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Indorse : Decentralized Professional Social Network

Indorse : Decentralized Professional Social Network

The world has been undergoing big changes in terms of technology. The rise of blockchain is definitely one of those big changes that shifts the way people see and value their assets. Digital assets have now been considered as among the most potential ones in long term so more people are investing their money buying the digital assets that include Ethereum token. This time, Indorse joins the competition by offering its own digital asset for users to save and develop in the long term. Of course, just like other cryptocurrency, Indorse has a list of features to offer for all its users.

Indorse is a decentralized professional social network, which rewards users for being awesome! This project is being developed by the team at Attores- recognized experts in the community, with a current project in place with Ngee Ann Polytechnic (a Singapore college) to issue digital diplomas on the blockchain, (a private ethereum network set up by Attores for them).

Indorse Features
Powered by the advanced Ethereum technology, it is easy for Indorse to provide secured and promising digital asset offered through the decentralized professional network. Using the reliable channels, the users can get their skills endorsed and showcased. Of course, this advanced technology aims to let the users owning and easily monetizing their activity. Are you ready to join Indorse? Well, the first thing you need to do is to sign up for Indorse. Using the pre-alpha version, new users can easily join and use the platform to create profiles, indorsement and claims.

On the indorsement, there are many skills can be put up. The great thing is there is no limit when it comes to skills indorsement on the new platform known as pre-alpha platform. This is definitely a great thing that makes experiencing Indorse much better. Meanwhile, it is necessary for users especially the new ones to put up link connected to supporting materials like documents and videos once they have put up their skills for indorsement. And the indorser is required to review all the materials in regards of verification.

Here is another great news. There will be no cost that should be paid by users to use the platform. The only cost is gas cost as it is operating on Ethereum. Thanks to the alpha version that will be soon available on the mainnet, Indorse ensures that no cost will be deterrent for the users to use the platform and join Indorse. This company is also committed to use related technologies including Payment channels in order to bring down the cost. Once you join as user, do more activities like endorsing claims by other users, putting up claims and many more. These activities are the key to Indorse Rewards. Yes, there are rewards waiting for the users that should not be missed.


Indorse Team
  • David Moskowitz, Project Head (Founder)
  • Gaurang Torvekar, Project Technical Lead (Founder)
  • Dipesh Sukhani, Project Operations Manager
  • Avadhoot Kulkarni, Project Marketing Manager
  • Dave Appleton, Smart Contracts Developer
  • Harsh Nene, Senior Developer
  • Kedar Vaidya, Senior Developer
  • Prasanna Venkatesan, Consulting Architect
  • Gauri Gadgil, Designer
  • Brian Ip, Project Development Associate
  • Benedict Chan, Director of Engineering at BitGo, Inc.
  • Loi Luu, Founder and Developer for the SmartPool Project
  • Patrick McCorry, Research Associate (Blockchain), UCL
  • Matthew Tan, CEO and Founder of Etherscan
  • Shaun Djie, Co-founder & Partnership Director at DigixGlobal
  • Kc Chng, Co-founder & CEO at DigixGlobal
  • Eddy Travia, CEO of Coinsilium
  • Yacine Teraï, Blockchain Investment & Corporate Business Advisor, Coinsilium
  • Dushyant Bhatia, Co-founder & Director at Gozoop
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Website or submit your email to get invited Slack channel to communicate with Indorse team!

Quick Links
-   Official Website: https://www.indorse.io
-   Blog: https://medium.com/joinIndorse
-   Twitter: https://twitter.com/joinIndorse
-   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JoinIndorse
-   Slack: http://joinindorse.slack.com
-   YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbVeYnRhVFA
-   Whitepaper: Check this out!
-   Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1931552.0
The Trusted Online Fund Company

The Trusted Online Fund Company

There are actually so many ways to gain money. Okay, you probably already have a very seattle job. However, getting additional money never goes wrong. It is mainly if the money can be found more easily like by using internet as the main source. Indeed, you must be very careful for this matter. When it deals with money, there are so many bad activities around like fraud or scam. Choosing the right and proper company to support this activity is needed for sure. If you are interested for this matter, here are some things to consider so that you can gain more money in much safer ways.

First of all, you must make sure to join the company which is already known for its credibility and reputation. By using the internet, you can just browse and look for such companies. To get to know the reputation, it can be seen from the availability of both website and real offices. Besides, the explanation of how the company works must also presented on the first page of the website so that the visitors can just check it out as soon as possible.

Make sure also to go to the testimonial page. There, you can just find the opinions from all the customers particularly the positive ones. If there are many people who give the testimonials, it is actually a proven that the company is trusted enough. Sure, you can also go to other websites or forum to read the free reviews. Such a company tends to have so many enthusiasts. If the reviews mention more benefits than the lacks, it means that you can go to the company for getting money. Actually, it is really important also to learn about the lack of getting money through digital fund company. It is so that you can prepare yourself and anticipate so that bad things will never be happened after you join.

Interestingly, there is a place that you can choose if you want to have additional fund from online company. It is the Digital Developers Fund. The way it works is just similar to the real company in which you are the investors. It is proven as a very trusted company with many customers who join. Sure, you must be one of them. So, what are you waiting for? if you are interested in it, you can at first get more information at its official website http://www.digitaldevelopersfund.com.
How KICKICO Solves Common ICO and Crowdfunding Problems

How KICKICO Solves Common ICO and Crowdfunding Problems

ICO and crowdfunding have become very popular ways to source a project nowadays. Due to the benefits of joining a project, there are many investors actively searching for great and potential projects to fund. Unfortunately, ICO and crowdfunding still face many challenges which make investors reluctant to pour their money into the project.

Let alone funding the project, the investors actually find it hard to find the project they can invest in. Thankfully, KICKICO is now present to solve those problems. Before finding out how this platform can solve ICO and crowdfunding problems, let’s find out first the difficulties that usually surround these projects.

Major ICO and Crowdfunding Problems
The biggest problem regarding ICO is there is no regulation for this so it is actually very easy for the project starters to run with the investors’ money once the ICO is successful. Furthermore, just like what has been mentioned above, there is no platform and community that can unite the project starters and investors. As a result, even if the investors are actively searching for a project they can support, the possibility to miss an interesting project is still huge.

Just like ICO, crowdfunding also faces so many problems. One of the biggest problems in a crowdfunding is the fact that the investors are unprotected. Most of the time, the backers have nothing but the promises from the project starters. Once the fund is collected, there are many cases where the project starters disappear without a trace. To prevent this from happening, most crowdfunding platform compels the project starters to live in the same country with the location of the project. It limits the reach of the project which make the project less attractive for the investors.

How KICKICO Solves Those Problems
KICKICO has various solutions for those problems. First of all, it provides a community that unites project starters and backers. As a result, the backers know where to look for a project and they will not miss an opportunity to invest in an interesting project.

Furthermore, it is based on Ethereum smart contract so every transaction is recorded and safe. The project starters will not have any chance to run with the investors’ money. In addition, this platform also has tokens called Kick Coins. The backers will receive this digital coin once they have invested their money on the project. The coins will provide more safety sense for the backers since they have something valuable to hold on to the project instead of just some sweet promises.


KICKICO Team and Member
  • Anti A. Danilevski, Founder and CEO
  • Alexander Petrov, co-founder and CFOounder and CEO
  • Andrew Perepelitsa, co-founder, CTO and Platform lead developer
  • Petr Yakimchuk, Backend developer
  • Dmitry Raskladka, Business Development
  • Verdandi Cao, Lead designer
  • Mikhail Sergeev, Head of community management
  • Nikolay Syusko, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Yury Parsamov, Strategic partnership manager
  • Pacatum, Solidity Developers
  • Kelley Weaver, Founder of Melrose PR, a communications and marketing agency for blockchain companies
  • Nikki Brown, Culture and technology writer and public relations executive
  • Jesse Lucas, Director of Operations at Melrose PR, Jesse oversees campaigns and works directly with clients
  • Conor O'Higgins, Digital nomad and professional cyberpunk
  • Zhang Sunrui, Translator for Russian and Chinese government, took part at Sino-Russian natural gas cooperatio
  • Anton Gerasimov, An architect of the new blockchain-related microprocessor
  • Vladimir Ostapenko, disrupting the way we use cars with help of one of the world's largest ridesharing companies named Fasten
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: KICKICO Team or submit your email to get invited Slack channel to communicate with KICKICO team!

Quick Links
-   Official Website: https://www.kickico.com
-   Blog: https://medium.com/@kickico
-   Twitter: https://twitter.com/KICKICOplatform
-   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kickico-1909910745919239
-   Slack: https://crowd-ico.slack.com
-   LinkedIn: https://nl.linkedin.com/company/kickico
-   Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/KickICO
-   Whitepaper: Read Now!
-   Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2021012.0
DENTALFIX - A Blockchain Company For Dental Clinics and The Supply Chain

DENTALFIX - A Blockchain Company For Dental Clinics and The Supply Chain

From all parts of our body, teeth are those things that are often underestimated compared to other organs like heart or liver. But it is known as well, once you are suffered from toothache, your activities will not worked well also. Based on that fact, keeping your teeth good and healthy is very important. Healthy tooth can also make your appearance look more beautiful and confident. Interestingly, there is now an online site that can help you to solve your problems related to the teeth. It is known as DentalFix. DentalFix is an online company that works for the dental health. It provides the products and also the web of clinics. If you are a dentist or you probably work in the world of dental health, joining this company must be very beneficial. It is because your business can just be acknowledged by a larger number of people all around the world. In other words, it is a good start for your dental health campaign.

If this company is intended for the businessmen in the dental world, are the patients having the same chance? Isn’t there any chance to join the company as well? Sure, it is particularly if you are interested to buy the products or get the treatments. Consultation is also available if you think you have any problem related to the teeth. There are some facilities you can get if you join this company. It is including the sales or discounts for buying certain products. It is so easy to join. Besides, the methods for payment are also very various whether you want to pay them for cash or use certain systems like Bitcoins.
To know more about this company, it seems this matter must be explained more. Dentalfix is a group consists of two dental companies in which each of them must have its own specialty. The first company is focused on the manufacturing and sale. There is also the franchise for the products offered so that anybody can just enjoy them. The supplies are always available. Therefore, anytime you need to products, you can just find them as soon as possible. Another company has its own specialty. It is basically about the software development. The process of transaction is fast and the service is also very satisfying. It is clear enough why you must join DentalFix for the sake of your dental health. If you need more information, you can go to http://ico.zubnaya-aptechka.ru/pre


DentalFix Team
  • Anton Borisov, CEO @iStom
  • Alexey Borisov, CO-FOUNDER @iStom
  • Denis Satyukov, HEAD OF DEVELOPMENT @iStom
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Official website or visit Bitcointalk Forum to communicate with DentalFix team!

Quick Links
-   Official Website: http://www.che-ss.com
-   Blog: https://medium.com/@DentalFixICO
-   Twitter: https://twitter.com/DentalfixK
-   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zubaptechka
-   Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zubaptechka
-   YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr4CpRlNFThoTKk-ivGIEBQ
-   Whitepaper: Download
-   Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1999784.0
The Concept and Operation of IMMLA

The Concept and Operation of IMMLA

If you are someone who frequently involved in multimodal transportation, then you must know about IMMLA (International Multimodal Logistic Application). IMMLA is the first multimodal logistics service with a decentralised system of transportation, document workflow and payments. It is one of the best website worth to try since it gives decentralized online service features offered only for you.

The Concept of IMMLA
Working on the delivery services of multimodal field, this website develops a decentralized control system. It covers the transportation, payments as well as document flow. IMMLA employs two ecosystems. The first one is the action to give the possibilities of best prices, while the second one is to monitor any damages on the cargo during the transit as well as delivery process. To maintain the safety as well as the transparent of these processes, this website used GPS to monitor the cargo as well as the insurance.

Ethereum blockchain is the system used by this website to gain trustworthiness for any parties that put their beliefs on the offers from this website. By choosing this system, the risk of cheating during the delivery contract of the business will reduce. This website also claims, that by the help of high speed internet that influence the transport routes as well as the blockchain technology used, this website will give a maximum success to every people taking the offers.
The operation of IMMLA
There is some important information you should know if you are interested to use IMMLA as your business companion. First, the owner of the cargo needs to finish the registration process. It takes identification of the user to ensure that the legality of the parties who are going to use this website offerings. Second, the carrier of the freight also needs to finish the registration process as well. The freight carrier needs to introduce the cargo condition to the system. If these conditions have been fulfilled, then the parties could continue the next step.

The following process is the auction, after that the offered price will follow. If the parties already choose the price, they need to sign the contract. Only by fulfilling this process then the delivery process could be start. Through the delivery process, the parties should not be worry about the safety since this website would secure it through online tracking. It will take some times until the delivery process finished, but when it has done, there will be a documents checking process. When it is clear enough, the parties should confirm the documents to ensure that there will be no misunderstanding in the future.

  • Kirill Tulenev, Executive director
  • Vyacheslav Neunyvakin, Information director
  • Vitali Sosnowski, Developer
  • Vitaly Stepanov, Development director
  • Mikhail Astakhov, Leading analyst
  • Ninel Tufino-Gerlakas, Founder
  • Valeria Rasulova, ICO Project manager
  • Pavel Drobintsev, Technical Advisor PhD in Technical Science
  • Alexander Gromov, Logistic advisor
  • Michael Hess, Member of the Board Hellmann East Europe
  • Formag Forwarding, International Logistic Advisor/Partner
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: IMMLA Team or Telegram channel to communicate with IMMLA team!

Quick Links
-   Official Website: https://immla.io
-   Blog: https://medium.com/@IMMLA
-   Twitter: https://twitter.com/IMMLA_io
-   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/immlaio
-   Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/-IMMLA-
-   GitHub: https://github.com/IMMLA
-   Whitepaper: Download
-   Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2007562.0
How Aigang Network Reforms the Insurance Industry

How Aigang Network Reforms the Insurance Industry

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) may not be a rare event nowadays. With so many developers creating an incredible ecosystem for a better and safer business operation, Initial Coin Offering is used to not only attract customers, but also help fund the development of the software and said ecosystem. However, with the wide range of different invention, it becomes increasingly difficult for investors to choose ones with great future prospect and ones which are worth investing. From healthcare management, to music streaming application – the options are endless, and it is a shame that the resources are limited. Not only that, as an investor, generating profit is always on the top of the list – hence the importance of choosing the right project to invest in. A wrong decision, and it becomes none other than a charity. Instead of generating profits, it makes you lose money.
If you are one of those people whose passion is in making an investment, you will be pleased to learn that there is a new business offering that is guaranteed to help you generate extra income: the Aigang Network. Specializing in digital insurance, the company uses blockchain protocol to not only ensure the security of each of the user, but also to help make every single activity related to it faster and more cost-efficient.

The company launched its demo application a few days ago and has already attracted many attention and garnered interests. Powered by the powerful Ethereum smart contracts, the peer-to-peer digital insurance is aimed to provide users an adequate protocol for anything that is related to IoT devices – also known as Internet of Things. Those who are unaware of the importance of this technology may wonder what the big deal is, however, there is a reason why the demo application has garnered such interests in the span of a few days.
The reason in question is none other than the fact that the invention of this application is considered a signal of the birth of a new Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This digital battery insurance is considered a game changer in the industry, this is largely due to the full redesigned of traditional insurance marketplace that is widely considered as outdated. The traditional insurance typically takes a longer time to process and even longer time to claim a payout – the same cannot be said for this network as estimation can be based on the most recent data while the claims can be instantly paid out. To partake in the business, simply head over to its Aigang Network.

Aigang Team
  • Reda Markeviciute, INSURANCE PRODUCT & POLICY
  • Aidas Ignatavicius, CHIEF ACTUARY
  • Jonas Matkevicius, MARKETING MANAGER
  • Darius Devenas, FULL STACK DEVELOPER
  • Mindaugas Jucius, iOS DEVELOPER
  • Naglis Zemaitis, ANDROID DEVELOPER
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Aigang Team or submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with Aigang team!

Bounty Opportunity
Aigang Network will distributed approximately 0.5% of all raised ICO tokens, and it will be divided into several categories.
You can get tokens by providing help Aigang Network - translating our documents, sharing with your community, writing a blog post or review about Aigang.
Earn AIG Tokens by Supporting Aigang!
Translations - 0.05%
  1. Thread Translations - 1 Stake
    -Thread translations have to reach 5 pages before ICO.
    -No Spam
    -Updated with latest content
    -Only Start Thread if Confirmed by Jonas through email.
  2. Whitepaper Translations - 4 Stakes
    -Have to be done professionally.
    -Must have previous experience in translating white papers. (Link to Portfolio)
    -You will be contacted by Jonas, if you’re chosen.
  3. Website Translations - 2 Stakes
    -Have to be done professionally.
    -Must have previous experience translating websites (Link to Portfolio)
    -You will be contacted by Jonas, if you’re chosen.
Interested with this apportunity? Answer the form down below and team will contact with you:

Media - 0.2%
  1. Blogging Minimal - 1 Stake
    -Has to be at least 400 words
    -At least one graphic (header image)
    -Link to Aigang.Network
  2. Blogging Quality Content - 3 Stakes
    -1000 words
    -At least 5 images
    -Link to Aigang.Network
  3. Written App review - 2 Stake
    -500 words
    -Screenshots from the app
    -Experience shared
    -Link to download an app from the store
  4. News Post - 2 Stakes
    -400 words
    -Link to Aigang.Network
    -Link to Whitepaper http://bit.ly/AigangWP
* Minimum audience - over 5000 visitors on https://www.similarweb.com
* Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Ethereum or Insurance related
* Attention! Stakes multiply as the audience grow.
Media MultiplierAudience size on Similar Web
5x200001 & more
App - 0.25%
  1. Referral Program - 1 Stake
    -Invite others through an App.
    -Earn AIG to your wallet.
    -Updated with latest content
    -Only Start Thread if Confirmed
  2. Comprehensive Review on App Store - 2 Stakes
    -Write a review.
    -Review must be published from the same account tht the app is downloaded from.
    -Same email has to be used fro the account and app.
    -You will be contacted through your App Store account if your review is accepted
Submit your written & published content to Jonas by using the form below:

More detail about this campaign, please go to http://bounty.aigang.network and fill the Media Bounty form

Quick Links
-   Official Website: https://aigang.network/
-   Blog: https://medium.com/aigang-network
-   Twitter: https://twitter.com/AigangNetwork
-   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Aigang-Network-1545584455493753
-   Slack: http://aigangnetwork.slack.com
-   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aigang.network
-   Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AigangNetwork
-   GitHub: https://github.com/AigangNetwork
-   Whitepaper: Download
-   Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1998265.0