchain technology is not supposed to be limited to the financial aspect only.

The biggest good side of blockchain technology is that transparency and trust have become higher than before the technology arrived. In this article, we will make a review of a platform for the data sector. Goose Q might new on the business but it provides various benefits to you.

What is Goose Q?
Goose Q is a solution for logistic industry in the world by implementing comprehensive blockchain technology in it. This platform will secure data from users and facilitate information as well as value flows. It requires specific devices to record any information from trucks, encrypt them, and securely store it inside a blockchain.

Goose Q can collect a complete range of visual data and be equipped with high-security technology. Other than that, the platform has been integrated into an advanced logistic IT infrastructure from China. It includes vehicle carriers, cargo companies, drivers, actual transport vehicles, and so on. Various safe driving algorithms have been implemented by Goose Q so it will reduce traffic accidents and increase safe driving.

Daluka SIM Card
Goose Q issues the Daluka SIM-card as a cooperation work with a leading Chinese telecommunication service provider named the China Unicom. The card is exclusively designed and made for truck drivers. The card contains a bunch of entertainment and logistics apps and the drivers could download it for free to support their work. This is how Goose Q collects tons of data collections and provides good control to avoid fraud invoices.

  1. Launched with China Unicom
    China Unicom, the 4th world largest telecommunication service provider, started to cooperate with Goose Q in December 2018
  2. Targeted on truck drivers
    China unicom is opening up the niche market of truck drivers through Goose Q business network
  3. Free calls within the network
    Standard package is about 35 per month and calls are free within the network to allow drivers communicate smoothly with their families while far from home
  4. Free traffic for 100+ partner apps
    Including logistics business apps, leisure apps, and top hits such as TikTok
  5. 20m pre-orders
    The sales started in April 2019 and full scale penetration to the 30m truck drivers market is ongoing
  6. 100+ distribution partners
    Including major logistics industry management platforms radio stations, online fuel delivery platforms, and truck drivers communities

The Reason For Choosing The Blockchain
Goose Q provides several features that will benefit truck drivers or the logistic company. In this section, we will give you good arguments on why you should use Goose Q in the first place.

  • Immutability and Transparency
    As we have mentioned earlier, Goose Q provides a transparent service. The recorded data cannot be changed by anyone and anything is highly accurate. On the other hand, it increases the data credibility.
  • Incentives
    All network participants are eligible for incentives and it is measured through a fair system. Goose Q creates a digital value flow inside the logistic industry along with boosting the enthusiasm of all truck drivers. It will eventually create a sustainable ecosystem.
  • Security
    Blockchain technology incorporates various sophisticated technology related to digital encryption to make sure that the data will not be accessed illegally. All participants will get a certificate and a real ID. Before they got their IDs, they will be asked to submit a series of documents and update their data regularly.
  • Decentralization
    Decentralization is the most basic feature of the blockchain technology, which means that blockchain applications don’t depend on a centralized organization, and employ distributed recording, storage and processing of data. The logistics industry is huge, and any centralized model cannot effectively solve the problem of mutual trust in the entire industry.

All the things we have mentioned above would be in your hand if you sign up with Goose Q. It will change the whole industry and transform it into a healthier yet more efficient logistics environment. Besides, it also increases the responsibility of each truck driver that will minimize the operational risks as well.

  • William Qian,
  • Mike Zhang,
  • Ada Xue,
  • Steven Bai,
  • Dimitry Doronin,
  • LongFei Zhao,
  • Tyreal,
  • Baja,
For detailed ABOUT Team Members descriptions please check out: Qoose Q Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #GQ team!


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Aussie Digital to Develop Future E-Commerce Powered by Blockchain Technology

Aussie Digital to Develop Future E-Commerce Powered by Blockchain Technology

The existence of blockchain technology has changed the way people run their businesses, include e-commerce. Aussie Digital see it as a great opportunity to rewrite the future of e-commerce by using blockchain technology. So, what makes the Aussie Digital different from the rest of E-commerce providers out there?

About Aussie Digital
If you look closely around, you will find that the e-commerce industry is getting bigger. More and more retailers are also attracted to it. But, unlike the other providers, Aussie Digital is not designed to manipulate the E-commerce industry. Instead of monopolizing, the Aussie Digital is established to help the growth of online businesses. The ecosystem of the company is based on the Digital Token. It includes shop builders which are packed with easy-to-use marketing tools.

There is also a B2B trading platform provided by the company that can integrate the existing social media by using unprecedented ways. The blockchain technology utilized by the company has also been incorporated. It is aimed to allow the ecosystem to enhance the flow of funds. In this way, the blockchain technology can turn keeps costs down for both the shoppers and retailers. The team and advisors of the company come from various sectors such as digital marketing, business banking, business strategy, interactive designs, and more.

TRADEZY – The Company’s Smart Platform
The Aussie Digital has started to create an e-commerce platform that uses fiat (standard) and cryptocurrency. The platform is specially designed to provide a valuable assist for small as well as brand new businesses to grow at minimum cost. The company encourages online enterprises to promote their business. In this way, the Aussie Digital provides a lot of interesting features that the members can use to improve their SEO system. Additionally, there will be a unique and generous reward program offered to those who actively contribute to the company’s ecosystem.

Interestingly, the program is offered to retailers at no expense. Not only the retailers, but the shoppers will also get great incentives each time they shop. So, the more you shop, the more incentives that you will earn. The rewards offered to the shoppers will be given in the form of AUDcoin. This is aimed to introduce the new members to the shopping way created by the digital company. The clients of the TRADEZY will be given wide access to the company’s trading platform (B2B). As a result, the wholesale products are user-friendly, cost-effective, as well as the easy-to-use search engine. This is how the digital company will change the way small businesses run the business and how people shop for good.

The Company’s Social Media
Another major plus of the services provided by the Aussie Digital is that the company also creates an International Social Media Platform. The “CHATEZY” social media is specially designed to allow the company to helps the sellers connect to the buyers. The social media platform can be used by all members of the company’s community either for pleasure or business. In this way, they can use the platform to promote their business or simply get in touch with new friends.

  • PETER EDYVEAN, Co-Founder Business Strategy
  • TODD JOHNSON, Co-Founder Business Development & SEO
  • FIONA PIRLO, Co-Founder Community
  • MIKE MAZIN, Business Banker Consultant
  • ARMAN de LEON, Web Developer
  • ANDY PINNEGAR, Business Marketing
  • GRACE OMIPON, Web Developer
  • JOULES CASTILLON, Web Developer
  • HIMANSHU RAJPUT, Senior Developer
  • RUMAIZ AHAMED, Block Chain Developer
  • DAVID AGONCILLO, Graphic Designer
  • SAMANTHA de CASTRO, Customer Service Representative
  • PROSONGIT, Social Media Marketing Expert And Social Networking Expert

  • KYLEE INGRAM, TV Production, entrepreneur and interactive design Sydney, Australia
  • AY-SHIN C., Business Development Consultant
  • DON WILLET, Business Consultant
  • MUNESH TOMAR, Technology Head
  • RAKESH SINHA, Blockchain Analyst
  • MARK STANLEY, ICO Marketing, PR & Ecommerce Specialist

For detailed ABOUT Team Members descriptions please check out: Aussie Digital Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #AUD team!


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Coinance to Build New Era of Community Construction

Coinance to Build New Era of Community Construction

Digital currency trading is not a new thing in this modern era. The digital technology allows people to earn cryptocurrency and makes a profitable investment for the future. The Coinance Ecology is one of the digital companies that provide a digital currency trade platform which is based on blockchain.

About Coinance
Every trade is taken seriously within the Coinance ecosystem. Coinance is a super crypto exchange integration which is the world's first assembled crypto currency, securities and future market and meanwhile supporting crypto currency to invest global financial market directly. The company is based on the smart platform currency CNC. The platform is widely opened to the global users and used to improve the steady and efficient development of the coinance exchange.

Additionally, the smart platform offered by the Coinance Ecology will also make it possible for the builders to actively participate in the ecosystem. They can do it simply by creating a global blockchain environment for future investment through equitable, fair, and effective ways. Besides, the users can also use the bitcoin and then convert it into Coinance currency, CNC. Furthermore, the bitcoin can also be used to activate the users’ CID, promote fission, open their ecological construction road, long-term holding CNC, conduct mining to get wealth freedom, and other construction work within the company’s ecosystem.

How to Get the CNC?
The members of Coinance Ecology can get CNC simply by using the same frequency conversion. This is a method that is not only transparent but also fully automated and unmanned intervention to make it easier for the users to get the CNC. Years ago, people can only utilize bitcoin for one way redemption to get CNC. The bitcoin is also taken from the “same frequency conversion pool”. However, repeated redemption reduces the CNC in the conversion pool. Additionally, the bitcoin proportion is also reduced because of the repetition. In this way, the users can only utilize one bitcoin to exchange it with for one CNC. In other words, the value and demand of the CNC continue to increase until they reach the same value as bitcoin.

What You Can Get?
Coinance Ecology is claimed to provide a lot of benefits that the members can gain. Just take a look at the following advantages of the smart platform provided by the digital company.
  • Participation of Local Members
    One of the major pluses of Coinance Ecology is that the company involves national participation. Once the investors register in the exchange conducted within the Coinance ecosystem, they will be able to invest in the conventional financial market, too. They can even do it in various countries without the necessity of a threshold.
  • Global Currency Circulation
    The target of investment of the company’s exchange uses the nature of global currency circulation. Additionally, the participation of the audience is also wide.
  • Stable and Safe
    You do not need to worry when having a transaction within the ecosystem of the company. This is because the exchange process is conducted by adopting an exchange security system in advanced national-level. The information system is also safe and stable. The users will get peace of mind since all of their confidential information is secured and protected.
  • High-Quality Target
    The main goal of the company is to develop a professional and rigorous project to reach a high-quality target has been set before.

Author: SUTIKNO,
USDQ - Decentralized Stablecoin by Platinum Engineering

USDQ - Decentralized Stablecoin by Platinum Engineering

Cryptocurrency is a payment medium being a substitute for cash money. It is the shape of virtual money. The development of cryptocurrencies makes you find a trusted cryptocurrency provider. One of the recommended cryptocurrency providers is USDQ Platinum Fund. What is it? How does it work?

The Description of USDQ Platinum
USDQ is one of the recommended ERC-20 decentralized cryptocurrency assets. It is providing several kinds of cryptocurrencies. USDQ is available for everyone. You can choose this cryptocurrency provider with high value. It has some features and positive points making you select it.

About QDAO Platinum
Trade It as a Regular Stablecoin On The Secondary Market
USDQ is a cryptocurrency provider with amazing features. It has a QDAO ecosystem. It has a low volatility feature in the cryptocurrencies helping the traders to work efficiently and safely in which it doesn’t matter happening in the secondary market.

Collateralize Your Crypto and Get a Simple Stable Trading Asset
It gives a reliable guarantee of your cryptocurrencies and you will the simply stable trading asset. After it has completed, you can return your cryptocurrency to the ecosystem. You can protect your ecosystem until you are sure to the stability. If you hold USDQ , you will have the trusted coins protecting the market volatility for starting the trading process.

Combining to a Community of Q Dao from Miners and Decision Makers
USDQ is a great cryptocurrency provider. You can join in the community of QDAO from miners and decision makers. You can join it and start to mine QDAO token sooner. It is a brilliant chance for the miners in the developing community. You can become it to be part of a decision maker by mining revolutionary and new cryptocurrencies. It is a potential chance for every one mining the cryptocurrencies.

A Good Philosophy of USDQ
A philosophy of USDQ is creating a stable asset really decentralized to the token and cryptocurrencies. It is ensured to be the cryptocurrencies. It has no myths of the cryptocurrency in the private bank account. The available cryptocurrencies in this USDQ offer clear transparency. You can track all transactions in real time and know the supported features of a particular crypto asset. The transparency is helpful to monitor a transaction of the cryptocurrency sales.

The next thing is about decentralization. It is decentralized to sell cryptocurrencies. All decisions are made of DAO community. A community of QDAO is giving full democracy without the central control. You are able to change what you expect if the community is supporting your initiative things. You have rights to select. All things are decided fully by society to take decentralized decisions. It offers a self-stabilization in which it is stable. The environment is no problem in which the feature of decentralized coins has big fluctuation.

Stable coins produce money with some features. You can mine QDAO token. It uses a square Q in which you can easily mine QDAO Token. The society’s management is helping the system safely and strongly. By combining QDAO token, you can participate in system control. It is a self predictor. It produces to analyze parameter, news, and other factors to make a prediction of cryptocurrencies.

  • i-ChanHuang, Chief Strategy Officer-Taiwan
  • JiJunKim, Korean Community Development-Korea
  • EddieArgueta, Head of Communications-Brazil
  • JitendraRathod, Marketing manager-UAE
  • MartinSaldamando, Strategic Partnerships-United States
  • Howard H.Kim, Blockchain evangelist-Singapore
  • TakeshiIto, Business developer-Japan
  • HerryVu, Singaporean Community manager-Singapore
  • MariaDanilova, Manager of Community Relations-Russia
  • JuliaDella Scala, Business Development-United States
  • ArtemFinko, Marketing and communication manager-Finland
  • AntonDziatkovskii, Platinum co-founder-Poland
  • DanKhomenko, Platinum co-founder-Australia
  • DariaVolkova, Project manager-Ukraine
For detailed about Team Members descriptions please check out: Website or Join Telegram to communicate with #USDQ team!


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Lykke Project Help You to Invest in Cryptocurrency Easily

Lykke Project Help You to Invest in Cryptocurrency Easily

The most important thing of investment is the ability to predict which asset that will grow in value in the future. It is also the same as the investment in the digital currency. However, in order to be able to predict the value of the digital currency in the future, you need skill, knowledge, and luck. And, that takes a lot of time to acquire. Fortunately, Lykke is offering a solution. You don’t have to acquire those three things with the help from this service.

What is Lykke?
Lykke is a platform where you can get a unique service that will help you to invest in cryptocurrency in the safest way with a better chance to make a profit from it. Usually, we have a problem to decide which currency will rise significantly with the fall that isn’t too deep. This service with their team, algorithm, and the unique system can help you to avoid the problem and loss that you get when the cryptocurrency that you’ve put your money into, fall.

The Lykke Service
This platform offers many kinds of services. However, the most popular and their main product is the LyCI crypto token. This is the service that you need to make a profit in the cryptocurrency exchange market. And, you also have a better chance to choose the promising currency in the future.

Basically, this service will help you to filter the currency that has the best possibility to increase its value in the future. When you purchase this service, you will have access to the top 25 digital assets where you can invest your money into.

The good thing about LyCI service is how it manages your investment. It’s all automatic. You just need to invest in the assets that you like. You also can get information and reference from this service about those assets, so you can easily find and choose the promising and most profitable asset that you need.

However, all digital assets in the crypto exchange market follow the exchange market rule for fiat currency. Its value can rise or fall. And, when it falls too deep, you will lose a lot of money. LyCI prevents that happen. So, when it detects that asset value starts to decrease, it will reduce your position in that asset and move it to a more promising asset. Therefore, you always have a good position in the exchange market. This is what you need to make a successful investment in digital currency in the future.

Other than LyCI, Lykke also has PayLyCI and SmartLyCI service. They offer a useful feature, such as an easy payment system using digital currency. Basically, Lykke has everything that you need.

Lykke project is definitely one of the most interesting projects related to Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Its service becomes very useful when cryptocurrency become common currency in our financial world. So, this is one of the best projects you can invest your money on as well as use as your partner for investment in cryptocurrency.

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  Official Websitehttps://www.lykke.com