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Benefits and Earning You Get from Impressio

Benefits and Earning You Get from Impressio

Investment is much easier with the latest platform which compatible with blockchain and cryptocurrencies technologies. Impressio is the latest investment platform which developed with blockchain technology. Actually, what are the benefits of this platform for the users?

What do you want to get in investment? Definitely, you want to earn profit, right? This platform helps investors to get profit. Besides earning, you also want to make sure that you can get the profit easier. The good news, Impressio has the latest system so investors can earn their profit through easy daily or hourly withdrawals. At the same time, investors are able to make their withdrawal request quick along with fast response process. As a first time user, you will be guided by professional customer service. They are ready to answer your questions and give you the best solutions. The most interesting, you have a chance to participate in trusted investment projects which lead you to a significant profit.

Impressio is not only useful for investors but also for merchants. To facilitate merchants with better system, this platform is using automatic payment process or API. Is it possible for you to trade different types of cryptocurrency tokens? Absolutely, you are able to do it due to the system which compatible for any cryptocurrency tokens. The same case if you want to use different type of online investment platform.

By using the latest technology, Impressio connects merchants with most of trusted online investment platforms for great trading and investment experience. Merchants can do their trading and investment comfortably and safely along with up to date software. The software will be updated regularly and those are developed by reputable developers. In short, you will get more than just earning when you are using Impressio to support your trading and investment.

Are you a developer and interested on developing investment software and features? You can also join Impressio to get more profit and benefit. In this case, your software or features will be analyzed by the Impressio development team. By the time your proposal is approved, you will make business cooperation with Impressio to develop specific investment software or features. Their team helps you to find any kind of problem and try to find the best solution. As the result, you are not only giving your software but you will get great experience and new skills to develop better investment software, features, and platform.
  • Interesting Packages
    Impressio is offering 3 different packages which are starter, advanced, and pro. You just need to deposit starts from $25 up to unlimited. The earning is also various depending on the time. For Starter investors, you will get earning from Monday to Friday or business days. Advanced will get earning every calendar day or 45 calendar days whereas Pro will get earning after 14 days. The point is that everyone who used this platform will get benefit and profit fairly. The profit is in the crypto currencies or fiat currencies. So, just prepare yourself to be a professional investor with the help of Impressio.

LikeCoin - Reinventing The Way Content Creators are Rewarded

LikeCoin - Reinventing The Way Content Creators are Rewarded

When it comes to appreciation in this digitalized era, freelancers and content creators are very often rewarded with likes. While this seems to be a common phenomenon, it hurts some of the communities which have been making contribution. This issue is particularly problematic due to the nature of their contribution. These communities have the ability to produce high quality content and other related work. Ironically, instead of being rewarded with income, they are only rewarded with likes.

In order to reach a solution to this problem, LikeCoin is determined to reinvent the like. By re-aligning rewards with creativity, the company provides users with an incredible platform that enables cross-application collaboration and attributions. Featuring a completely reinvented Like button, and the unique algorithm such as the Like rank. By tracing the footprint of each concept, creators are instantly rewarded with unique mechanism referred to as Proof of Creativity.

Mission of LikeCoin
The existing internet mode does not warrant monetary rewards whatsoever to creative community. Independent freelancers and creator who have been consistently creating quality contents are undoubtedly put at a disadvantage. LikeCoin aims to disrupt this outdated model by developing a platform that allows content creators to directly monetize their content.

By giving the monetary rewards they deserve, creators will be more keen on allocating the time to create quality content. They no longer have to split their time to look for the market. With high demands for content, LikeCoin will undoubtedly create more possibilities to particular market which has yet to be tapped. Below are the integral part of LikeCoin ecosystem:
  • Creative content, which alluding to the type of material distributed on the LikeCoin stage. Each and every one of which is represented by distinctive fingerprint ID
  • Content creator, referring to individuals publishing creative content.
  • Service provider, referring to integrated web applications and their attribution protocol into the system in order to facilitate the process of creativity and rewards realignment.
  • Derivative Work, this refers to content developed as a result of original contents’ combination or modification.
  • Content Adopter, referring to creator developing derivative works.
  • Content Source, this refers to creative contents used in any of the creation of derivative works.
  • Content Origin, which referring to the original creative contents.
  • Original Creator
  • Distributed Content, which refers to creative content published on a particular service provider without any alterations beforehand.
  • Content Distributor is the platform used to distribute content.

LikeCoin’s Initial Coin Offering
Likecoin will start with a supply of 2,000,000,000 LIKE, of which 600,000,000 will be distributed to investors during the Crowdsale, 200,000,000 will be distributed for Ecosystem Development, 1,000,000,000 will be distributed for Creators and remaining 200,000,000 tokens will be reserved for Team. Likecoin team has plans to start the Crowdsale to collect the funds on May 7 until May 20, 2018.

    Token Information
  • Token Name: LIKE
  • Token Protocol: ERC-20
  • ICO Period: May 07, 2018 – May 20, 2018
  • ICO price: 40,000 LIKE/ETH
  • Total Supply : 2,000,000,000 LIKE
  • For Sale : 600,000,000 LIKE
  • Hard Cap : 12,600 ETH
  • Soft Cap 4,200 ETH
  • Currencies Accepted: ETH
Those who are interested may take part in its public sale which will start May 7, 2018. For more information, please visit https://like.co.

LikeCoin Team
  • Kin Ko, Product Design
  • Aludirk Wong, System Architect
  • Jacky Ko, CMO
  • Edmond Yu, Operation
  • Simon But, Growth Hacker
  • Chung Wu, Blockchain Developer
  • William Chong, Full Stack Developer
  • David Ng, Full Stack Developer
  • Miles Wong, Full Stack Developer
  • Michael Cheung, Full Stack Developer
  • Joshua Lo, Designer
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Likecoin Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #LIKE team!


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BitBoost’s Blockchain Marketplace Goes Live in June!

BitBoost’s Blockchain Marketplace Goes Live in June!

The pioneering Ethereum-based e-commerce solution is looking for Sellers and Ambassadors to kickstart its new platform.

BitBoost will launch its decentralised marketplace in June. The project, which is built using Ethereum’s smart contracts, will enable buyers and sellers to connect directly – facilitating free and private online commerce.

Traditional user experience, low fees
The marketplace takes the form of a downloadable piece of software that connects to the Ethereum blockchain via either BitBoost’s node or a local node, if preferred. Payments for goods are made in ETH, and all listings cost a flat fee of just $1, payable in the BBT token. The team has worked hard to replicate the look and feel of traditional e-commerce platforms, with instant search and product images hosted on Imgur for anonymity.

‘We think this is going to be a game-changing decentralised e-commerce solution,’ says founder and CEO Paul Mahone.
We believe in free trade, and the BitBoost marketplace entirely removes several common barriers and intermediaries in online commerce. Anyone can sign up for an account. You don’t need to submit an email address or any personal details: all that is required is an Ethereum address. The interface is clean and familiar, payments are fast and borderless, and privacy is built in.

Sellers’ Programme
BitBoost is looking for merchants to join the platform’s Sellers’ Program, bootstrapping activity on the marketplace and helping to build network effect and momentum. With low listing fees, and a smart contracts escrow system to protect both buyers and sellers, the company believes it will be an attractive alternative to the high commission fees and data harvesting that are the price of doing business in the traditional e-commerce industry.

BitBoost is also looking for Ambassadors to promote the initiative around the crypto world and the broader e-commerce sector. If you would like to be involved in the project as a Seller or Ambassador, contact info@bitboost.net.
Understanding What Hash Card Has to Offer

Understanding What Hash Card Has to Offer

The superior functionality and ease of use offered by Hash Card makes it a must-have for those regularly having a foreign currency transaction. It’s the card that works for many uses in everyday world. One thing that makes it all the more appealing is the fact that it’s the first Bitcoin card with the ability to offer the following perks:
  • Instant conversions
  • Reliable exchange rates
  • Decentralized bank

Despite millions of dollars having been poured into similar concept, so far only Hash Card can truly deliver. So what makes this card superior than others? Here we will learn more about the Hash Card and all that it has to offer. Including the mission and advantages.

Advantages offered by Hash Card
Despite promoting cryptocurrency, the physical Hash Card can actually be used in every merchant where debit and credit cards are accepted. Yes, it simply works like a regular debit and credit card. The Hash Card can be used both in the bricks and mortar establishment, and online. It features flexibility that is closely associated with the regular debit and credit cards, but with cryptocurrency.

Instead of spending the money you have in your bank account, you will spend Bitcoin, Ether or other altcoins. There are more than 25 altcoins featured in Hash Card, further offering the utmost flexibility. Not only that, the card also offers real time transaction which takes place directly each time after the card was swiped. Better yet, there is simply no transaction fee!

Yes, only the precise amount spent using the Hash Card would be exchanged from BTC, ETH, or Altcoins. The rest of the funds that belong to card owners remain stored in their wallet. Other than transaction, the card can also be used to exchange money. Using Hash Card App, you may do so at the precise exchange rates at the interbank!

With such incredible features above, it’s no wonder that the Hash Card becomes a superior alternative. This also contributes to the number of advantages it offers as well. To learn about its advantages, see the section below:

The Hash Card offers a peace of mind as it gives users the opportunity to enjoy interbank rates whenever they make transaction using the card. The Hash Card offers free, and real time fund transfer between the app users. From studies regarding its beta stage testing, the Hash card and its secure wallet has proven that it’s capable of enabling the launch of Hash Card on its public token sale.

The Hash Card itself are limited to the first 3000 subscribers. With its distribution in batches, the Hash Card is predicted to last for about two weeks. Its vision is to fully acquisize the uses of cryptocurrency in daily life, making it equal to fiat currencies. With this unique card, it’s obvious that both the users and cryptocurrency ecology reap the same benefits. Creating fluidity through both acceptance and use of Has Debit Card all across the globe. To learn more about the project, please visit https://hashcard.io.

Hash Card Team
  1. Karol Kozlowski, CEO
  2. Pawel Goch, CFO
  3. Vasiliy Gulyar, Business Development
  1. Alex Chang (Chia Ming), CEO at SONY Network
  2. Jason Hung, Entrepreneur, ICOBench Top expert, ICOMax Advisor, TimeBox Co-founder, Investor, Decentralized Exchange
  3. Conston Taylor, ICO Financial Advisor at Blockvest LLC
  4. Mofassair Hossain, PR and Marketing Management at Mobiuz Crypto Blockchain - Zero-Fraud Ads in Taxis, Ubers, & Buses Worldwide
  5. Zahid Imran, Crypto specialist , ICO Advisor, entrepreneur, ICO Specialist , Blockchain expert ,Financial consultant, crypto expert/Trader/ Crypto enthusiasts
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: HashCard Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #LIKE team!


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TIP Blockchain to Promote Cryptocurrency Usage

TIP Blockchain to Promote Cryptocurrency Usage

Living in this digitalized era comes with its own perks, internet has certainly brought the communities together. In the early days, it may have been used strictly for researchers and military. However, it has changed in more ways than one. brought them together in several ways which may not be possible back in the day. This technology has made it possible for users to communicate with family and friends across the globe easily and affordably.

With the rise of internet, the peer-to-peer networks were quickly developed allowing users to directly share information without third-party involvement. This natural evolution was then followed with the invention of cryptocurrencies, started with Bitcoin. These cryptocurrencies allow users to exchange value without the need of assistance from third-party institutions or intermediaries.

What is TipBlockchain?
As a blockchain-based ecosystem, TIP aims to promote the use of cryptocurrencies and the use of blockchain technology to the public. The platform will connect users across existing peer-to-peer networks to merchant providing services and goods. To facilitate transactions on the platform, TIP also adopts cryptocurrency as its payment solution.

The goal is none other than to foster widespread Cryptocurrency usage across consumers and merchants. This also includes ordinary customers who would like more practical alternative. The difference, however, lies in the fact that TIP does not require a lengthy and complicated method to register. Yes, all it requires is for businesses and users to register. Gone are the days where you must put a lot of effort. No need to process crypto addresses, and other sorts of technology like QR codes.

Once users are on the system, they may search or discover other profiles without having to conduct any transactions when it’s required. The process of transferring fund will not only be swift and straightforward, but also user-friendly.

Features Offered by The Platform
There are quite a few features offered by the platform, some of the followings are the features you will find in the platform:
  • Smart address is in a reference to where you may send your TIP token to merchant or friends as a payment solution.
  • Point of sale system, as a solution offered by Merchants to enable the acceptance of crypto payment between merchants and customers.
  • Transaction metadata, is the term used for each transaction carrying arbitrary data which giving information regarding identity, payment memos, and receipts.
  • Search and Discovery option is in reference to all of the TIP data and profiles which have been indexed to enable users looking for other users or businesses or using the platform’s searching options.
  • Electronic wallet is available for both smartphone and desktop users to connect to the TIP network in order to conduct transactions anywhere they want.
  • Instant Messenger is the platform’s own peer-to-peer messenger which can be used to connect and send TIP tokens between users.

Convenience of having TIP tokens on the go, ability to socialize with others through its own messenger, and provided with full transparency and secure payment mode are among few of its advantages. To learn more on its advantages, visit https://tipblockchain.io.

TIP Team
  • John Warmann, Founder and CEO
  • Garlam Won, Chief Strategist
  • Walter Pareja, Head of Information Security
  • Carolyn Jiang, Community Manager
  • Supul Amarookan, Product Manager
  • Hassan Qureshi, Head of UX Design
  • Victor Guedes, Full Stack Developer
  • Yeonsuk Kim, UX/UI Design Intern
  • Ahmad Dewanto Choirul Huda, Campaign Manager
  • Jasper Hellman, Marketing Advisor
  • Benoît Morelli, Chief Advisor
  • Carl Nunez, Investment Advisor
  • David Sabo, Token Advisor
  • Matthew Burgoyne, Legal Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: TIP Blockchain Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #TIP team!


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Dynatiq - New Blockchain Based Marketplace for Domains and Websites

Dynatiq - New Blockchain Based Marketplace for Domains and Websites

It is estimated that domain and websites industry worth over $400 million annually. With the rapid development of technology and increased numbers of internet users, it is safe to say that this industry will grow even faster in the future. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of obstacles that hinder the further growth of domain and websites industry. One of them is centralization which increases the overall cost the users have to bear and also poor customer service

About Dynatiq
Dynatiq is developed to solve those problems. Dynatiq is a decentralized marketplace for domains and website that is based on blockchain. Blockchain will make every transaction more transparent. Furthermore, users can sell their online business with zero fees due to the decentralized nature of this platform. Every transaction will be recorded in the blockchain, reducing the risks of fraud or scam.

Benefits of Dynatiq
It is true that even with so many problems and inconvenience, domains and websites industry is still prospering. However, Dynatiq still wants to eliminate those issues so that the parties related to this industry, from website owners to internet users can enjoy a more satisfying service.

The main benefit this platform brings is decentralization. When it comes to internet related industry, government control sometimes can pose negative impact. When the government decides to sensor a website, centralization will make it happen very easily. But since Dynatiq is taking advantage of peer to peer network, stopping traffic to the website will be much harder. Decentralization also will improve the service and quality of the website and domain, reduce the chance of single point failure, which eventually will increase productivity.

To make its service more trustworthy, Dynatiq marketplace will use escrow. Escrow will ensure safety of each transaction and prevent fraud for both the buyers and the sellers. With escrow, the fund from the buyers will not be immediately sent to the sellers. Instead, the fund will be safely stored in the escrow. Only when the blockchain has verified that the transaction is successful, the fund from the buyers will be sent to the sellers. Escrow is a common system in marketplace nowadays but it is yet to be applied in websites and domains marketplace. With the combination of escrow and blockchain, Dynatiq will revolutionize the conventional website and domain marketplace.

In addition to escrow, this decentralized marketplace also allows users to give online reviews. Just like in ordinary marketplace, online reviews can boost the attractiveness and trustworthiness of a business. In Dynatiq, the online review system is called Trust and Feedback System. So, basically, even though this platform is based on blockchain, its system is very easy to understand, just like the conventional marketplaces. However, blockchain technology brings more benefits which are highly needed to solve the common problems in website and domain business.

Token Sales
Dynatiq will start with a supply of 11,000,000 DTQ, of which 9,900,000 will be distributed to investors during the Crowdsale, 550,000 will be distributed for Bounty Program and remaining 550,000 tokens will be reserved for Team. Dynatiq team has plans to start the Crowdsale to collect the funds on April 25th until June 9th, 2018.

Token Information
  • Token Name: DTQ
  • Token Protocol: ERC-20
  • ICO Period: April 25, 2018 – June 9, 2018
  • ICO price: 2,000 DTQ/ETH
  • Total Supply : 11,000,000 DTQ
  • For Sale : 10,000,000 DTQ
  • Hard Cap : 5,000 ETH
  • Soft Cap 1,000 ETH
  • Currencies Accepted: BTC, ETH
So don't missed to be part of Dynatiq! More detail about DTQ crowdsale, please check Dynatiq ICO Details and subscribed on Bitcointalk.

Dynatiq Team
  • Abd al Uzza, Founder
  • Rashid Shalhoub, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Rayhan Saliba, Co-founder
  • Rasmi Deeb, Backend Developer
  • Bassam Kattan, Full-Stack Developer
  • Isam Harb, Community Manager
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Dynatiq Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #DTQ team!


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  Official Websitehttps://dynatiq.com
Rewards.Com : Pioneer in Consumer Loyalty and Rewards Marketing

Rewards.Com : Pioneer in Consumer Loyalty and Rewards Marketing

The ecommerce market’s size is getting bigger and bigger. Statista reported that e – marketing will enormously grow up to more than $ 4.4 million in 2021. Along with the advanced of current blockchain technology, it will be a big opportunity for those who involve in the online marketing to grow their business. Rewards Token comes with interesting platform to offer. Get to know more about the token company here.

About Rewards Token
All this time, most companies are seeking ways to find the best system so that they can give rewards for customers and those who contribute in the growth of their businesses. But, people who want to implement reward system in their business often face challenges. The problems they face are caused by some factors which include the refusal of consumers to contribute as often shown by companies with unredeemed points. Another factor to contribute in the problem is the increase of the financial liability in the companies with no redeemed points. The growth of consumers’ privacy and the rise of administrative as well as management costs also cause the problem often faced by merchants.

With the smart platforms offered by Rewards Token, this problem is no longer a big deal anymore. Rewards.com is a token company with advanced online marketplace system especially designed to provide rewards through loyalty programs. The rewards given are especially aimed to provide clear impact in multiple areas can be found in the loyalty system existed. The online marketplace consists of some elements include sellers, shoppers, coupons, discounts, contests, and products. By using the smart platforms obtained by the company, it will be possible for the consumers, in this case is shoppers to redeem the tokens they have collected before anywhere in the company’s ecosystem. This way, those who get involved in the company’s ecosystem will get wide access to any product and tickets available before they are put in the list of ICO to be sold to public. Both the merchants and shoppers will get benefits upon their contribution in the company’s system.

Solutions Offered by Rewards Token
To solve the problems often faced in implementing rewarding system, Rewards Token comes with great solutions to offer. The token company comes with smart platforms which not only beneficial for the merchants and their customers but also all of them who contribute in the company’s ecosystem. The solutions offered by the token company are:
  • The platform offered uses crypto currencies and blockchain to give rewards by a beneficial ecosystem which is established within the Rewards Token.
  • The platform is also especially designed to solve the problems often exist in applying rewarding system business models of loyalty programs.
  • The smart platform offered by the Rewards Token also obtain en ecosystem in which the clients can realize right value of the currency used.
  • The ecosystem established within the RWRD makes it possible for the company to provide transparent system of market value for the tokens available.
  • The platform provided also enables the users to shop both in – store and via online. After that the customers will automatically get rewards that they can use for various purposes such as purchasing gift cards or getting cash back.
  • The blockchain technology applied will also makes it possible for the industry’s revivals which are broken by restrictions and redemption options that decrease the freedom of the customers and merchants.
  • The developers of the platform also put the powers on the customers’ hands will allow the company to not only provide the clients with richer and better experiences but also global reach and clear value.
  • Interestingly, the token available by the company can also be converted into cash. In this way, the customers that will redeem the tokens will not be restricted by point restrictions, blackout periods, and times for peak payments.
  • The increasing popularity of the loyalty programs offered by the Rewards Token will allow the more token values with wide and exclusive accesses to product releases, discounts, and contests.

The Benefits of Joining Rewards Token
There will be a lot of benefits that the merchants and customers can get by joining Rewards Token. The company obtains businesses with the capability to offer loyalty and rewarding programs for larger scale of consumer engagement. The blockhain technology applied in the RWRD also makes it possible for the platforms offered to gain easier management which comes with cheaper costs.

Not only that, the platform used by the company also enables the users to get their own loyalty points from merchants spread all over the world. Moreover, the tokens provided can be traded either for fiat or crypto currency. In addition, the token holders will also get opportunity to vote on proposals so they can get special bonuses or join in promotion programs. In this RWRD’s ecosystem, all businesses both in big or small scale can offer their customers with rewards program that is similar to the one often given by big companies. Interestingly, the Rewards.com also provides a lot of tokens that can be used for various charitable purposes by the community.

The ICO, Account Structure and Distribution of Rewards Token
The blockchain technology used by the Rewards Token consists two main accounts, they are token allocation account and consumer token account. In the blockchain technology used, the smart platform provided by the company will send a request for token redemption to get approve from the smart contract. Total number of coins that can be created will reach up to one billion. Meanwhile, the coin that will be made and which are available via token sale reaches 400 million.

Some of the most famous currencies exist in ICO list include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Ether which can be received by the customers during the period of sale. All of the tokens provided will be distributed according to this structure: fundraiser token distribution (40%), community voting (20%), team members and founders (16%), promotions and activity bonus (16%), advisors (5%), and bounty and referrals (3%). According to the distribution, all who get involved in the ecosystem will get benefits.

Rewards Token Team
  • Todd Rowan, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Linda Butcher, CBDO
  • Michael Shepherd, VP of Innovation
  • Reuben Godfrey, European Operations Manager
  • Derrick Moore, Director of Finance
  • Pramod Kumar, Full Stack Developer
  • Humdan Bakhshi, Blockchain Developer
  • James Pledger, Graphic Designer
  • Marvin Wu, Systems Architect
  • Tommy Estrada, Digital Content
  • Felicia Marquez, Digital & Marketing Strategist
  • Andriy Zinchuk, Krypton Capital
  • Bob McDermand, Crypto Investor & Entrepreneur
  • Denis O’Neil, Coordinator
  • Dominik Zynis, Wings
  • Frideric Prandecki, Bob’s Repair
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Rewards Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #RWRD team!

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